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Synopsis - Catch up quick here!
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Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 10:08 pm    Post subject: Synopsis - Catch up quick here!  

On the good side...
Harold - Key Bearer.
Lucy - Harold's friend that got dragged into this.
Xandra - Knowledgeable female elf.

On the evil side...
Deemer - A powerful magi. Now dead.
Furgeton - Deemer's minotaur general. Also dead.
Lord - A demon. Most likely dead.
Lich - Newly raised and kicking behind.
Nastasia - Succubus temptress who now is Harold's slave.

The story so far...

Harold was passed a keyring by a mysterious boy, unaware that this was the sealing of his fate as the next Key-Bearer for a thousand years. He opened a door in his school and accidentally dragged Lucy into a whole other world. He learned that he was the next Key-Bearer and the basic rules of magic with relation to matter, energy, and will. He then stopped an evil sorcerer from opening the way to the 'world between the worlds' that would 'set free the Dark Lords' that were imprisoned 11,017 years ago by someone only known as the Founder. He has recently beaten a demon, though not before being cursed, at the temple where the Founder sealed the Spheres away. He's trying to decide if he can actually get rid of the curse without dying.

Meanwhile, in a world sealed away from many others, Deemer is conquering his world. He's formed a massive army and left command of it to Furgeton, unaware that his general just sacrificed himself to atone for his betrayal to his home town, and thus killed every living thing in a mile radius. Deemer dealt with Solymr, but died trying to break the spell. However, true evil never's body comes back as a lich to kick everyone's behind. And now that same lich is on it's way to conquering the world. Or destroying it. It can't decide which one.

Help out the good side - Vote on Harold's actions now!

Help out the evil side - What should the newly raised lich do first? Discuss it here!
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Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2007 6:31 pm    Post subject:  

who, this story just gets better and better, good job IM. i think harold shoudtry to find more out about the curse mybe Exploring a few worlds for more information. ;)

mybe the linch could try to start raising an army :smile:
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