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Heavy Metal - Chapter 20: The Lord God
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Posted: Tue May 31, 2011 2:07 am    Post subject: Heavy Metal - Chapter 20: The Lord God  

Heavy Metal
Chapter 20
The Lord God

“There’s just one thing I still want to understand first. I never got a satisfactory answer to this when I asked Michael,” Walter said, thoughtfully. “I think I was asking so many questions at once, though that we must’ve gotten side tracked.” He chuckled a bit to relieve some of his growing nerves as he looked around in a sense of awe and wonder that threatened to dwarf his mortal soul.

Before them was a massive mountain, carved into the side of which was a grand open hall, like a yawning cave. It vaguely reminded Walter of the opening to the Petra, something he’d seen in a picture or two from travelers over the years.

The carvings adorning the mountain were of the finest detail, gigantic angels flanking the entrance, over which was mounted the face of a huge regal sphinx.

Above the head of the silent sphinx, was a massive symbol Walt recalled having seen before, one of a sphere, flanked by two extended wings. He recalled that it had been displayed all around the ancient middle-east in various forms. Even the Egyptians had prominently scribed their own version of this enigmatic symbol. It suddenly occurred to him that perhaps this was the ‘Royal Seal’ of the angelic peoples.

While there were many more carvings across the face of the mountain - no raw stone had been left un-chiseled - Walt realized he could take hours to note every element depicted here. The divine fresco continued up into the luminous clouds, which, being overhead, cast deep shadows into the gaping mouth of the entryway.

But before said entrance could be reached, a glittering path, a narrow catwalk flanked by deep chasms, the depths of which Walt could not fathom from his vantage point spanned the gap from beyond the golden gate before him, to a landing ledge on his objective’s side.

Stationed beside these golden gates like imposing sentinels, dressed in rather medieval style golden plate and chain mail armors, the guardians of Enlil’s mountain palace watched Walter as he conversed with the devastatingly comely angel goddess Inanna.

Her golden hued wings fluttered behind her, shaking off the exertion of her recent flight. Somehow, their rippling feathers only managed to enhance her sensuous aura, one that tugged and stirred old impulses within Walter, impulses that suggested he aid her in a rapturous fall from grace. The bases of the wings fixed into her bare, muscular shoulders in the most elegant of contours, his eyes tracing those fine curves, perfection in design, down her milky white arms down to her dainty, yet sturdy wrists, palms, digits, out to her fingertips. Walt’s skin ached for those soft fingers to caress his worn out frame and the tight muscles bound within.

“Yes?” she said with a wry smile, shattering the reverie he’d slipped into as he’d admired her.

“Ah, right,” he stumbled, “I figure this is something I should know before I meet this, um, God.”

She nodded, her wide almond shaped, hazel eyes pressing him to carry on with his inquiry. His glance met eye contact for a moment and he thought he might’ve had a momentary cardiac arrest as he choked to carry on.

“I… I don’t understand the limits of ‘God’s’ power, of his ‘Mantle’. I’m told his power is limit-less, within our solar system at least. But He has done so little to make other planets in our system, such as say, Mars, habitable. He allows so much darkness and evil. He creates Man to get him gold from our planet, yet could He not create such gold from thin air if he is so divinely limitless? What holds him back if he is so infinitely powerful?” Walt felt immediate shame in questioning the nature of Godhood in Inanna’s overwhelming presence but his need to understand the answer drove him through the asking.

“Mmmm,” Inanna hummed as she considered how to best answer his question, her lips and eyes openly displaying her nymph-like amusement as her pinky caressed her cheek in a teasing gesture of thoughtfulness.

Walt quivered for a moment, overcome by nerves colored by a rainbow of various emotions, not the least of which being a growing apprehension for his imminent rendezvous with God.

Finally, Inanna answered, “Nothing can be independently altered, Walter. One change in the stream of time will have great ripples throughout all events to come. Nothing may be created, nor destroyed, only altered, changed, adjusted, and the energy to do so must be derived from somewhere. This creates strain to make such changes to reality. His ability to control reality is limitless, yes, but not without cost; not without effort.

“Furthermore, the greatest sacrifice comes to his ability to foresee what may come. After any application of reality shifting, it takes time and study to understand the flow of future events once more. So he very carefully makes one adjustment at a time, and studies the outcomes deriving from that change. Everything he can do is fundamentally a matter of interrupting, redirecting, and shifting the cause and effect stream. And to do so in drastic measures will result in little more than chaos. You could say He selects which cans of worms to open very carefully.”

“But can’t he just deal with the side-effects of any such ‘adjustments’ to reality as they come?” Walter pressed, as his mind grew engaged it pushed aside some of her charm so he could think more clearly.

“Sure, but it takes effort, Walter. Like a master strategist, he would prefer to work within a fully understood structure than to tamper with it until the structure becomes confusing even to himself.”

“I thought his ability to maintain everything awareness of everything happening in his realm was limitless as well, Omniscient, the Bible calls him.”

“When compared to a human mind, yes. But there are still limits. Understand, Walter Steele, one of the basic laws of all reality will hold true to all beings – There’s always a bigger fish. No sentient mind encompasses the full of the ALL or it simply ceases to exist. It is zero that is infinite, and the whole of infinity is the closest understanding of nothing, ‘void’, that one can grasp.

“Absolute and ultimate awareness stems from being one with the ‘nothing’, the source itself. This, unfortunately, comes along with complete apathy. To apply any sense of value and motivation to manage his solar system realm, Enlil must maintain his identity, and thus some limitations. That said, he spends much time in the void, bringing new insight back with him whenever he returns to form.

“What makes him capable of such Godly power, is how ‘in touch’ he can be with this ‘void mind’ of creation. It is when he does not think at all that he understands the most. It is when he does nothing that his power to command all is at its peak.

“I’m certain this concept is extremely difficult for humans to grasp, for most cultures were diverted from understanding this by planted religious dogma over the last two millennia.

“There was only one among us bold enough to defy Enlil’s command that such understanding be denied humanity. He and his allies have taught His people a great many secrets that were not to be taught, secrets such as what I infer to now, meditation. We did intervene and help to guide such releases of knowledge into a more limited understanding until we realized that humans were not advanced enough yet to grasp them anyhow.

“Nevertheless, this fairly enlightened culture now obeys the puppet of Enlil’s enemy, the enemy of An before him, though its teachings have begun to filter out across the globe as civilizations grow closer and more interblended in this new ‘Information Age’.

“It is for this reason, the fact that people are once more in open connection and no cultural boundaries are solid anymore, allowing mankind to piece together many of the divine puzzles that locked away the information that could allow man to be a threat to the gods, that Enlil once more concerns himself with a new direction for humanity to soon take.

“The nature of this new direction is yet to be determined, for humanity is yet to be fully tested. I, myself, look forward in wonder to see what the new mankind shall become.” Walt seemed to follow her yet find himself more confused by her answer than he was before she attempted an explanation.

Lady Inanna seemed to understand how he felt, her silken fingers gripping him confidently on the shoulder inspiring his stomach to flutter. “Go to Him. Perhaps after meeting with Him, you will understand more. Powerful as I may, myself be, I cannot pierce the veil of His thoughts enough to hazard a guess as to what he intends for you there, but I can assure you it is not harm. Do show him respect, though, for He can be a bit… touchy with irreverence.”

Walter nodded, knowing he could delay his meeting no further. Turning, he gazed up at the majesty of the golden wrought gate as he took a few steps forward. Luminous mist had formed around his feet here, pouring off the sides of the chasm beyond like a waterfall of glowing clouds.

As Walt took his first few tentative steps forward, the guardian named Shamash, a finely carved golden sun imbedded in the chest of his armor, turned to face him. Shamash, also referred to as ‘St. Peter’, looked nothing like the St. Peter Walt had always been told about. He seemed less the peaceful priest and more the wizened old knight, grizzled white wings proudly held high behind him, showing obvious scars where there remained a void of the usual feathering. The stern angel stepped across Walt’s path and solemnly rose a glittering gold claymore. For a moment, Walt wondered if he were meant to fight this imposing warrior.

Shamash’s eyes glowed a bright white light, spilling forth with a resonant hum like one might hear from a neon bulb. He stopped a few feet away from Walt, directly in the center of the closed gate doors. As soon as he halted, in military fashion, he spun to face Walter and planted the blade of his sword into the ground in a grand and powerful gesture.

Walt stood before the angel, unsure of what he should say. He glanced over his shoulder at Inanna, inquiring of protocol with his expression. She watched in what appeared to be little more than sensuous amusement, giving him no indication, betraying no hint.

When Shamash spoke, it caused Walt to jump a little as the old man spun to face the aged Viking angel. “Walter Steele,” he said with a ceremonious, deep yet beautiful, altogether stern voice, “You have been summoned to speak with the Lord God. It is by His will that you pass this gate. Few are ever allowed to fully transition this passage without first undergoing the power of my star-born gaze. I have not peered into your soul, Walter Steele. But if it is even half as pure as the holiest human to have ever stared into my eyes, you should feel grateful to avoid such a fate this day.”

“Um, ok,” Walter stammered.

“But I assure you Walter Steele, you are yet mortal and are, nevertheless destined to return to make this transition once more. On that day, you will not escape such self-evaluation.”

“Looking forward to it,” Walt replied, feigning confidence despite the nagging sensation of terror this angel’s words worked into his heart.

Shamash nodded and smiled like a gray fox beneath his shimmering helm. “As am I,” he said simply, which sent a chill up Walter’s spine.

The warrior angel suddenly swung up his sword overhead, causing Walt to jump back, startled, announcing, “Walter Steele shall pass!” A spark of golden-hued lightning arced from the tip of his upheld blade to the center of the gate behind him. As a small shudder of thunder rumbled across those present, the gate slowly rotated open without any further sound aside from a light swish through the vapor at its base.

Standing to the side, Shamash wove his sword to point inward towards the gaping maw of the mountainside, motioning Walter forward.

Trying hard to swallow the lump in his throat, Walt shuffled through the mist. Daring to look down as he passed across the narrow catwalk spanning the chasm, he gasped, undergoing momentary vertigo at the mind-numbing distance. He could trace the walls of the fissure all the way down to a haze of luminous vapor below. Resolving to look down no further, he affixed his sight on his goal, the darkness of the carven cave before him.

As he stumbled into the opening, his eyes took a moment to adjust to the dim light within. The sides of the walls were filled with carvings of armored and armed, angelic sentinel-guardians, above which, masterfully carved frescos of epic battle scenes stretched across the ceiling.

The scenes depicted glorious battles of men and gods, clashing with dragons, demons, a horribly frightening lizard-like people and all manner of insectoid creatures. In all conflicts depicted along the way, the angels appeared victorious, though there were depictions of wars among themselves as well, though by now Walt had come to realize that even the demonic ones were likely just angels embraced with deep anger.

Interestingly, not all of the sentinel angel carvings along the walls depicted human heads, some reminiscent of Egyptian depictions of gods with various animal heads. Walt could not be sure if they were merely portions of the angels’ armors or if they were intended to reflect the true nature of the beings.

Light spilled in just enough behind him to illuminate these scenes as if under the faint light of a candle. But as he made his way down the hall, he gradually began to realize that a light lay before him as well, a light at the end of the tunnel, he chuckled to himself.

As he drew near the pool of light, shot as a beam from above, he could clearly see the perfect circle of illumination fell geometrically centered on the peak of a mound-like incline in the center of a large spherical chamber. Upon entry into this chamber, Walt took note that the walls and ceiling of this chamber were much like the hall in that the angels continued around the room in lifelike relief.

Different was the scene above, however. Looking up at the ceiling, Walt was reminded more of a Sistine Chapelesque scene. Hundreds of souls, apparently by their half-corporeal depictions, vaporous in nature beneath the waste, were shown here to appear as if they were floating, reaching upwards for the light in the center of an overhead sky, striving to achieve entry into the tunnel that allowed the blinding beam to pierce down into this chamber.

As he ambled to the peak of the mound, he noted that the light perfectly illuminated a circle of etched arcane scrawl. All kinds of foreign symbols were inscribed here, but prominent, and in note-worthily sequential order, were displayed the twelve symbols of the zodiac along the border. The light shone upon these sigils with such force that to view them was to lose the ability to see the rest of the chamber, which Walter lost quickly as he studied the arcane etchings.

He pondered for a moment then quickly decided that, since there were no other apparent exits from this chamber, he should stand in the center of this magical circle to see what would happen, suspecting it may somehow offer him further transportation in his journey. It did seem perfectly sized to fit an erect humanoid being, even perhaps designed for one a little larger than he. Perhaps this was yet another of those portals he’d travelled through to reach this planet?

Standing in the center of the sigil circle for a moment, he was about to think himself a fool, for nothing happened at first. But as soon as he chuckled at himself and was about to step out to look around for another clue, he noticed a breeze rise around him, at first a small zephyr, which whipped at and twirled a lick of his hair across his eyes.

“Hmm?” he stopped, taking note of the breeze that seemed to be drafting in from the hall he just transitioned through, one he could, from this vantage point, now see had been at a rather severe incline up to this point. Funny how I never realized that climb as I walked here, he thought to himself as the wind picked up.

Walter had been a bit cool on this planet, just slightly less than fully comfortable. But now, as the wind ruffled the starched silken robes he’d been provided back in the Moon chamber, he shivered with an honest chill. He grasped at his garment to keep it from fluttering open as the wind intensified.

His hair began twirling about his head rapidly now, and the wind began to funnel through the chamber in a clear vortex, with Walt at its apex.

As his struggles with his garment became increasingly trying, the wind had whipped into a rage, the storm now roaring past his ears. Walt went to a knee, suddenly feeling rather afraid. Dust was flying about at the exterior of the chamber and the light had begun to swell and widen, growing to encompass the whole extent of the sandstone floor.

Walt expected bolts of lightning to begin crackling around him at any moment as the air grew to such a speed that he could not hear himself as he shouted in fright. The walls could not be seen through the blur, despite the continuing expansion of illumination throughout the chamber.

The old man gasped as his feet left the ground, the wind twisting him around in a spiral, lifting him upwards, gradually at first, but quickly accelerating. Soon, he was thrust, by the power of the wind, through the hole in the ceiling, and he found himself spiraling up a shaft towards the source of the light above.

Again, this was reminiscent of his transition to this planet from the Moon but far more violently active and jostling. The wind around him buffeted at him but the spiral was so intense it kept him from scraping against the sandstone sides of the shaft.

Walt’s heart was racing to burst as he suddenly shot out of the shaft, still held aloft buy wind as if sitting on the peak of a fountain, coming to rest on the cushion of air beneath. Gasping for breath and gripping at his chest, he looked around in wide-eyed terror at the enormous vaulted chamber he found himself within.

Gigantic marble pillars, once more carved into their bases with all manner of fantastic beings, held aloft a distant ceiling of polished stone. Almost reflective was the granite beneath his feet as the air set him down like a fatherly hand delivering a babe to the floor.

Pulling his robes back in around him - he’d fully lost the battle to remain decent - he scanned his gaze around him. Apparently, he must have been brought to the top of the mountain. The pillars extended in a vast array of perfectly spaced columns and rows; bright open white sky met his sight beyond.

It appeared as if the pillars held up the rest of the mountain peak itself, as open sky met him every way he looked. His gaze stretched out to witness that this level must have been placed just between two layers of these luminous clouds. Their cotton candy billows met his vision both above and below, yet he could see clearly through to the curvature of these gaseous layers on the extra-distant horizon beyond. Every so often, a streak of blue lightning passed between these layers.

The beauty of it brought Walt’s eyes to mist and well. Rumbles of thunder passed through this vast chamber, a frequent growling drumming surrounding him like the beatings of a masterful percussionist. The air smelled electric, bitter, tinted with sulfur.

Looking upwards, Walt further realized that again, in the center of the chamber overhead, which was offset some yards from his current location, a gaping hole in the stone above showed a brilliant starry sky beyond.

He gasped as he realized that, at this elevation, the mountain itself rose so high as to jut through the thick layers of clouds that coated this planet, granting what must have been a precious view of the brilliant night sky. Fitting, he figured, for the royal chamber of God.

However, Walt noted, as he looked about the ground level of this wondrous chamber, that there existed no further accoutrement. No throne. No carpet. No props of any kind. Just a wide open space held under the remaining stone bearing down on the pillars from what remained of the peak of this majestic mount.

And no sign of God.

Walt harrumphed as he looked about seeing no sign of any activity here whatsoever. But he could feel… something. A presence perhaps - that sort of feeling of being watched that besets one only when they are extremely alone and isolated, and considering doing something that one might only entertain the idea of when so assured nobody would be there to witness.

Daring not to wander over too close to the open ledge, he decided he’d first move to get a clearer view of the stars through the open shaft overhead. Shuffling over and arching backwards to look up, he realized that the hole above must have been cleverly derived from a natural volcanic history in this mountain.

Staring upward, he shivered as the chill air at this height turned his breath to visible vapor. But his eyes glazed over in appreciation for the starry field that met his view. He’d seen far more impressive sights of the outer space environs, sure, but here, it felt somehow ultimately special.

As he watched, however, his eyes fell on a particularly bright star set in the center of the view. He was wondering which star it might be, trying to piece constellations together as best he could with his limited view, as he realized that central star had begun to grow in illumination. He squinted in curiosity, watching the star grow brighter and brighter until eventually, it had begun to blind him.

Stepping back in wonderment, Walt realized it was no star at all, but a gigantic glowing sphere, gradually descending down into the chamber bleaching out the whole of the place with a blinding white light.

Walt had to close his eyes, the light burned into his retina overwhelming and dazzling him as he quickly shuffled backwards, compelled to go to a knee in reverence, suspecting his meeting with God had arrived.

He attempted to pry open a lid to allow a sliver of a view but the light orb had entered the chamber already, descending to the granite floor, so bright it wounded his pupil and compelled him to re-seal his eyelid once more.

A gentle and welcome warmth radiated from the orb but Walt’s hair stood on end due to a coalescing static charge surrounding him – either that or his nerves were on edge enough to create the unsettling sensation. He could certainly feel his breath coming in frightened gasps, his muscles tense under his worn hide. A faint, high pitched whine resonated from the bubble of light, growing to a barely tolerable intensity as it landed, forcing through a vibratory tone that rattled the air in his lungs and shook his bones.

Suddenly, the sound came to a full stop and even through his closed eyelids, Walt could tell the overwhelming luminosity had ceased as well. But he kept his head bowed now in fright and an unexpected surge of reverence – something about this experience was extremely familiar, tugging deeply at the roots of his soul, compelling him to feel an overpowering, unexplainable respect.

A voice boomed through his entire body. He couldn’t tell if it were psychic in nature or physical, or perhaps seamlessly both, making it seem to come from without and within simultaneously. The voice was deep and powerful, fatherly and gentle, yet stern and commanding with the ultimate resonance of authority.

It said, “Be still, Walter Jared Steele, and know that you are in the presence of The Lord.”

Walt took a cautious breath, sweat beading on his brow irritating his self-inflicted wounds. A drip passed from his nose to splash to the sacred ground below. Instinctively, he moved a hand to wipe it up without lifting his head, but he quickly realized his hands were so moist and clammy that all he could manage was to smear it further.

“Lift your gaze upon Me, Walter Jared Steele,” the voice of God commanded.

Swallowing down a surge of nerves in the form of acid reflux, Walt squinched up his face as he tenuously lifted his head and cracked his eyes open to look forward. He gasped and shot up to his feet at what he saw, backing up a step or two in a bewildered stumble.

Walt now gazed upon… himself!

Meeting his gaze was an old man of his exact features, dressed in his exact robe, hunched in his exact stoop, his every detail of his visage was as if looking in a mirror. Wild silver hair sprawled from the head of the being before him, much as his would have been after such a flight up the shaft. Bushy eyebrows rose in cynical amusement, exactly the expression he might have given had roles been reversed.

The first thought he could manage as his mind wrapped itself around such an unexpected sight was, Wow… looks like I really need to go on a diet.

Then his mind whipped back to the present with a backlash and his head gaped forward in further astonishment as he began to realize the reality of the present moment he were existent in.

His doppelganger stood with a knowing and wise smile, staring at him regally, peacefully. Walt took a few tenuous steps forward to get a closer look. He leaned in to look in his mirror-vision’s eyes.

Yep, just like mine, but more… knowing, he thought. Bending back he gasped as he saw the scratches in his double’s forehead, the same as he had inflicted upon himself when encountered by the alien ship on the reverse side of the Moon. Squinting, he realized something about those coordinates he had not paused to give thought to at the time.

His double spoke his thoughts aloud, “Yes. One hundred-eighty X sixty-six point six. It has some… interesting numerical connotations, don’t it?” His double employed his own voice now, and it was the most unnerving thing Walt had ever heard in his life.

Never realized how much like an asshole I must sound, flit through his thoughts as he gave stunned consideration to the insight his double had voiced.

“I… I’m not sure what to say. I’m also not sure what it means, really. Never have been sure about that particular set of numbers,” Walt replied, attempting as much reverence in his voice as possible.

“The significance of such things is relevant in multitudes of layers, Walter Jared Steele,” his mirror answered as it stood, simply, smiling gently at Walt.

Walt nodded, believing he understood the comment. Of course I do, he postulated, this being knows my every thought and exactly what I would understand and what I would not. So it… HE, will only give me messages I will clearly compre…

“I wouldn’t stretch that assumption too far, Walter Jared Steele,” his double interrupted his thoughts. “I do believe some of the messages I wish to relate to you will only be understood later down the path you have stubbornly chosen to pursue, even sacrifice greatly for the capacity to indulge in.”

“Sacrifice?” Walt asked.

“Yes. Sacrifice. Yet you know not, or rather, have forgotten what sacrifices you have made.” Sensing some of Walter’s immediate reactionary thoughts, the being continued, “Oh, sure you have made obvious sacrifices in currency and time. But it goes far, FAR beyond just that Walter Jared Steele. Suffice it to say, it should be the work of a pure man and great personal dedication to bring you back to meet with me once more in this hallowed ground on a possible day to come.”

“I don’t understand,” Walt stammered.

“And that was my earlier point,” the being reasserted.

For a moment Walt’s mind scrambled to put some pieces together but could only manage to grasp at a growing curiosity regarding the present scenario.

“You wonder why I meet you like this,” the voice said without a hint of question. “It is to show you what you must know about My nature that you will need to realize to successfully traverse the challenges that lie ahead on your gradual path to redemption.”

“What do you mean?” Walt asked.

“I said what I meant, Walter Jared Steele. It requires no further embellishment.” Walt’s double finally began to move, to walk around in his own awkward shuffling gate, apparently in thought. “Very well, I see you wish me to show you myself as I am by my own identifying nature, that the other Anunnaki consider ‘Enlil’. Very well. I shall. But I shall warn you not to allow yourself to fall prey to the possible illusion that all that I am is all that I shall manifest myself to be, that which I once was. That man is only a part of me now, and at times a forgotten fragment at that.”

A flash of light from the being forced Walter to look away lest he be blinded as if he’d witnessed the blast of a nearby atomic bomb. But the flash ebbed as quickly as it came, and as Walt slowly peeked back over his shoulder, he witnessed an old man once more.

But this old man was different now. He was extremely tall and thin, gracefully robed, silver feathered wings gloriously unfurled behind him. He sported a very long, yet elegant silver beard on a narrow, almost elven-like chiseled visage. His eyes were unnaturally large, though not to the bulbous extent as one might imagine on a ‘grey’ alien, and the pupils were pools of pure light, beams piercing outward denying any further analysis of his ocular features. Walt was struck by the vision of Enlil, as if the being were some sort of tall, angelic wizard. The Lord’s long flowing silver hair stretched down his back, nearly to his feet. His skin was of an Indigo hue.

The booming voice Walter heard upon God’s entry returned from the magician-like being’s lips, “Do not confuse me with a mortal for having taken bodily form before you Walter Jared Steele. This is now but one of my essence manifestations. It was the root life-form that was blessed to allow me my transmutation into the spiritual master I have become, but it no longer is all that I am.”

“What are you then, exactly?” Walt asked.

Enlil smirked, “I am That I AM, Walter Jared Steele.”

Walt nodded, prepared for such a cryptic answer, then opened his lips for his next question – interrupted before he began.

“Speak NOT, Walter Jared Steele. The voices of man have become like needles in my mind for many a sar now. I know your thoughts, know your questions, know what you shall be told now as I inform you of what you are now to understand.”

Walt nodded, chastising himself in his thoughts.

“Quiet your mental drivel, Walter Jared Steele,” the voice menaced. “Now, know this, and absorb what I say.

“All legal structure of spirits and lives cannot cover all possible loopholes. The more one attempts to patch them, the more one creates gaps in fulfilling the initial intent. Logic, as my insidious Brother consistently observes, can be bent to any will with enough patience and wisdom to bend it. I cannot deny that he has found a loophole with you, has thrust you into a neutral zone from whence I would be breaking mine own commands to address.

“Thus, what I declare now is that you will continue on as you and He have agreed upon. For despite all his maneuverings, he cannot deny that I can see all futures to come that derive from present events. And the future he has created for you is one from which you can navigate back through the webs of despair he weaves. If you can maintain hope, faith, and perseverance upon your soul, you shall find me again. Upon this accomplishment, you will have unwoven many webs he puts in place, not merely for you, but for the rest of your kind, woven to bind you into a servitude slanted against My will.

“I thus allow you to return to your world with full memory of all that has transpired here because it is the one thing he would not have suspected of me, the one thing that will grant you an opportunity for deliverance. He places you beyond the usual clauses that apply to the mortal human soul, wherein such deliverance might be earned by declaring yourself under the banner of my only Son of Man. So do not think that thus will be your salvation. For through your dealings you have gone far beyond what can be saved by He.

“You will understand and remember the deals of which I speak before you return, I assure you. All will be made clear before your ultimate transformation. I ask of you to, in the thereafter, remember. Remember that you maintained the one most precious thing you lay claim to, the one thing by right can never be taken from you without your full consent, consent you have not given. Remember that this you held on to and thus you have the right to make your own determinations, despite all the factors that rope you in to the actions commanded by others.

“But in maintaining this understanding, do not be rash. For you should understand your options before jerking at your leash, understand what is to subvert you and what is commanded for the betterment of those you once considered your brothers, your fellow human peoples.”

Walt felt thoroughly confused, and deeply disturbed by all that he was being said. He’d expected nothing of a message in this vein and his mind was scrambling to piece it together with everything he’d heard along the journey from Michael, and from Inanna. He momentarily wondered how much he could really trust what he was being told, despite the overwhelming feeling of divinity that coursed through his soul in the presence of this being.

Enlil stroked his chin and looked down at the floor, where his light blue robes, colors that shifted with whites like watching a cloudy sky, caressed the polished granite. Then he shot his light filled gaze at Walt, penetrating through in direct eye contact.

He stated, “I know your heart and your mind, Walter Jared Steele. So know that in my asking this, I test you against yourself. But this is important to determining the future to come for you and for humanity that I ask.”

Walt nodded, dazzled by the lights of Enlil’s eyes, prompting readiness for the question.

Enlil then asked, “If a war were to break out between the people of Earth and my fellow Anunnaki, on which side would you align yourself with, given all that you have seen, heard and experienced along this journey?”

Walt gasped at the question, pondering deeply before replying with an answer.
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Posted: Tue May 31, 2011 9:47 am    Post subject:  

From all I know of Walt, the fact that he was prepared to die for the X prize, he would die for what he believed in.

All of this, everything he has learned, brings it down to the fact that mankind has been manipulated by these aliens. As inteligent lifeforms they share the same traits - the quest for knowledge, to know and to have more. That there is always one next level to achieve. And they are no better than humans in the way that they go about achieving it.

I detect some subtle pushing in the direction of aligning himself with the Annunaki, the suggestion of testing against himself, the suggestion that he no longer considers he fellow human peoples his brothers. But to do that I think Walter would feel like a traitor to his people.

It war broke out, we'd know who'd win and I think Walt would prefer to die fighting for his people.
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Posted: Tue May 31, 2011 6:34 pm    Post subject:  

Hey TB! Another fabulous chapter! :)

I have to say, one of the things I really love about these most recent Walt chapters, is the combination of different religions/ myths from different races and cultures. Just in the beginning of this chapter, you have the typical christian depiction of the angels, alongside Ancient Egyptian style sphinx (as well as the heads along the walls a little later on), plus the description of God's abode. The mountain, ascending into the clouds brings to mind the stories of the gods of Ancient Greek myths, plus the other names of Inanna from that culture, Aphrodite and Athena, alongside Venus, bringing in the beliefs of Ancient Rome. I did look up Inanna too, as though I recognised the name, it was still unfamiliar to me, and found it to be of Ancient Mesopotamian origins, as is that of the guardian angel, Shamash, God himself Enlil, and An. And also things like the signs of the zodiac, whos origins may be in Ancient Greece, but is also very much practised and used today. Plus, there is the sense of a faint, but very much there, vein of science running through it all. You've managed to bring together all of these (and more) different elements, and knit them together seamlessly. Though I do enjoy the more action packed chapters with Thomas and the tainted slightly more, I find it fascinating to read through these more information based chapters, and, every so often, come across a name or description that I recognise, put together with others from other origins.

I also loved the descriptions of the mountain and the inside of Enlil's abode, and of he and the angels themselves. I was interested to see how God would be depicted, and I can truthfully say, your version was unlike anything I imagined. But I liked very much all the same. ;)

As for the dp, I'm having slight trouble deciding. My immediate thought was 'No, can't have Walt being a traitor to his own people. He must fight with them'. But, given time to think about it, any that were to fight would have been corrupted by Enlil's brother/enemy, using his twisted form of logic. I guess it would depend if the war would be an outright fight against each other, with no mercy, so even those who don't want to fight would be considered an enemy, or if said mercy would be shown to those who held on to their faith. I think that such a revelational question would be too hard to answer at the click of someones fingers, even if those fingers belonged to God. So I'm going to have to say, I think he would be undecided. And would remain so, until the fateful moment arrived when he would have to make a decision. And if he has no answer, no point in pretending otherwise, as Enlil will know.

Wonderful job, TB! Looking forward to the next one already!
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Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 9:03 pm    Post subject:  

A collection of great responses so far! Thanks to both of you for reading. If I inspire some further independant research on Sumerian Mythology, I've definately done my job so thanks for the commentary on that matter Tika!
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Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:06 pm    Post subject:  

Enjoyable chapter, well written, captivating descriptions... about this last, however, the light and wind show was a bit over the top. This Enlil likes his special effects, thats for sure.

Walters ascent to Gods abode was Dante-esque. Awe inspiring but lacking modernity. Why is Enlils language so archaic? Why so much baroque? Why the manifestation of God as a bearded man? It didnt strike me as trite, since you were subtle enough to add certain delicacies in your descriptions-- but it wasnt entirely original or insightful either.

The main body of Enlils speech is convoluted. I know it is supposed to be impressively cryptic, but that doesnt mean overcomplicating the sentence structure.

As for that last question, it would draw a big WHAT? from me. A war, theres gonna be a war? You better do some explaining, Enlil. I refuse to entertain that sort of question until the right moment comes. If you want to know my predisposition, it is to avoid the war, prevent it by all means necessary. Concientious objector, peacemaker. Theres more than 2 possible positions towards a war.
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Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2011 6:29 pm    Post subject:  

A wonderful response, D! Not only some very interesting and unique thinking on the DP (I also got a suggestion from the guy at work that's reading this saying that he'd have to answer that he'd take God's side - clearly.) But also your feedback.

While perhaps some of you feedback regarding Enlil was meant as critique (which I do value so don't get me wrong here), it is also a reflection of exactly how I wanted a reader to feel about the character. I was attempting to take every bit of expected feature regarding Yaweh and inject it with some of the lesser known features of the original Enlil from Sumerian, adding a touch of my own creative spice. He very much should have come across a little bit like all the tales to come before might have described him. The beard was unavoidable, as according to the Sumerians, the gods, particularly Enlil, were rather keenly attached to their beards, and there was a strong suggestion in my ongoing research that the 'mark of Cain' that was left upon Cain and all his descendants was the removal of this 'divine' feature.

His speach patterns are such that reminds us that to him, relatively little time has passed since those ancient days, though should show some adaptation and a half-hearted attempt to keep up with the rapidly changing features of modern man's speech. It was an attempt to amalgamate the collected patterns of all the ages he's dealt with mankind directly here and there. Why overcomplicate sentance structure? Because in his somewhat disconnected mind, he has little understanding for simplifying things enough for others to easily understand him - and yes, particularly here, in this case, he (and the author) would prefer his message to be truly understood only in hindsight.

I felt his abode may lack modernity because he has had little need for it to undergo such upgrades. Their technology was far beyond ours is now when they came and built such things as the pyramids, and while it may have advanced as much as our own since, it would still bear the same essences of magnanimity, mysteriousness, and glory, while blending in a humble simplicity as well.

It was an interesting note - Enlil enjoys his special effects. Yes... for thousands of years he has kept us in great awe with the simplest of 'magical' expression. But we are now reaching a new pinacle in our development where perhaps its impact is not so great as it would have been to say, Ezekiel, no? Perhaps it is in this observation that we see another motivation for Him to command from the position of the unseen now, never revealing his true nature to Humanity...

Oh, and again, thanks for reading!
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Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 7:58 pm    Post subject:  

Upon reconsideration, I dont believe Enlil is as powerful as he makes out to be. If he were, he wouldnt need all the impressive shenanigans. How did Yahweh appear to Moses? As a burning bush. That was enouh to showcase His power, and it could even be doubted as a mirage or hallucination. Moses still had to go partly on faith.

I dont really like this Enlil much. Theres not much humility about Him. Hes a bit of a supercilious prick who cant be bothered to update his language, change his looks, or speak clearly.

If this is who were supposed to worship, i think id prefer to ally with the devil. Humans are aways prone to rebel against their fathers, arent they?
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Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 9:13 pm    Post subject:  


What more can I say?
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Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:29 am    Post subject: I Think.....  

*Runs around the room like a madman* YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!I'ma hafta say, tooooo fun! I almost fell out of my chair with this one! Way to go!

I truly enjoy the bringing together of all the religeons, and the beautiful artwork that went into this. I will say, I really did stumble off my chair at "God" revealing himself the first time. I still giggle about it as I think of it now. It was, PERFECT! A must admit, a part of me thought about that exact happening at one point, but I didn't expect you to actually DO it! *Spins* Moving on. The flashy lights and magic show were on the mark as far as I'm concerned. God forgive me, but I've always seen him as a showman. His aditude fits in well with what I've always thought of God. "Here, let me make a race with little free will to worship me....Well that's boreing. Now let me make one with free will and see how that goes.....What, they do not worship me? Well then to hell with them!" *Bows head low* I'm going to hell fer that one...*Giggles* Kidding. I'm not as bad as my Mom, and some of this IS the drugs talking.

I didn't quite...want "God" to assume another form. Fer me the scene would have been more fun with Walt adressing himself the whole time. That line about loseing weight, and realisesing he sounds like an ass, PRICELESS! And "God" staying as Walter would have added a little more....I suppose relaxed feeeling over all. The turning into a big wisend magician as you called him, just took the human element out of the chapter almost completely. I felt out of touch with Walt all through the speech. Just a personal preferance I suppose.

Small note here.....About it feeling familiar....Me thinks there be a hidden meaning in there, no? *Giggles* Shall see we shall, in future thinks I.

As fer the DP.....I'd go with, Too soon, too fast, too much. Let me talk with the angels, or even have some half way intellegent talks with the other side before I make a decission either way. I don't see Walt being a "Whoever looks more likely to win" kind of guy, but I doo see him not taking a side until he knew EXACTLY what/who he was fighting for, of if the fight was even worth joining. Ya'know?

So, over all, awesome chappy, maybe a bit more humanism in there, but I luv it!
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Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:17 am    Post subject:  

Thanks for reading, enjoying, and letting me know! I had considered running the scene with God taking the first form the whole way through, but for the sake of the long term, I decided I should allow a bit more revealing of Enlil in this rare event where we meet him.

Also - don't forget to vote on the last chapter's poll running now!
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Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 8:57 pm    Post subject:  

NOW POLLING! Running a week later on my schedule here than normal. I thought I might give a couple of readers some chance to catch up to the last chapter.

This poll result should prove interesting... hmmm....
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Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2011 9:29 am    Post subject:  

We have a fascinating poll going on right now. When checking Tome, it is anything BUT a cut and dried victory on one decision or another. Very close infact. I'll be posting the next chapter this weekend come hell or highwater. Any more votes?
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Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2011 10:04 am    Post subject:  

I for one wouldn't side with the ones who created us just so they could enslave us.

I could make further comment on that, but I'm not sure if the information I'm basing it on is from this story or the numerous discussions we have had on this subject.
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Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2011 7:03 pm    Post subject:  

I'm tied but will be writing on the basis of that tie. A very interesting polarity emerged here!
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