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The Mayoral Election: Last Minute Political Debate
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Posted: Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:46 am    Post subject: The Mayoral Election: Last Minute Political Debate  

OK, I know this is not my place to do this, but I'm going to go ahead and do it anyways. :whist:

Understand the purpose of this post is to do the following: share your thoughts on the candidates running for mayor without any comments from any of the respective candidates, and discuss important issues concerning the city to give the candidates a good idea of what they should be focusing on. This is a place for the citizens of IF, for their improvement, the improvement of the city, and the improvement of the candidates.

Understand that my thoughts are completly my own, and are shared now spontaneously without the knowledge of anyone but myself.


I have been fairly inactive in the city for a while for various reasons, admittedly most of them RL related and beyond my control, but also partially because of my natural state as a malcontent. There are several things that have sort of got on my OCDish nerves about the site that have partially kept me away some of those small precious moments when I could have come on. Of course these things are nothing so dramatically important to go on raving about (like I sort of did in another post, as I was more "in character" then) but simple things that I personally dislike as a citizen.

Now looking at the candidates from my perspective, there is in fact one particular one whom I'm almost certain will solve many and more of the problems that annoy me, and solve them in a competent thoughtful manner: that candidate is Thunderbird. Besides this obvious pro to me, the way I see it, he has proven to be decisive and full of ideas on many diffrent occasions, as a first time Mayor he will want to prove his worth, and is fully capable of doing so. The Mayoral mansion needs some new blood to match the new blood in the city! Crunchyfrong is probably the most able administrator among us, but Thunderbird is a certain reformer, and that is what we need at this turning point in IFian history.

These are my incredibly biased thoughts, now lets hear yours, post any comments, support any candidate, present any problem.


One note, as I said above, idealistically this is a place for the voters and not the candidates, so if that could be kept in mind...
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Posted: Sat Oct 30, 2010 6:38 pm    Post subject:  

I'm thinking...this is a little too last minute.

but I think I will say a little something.

I could give my full list of positives and negatives about all of the candidates, but that would require much reading and back-tracking into my previous state of mind.

I do have one thing to say, Masterweaver was not energetic or powerful enough. He seemed to be kind of, pushed aside by the other two candidates.

CrunchyFrog and thunderbird, as you've said, are both great candidates. I, myself, had a hard time choosing which one to vote for. I eventually settled down to taking a tally. I gave them a point for each positive point they presented about themselves and their ideas.

It was very,very, VERY close. And honestly, I just wanted to hand both of them my vote. However, Crunchyfrog did win by a point, and so respectively, it is she who got my vote.

I suppose I could come back in a lil' bit and give my full list or something...

Edit: Nah
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