The Lion's Word (Back to Books of the Wheel)
"The remains of a palace sprawled across the beach, glinting pearlescent in the fading sunlight..." more
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Softcover: 83 pages
Authors: Mark Keavney and Katie Susoeff
Publisher: City of IF
ISBN: 0-9765477-8-3
Dimensions: 6.0 x 9.0 x 0.2 inches

Long ago, the Makers nailed the World Serpent to a great disc, creating the Wheel.
Ever since, the people of the Wheel have prayed for the Makers to return.
Now their prayers are answered. But not in the way they expect…

Among the half-lion Sinhar, Karzai was a hero, famous for his family name and honor despite his human form. But when a stranger claims to be Karzai's brother, Karzai gives up his homeland reputation to search for the truth. Soon he finds himself caught in a web of magic and forced to trade stories with a god - trapped on an island where nothing is at it seems, not even Karzai's past.

The Lion's Word is the second book in the Wheel series, which can be read in any order. It was originally told as an interactive storygame on the City of IF web site.

Inside This Book

First Sentence: The remains of a palace sprawled across the beach, glinting pearlescent in the fading sunlight... Read the first page

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More About the Wheel

The Wheel is a set of related storygames set in a fantasy world. In addition to The Lion's Word, it includes The Archer's Flight, another published novella, and the following web storygames:

  • The Twin Prince - a rich prince discovers the lies and secrets of his father
  • The Machine's Daughter - a young girl is forced to find her identity in world of machines
  • The White Queen - the queen of a dying people defends her last sacred spot
  • The Ram - a slave overthrows his masters and teaches his people to fight
  • The Fish that Walked - a prince dreams his life away, until his island home is invaded

You can also view two Flash movies about the Wheel (click here to get Macromedia Flash) or read the world background:

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