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A Glass Friendship: Epilogue
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Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 7:05 am    Post subject: A Glass Friendship: Epilogue  

The Fighting had been cruel and intense. Finally it was over.

The Beast surveyed the landscape.

Then he saw Jimmy walking towards him.

How could they not have killed him? He snarled to himself. I told them to focus on him!

Silently, Freddy took out his pistol and cocked it.

Jimmy looked at him, “Freddy, what are you…”

The gun fired, and shot Jimmy in the chest.

Frederick leaned over him in time to hear him whisper, “Forgive him, Lizzy.”

The beast started to laugh. His laughter rolled through the land, high and maniacal. It was soon joined by gunfire.

Frederick slumped over, dead, his blood staining the grass.

A soldier came over too him, “He was mad, talking into thin air.”

Far off in Britain, the coffin arrived and was delivered to the address on the papers.

Our poor Elizabeth started weeping over her husband’s corpse.

For the name “Dalen” was crossed out, and Jimmy’s name put on its place.

And Thus my friends, our story ends
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Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 3:27 pm    Post subject:  

An abrupt end, but a good one Leggy.

Well done!

:clap: :cheers: :rock: :tempt: :bye: :witch:
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