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The Technology Issue (Complete Multiverse Story)
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Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2020 6:26 am    Post subject: The Technology Issue (Complete Multiverse Story)  

Hi. This is a complete story that took me some time to build, so be ready to take some time reading it. I wanted to add some background to the story, so it start right now...

P.D. If you want to jump the background and move directly to the Multiverse chapters, the link it's at the end of the Background chapter.

Chapter: Background

“This is hard. To think that just the other day I was partying and now I’m supposed to act like an adult”, thought Prope. He is a 25 years old boy who has a rough childhood. He recently graduated from university with a System Information degree.

Something everyone was studying but not everyone graduated from it. He just started studying because someone told his mother that system information was the future. He was not sure of it but he graduated anyway. He did not wanted to find by himself what to study.

Prope Puberem Conti is the first of his lineage and the first one on graduating from college and starting adulthood. His siblings, two brothers and one sister, are still studying but soon will caught him. Prope or PP as his friends calls him, is a regular teenager with almost no social life, except for a few friends. More like digital friends on the game side.

He live with his mother and his siblings. Therefore, he has to help bring money to the house, especially if he wanted to have something for himself, like a car. Reality was hitting him. “Too late…” he though while walking to the bus stop. He was fighting with his tie, the only one he has, because he bought it to use on the interview.

Once he arrived at the bus stop, he already lost his patience with the tie. He waited for the bus while trying to relax himself. This is his first interview, one that the university help him to find.

His mind was still in college mode but the world was forcing him to go into adulthood mind. He still does not remember how he graduated as he was enjoying playing games and going to party too much. He still laugh at how he got to parties without knowing the people in there but it was a way for drink free alcohol with his gamer friends.

When he woke up from his memories, he was lost. He looked around while the bus was moving. He do not normally use the bus so he decided to step down at the next stop as he thought that he passed his stop. Once there he search his pocket to read the address and to try to figure out how to arrive on time. “Oh, man!” he said looking at his watch.

It was too late to arrive on time. He immediately asked, “Can you help me?” to the first person he encountered. An old man looked at him strangely. “I think I’m lost. Do you know how to arrive here?” he asked showing the information on the paper to the old man. The old man looked at the paper and then to him. “Are you kidding? That’s at the other side of the town,” said the old man pointing on the direction.

Reality keep hitting on Prope. “But how? I just arrived in the bus,” said Prope with a panic face. “Then you were in the same bus I was. And kid, that bus was never going to pass over there” said the old man with a smirk while continuing his way.

Prope just stared at nothing for a few minutes in the bus stop like waiting for something. After that he just walked to nowhere with a bunch of stuff in his mind. “What was he going to tell to his mother? What will he tell to the university? Will he find a job? How this happened?”

He stop in a store for something to drink. While paying the women, she was mocking him, “a little early for a date” she said while smiling. “But late for interview” he said without looking at her. “But you are at the right area…” she said trying to cheer him up. He looked at her. She smiled and pointed to the sign. He looked at it “help wanted”. “Not bad, but this isn’t what I study” he said still face down. “Then just look around. I am not joking; you are at the right area. Here almost every store needs someone” she said smiling.

Prope smile back enthusiastic. He almost run outside the store and then looked at the stores in the street to find out that the woman was telling the truth. He keep walking looking at the signs of the store until he found one about computers. Then he went into that store.

He walked to the counter where a man with full beard was. “How can I help you?” the man asked. “I saw you need a computer technician” answered Prope. The man looked at him. “Do you want the job?” asked the man. “More like I need it” answered Prope. “Ha ha ha” laughed the man.

“I’m Musad the owner. I need the help. I need someone to help me here at the store but also to travel to the clients and solve their techie problems. If you want the job it’s yours,” said Musad extending his arm to shake hand with Prope. “Prope Puberem Conti but my friends call me PP”, said Prope while shaking his hand.

He did not care much about the pay or even the responsibilities. He needed to return home with a job and if it was one about computers even better. Musad continue talking about the responsibilities and instructions of the job. After a while, Prope was out of the store even though he want hearing all the information. “A new life is beginning; welcome to adulthood” though Prope while smiling in his return to home.

The Multiverse story: The Technology Issue
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Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 10:06 am    Post subject:  

That was fun. It took me a long time to have a good day when everything went well, but I finally did.

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