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The Erotic Misadventures of an Alien's Slave.

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Hallowed IFian

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2022 12:17 pm    Post subject: The Erotic Misadventures of an Alien's Slave. Reply with quote

I've ventured into the 'erotic' genre!

Find this one on my website:

... and on Amazon.

Excerpt below.

Neil Hartley Books.
My Amazon page.

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Author Message
Hallowed IFian

Joined: 05 Sep 2005
Topics: 338
Posts: 8836


PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2022 12:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Random Excerpt: (This was the least adult section I could find).

We spent a comfortable hour or two in bed, giving each other pleasure, and then I insisted we go back to the pool to finish our swim.
Echo agreed, giggling at my audacity, and we climbed out of bed, dressed ourselves and once more made our way to the pool, where we spent one of the most pleasant afternoons I can remember, just messing about and swimming, sometimes both at the same time.
Later on Echo went behind the bar and served us some drinks.
“I'm not supposed to,” she giggled as she passed me a glass of red liquid, “but I think we deserve it.”
I didn't disagree, and so we sipped at whatever the liquor was as we canoodled on one of the sun loungers next to the pool, finally falling asleep in each others arms.
Waking up to a bright light shining down on me then, wasn't the best way to regain consciousness. Someone was above me, although I couldn't see who because of the illumination blinding me.
“What's happening?” Echo said, also waking up.
I didn't have time to reply before some large, gloved hand clamped itself over my mouth. Other, unseen, hands grabbed me and hauled me upright. I heard Echo squealing behind me.
For a moment I thought it was Frigid, coming to take revenge, but then a gruff voice spoke.
“What about this one?” it said.
“Take her too, she looks like she'll be a good time,” a female voice replied.
I tried biting the hand on my face, but it was suddenly taken away and replaced with some foul tasting cloth that was shoved into my mouth, followed in short order by a bag that was pulled over my head. The gag was fairly loose, so I immediately began trying to eject the thing. My wrists and legs were efficiently bound in some manner, my hands behind me, and I was carried along at a jog. Now I could hear the high pitched wine of an anti-grav engine.
“Come on,” a voice said. “They've spotted us.”
“No shit,” someone else muttered, as I was thrown onto a hard surface.
There were some popping sounds around us, and a cry. “I'm hit!”
“Return fire!”
Sounds of some kind of weaponry then, followed by a the engine increasing power, and we were pressed to the floor as we shot into the air. The shooting continued for another few seconds before we banked hard and accelerated away, just as I managed to spit my gag out. I took a few deep breaths of, well, still musty air.
“Everyone okay?” asked the female voice.
There was a round of acknowledgements.
“Excuse me, if you could let us off here, we'll be on our way,” I called out.
The reply was a kick to my fanny.
“Shut up slut,” the female said.
I shut up.
The flight didn't go on for too long, maybe fifteen minutes. I felt us slowing and diving, before going into what seemed to be a holding pattern.
“What's going on down there?” someone asked.
“I don't know,” another replied.
“Take us in,” the woman said.
“Aye ma'am.”
We slowed further, and soon the sounds of landing could be heard. A door slid open and was followed by boots hitting the floor.
“What's going on?” the female called out.
“The fucker hit us as we were hitting them!” a new voice replied. “They took the other one.”
“Shit!” The female said, with feeling. “Take them to the holding area,” she added.
'Them' being Echo and myself, were hauled off, along some outdoor area from the sound of it, and then in through a metal door. Down some stairs and along some corridors until they stopped. I was dropped, landing on a hard floor with a bruising thud.
Something landed next to me. There was a loud clang as a door closed, and then silence, except for some gentle sobbing, which could only be Echo.
“Echo?” I whispered.
“Yes?” Came the muffled reply. It sounded like she was talking with her mouth full, so obviously she hadn't managed to eject her gag fully.
“Are you okay?”
“I hurt my leg,” she sniffed.
“We're going to be fine,” I tried to reassure her. The situation wasn't one I had control of, so what's new recently, but there's opportunity everywhere if you look hard enough. First though...
“Babe, do you have a hood on?”
“Yes,” came the frightened, still muffled, reply.
“Wait a minute,” I said. I shuffled my body over to where her breathing was coming from, until my head bumped into something hard.
“Was that your head?” I asked.
“Hold on then.” Taking my hood into my teeth to give me some leeway, I moved forward and bit down on the fabric which, I hoped, was covering Echo's head. It took a good few minutes, quite a lot of attempts and a fair amount of swearing on my part, but I eventually managed to pull the covering off her head with my teeth.
“Oh, I can see!” she said, in a much clearer voice.
“Now you do me.”
With no hood on, it didn't take her as long, and I was soon blinking in the low light of a small plain, concrete room. A single, metal, door was the only departure from the grey walls. Great, another cell.
I looked at Echo, she was lying there, naked and bound, and shivering slightly. Her hair was all mussed up, and tears streaked her face. It made me want to hold her and fuck her all at once.
“What's happening?” she asked, as we tried to slither closer together.
“I think Zilver's enemy has kidnapped us.”
“Oh no!” she cried.
“Shhh,” I said. “The funny thing is, I think Zilver took Gol at the same time they were taking us. It's such a farce I could laugh.”
“So, what does that mean?”
“Best case, they trade us. Worse case, this new guy keeps us.” I shrugged. “Any idea who it might be?”
“I don't know,” she replied.
We didn't have to wait long before we found out. The door swung open and a sologram, dark red in colour, entered. It was holding a lethal looking rifle of some kind.
Behind that came some kind of creature I'd never seen before. The body was a large, black, featureless oval, whilst the head was ghost white and hairless. Two oversized eyes with glowing pink pupils peered out above a gash that probably served as a nose, and a large and irregularly shaped mouth that was lined with blood red lips.
Four sets of thin, twig like appendages jerked about from the middle of the central mass, whilst the whole thing was supported by a huge mass of long tentacles, which also provided propulsion.

“Fuck me,” I said. “Call animal control, someone's octopus has escaped.”
Neil Hartley Books.
My Amazon page.
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