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Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2009 9:19 pm    Post subject: Character List  

Woot we has a FORUM!!!!

Anyways, i thought i'd put up a list of characters so far, since i've got a lot and it could get confusing.

The Main Character:
Benjamin Metzger- A movie director in our world, he tried and failed to have a script he wrote turned into a successful movie. He finds himself in a different world after some binge drinking, soon realizing that the world is a twisted mirror of the one in his movie. He has been forced by the Dark Lord, a man who looks exactly like him, to kill the Amaranth, and is now a) trying to do that, b) trying to get home, and c) trying to survive, not necessarily in that order of importance.

The Dark Lord- A nebulous figure, he exudes an aura of great power. He seems to have power over darkness, as well as other unrevealed capabilities. His lieutenants are the ShadowSworn, and under them the NightBringers.

The ShadowSworn: There are Seven of the ShadowSworn; we know of only a few. They are the great mage-generals of the Dark Lord. Our hero, Metzger, has been volunteered to join under the name, the Hunted.

The Creeper: One of the ShadowSworn, All we know so far is that he's got some kind of transportation ability.

The PoxBringer: Another ShadowSworn. Totally Insane, Proud. Has the ability to cause temporary insanity or sickness through his breath or through a sprinkled powder. Also appears to be half frog. Last seen (by us) confronting an outnumbering army.

The Demoness: One of the ShadowSworn. Nothing is known about her so far except that she was once a NightBringer.

The NightBringers: Lesser Generals of the Dark Lord. There are thirteen of them. Again, all are not known to us yet.

DuskTreader: A beautiful woman with a nightmarish staff, she displays both helpful and hurtful magic. She heals Metzger at one point, but also shows that she can easily lift him from the ground with magic. One of the NightBringers, and a companion on his mission.

NightStalker: A seemingly cheerful fellow, has the ability to move instantly between shadows. With the help of spiked gauntlets, also displays the ability to form shadows into weapons. One of the NightBringers

SoulShredder: A monstrous man with grey skin and a necklace of a screaming skull, he has telepathic abilities, allowing him to totally shred the minds of his enemies through eye contact, hence the name. Also displays some rudimentary mind control. Carries a large morningstar. Is a NightBringer, but wishes to become one of the ShadowSworn.

DreamStealer: Another of the NightBringers. Seems to have much more skill with Telepathy than SoulShredder, using her powers to slowly bend others to her will. Can even speak through corpses. However, seems to be less powerful than SoulShredder; she is careful not to meet his eyes.

The Amaranth - Someone in opposition to the Dark Lord, the woman Metzger is ordered to kill. Not much is known about her yet.

StormLancer- One of the Amaranth's Generals. Had the ability to control weather. Used it to cloud the vision of opposing armies, then using lights to mark them, thus allowing his own armies to attack in the poor visibility. Was Last scene attacking his own troops after having his mind taken over by SoulShredder.
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