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Chapter Eleven - Ancient gods and ancient oaths
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Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2007 12:25 am    Post subject: Chapter Eleven - Ancient gods and ancient oaths  

It has been FAR too long. However, the reprieve gave me a chance to assemble this chapter properly. And so! I give unto you the eleventh hour. Er, chapter.

Chapter Eleven - Of ancient gods and ancient oaths

Harold looked at the sword, looked at the seals, and looked at the dark spot on his chest. He couldn't really condemn the worlds to the unleashing of hell again, could he? And if he somehow managed to find a way around the force field and pull the sword free, he'd be killing everyone the spell was tied to.

"Whichever way you choose, young one, you will need to find the one who maintains the last seal."

Harold whirled around, but saw nothing but a gray featureless plain with wisps of fog curling around.

"To kill her will mean nothing, to turn her, the end of everything, and to enlist her, the salvation of it all."

There! Slightly off, but still...Harold whirled around again, and still the owner of the voice eluded him. Or was it voices? The two were slightly different.

"But no matter what you choose, you will have enemies within yourself, the worlds, and even the spheres that are sealed by the sword hold foes for you."

A very different voice this time, though still elusive as it's brothers as Harold turned around once more. Lucy was fed up by this, so merely said "Show yourselves! We don't appreciate this!"

One man dressed in darkest black appeared in front of the four, then blurred around the edges of his pale skin. To the left appeared a huge, demonic, black-and-red creature similar to a werewolf, or a werewolf's worst nightmare. To the right appeared a being hooded and robed, showing nothing of itself save its very white robe. The man in the middle stayed the same as he had before.

"Who are you that can do such feats of magic?" Xasta was curious in the least. "I feel like I've seen you before."

"We," the three beings answered in unison, "Are the Shattered Three. We are the guardians of this temple, ere since the Dragon and Unicorn died. We swore only to appear to their descendants, and so we have."

"What are you talking about?" Nobody had a clue what these three were talking about.

The three turned their eyes to Lucy and Harold. "You do not know your lineage?"

The two humans shook their heads no.

The Shattered Three groaned as one. "Know this, then. The Dragon and Unicorn were friends of who you call the Founder ere since they were born. Before their birth, it was prophisized that they would change the worlds, and that prophecy has not worn out, even in death, for they can return, if briefly, through you two."

The Three plowed on through the confused looks. "So long as you carry a bit of their blood and magic in you, then you may yet become their vessels for when they wish to return from death. All you must do is ascertain which one of you is to become the Dragon, and which, the Unicorn."

Lucy shook her head. "Okay, you've confused me. Let me try. Harold and me are distantly related to the Dragon and Unicorn?"

"Aye, and that is a problem. For, you see, they fell in love. With each other. And had two children, who fell in love with mortals. The elder child of those couplings carried on the magical lineage, but did not know it. Magic, if unacknowledged within someone, will hide until it is. Untangling the blood line is difficult if not outright impossible. But we followed it, ever faithfully, awaiting the day the descendants would return."

Harold's world was spinning a little bit faster now. " do we find the one you were talking about? The one who maintains the last seal?"

The three grinned. "While the demons got a good sight of the temple while they were being sealed, the Founder did the unexpected."

"Aye, he conjured forth a bit of Allanon's soul and bound it to a pendant."

"They he gave the pendant to the one he loved, and it fused the soul fragment with her own."

The Three's habit of saying one sentence and then letting the next one down the line say another was getting to be tedious.

"And once she had the fragment, she came here and did something even more unexpected."

"Aye, she perched atop the temple and roared her mighty roar, thus making her seal."

"So long as dragons live, then her seal will live on. So long as the mortal worlds live, then there will be dragons."

"STOP!" The people who hadn't obviously been practicing a speech for ten millennium begged for mercy.

Harold breathed deeply and faced the Three. "Let me try understanding this in my own words."

The Three nodded and waited. Harold began.

"Lucy and I are descendants of the first two guardians of the temple, the Dragon and Unicorn. Ever since they died, you three have been here to guard the temple. The reason the worlds still are is because there's a lady out there who has bound her seal to the dragon race, which was unexpected on all counts. And if I go out there and find her, then she can help me. That about it?"

The Three nodded. "To Draconia you must go."

"Seek out the kingdom of Kara-Dush."

"And ask the current ruler for the Ancient Lady. If questioned, say the Three sent you."

"But I-"

Harold never got to finish that sentence, because a key shaped like a dragon's head had detached itself and hovered between himself and the Three. It opened its mouth, roared, and the two humans, elf, and succubus all screamed as they found themselves falling down the endless abyss that was the inside of the key. The Three were sending them through a key. Harold vowed that if it was always like this, he'd find a door before using a key ever again.

The party impacted softly on a grassy hill before passing out.


Slowly, Harold woke up. A red-skinned, yellow-eyed, and horned face hovered in front of him. "Harold?" The face asked.

Harold shook his head. "Remind me to punch the Three in the gut the next time we see them."

The ladies* helped Harold to his feet. Beautiful scenery spread all around them, though it was mostly grass and mountains. "Remind me. We're in the land of Draconia..."

"Which we got to by way of a dragon key." Lucy interjected.

"And the seal is bound to the race of dragons." Xasta got in.

"Which means that this is a world of dragons. Which brings up another question. What is a lady, or the love of the Founder, doing here?"

Nastatia giggled. "Oh, don't you three get it? She may be the love of your precious Founder, but who said she was human? Or even humaniod? For that matter, who says he is either? She's more likely than not a dragon as well!"

The other three exchanged a glance. "This could be painful. But we need to get it over with." Xasta couldn't decide.

Harold sighed. "We'll find the Ancient Lady. So long as we can find a friendly local-"

"You lot down there!"

The foursome looked to the sky to see a mighty dragon descend from the sky and land not fifty feet in front of them without causing their hair to ruffle. "Impressive landing," Nastatia muttered.

"I say! What is a demon doing with humans and an elf? For that matter, what are humaniods doing here to begin with?"

The dragon had a metallic sheen to it, one that looked of copper, or perhaps bronze. Remembering his Dungeons and Dragons books, Harold sincerely hoped that, however small the chance, it was not a bronze dragon that loved to talk.

"The succubus is with me," Harold said, "and we have a matter of urgency. Do you suppose you could tell me the way to Kara-Dush?"

The dragon extended a forepaw and pointed north. "That way, it's not far, as the dragon flies. What is this matter?"

"We have been told to ask the current ruler to be allowed to see the Ancient Lady."

The dragon whistled. "In which case, I shall be taking you there directly!"

"No, you really don't-"

The words were cut off as the four were picked up in the dragon's forepaws. Giving himself a bit of a running start, the dragon jumped into the air and began flying north as fast as he could. Humaniods! Here to see the Ancient Lady! This must be big! And he wouldn't miss it for all the adventurer chatter in the world!

*Or so they thought. Hey, Nastatia is no innocent.


It was only an hour later when a particularly large mountain appeared on the horizon. "What is that?" Lucy whispered.

"What? I couldn't hear you!" Harold shouted.

"Oh, so now it's okay for me to yell?!" Lucy turned livid at the memory of the last time they were flying in the air and Harold's reaction to her talking.

Before Harold could respond, the dragon roared. "We're heeeeeerrrrrree!"

A chunk of rock rolled back, and the dragon alighted on his back paws within the mountain. He gently set the party down on the ground, and turned to the young dragon on guard duty. "Inform the king that we are here, and inform him we require an immediate audience. 'No' is not an answer."

The dragon nodded furiously, rolled the rock back in place, and took down the dimly-lit tunnel before them. Everyone carefully made their way down the tunnel before coming upon a large, round room. Within was only one other dragon, a brilliant silver dragon sitting upon a massive stone throne.

"Welcome. What brings you to the kingdom of Kara-Dush?"

The dragon's powerful voice reverberated around the chamber. Harold stepped forward and bowed low. "Your majesty, with all due respect, we must see the Ancient Lady. The Three sent us here."

"They did? The last time they sent anyone here has almost faded from memory. Very well. Go through the tunnel behind my chair. Be kind to the Ancient Lady, she has seen far too much."

The four beings quickly bowed low to the ground and skittered around behind the king's throne. They proceeded up the tunnel and out onto the mountain's top, where a multi-colored dragoness was lying. She was also looking right at them.

"So. It has finally happened."

Harold and the others were lost. Xasta ventured with, "Um...what has happened, my Lady?"

"I have been sent for. And I cannot say I will enjoy it. In fact, long before I was given the gift of immortality and the responsibility of a seal, I was sure that the Founder was just a friend of mine. I could not love him the way he loved me. Yet, he gifted me anyway. Do you know what it's like to watch your friends wither away while you stay young? They cursed me, before they died, for staying young while they grew old. I have been alone, isolated from it all, for ten thousand years. But in that heart has softened. I wish to meet him again. So take me to this reaffirmation ceremony."

"Actually, my Lady," Lucy put in, "It's more complex than that. According to everyone who knows about this, this could be the end times. The seven children are fallen. The family friend and even the Founder himself are lost to darkness. The only ones left to guard the temple are the Shattered Three. Your seal is the last thing holding the worlds as they are."

The Ancient Lady blinked several times, then closed her eyes. "Then I know what I must do. I must join you in your quest to seek out the children. The friend. The Founder himself. And when they are restored? Do we repeat this farce again and again?"

"No, my Lady," Xasta said. "There is a cause. A sword. It is what allowed this to happen, for it has a link to the spheres sealed away. If it could be found, returned to the temple within the effect of the spell, you all may go in peace."

The dragoness nodded. "Then where shall we start?"

I finally freed my brain. Hopefully, this will mean more regular updates.
And if you all complain about the length of time or of the chapter, then know this: I have perfected the IF-Member-seeking rocket propelled flaming chainsaw launcher.
Death threats aside, how does this most noble quest begin?
I don't know. I ran out of Idearium growing another Storygame idea.
So it's up to you!
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The White Blacksmith

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Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2007 11:23 am    Post subject:  

Well, I suggest they get the Lady to tell them of the Founder's home world. That seems a good place to start, as either there will be a secret cult there entrusted with all the secrets of the children, the friend and maybe even the founder himself or it has long since been laid to waste and they have to do some digging!
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The Meaning Of Fear

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Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 1:51 am    Post subject:  

I have to disagree... It makes for a MUCH more interesting story if they have absolutely no idea where the Founder and the other guys are, and luck, or maybe fate leads them to one, etc etc.

Good chapter, BTW, IM.

Also, I've been thinking, it might be nice if, IF, Harold finds no way whatsoever to get rid of the curse, that he hands the keys over to... erm... Whats her name again? Lucy, right?

And then they say a load of mushy crap and Harold commits suicide... Then again, Harold being the main character, prob not gonna happen.

Just something to think about. :lol:
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The White Blacksmith

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Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 8:33 am    Post subject:  

Suicide is good. We like suicide.
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Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2007 8:25 pm    Post subject:  

The poll has been formulated and programmed just so. If it breaks due to too much erratic button-pushing, you all owe me a billion fables.
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