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Welcome, Anonymous. Create your own adventure by finding your way through the story.
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Chapter 1: Bob's your uncle

The Gift

I walk into our kitchen and sit down at the table.



"What about the gift you mentioned earlier?"

She tenses up visibly and seems to hesitate a little, before letting out a sigh.

"I guess there is no point in postponing it any further."

She walks into her room and comes out with small package, wrapped with string and
with a letter attach to it. She sits down next to me and hands me the package and says:

"This is from you father. I promised to give it to you as you turned sixteen."

I felt my heart drop as I accepted the package. My father... He left for the war as I was 9
and never returned from the battle of the Ashes. So he left me something?

"He left this for me before he went... away?"

"No... your uncle Bob brought it to me 4 years ago."

Uncle Bob... He was the one bring to the bad news all those years ago.
And apparently he had brought something else for me as well.
As I wonder what this was all about, I open the letter; it is from my father.

'Dear Nas, as you read this letter I am probably dead.'

I swallow; this is what I had expected, but still...

'Do not grieve for me. Not now; not until you have taken the heart stone and have assured
yourself everything is as it should be. Read my journal, and especially my final entry, in private.
If you decide you want to look for the answers, go and see Bob. - your father - '

Taken the heart stone, what does that mean? And why all the secrecy?

"It is from father, he left me his journal and... some other stuff.
The letter is... rather personal. He asks me to look up uncle Bob..."

I do not want to lie to my mother, but something tells me I need to keep this to myself.
Besides, I do not want to worry her for nothing, do I?

"I understand, dear, it's ok. Bob told me you were welcome to see him if you had questions."

So, uncle Bob knows what is in the letter.
I open up the package to find a journal and a small, red oval stone. The heart stone?
As I open the journal I find it holds a sort of diary of my father, next to a lot of drawings,
maps and some loose sheets. I quickly turn to the last entries of his diary....

"So as I start on what may turn out to be the final quest, I leave this journal in the hands of
my brother, Robert of Lutaine, and trust he will deliver this to my sweet wife Leila. If possible
I will return before Nasqueron turns 16 and tell him the secrets myself. However, if I do not
make it on time, or at all, he will need to carry on himself. Not just for me, but for himself.
So the best starting point would be to find Robert in the city of Arnella and let him tell you
the full story, or at least the story so far..."

Robert of Lutaine, that must be uncle Bob. I have never heard of Lutaine;
maybe I should read the journal now, but then my mother still expects me to do my chores.

Striking the anvil.

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