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Welcome to the Multiverse

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:37 am    Post subject: Welcome to the Multiverse Reply with quote

Storygame Multiverse!

Greetings Ifians great and small, furry and armoured, winged and fanged.

Key, with direction from Crunchy and I, has been busy programming a new feature that we think will provide a new dimension to life in the city. After several months of developing and testing (big thanks to our testers, in particularly Shille and D-Lotus for their contributions), it is time now to release it to you all and see what masterpieces you might create.

Once you get in to this new section of the City, you may quickly recognise the format as being similar to the Gamebook/Choose-your-own-Adventure style of writing that some of you may have seen before. Whilst the concept itself isn't new, we have discovered over the past few months that alone or combined with Storygaming, it is both a useful tool and a interesting new angle to writing.


We're calling it the Multiverse - stories that can spread across multiple dimensions showing what might have happened if different decisions were taken... a place to create brand new adventures, or even to expand your existing storygames.

When you step in to the Multiverse you'll find some examples of the possibilities, such as The Boy who cried Sheep and Door Handle. But these are by no means the limits.

What will you create?


The city has been expanded, and the observant will have noticed you're in a brand new forum section to accomodate this addition. Within the Multiverse forum you will find guides and tips to making your own Multiverses, along with links to some of the examples we've created during testing. We encourage you to share your discoveries, and ideas here as we all begin learning the possibilities.

Explore, and discover for yourselves as you enter the...

City of If Multiverse Laughing

Happy Playing Smile

**Link to the Multiverse!**

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