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NeNes Champagne headquarters...
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Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2007 6:03 pm    Post subject: NeNes Champagne headquarters...  

As you approach through the ornate gardens, graced with innumerable marble statues of couples (who obviously aren't married - or at least not to each other), you round a bend and find yourself faced with an opulent and indulgent home.

The over-sized red doors swing open and your approach and find yourself standing in the entryway to a large foyer with an ornate staircase which sweeps grandly away into the upper levels.

There also appears to be many people (mostly females of varying size, species and colour) rushing back and forth carrying banners, placards and all sorts of paraphenalia (was that an alsatian?). Suddenly, just as you start to contemplate your purpouse here, an interesting creature bursts forth into your line of site.

'Good Morrow friend, my name is Satriana.' The being wears a wisp of garment that can only be described as scandalous, her jet black skin contrasts alluringly with the red material that is barely draped across her front. Her accent is highly exotic and you just can't place it.....

'NeverNever has been expecting you for some time...'

Ushering you into a beautifully furnished sitting room, you are bustled into a wing back chair and summarlarily handed your favourite beverage.

Hearing a scuffling noise you look up and you find yourself face to face with the one and only NeNe G.

Pulling on her jeans over her boyleg pants, NeNe hops and squirms frantically around the room trying to do up her zipper. Her hair is a different colour again and its long black locks are bound under a faded old baseball cap.

A portly older lady with a french roll is chasing her and is chastising her in what seems to be french. NeverNever smiles at her and blowing her a kiss quickly pushes her out the door.

Glancing quickly at you with a wry smile, NeverNever pulls off her button up shirt and slips into a ratty old poloshirt with barely legible print on it...

Throwing herself into a chair she turns to you...

'Hey you! whats up? What was the burning issue you wanted to talk about?'
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The White Blacksmith

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Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2007 10:46 am    Post subject:  

If you were Mayor, how strict do you think you'd be, compared to C'ren?
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