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Welcome, Anonymous. Create your own adventure by finding your way through the story.
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Guppy Fry: First Day of Calendar


You were expel into the water. You start crashing with some stuff but you still cannot open your eyes. After a moment, you start seeing blur. You are a small fry in its first moments of life. Sadly, you are living in a fish tank, which means not enough space for all of us.

You try to look around to examine the new environment. You see something on top, like plants and many of your siblings moving towards it. Around you is a small group of your siblings looking as confuse as you are. You look down and you can see some rocks or something down there.

You must survive your first day as a fry but you are also curious about what else is in your new environment.

Where do you go?

Move Up
Move Down
Move Around

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