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Welcome, Anonymous. Create your own adventure by finding your way through the story.
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Five Bucks Can Take You Far

The Mysterious Store

(oh a little useful info- five American dollars is about three English pounds)

You walk down the street, coming home from school. Sunshine warms your back as you think of the coming spring.

Suddenly a dog growls at you from the Johnsons' yard. The Johnsons are always gossiped about-how they never show their faces, they're par of a motercycle gang, they abuse their dog.
Then, the unthinkable happens. The dog breaks loose of its chain, staring at you with hungry eyes as it bounds for you. You can practically fell its jaws ripping apart your neck.

Of course you run. Not even looking where you're going, you sprint away from the psycho dog.
When you notice you can't here its growl anymore, you stop. You're in an unfamiliar part of town, probably the East side. On either side of the road you see sleepy little one-story shops, all in rows.

You walk into the one that's the most well kept. It is one room with a counter and some paintings, and nothing else.Though you find this odd, you walk up to the counter and ring the shiny bells.

An old man appears from a door in the corner marked Employees Only.

Eyeing you he says, "What can I do for you? I have basketballs for twenty dollars, antique lamps for a hundred, paint sets for fifthteen! What would you like to buy?"

"Umm...", you say, startled with the bombardment of questions, "What can I get for five dollars?" You hold up the crumpled bill from your pocket.

The old man thinks for a second, deeply contemplating something under the counter. Finally, he pulls out five items: A blue stone etched with gold markings, a dark yo-yo with a silver dragon painted on the side, a diamond necklace, a bowl of some kind of custard, and an orange sheet of coupons.


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