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Tournament Rules
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Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2007 9:44 pm    Post subject: Tournament Rules  

OK, here are the rules for the Arena tournanment:

1) Everyone will get a set of 18 cards, randomly chosen: 14 creatures and 4 items. I'll post everyone's cards in this forum so that we all see what everybody has.

2) For each match in the tournament, you choose cards from your set that cost a total of 45 points or less. This are your army that you'll play with. The rest of the cards won't be used in that match (although you can choose a different set of cards in a different match, as long as it still costs 45 points or less).

3) We'll have some pre-tournament time, probably around a week, to practice and make sure everyone understands their cards and the game rules. If you haven't played, find Chinaren or me or set up a time with one of us. It's much easier to learn the rules from playing a game than from reading.

4) You may trade, buy, or sell your cards with other tournament players during the pre-tournament time. To make a trade, both sides must confirm it by PMing me, and then I will post the results of the trade, so that everyone still knows everyone else's cards.

5) The tournament will be a single-elimination match: eight players will play each other, then the four winners will play in the semi-finals, then the two winners of the semi-finals will play. Each match is a single game.

6) Games must have an observer (myself or Chinaren) present who will make all die rolls, monitor the legality of moves, and rule on any disputes. To schedule your game once the tournament starts, find a time when you and your opponent can make it, and then Chinaren or I will see who can be on at that time to observe.

That's it - if you have questions about the rules, ask them here.

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