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Welcome, Anonymous. Create your own adventure by finding your way through the story.
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Chapter 1: Bob's your uncle

Waking up

Today is the day! I woke up as the first rays came through your window and
am washing my face in the basin as I hear my mother call.

"Nas, are you up?"

"Yes, mom, coming."

I slip on my trousers and head down the stairs, where mom is greeting me with a kiss and a tight hug.

"Congratulations on your 16th birthyear, son!"

"Thanks, mom."

"This is for you and I made a special breakfast for you"

Even before I open the present, I know what it contains; a leather apron with belt to attach
all the tools of the trade. The smithing trade that is, to which I have been apprenticed for
more than a year now with Doc Summers, our local smith and occassional vetirinarian.
We are not a rich family, my mother, my sister and I, but my mother's handiwork can compare
to any professional seamstress.

"Where is Jen?"

"Your sister is already out getting groceries. She will be in soon for breakfast.
Now finish your plate and go see Mr Summers; and I need you to pick up a few things.
And later on I got another gift for you, now that you are sixteen."

There seems to be some tension in my mother's voice, but maybe I am imagining things.
As I finish my plate, I wonder wether I should ask about the gift now or do my chores first.

The Gift
Striking the anvil

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