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Welcome, Anonymous. Create your own adventure by finding your way through the story.
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How to Create your Story - Tutorial

How to Create your Story - Tutorial

Welcome to City of IF's Gamebook Authoring tool. Here you can create an interactive story with alternative plotlines and endings.

Like our Storygaming format, this style of adventure has chapters which end with the reader choosing what to do next.

Unlike Storygaming, you, the author, create all the choices at the end of the chapter, and then write a further chapter for each choice. Your readers can then find their own path through your story, following the plot-line of their choice through to its conclusion.

To start the basic tutorial, click on the choice at the bottom of the page: 'Creating your First Chapter'.

Or if you think you can figure it out yourself, you can bypass the basic stuff and move on to the more advanced tips and tricks.

Creating your First Chapter
Advanced Tips and Tricks
What is Storygaming?

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