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Welcome, Anonymous. Create your own adventure by finding your way through the story.
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Darkons Academy: Day One (Not Ready)

What is your classification?

You stand before the golden gates of the Darkons Academy. Just weeks ago, you took your first tour of the incredible institute. With as many classrooms as halls, you got lost twice. Meeting the many teachers, and walking among soon-to-be classmates, it was quite overwhelming. Here, now, standing there with your heart in the pit of your stomach, you swallow hard, and step forward.

Passing through the gates, you look around at all the activity within the walls. You see some older Darkons teaching classes on the lawn. Other, younger ones, play games and partake in mock battles. You stare in facination as one particular Darkons, one with rare black wings, crosses to a tree, and all those in his path scatter. You scratch your own back, wondering what color your wings will be when they come.

Shaking off all the distractions, you hurry inside. Reaching the intake desk just inside, you look up at the high vaulted ceiling just in time to see a few students come in through the wide openings high over the door. Gawking, you are pulled back to the task at hand by a soft "Ahem" Looking at the Darkons with soft grey wings behind the desk, you mutter a low, "Sorry". She shakes her head, and hands you an info orb. "Please select your classification." You stare at the orb, and input the correct choice.


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