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Seelie Court
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Joined: 10 Feb 2007
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Location: Happily curled up in a Daemon's lap

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2008 5:31 pm    Post subject: Seelie Court  

Welcome to my safe haven ;) Find your rest here weary traveler but there is much more of IF to see...

I am currently enjoying...

Path of Destiny by Tikanni Corazon
The Other Side by Tikanni Corazon
Beyond Good and Evil by Cyberworm
Children of Leyond by Kalanna Rai
Host by Kalanna Rai
The Hidden Crime by sagittaeri
Directive by Syranore
Line of Kavanagh: Shadows on the Horizon by Andolyn
Frozen Flame by Andolyn & Tikanni Corazon
One More Time by misterbiz

And I have read and enjoyed thoroughly many SGs on IF, here's some, just to name a few of the ones that are either complete or have gone on hiatus/inactive*...

UnderDark by Kalanna Rai
Tired of Death by Chinaren
A Fronte Praecipitium a Tergo Lupi by LordoftheNight
The Magicians Touch by Crunchyfrog - Can't find the link for this
Lords & Ladies by Chinaren
Truth for Hire by dinranwen
Avarice by Chinaren
Galleons of the Stars by Kalanna Rai
Confession Box by D-Lotus
The Dark by Chinaren
The Pax Way by Kalanna Rai
Wrath by Chinaren
American Vampireby Kalanna Rai
Sparklesteps by Tikanni Corazon
Rotch by Tavenash
The Night before IF-mas by Tatkret Sos
The Aisle 3 Siren by Kalyssa Summers
Warmth of the Candle by SuperAlpha69
Destiny's Entertwined by Venomous Angel
Ihniwid by Shillelagh
Emotional Extremes by Kalanna Rai
Line of Kavanagh by Andolyn

Will edit as my old feeble mind refreshes itself on Idearium

*Trying to go in order I remember reading them... forgive me if I've forgotten something. Please PM me if I have.
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Joined: 10 Feb 2007
Posts: 1597
Location: Happily curled up in a Daemon's lap

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2008 3:50 pm    Post subject:  

As you stride out of Fantasy Forest towards the Nob District, right in front of Stasis Hall, you come across a curtain of ivy, strung across a wall of stone. You pull back the ivy and find an open archway which you step through immediately out of curiosity.

You enter a large courtyard and look up at the large house in which it is rumored Lilith resides.

After checking out the front yard and immaculate lawn, you wander around back and find a mystic myriad of trees and old style looking paths on one half of it.. and the other side looks more modern with a pool and deck.

Inside the building, many small pixies, tiny fairies, and minuscule sprites can be seen fluttering about every which way, their little voices slightly high pitched. You walk the halls, tastefully decorated by the way, and come across a double set of wooden doors, cathedral-styled and bolted shut from the inside. There are letters burnt into the wood in a careful, neat script:

You cannot force these doors open, and the screaming rage of fury sounding from beyond it confirms your first thought. You keep walking past open sets of doors and once you reach the other end of the hall, you have to turn back around. Then see several fairies knocking and pounding on the double wooden doors, without avail. You hear the screams of rage go quiet; this is your cue to leg it out of here!
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Joined: 10 Feb 2007
Posts: 1597
Location: Happily curled up in a Daemon's lap

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2008 4:17 pm    Post subject:  

So you're back for another visit are you? Well come on.... Lily's not home so you make a beeline towards the doors with:

burned into them.

You push open the doors with some effort, thinking damn, the girl's got heavy doors.

Inside you see a lovely bedroom, but you're not sure which it is. It looks one way one moment, and then another a next, seeming to change before your very eyes as your mind processes it.

You shrug as this is the norm of magical homes and then peer at a bookcase that seems to shrink and expand with the user's needs as the room does, but the titles on the shelf stay the same.

On the bookcase, you see some titles with black leather bindings and silver script on them, but those ones don't matter. As you look around, you note something else that's always there besides the changing bed and bookshelf. There's always a bedside table, and yes it changes as does the pen on it, but the old-style notebook does not. Could Lily be crafting another tale in the wee hours of the morning after her long absence and slow, summer of 2011 return?

You feel sorely tempted to crack open the cover and thumb through the pages for new writing in progress, but you know Lily would kill you if she found you in here, so you carefully replace the books back where they came from and step out of the room, shutting the door exactly the way it had been before, just open a tiny crack.

Next, you peek into the bathroom that belongs to Lily and you find that this place, like the bedroom and the bookshelf, changes between one appearance and another whenever it feels like.

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Joined: 19 Aug 2007
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Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 3:38 am    Post subject:  

*looks left and right, notices the bedroom and jumps on the bed for a nap carelessly*
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Joined: 10 Feb 2007
Posts: 1597
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Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 8:03 am    Post subject:  

My StoryGames...

Bloodlines: Fantasy Tale - Started Feb 13th, 2007; Finished Feb 7th, 2008
Vengeance: City of IF Tale - Started Nov 29th, 2007; Finished Sept 16th, 2008
Eden's Call - Started Sept 4th, 2011; Finished ? - (the first of a triology of storygames I truly hope to turn into a novel) [On Hiatus]
Darkest Hour - IF Tale - Started October 5th, 2012; Finished ? [On Hiatus]
Eden's Fury - Future Tale
Eden's Heart - Future Future Tale

My Linear Tales...

The Chronicles of Lanthos
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Kalyssa Summers

Joined: 30 May 2011
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Location: RL: NJ, USA | Starving Peasant for Posts in City of IF *Reaches for your Story Hungrily*

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2011 5:12 am    Post subject:  

A woman sporting wavy,chestnut wind-loved hair, wearing an airy purple dress, wearing a simple knapsack, her horse heavily laden with her things, pauses outside the ivy by the Fantasy Forest towards the Nob District. There was something unusual about this woman. She did not shimmer exactly, yet a glow emanated from her, and her horse. If one looked closely one could see the glow coming from a necklace with a glowing circle pendant on her neck, and her horse wore a similar, pendant. Her name, as we would come to know it later, was Kalyssa.

She looked around. Some say this marked Seelie Court, home of Honored Citizen Lilith. Indeed she was looking for Lilith. Deciding to strive in on foot, she hopped lightly down, revealing slim ankles, one with a tinkling charm-and-key anklet, and sandal-born, rose-toed feet. Tugging her horse, she tied it- or rather, her- to a nearby sturdy tree with a worn lead rope., and wagged a finger at the horse. "Now, Darlia, stay. Aunt Olalia will not thank me for having you run away....And if anyone ever suggests I've got a naughty horse, I'll punish you myself"

Skirts fluttering, Kalyssa turned parted the ivy and gazed across the courtyard at the house in interest. It was a beautiful, grand house. She itched to explore, but she dared not. Striving close enough to see through the windows and glimpse the shadows of the rooms within and the fairies and pixies about, she decided that it was wise not to. To trespass in a magical place like this would not only be bad manners but downright dangerous. Lilith appeared to be a powerful and magical Ifian. So, instead, she raised the knocker on the door and knocked twice, then waited.

No answer came to the door, except for the excited buzzing and pounding of the pixies and fairies. Instinctively feeling that Lilith was not at home and that it would be wise to leave before one of these fairies ? She was not sure, successfully pounded through and taught her a lesson, she hastily drew a note that she had pre-written in case this happened and whispered a few words. Immediately wisps of air twisted and glowed silver, wrapping itself around the note, magically sealing it. Kalyssa slid the note under the double doors, hoping upon all hopes that the magic was strong enough to protect against tampering or damages from mischievous pixies and fairies.

Then she turned and leisurely strolled through the grass of the courtyard and through the ivy, light musical bells tinkering softly from her anklet and her stride a long and easy, graceful walk .

In the note was* wrote: Dear Lilith,

My name is Kalyssa and I have recently just come to the City of If. I was browsing through the Stories in the Fantasy Tales of If section of Town and came upon Justice- Chapter 2.

I could not find Chapter 1 so I thought I would stop by here and say hello and inquire where I may find Chapter 1? I am so eager to read, being new to this wonderful and beautiful cultivated city!

I do not have an address as of yet and live in a tent that I pitch every night until I have enough to buy land, so I am unable to receive any mail. However, every day I pass by City Hall on my way to feed my horse and purchase my daily rations. If you would kindly write back, seal it magically so I can easily identify it, and post it on one of the columns of City Hall, I will find it and read it.

Thank you for your time. Please say you will help me find Chapter 1. I feel that I must read all from the beginning!

Yours in words,

Kalyssa Summers

*wrong spelling and grammar, but I had to work with the "Quote" code lol
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Joined: 10 Feb 2007
Posts: 1597
Location: Happily curled up in a Daemon's lap

Posted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 8:50 pm    Post subject:  

A Day at Seelie Court Told in PMs

Lilith wrote:
A note has been caringly tacked to one of the posts in the colums of City Hall as you've requested, edged with silver decorations on the outer edges of the stationery.

Kalyssa Summers wrote: Kalyssa saw the note and read it delightedly. She hastily penned a postscript, and once again traveled to hand-deliver it under Lillith's door.

My dear Lilith,

Oh you are very welcome! I truly enjoyed reading your story and cannot wait for more! Ahh I see what my trouble is- I was looking under the wrong author! It would be under Tika's profile would it not? Silly me! I will look into that right away once it is morning.

My dear Lilith you are so kind to offer your home to me!! I gratefully accept your offer. It seems your home offers tranquility and safety that is not surpassed anywhere in the City of If. I would be very happy to join you and Tika, in the interim that I do not have my own home yet, and get to know you ladies. Do you know that I am told to be very excellent with cooking magic? Even though I know I do not have to pay rent, I would like to offer something that may increase your and Tika's enjoyment and tranquility in your home. I do not mind that you have 2 dragons and a wing at all- I hope that you do not mind that I have a talkative, mischievous horse (reminiscent of the captain's horse in TANGLED). Please do not trouble with special arrangements for him at all, though if with your permission, let me hobnob him under the eaves of your dragon cave. Though of course if you do not wish to have a troublesome horse near your dragons, I can find the stables somewhere in the City, or hobnob Darlia outside the ivy boundaries. He is very easy to please in regards to surroundings, so I have no problem with it. Also, I have a dragon egg that I am trying to nurse. I would love to ask your dragons of how to nurse it for it is not hatching and I am getting worried!

Dear Lilith, thank you again for the offer. I intend not to impose on your hospitality for overlong, and I look forward to the joys of living with two estimable, talented ladies who spin magic with words. I am forever

in your debt,


Lilith wrote: Instead of leaving the note under the doors, however, Kalyssa was soon surprised by a full-size, six foot tall redheaded woman, dressed in greenish material that was alike to leather, but yet not. The woman grinned and pulled Kalyssa into an embrace tightly before letting her breath and drawing her inside. "Your horse can stay in the stables with the Pegasui that I own and Unicorns. I'm sure your horse will get along happily there with the rest of them. Tika is out at the moment, but I suspect you're peckish. I'll whip you up something in a jiff and then you can go about setting up your room and such as you like it." She snaps her fingers and stable boys gently lead Kalyssa's horse away with oats, apples, and carrots to rest, and the redhead turns into the spacious kitchen, flickering her gossamer blue-green wings as she moved around, throwing this, that, and the other thing into a skillet on the stove, each with a sizzle and a different color of vapor wafting out.

Soon the skillet was off the stove and Lily was dishing up a round of eggs, bacon, and biscuits onto a plate and sliding it with a glass of orange juice to Kalyssa, having sat her on a barstool at the island. "Now, eat up! I can't have you keeling over from starvation! I simply won't have it!" She strode out of the kitchen, and she could be heard lecturing her pixies and sprites to go and get a room prepared for Kalyssa's needs, with a window closest to the stables. Then she ordered another to go inform Tikanni Corazon that their new roommate had arrived.
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Joined: 10 Feb 2007
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Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2011 5:07 am    Post subject:  

Lily's Monthly Avatars

January, February, March & April

May, June, July & August

September, October, November & December

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Joined: 10 Feb 2007
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Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:45 pm    Post subject: Annoucement: Grand Opening of Lilith's Designs!  

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