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Chinaren Hall
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Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2007 11:46 pm    Post subject: Chinaren Hall  

Address: 14f/g Nob Street, IF.

Welcome to the lobby of Chinaren Hall!

Chinaren Hall is an invitation only area I'm afraid. If you are a member, please pass through the doors below.

If you aren't a member, you can still browse around, discover a little bit about our glorious benefactor, Chinaren, and some of his many works.

Please enjoy your stay.

In Print! Now you can cuddle them in your arms!

Current SGames in IF.

Tired of Death.

A SGame featuring a Half Dead Hero and his Zombie sidekicks! Follow Dreth as he searches for his contract and tries to break his curse. Wince as creatures are brutally killed! Laugh as body parts are abused! Gasp in horror at... well, you get the idea.
Voted SGotM winner June 06.

Avarice. (Fantasy)

Smur is a foul creature, deformed and completely without morals, trying to survive in a post apocolyptic world inhabited by the vengful dead.
Not only can you play in this SGame, but you can challenge the author to write about things within the story. Of course, nothing's free in Chinaren's world.
Voted SGotM April 2007

Rise of Shadows.

On a quiet, out of the way planet, a young girl accidentally wakes a sleeping spirit, putting all the human worlds at risk. Who can stop a Shadow?
Voted SGotM November 2007


The Multitude is rising. There's only one hope for humanity, and she's behind the bike sheds on her knees. Face it, we're screwed.
Wrath is the second in the 'Greed' series of SGames. You can bid on what you want to happen in the story, and who you want it to happen to!
Voted SGame of the month September 07.

Chinaren Hall members only! Entrance.

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