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Know before you post.
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Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 11:50 am    Post subject: Know before you post.  

Just a notice:

1. Any inapropriate posts will be deleted

2. It is up to the author to decide what is appropriate

You may help me by PMing me with posts you think are inapropriate.

Please include:

1. What thread the offending post is in

2. What page that post is on

3. The name of the poster

If you are found writing an offensive post in this forum, you will receive a PM notifying you why it was inapropriate.

Inappropriate things include:

-Extreme sexual references

-Swearing (I'll let the D and H words slide)

-Things off topic (well, maybe just a little off topic will be okay)


I know that this sounds a little extreme, but I want everyone to be able to enjoy this little story.

Thank you for all you help,

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       Storygames Home -> A Glass Friendship - COMPLETE
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