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SBURB Role Play

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2013 8:28 pm    Post subject: SBURB Role Play Reply with quote

Okay, this is where I will be posting the logs of the actual game play, but before we get to that, I thought I'd give you all a run down and perhaps a bit clearer explanation of the Role Play itself.

The role play is set on what's basically nowadays, Earth. A new online group RPG has come out and groups of kids all over the planet have sent for their copies and wait eagerly for them to arrive in the mail. This is a game like no other. It takes the world around you as it's setting and actually lets one change the world around them. It changes everyday common items into weapons of incredible powers, and allows each player to take part in creating the final boss, as well as the battlefield the great battle will take place on. Never has there been a game this interactive, and with the right group of players, true miracles can happen.

But that's just on the surface. Since the creation of this universe it has been destined to come to an end. The coming of SBURB to a universe heralds the end of days for it. It's not the bringer of the end, but it simply arrives just in time to give the inhabitants of the universe a chance. Don't misunderstand, this is not a chance to save the universe, it is a chance to create an entirely new one. No one knows just what this new universe will be like, but without it, all traces of your existence will be erased fro the fabric of time and space. The process of making this new universe is long, and hard, but the reward of seeing your new universe be born can be quite the reward.(And yes I realize I used the word “Universe” in almost every sentence *Grin*)

In this game, there is no saving, no reset, and no “lives” save for the ones given to you upon your birth. This is the game that is truly all or nothing.


(Your Pesterchum Handle): before a post denotes your own character going about their business in their own location. It can be actions, talking to your own NPCs, or simply thinking aloud.

(Your players Pesterchum Handle)@(Other Player's Pesterchum Handle): denotes your character is talking through Pesterchum to another player. If they are not by their computer at the time the computer will hold the message until they can read it, and make a really loud annoying noise to let them know they have a message.

@Group: denotes one sending messages to all players

@GM: denotes you talking to the GM. This can also be done through whisper if you'd rather the other players not hear what you wish to say.

@______sprite: denotes you talking to your sprite. GM talks for your sprite.

GM@(Player's name): denotes the GM typing out a scene for a Player or providing a link for them to click on(The GM will whisper players with private information no one else need to know)

GM: ====== Denotes a pause for a roll of the dice. (I'll try to keep up, but once in a while I may have too many rolls to make at once and need a pause to sort them out)

(I may add more if they become necessary)

Other Game Play Notes:

Please pick a color and stick with it so your text can be easily identified. It will make keeping track of who's talking much easier.

GM will be posting links to pictures and videos that are not mandatory, but will help with understanding certain things better.

The first person to enter the game proper is the leader, a position that gives the player special privileges and responsibilities. So choose carefully.

Players can train and explore their personal worlds on their own, but if they need something from the Host Equipment Registry(HER) their Host must be there to place it.

The role play begins the day all the players receive their copy of SBURB.

(I may add more if they become necessary)

Host ==> Player Chain

Death ==> HousMouse ==> Biker Chick 3000 ==> WolverineRules!!! ==> KingPoe13 ==> Crazycrazy ==> MadCat ==> ???

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Joined: 10 Oct 2010
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:34 pm    Post subject: A little bite Reply with quote

4:13 PM S*****-E*** Corporation Head Office, New York branch

Mr. Myers watches as the trucks loaded with the newest games his company is paid to distribute leave the parking lot and into the flow of traffic on the busy New York streets. He'll never understand these new games, much preferring a little PAC-Man or Leisure Suit Larry himself. “As long as they sell I suppose.” He mutters, chewing the end of an expensive Cuban cigar. A knock on the door breaks the silence of his thoughts and he turns to wards the sound. “Come in!” he calls, a little irritated. It's his break period after all. The once-a-day he asks for no disturbances. The door opens slightly and he groans internally as a pointed face complete with carrot top curls peeks into the room. “What is it Higgins?” he barks out gruffly.

The wiry young man steps into the room quickly, shutting the door behind him before moving swiftly towards the boss's big oak desk. “Sir, sorry to disturb you, I know how you like having this quiet time, and while this may not be an emergency, I just had to come check, even though it means in-” His rambling is cut short by the boss raising a hand in his direction. Taking a deep breath Higgins tries to gather his thoughts. “Sir, I was looking at the shipping orders today, and on the manifest a particular game caught my eye.” Pulling out a copy of the shipping order he hands it to Mr. Myers who had made his way around his desk to lean against the front.

“SBURB huh? What about it?” Mr. Myers mumbles, looking over the top of the invoice at the jittery young red head.

Higgins swallows hard. “Well, sir, if you look at the place where the game developer and producer should be?”

The large man's eyes scan down the sheet to the indicated fields. They are blank. For a moment he feels the rise of panic, thinking he'd sent out some sort of terrorist something or another on accident, until he spots the signature at the bottom of the order. With a sigh he hands the sheet back to the agitated intern. “It's alright Higgins, good eye though.” Taking a long drag of his cigar he points at the sheet. “Look there at the bottom, it was signed by the head of the entire corporation. In other words, my boss's boss's boss. With an order from the top, it's best not to question.”

The youth nods vigorously, his fears soothed for now. Looking once more at the sheet he notices one more thing that seems odd. “Hey boss?” Mr. Myers sighs, hanging his head as he stops half way round his desk to look back. “Um, sorry, just a random question now. Heheh. Have you ever heard of this testing facility?” He holds the sheet out once more and the boss man reluctantly walks back around his desk to take the paper.

He scans down to the field 'Test Company'. His brows furrow. “Alternia. . . . .Nope, never heard of it Higgins.” He hands the paper back and makes shooing motions with a hand. The high strung intern bows a little as he back towards the office doors, jumping as his backside hits a handle dead on. Mumbling a string of apologize he slips out of the office. With a loud sigh Myers sinks into his tall backed office chair. His mind wanders vaguely over the recent event, mulling over the unknowns for several minutes. Finally he leans forward and says aloud, “I should follow my own advice. It came from the top, so don't question it.” And with that, Mr. Myers life shifts back into it's normal flow, and he pays no more mind to the oddly named game, SBURB.

To Be A Knight
And my first Finished work Death Day
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Joined: 10 Oct 2010
Topics: 122
Posts: 1858
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:43 pm    Post subject: First Session Reply with quote

Session Key

Dark Blue = GM

Violet = HouseMouse

Red = Death

Yellow = Tobysprite

Black = Helpful Whispers

GM: GM@HouseMouse: You go about hunting down the disc you need and after a couple minutes you find them both. One has a picture of a blue planet looking thing with clouds across it's surface, while the other has a sticker that makes the top look like an old vinal record.

[2013-03-24 21:06:27] Seraphi [»] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: Oh, do I use "I" or "she" when referring to my character?

[2013-03-24 21:06:52] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] Seraphi: Your choice.

HouseMouse: After some shuffling around, she finds both the discs. She picks them up staring at the strange pictures on the surface. "Aren't things with multiple discs like this supposed to match?" Shrugging she returns to looking at the guide.

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The blue one with clouds has a small number '1' on it, while the record one has a very small number '2' near the center hole.

HouseMouse: Squinting she sees the number '1' on the blue cloud disc, and a '2' on the record-like one. "The guide says to go with '1' first. Makes sense to me," she mumbles, looking around the basement for a computer. She spies Amy's laptop on the counter above the minibar on the other side of the room.

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The laptop has no Password Protection.

HouseMouse: She opens the laptop and hits the power button, the main screen appearing after a few short seconds as the computer loads. Jillian chuckles, "I hope she doesn't have anything important on here. She really needs to invest in at least a passoword," she says popping the disc tray open

HouseMouse: Popping the disc inside, she closes the tray and waits as it loads

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The screen doesn't change for several seconds. After a moment the disc whirs and a DoS looking window pops up. -This disc is for Player Mode of SBURB. Would you like to Download? Y/N- Appears in the window.

HouseMouse: She bites her lip. Was it okay to download a random game on the computer. She looks at the other icons on the desktop - half of them are various forms of Diner Dash. "Amy won't even notice," she grins and clicks the Y

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The whole screen goes white for a second, then -

HouseMouse: "Catchy...and potentially seisure inducing," she chuckles. She stares at the word SBURB as it floats in the middle of the screen. "I guess it?" she wonders aloud, hovering over the green word with the mouse and hitting it.

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The SBURB screen vanishes and you are now just looking at the laptop's desktop. On the minibar, on the laptop's left, a stack of pink cards each about the size of a large piece of paper appear.

HouseMouse: "What...the hell," she stays, blinking a few times to make sure it isn't an illusion. Tentatively she sticks out her hand and pokes the stack of cards. When nothing bad happens, she touches the stack with her entire hand, picking the top most card up and flipping it over a few times. "Freaky."

GM: GM@HouseMouse: As soon as you go to flip the card over, the entire stack vanishes. An instant later they appear floating in front of you in a semi circle just out of reach. After a moment, they fade from view.

HouseMouse: "What was in that damn lasagna?" she mumbles. She reaches out and swipes her hand through the air where the cards were previously floating. " what?" she says looking around the room and then back to the computer.

GM: GM@HouseMouse: As you swipe at the air, the cards come back into view. When your arm drops, they vanish again. Sitting next to your computer is the Game Bro Guide to SBURB.

HouseMouse: She swipes her arm through the air a few more time, noticing that the cards reappear when her hand is up but vanish once her arm is back by her side. "Huh," she looks to the guide next to the laptop. Flipping through the pages she see a picture of a pink and reads the passage beneath it. "Chapalog...item slots....only appear when you want...." She looks to the air and holds her arm up making the cards appear. " can I touch them?" she pokes at one of the cards with her free hand, keeping her other aloft so they don't disappear again

GM: GM@HouseMouse: As you focus on the card, it vanishes from the line of cards, and appears in your hand.

HouseMouse: Jillian jumps as the card appears in her hand before she is able to completely touch it. "Nifty." She looks back to the guide. "Touch an item you want..." She looks around the basement. "Um..." She walks over and whacks one of the bean bag chairs with the card. "Oh don't look at me like that," she says to Toby as he cocks his head in her direction.

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The card bounce against the beanbag. Your eyes catch sight of the back of the card. On it is a sicadelic mix of colors and many colored strait and wavy lines, and a string of just visible characters reading '00000000'

HouseMouse: She stares at the back of the card, then flips it back over to the still-blank front. "Did I do it wrong?" she asks Toby, who gives a deep sigh in reply. "What a help..." She recalls more of the passage in the guide. "Enter the command in your mind," she repeats to herself. "Alright." She hits the bean bag chair again, this time thinking 'Chapalog' as she does so.

[2013-03-24 22:00:06] Seraphi [»] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: She still probably doesn't have I don't think I've got it XD

[2013-03-24 22:00:59] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] Seraphi: You touch the object with your hand, and enter the command. It then appears on one of the blank cards floating in front of you.

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The card bounces off again, but this time your hand brushes the beanbag and it vanishes. The line of Chapalog cards appears before you again but this time the beanbag has appeared on one of the blank cards.

[2013-03-24 22:04:05] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] Seraphi: Side note, the bean bag is the largest item you can Chapalog at the moment due to your lack of level.

[2013-03-24 22:04:26] Seraphi [»] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: what no couch? lol. okay

[2013-03-24 22:04:56] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] Seraphi: Not yet love. Eventually though, you can Chapalog something the size of a small moon.

HouseMouse: She rolls her eyes at herself. "Touch it with your hand, not the card, stupid," she watches as the semi-circle of cards reappears, one of them now containing the beanbag chair. "Now that I've got the hang of it....what else?" She spies a decorative candle on the mantle above the faux fireplace. "Hmm...." she reaches out and touches it.

HouseMouse: As her fingers graze the candle she thinks 'Chapalog'

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The candle vanishes and reappears on one of the blank Chapalog cards.

[2013-03-24 22:10:45] Seraphi [»] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: Question! Do any of the chapalogs become part of the strife deck? or do those cards appear seperate?

HouseMouse: She smiles with triumph. "Okay, so I guess I just have to fill all the cards." She raises her arms and counts the cards remaining. "Ten left. Let's see, what else is there that we can make disappear?" She travels around the basement, touching different objects, thinking 'Chapalog' each time she does so, until each card has an image on it.

[2013-03-24 22:14:11] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] Seraphi: Your Strife Deck doesn't actually appear, you just pick up an item and think of it as a weapon. When you do it will vanish, equipping to your Strife Deck. Then after that, any time you want the weapon, just think of wanting it and it will appear in your hand. The item must be from the pre-approved list. Note: The list is rather general, so Fan can mean either a hand fan, or the electric type of fan.

[2013-03-24 22:16:40] Seraphi [»] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: Should I create it now...or later?

[2013-03-24 22:16:59] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] Seraphi: Create what?

[2013-03-24 22:17:36] Seraphi [»] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: The strife deck. like should i go read it in the guide and think "oh yeah" then go grab something?

[2013-03-24 22:19:21] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] Seraphi: That would be smart. She should know how it works before trying it out. The Strife Deck isn't actually visible, but she should get to know how it works before picking her first weapon. And don't forget, she'll need to hook up with her Host eventually.

HouseMouse: She holds up her hand and looks at each card. "Beanbag chair, candle, pool ball, picture frame, lightbulb, 5lb weight, mirror, coaster, remote, bag of chips, can of beer, toiletpaper," she giggles at the last few. She puts her hand down, satisfied with the objects on the cards, and goes back over to the mini bar to continue reading the guide. "Strife deck..." she says to herself and reads what is beneath it. She considers the information for a moment then walks over to the faux fireplace. "I guess it works the same way," she touches the poker there and thinks 'Strife'

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The poker vanishes from sight.

[2013-03-24 22:32:47] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] Seraphi: It's name will simply be Poker. That's what you'll need to think to pull it. As you make different pokers, they will all have names for you to think to draw them.

HouseMouse: She grins and dashed over to the dart board. Picking up a set of darts she thinks 'Strife' and watches them disappear like the poker. "Okay now to make this stuff reappear I just..." she concentrates on the poker she had made vanish earlier.

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The poker re-appears in your dominant hand.

[2013-03-24 22:36:29] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] Seraphi: Because you Strifed the Poker first, it will be your dominant weapon and will appear instantly. The darts will take a few seconds to appear being a secondary weapon.

GM: GM@HouseMouse: Your PDA suddenly goes off, letting you know one of your Pesterchums is trying to Pester you.

HouseMouse: "Hell yeah!" she shouts in triumph stabbing at the air with the poker. "This game is insanely weird but kinda fun..." she jumps as her pocket begins to vibrate. She digs out her pda and glances at the screen, reading the Pesterchum name "Death." Jillian scrolls through his message. "Seems he's hyped about this SBURB thing."

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Hey, HouseMama, what's up? This is so AWESOME! I so just got my copy of SBURB! I am so psyched! You should totaly order a copy so we can play!

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Oh and I heard about your kids. Sux big time.

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Way ahead of you! I'm at my friends house and her kid has a copy. Started playing it on a whim. It's pretty sweet.

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Thanks man, but no biggy. I'll get someting sorted out. Tip though, try to avoid being married to a prick.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Ahhh, no wayz! You gotta link with me! I read the whole guide twice now, and if you're already playing, then I'll be your Host, okay?

Death: Death@HouseMouse: I hear you sister.

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: I will! I'll admit I'm still getting the hang of this, though.

Death: James paces around the house, texting with his iPhone as he gets his gear set up.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: You just downloded the player disc, right?

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Yeah. Should I do the other one?

Death: James rushes to his gear and downloads the first disc quickly. He grins at the deck of cards that appears next to him but ignores them for now.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Nah, just gimmi sec.

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: K bossman

Death: Opening the disc drive he pulls out the first disc and puts in the second one. When it asks who he wishes to link to, he enters the Chumhandle - HouseMouse

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The Laptop pings.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Just say yes.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: When the "Do you wanna link" screen pops up.

HouseMouse: Jillian hears a soft ping and looks to the laptop. On the screen a box has appeared with the question 'Do you want to link' with a 'yes' and 'no' below it. Following Death's instructions she clicks the 'yes'

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Accepted

Death: When the link goes through James lets out an audible laugh as the basement of Amy's house appears on his screen, with HouseMouse right in the middle of the screen. Looking over the buttons quickly he snatches up his phone with a grin.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Amy's got a nice place. Hey, is that a dart board? And a fireplace, kool!

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Yeah. Wait, how can you see that?

Death: Useing the directional buttons James gets a good idea of the layout of the house before returning to the basement.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Yep, and you purdy lady. You are quite the MILF! Not my type, but man you're hot!

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: I'm insulted yet flattered. Thank God I didn't decide to pick my nose right this second

Death: Death@HouseMouse: No worries. Hey, where you you want to set up? I think most of this gear can fit in the basement. . . . .

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Sure, basement it is.

Death: James shuffles through the available Host Equipment, re-re-re-checking the Guide.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Kay, gimmi sec.

Death: James begins deploying the Host Equipment in Amy's basement.

GM: =============

GM: GM@HouseMouse: An item appears out of nowhere and is placed behind the minibar. Another is placed beside the pool table. The third and largest appears after some furniture seems to suffle itself around, some vanishing all together, and is places on the far side of the basement. The final item is placed on the minibar itself.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Kay, that thing behind the counter is the Totem Lathe, the thing by the pool table is a Cruxtruder, and the thing way over there is the Alchemiter. Oh, and the card thing is just labled Pre-Punched Card. You may wanna check your guide for a full explenation for now.

HouseMouse: Jillian's mouth drops as a large item appears out of nowhere behind the mini bar. She turns around the room as other items appear. There is a loud yelp as the couch and beanbag chairs begin to move, and Toby runs pell-mell for Jillian, smacking into her legs and cowering. "Don't worry, Toby, it's alright," she says leaning over and patting the dog's head. She reads her message from Death and matches the items with the names he gives.

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: That's a lot of stuff

HouseMouse: She flips through the guide on the minibar

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: I guess I should turn on this Cruxtruder thing first?

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Hey, what weapons you pick? Or have you yet?

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Yeah, want help with that?

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: A poker from the fireplace and some darts from the dartboard

HouseMousei: HouseMouse@Death: Please

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Says it need to be hit hard, and you don't really look like a body builder

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Kay, gimmi sec.

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Will has some weightlifting stuff down here

Death: James grabs hold of the couch he'd relocated upstairs and brings it back downstairs before bashing the top of the Cruxtruder with it.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: That was fun

GM: ==========

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The couch that had vanished before appears once again, floating in mid air. It bounces off the cyllindrical top of the Cruxtruder. The top cap with a spyrograph design pops of and then there is a flash of light. A Antique Fuchsia colored Kernel Sprite(See Guide) pops out along with a Cruxite Dowel of the same color. The dowel falls to the floor and the Sprite comes to float next to you.

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Couches work too ;P

Death: James grind, extatic.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: That was awesome!

HouseMouse: Jillian watches as the cap pops off of the Cruxtruder at two things come out, both in her favorite color

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Nift. How did it know my favorite color?

GM: ===========

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The small boxes on the Cruxtruder suddenly light up with the numbers '5:39' and the numbers begin counting down.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Says here that's how long you have to enter the game, or else it's game over.

HouseMouse: Jillian cocks her head as a timer appears on the Cruxtruder

Death: James checks the guide again.

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Fantastic. Let's keep this rolling then or I'll lose before I even begin.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Hey, that card, it says here you can use it with that Lathe thing.

Death: James grabs hold of the card and wiggles it a bit before dropping it again.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Try it?

HouseMouse: Jilian looks between the Totem Lathe and the PrePunched Card. "Okay..." she says placing the colored dowel into the Lather followed by the punch card

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The picture on the card is that of a tree. As you place the two items in there respective places, this happens -

[2013-03-24 23:30:35] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] Seraphi: Same as before, just ignore the kid.

[2013-03-24 23:30:57] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] Seraphi: And the color of the Dowel.

[2013-03-24 23:32:09] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] Seraphi: Almost all totems look like odd shaped vases.

GM: GM@HouseMouse: 4:19, 4:18, 4:17

HouseMouse: Jillian watches as the dowel becomes a vaguely vase-shaped totem.

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Now what? Timers going. Help me out here, Host-guy

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Kool! That thing seems to go on the little platform next to the Alchemiter. I'll do it.

Death: James grabs the newly made totem and drags it over to the Alchemiter. Placing it on the little platform, his grin widens.

GM: ======

HouseMouse: Jillian looks at the antique-fuschia color tree limb. "Great." She pauses. "Toby do you want to play fetch?" She looks to the guide. She had to break it in order to enter the game. "Seems simple enough, but..." she looks to the ball of light floating next to her.

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: What do I do with the floating ball of Pepto Bismal?

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The Kernel Sprite begins hovering closer to you. It seems adgitated.

HouseMouse: "Gah," she waves a hand at the Sprite. "What do you want, a treat or something?" She reads to guide more closely. She looks to Toby then to the Sprite

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Hey I have an idea...This won't hurt the dog will it?

Death: Death@HouseMouse: That's your Kernel Sprite,. It says you need to Proto-type it twice, but at least once before entering the game. I don't think it will hurt it, in fact, I'm sure. It says the Sprite will be your companion!

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: If you say so amigo

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Trust me mi maiga

Death: *amiga

GM: GM@HouseMouse: 2:09, 2:08, 2:07

HouseMouse: Jillian picks up the still trembling Toby and holds him up to the Sprite. The dog wriggles a little in her arms, but calms as she shushes him gently. He tentatively sticks out his nose and the ball of light hovers closer until the two come in contact with each other.

[2013-03-24 23:47:25] Seraphi [»] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: the counting is freaking me out, lol XD i guess its supposed to though

GM: ========

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The dog vanishes. The design on the front of the Kernel Sprite changes from the flashing spyrograph to the vague shape of your dog's face. It still seems adgitated and hovers around you swinging back and forth as it wagging an invisible tail.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: This is too kool!

HouseMouse: Jillian panics as Toby disappears from her arms, but when she sees his face on the Sprite sighs a little in relief

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Well he's not dead

Death: James is practicly bouncing in his seat, unable to contain his excitement.

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: It still won't keep I combine it with something again?

GM: GM@HouseMouse: 0:55, 0:54, 0:53. You hear faint sounds of rumbling outside.

Death: James looks at the guide again.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Says you only need to do it once before entering.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: And you're running out of time chika!

HouseMouse: "Alright" Jilllian goes over to the colored tree limb, the sprite following her, and puts her foot in the middle of the branch. With both hands she yanks on the limb until she hears a loud crack and the limb splits in two, one piece beneath her foot, the other in her hands

GM: ==========

GM: GM@HouseMouse: You world goes white. Once you can see again you'll notice that your Kernel sprite has changed. It now looks like a ghost type thing with a dog head, with a tapering gosty lower half. It's not see through. A title appears before your eyes. 'Forest of Light and Cradles' Nothing else seems to have changes save that the timer is no longer counting down, and is in fact, blank.

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The title fades from view.

Death: James's jaw drops open as he watches the events on his computer. His stomach sinks ever so slightly before he begins exploring HouseMouse's new location. And he's back to grinning.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: You are not going to believe this HouseMama. . . . . .

HouseMouse: Jillian squints at the sudden white light, shutting them after a while against the intensity. When she opens her eyes again she jumps a the site of her Sprite, larger now, with Toby's head in full form instead of just a simple image, and a body like that of a ghost. She quickly reads the message that appears before her eyes before it fades away. "Forest of Light and Cradles....what the hell is that?" She notices the rumbling has stopped, but something feels odd.

HouseMouse: She looks at her message from Death

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Try me

Death: Death@HouseMouse: You're like, in a forest now, and there are all these cradles all over the place. . . . .Ah man, just look outside.

GM: GM@HouseMouse: Youe PDA pings with a Game Bro Update.

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Did you eat Amy's pot lasagna too?

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Nah man, this is for realz

Death: Death@HouseMouse: It's all bright and shiny out here.

HouseMouse: Curious, Jillian makes her way up the stairs from the basement and into the foyer of Amy's house. 'Everything seems normal here,' she thinks, but the sense of foreboding is still upon her. She makes it to the front door when her pda pings, but it isn't a message from Death. Its an email from Game Bro. She opens the attachment and reads the first paragraph. She pauses, blinking in disbelief, and reads it again.

HouseMouse: Beginning to panic she swings open the door and goes outside.

[2013-03-25 00:12:09] Seraphi [»] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: am i allowed to spill the beans that peeps be dead to Death even though he hasn't gone through the scenario yet?

GM: GM@HouseMouse: Spreading in every direction around you that you can see, are trees. Not the close together scary forest kind, but the open grassy forest kind with the trees fairly spaced apart. Scattered around the area, are cradles. Some on the ground, some on tree branches, and others hanging from rope from the tree branches. The area is well lit, like a too bright sun, but welcoming and doesn't hurt your eyes.

[2013-03-25 00:15:30] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] Seraphi: Now what you have the Update, you can mail it to whomever you like. SO if you want, you could mail it to Death so he can take down the info to help out with the current situation.

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The Sprite comes up behind you and nuzzles your cheek.

HouseMouse: Jillian stares at the scene in disbelief. "Where are the houses and the road and...." she reads the email from Game Bro again hoping it has changed. She jumps as the Sprite nuzzles her check. She swats at it and backs away.

HouseMouse: HouseMOuse@Death: This is a joke right? A sick ***ing joke?

Death: Death@HouseMouse: I don't think so HouseMama.

HouseMouse: Jillian forwards the Game Bro update to Death

Death: Death@HouseMouse: I saw the meteor hit. And the news is reporting sudden happenings in a few places.

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@DEath: There that first part. Tell me its a joke.

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: I need you to tell me its not real

HouseMouse: Jillian grips her phone tightly. The news reported it? "The news is jack, its not real, its not..." she whispers to herself

Death: James pulls up the update and reads carfully. Setting his phone down he quickly does an online search for new of the area where Amy's hpuse is. The sinking feeling returns in full force.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: I'm, I'm really sorry HouseMama. All the reports say that the town you entered in is now a crater. There are more meteros falling as we speak.

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Jason and Amanda. I need to call them

Death: Death@HouseMouse: It's happening all over the planet, even, your old home where the kids. . . . . . .

Death: Death@HouseMouse: You can try HouseMama

HouseMouse: She reads Death's message and the panic in her escalates. She dials her old home phone, but is met with a few short beeps and a dial tone. She dials it again and gets the same sound

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: It won't connect. Why won't it connect?

HouseMouse: She tries again.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: You're, not on earth. According to the Update, you are now on a planet all your own. You are the only human there.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: But hey, you can still text! Try texting them!

[2013-03-25 00:27:13] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] Seraphi: Note: The text will only go through if they are still alive. Want me roll to see?

[2013-03-25 00:27:56] Seraphi [»] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: hrm.....completely traumatized or only partially traumatized....

[2013-03-25 00:28:30] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] Seraphi: If they are alive when she texts, it won't be for long.

[2013-03-25 00:29:43] Seraphi [»] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: that's traumatizing times 1000000. XD let's do it! (I'm so sadistic)

[2013-03-25 00:30:45] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] Seraphi: And dice says! Sorry, can feed the sadistic side today. Kids are already dead.

HouseMouse: She stares at the message, her hands shaking. They won't answer, she know they won't. In the pit of her stomach she can already feel it. They're gone. Her vision begins to blur and large tear drops fall from her eyes. "They're gone..." she says to herself. She pitches the phone across the forest. It lands in one of the cradles. She puts her head in her hands and screams.

Death: James waits patiently for HouseMouse to do her thing. Meanwhile he begins reading the full Update, wanting to be ready to help HouseMouse in the only way he can.

Death: As HouseMouse falls to her knees James pans away to give her her privacy, but as he does, he notices something in the forest.

Death: Death@HouseMouse:Hey, Hey HouseMouse, you may wanna.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Hey, go get yer, ah wait.

Death: James grabs the PDA and sets it at HouseMouse's feet.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Hey, HouseMama, looks like you have company.

GM: GM@HouseMouse: Just barely in sight out in the forest, dark shapes start moving.

HouseMouse: Jillian jerks in surprise as her pda appears before her. She picks it up and is about the chuck it across the forest again when she reads the message. "Company...?" she hiccups. "I thought I was alone," she says incredulously. She looks up and noticies dark shapes shifting just inside the forest.

HouseMouse: "What the hell?" she says squinting at them

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The figures come closer and their vague outlines come into view.

HouseMouse: A shiver runs up her spine. She couldn't really tell what they were, but they had distincitve dog-like features.

GM: GM@HouseMouse: One comes closer and you can see it has sharp teeth, and pointy claws.

Death: James starts jittering a bit.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Hey, uh, you might wanna pull your weapon. . . . .

HouseMouse: Instinct tells her to look at her phone, and she brings up the Game Bro. She quickly reads more of the article. "Imps..." she starts taking a few steps back as one bares its teeth and claws

Death: Death@HouseMouse: or retreat, or. . . . .

Death: James checks the guide, then gets an idea.

HouseMouse: the pda pings and she looks at Death's message. Weapon. She thinks hard about the poker and it appears in her hand

HouseMouse: HouseMosue@Death: Now what? I'm not exactly a trained killer here.

Death: Grabbing the couch from before, he drags it outside and drops it on one of the imps. The imp explodes into Grist.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: They seem easy enought to kill. Just smack'em a few times?

HouseMouse: Jillian stares and gets types rapidly on her pda

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Do that again

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Kay

Death: James grabs the couch again and smashes another Imp. More grist explodes out of it. Several small blue gusher shaped ones, and a few purple gusher ones.

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The remaining Imps stare warily at the couch.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Hey, go grab some of that stuff while they are spooked!

HouseMouse: Jillian continues reading the guide as the Imps stop and eye the couch warily. So those things popping out of the dead ones were Grist. And she needed them for...? "What's the point?" she says to herself. "If everyone I know and love are gone what's the damn point?!" She throws the poker at one of the imps in frustration.

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The Imp is skeward and then explodes. The Poker then vanishes back into your Strife Deck. The rest of the Imps back into the forest, waiting.

Death: James can see HouseMouse talking, but can't hear what she says. He thinks for a second, then tries to consol her.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Listen HouseMama, I know this has got to be the worst possible thing someone can go through, and I can't even begin to try and imagine how you feel, but, and don't shoot me fore this, remember what I said before, like weeks ago? The ad for the game says the point is to build a whole new universe. And hey, what kind of universe would it be if it didn't have your kids in it, right?

Death: Death@HouseMouse: So maybe if we complete the game, we can creat a universe where they are alive!

Death: James knows it's a long sot, but he has to try.

HouseMouse: Jillian looks at her pda, breathing heavy, trying not to cry

HouseMouse: Jillian sneers at her phone. Who would want to help her? Bastards all of them, from her husband to whoever it was that came up with this damn game. She is about to say as much to him, but she stops herself. He is helping her. And if she didn't help him. "Then I really will be alone..."

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: ...Fine

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: I'll give it a shot

Death: James flinches at the face she makes at the PDA.

Death: "Boy is she ticked" He says aloud.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Alright then. First off, we need some of that stuff that popped out of the Imps.

HouseMouse: Jillian looks at the blue and purple grist on the ground. She walks up to them a picks up a few, glaring at the Imps that still lurk at the edge of the forest.

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Where am I supposed to keep this stuff?

GM: GM@HouseMouse: As you pick up the grist, it vanishes. Each one you touch vanishes in turn.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: It goes to your Grist Cache. Just touch or step on all of them and they'll auto transfer to your Cache.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Hey HouseMama, what's that above the house?

Death: James consults with the Update.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Oh, nevermind, that's just the gates.

HouseMouse: She reaches out a foot a kicks one. It disappears as her toe hits it. She starts stomping on all the grist. she look to the gate after reading Death's message. "That's from my Sprite?" she reads the updated guide. She looks at the Sprite she had been ignoring since her arrival who had followed her around despite that fact

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Guide says I have to go through it

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Or something

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The Sprite looks at you woefully, as if feeling your pain. The tip of it's ghosty tail wags as you look at it.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Yeah, but that's for later. Lemmi see what I can. . . . .

Death: James re-opens the HER and checks the newly available items. He does a few fist pumps of glee before contacting HouseMouse again.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Hey, I got some new items here for ya, and you can afford one of them. Think you can take out some more of those little buggers and get more Grist? It'll help you level too so you can hold more Grist!

HouseMouse: Jillilan looks at the Sprite and delicately places her hand on its head. Its tail wags faster as she pats its head. "Toby..."she says remembering that she had fused the dog with the ball of light.

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@DEath: Well I can try

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The Tobysprite whines slightly at you, glaring off into the woods.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Oh look you'll even have help! I think you should Proto-type him the final time first though.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Maybe something with hands. . . . .

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Or at least arm like appendages. Have you checked out this cat squid thing in the guide?

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Um...there might be something in the house? I'm sure the twins had dolls

Death: James pans into the kid's bedrooms.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: We got barbie, baby dolls, porcilin dolls, and over here in the boy's room, are G.I. Jo and other action figures. Heheh, he has a full set of superheroes in here.

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Wolverine?

[2013-03-25 01:24:36] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] Seraphi: Oh gog

[2013-03-25 01:24:49] Seraphi [»] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: lol

[2013-03-25 01:24:58] Seraphi [»] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: couldn't resist

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Yeah, got the new movie version and the original, which one you want?

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: Whichever looks like it can kick the most ass

Death: James grabs the older version with the yellow spandex.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: This guy looks more badass

[2013-03-25 01:26:32] Seraphi [»] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: Heee, spandex

Death: He throws it into the Tobysprite.

GM: ==========

GM: GM@HouseMouse There is another flash, this one not as bright as when you were transported to this world but still enough to force your eyes shut. When it fades your Sprite appears fully formed. Still with the ghosty bottom half, it's upper half is now ripped with thick meaty arms. The head is still shaped like you dogs, but it now wears the pointy mask of your favorite mutant. The eye sockets are white, but the whole sprite is still in your favorite color. There seems to be slots for the retractable claws on the back of the meaty hands.

Death: James giggles at the new meaty Tobysprite.

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Sexy

HouseMouse: Jillian snorts and clamps her mouth shut, trying not to laught at the sight that greets her when she opens her eyes again. It is the most adorably strange thing she has ever seen. "Oh Toby..." she says, shaking her head, smiling slightly.

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The ghosty tail wags.

Tobysprite: Yes master?

HouseMouse: Jillian squeaks with surprise as the sprite speaks. "Holy crap."

Tobysprite looks around heroicly for whatever startled his master.

Tobysprite: What is it Master. Don't worry, I'll get whatever it is!

He begins gliding around the area, trying to find what it was.

HouseMouse: She sighs. Still as dopey as ever. She pats the sprite on the head. "Let's tear up some Imps, shall we?" she imagines the poker and it appears in her hand seconds later

His tongue lols out.

Kay! WUFF!

[2013-03-25 01:37:42] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] Seraphi: You have control of Tobysprite for battle scenes.

GM: GM@HouseMouse: Enblodened by you shenanigans, the Imps have come closer. There are several in sight now.

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The couch comes floating up next to you as if Death is saying"I'll help too!"

[2013-03-25 01:42:15] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] Seraphi: These guys are low level so you three can take them down no problem.

HouseMouse: 'This will take getting used to,' she thinks as she starts towards the Imps, Toby floating obediently at her side. They have gotten closer again, so there is not far to go. She slashes out at the one closest to her, telling Toby to get the one on his left. She watches as a couch floats up next to her and she smirks. "Definitely something in that lasagna..." she continues to swing the poker at the Imps. In no time the Imps are gone. A combination of her wild swinging, the dropping of the couch and Toby's new-found strength making short work of them.

HouseMouse: She walks around collecting the grist as she types on her pda

HouseMouse: HouseMouse@Death: So what is this thing I can afford?

GM: GM@HouseMouse: The couch dances around, looking a little worse for wear before it returns to the front door. You hear little pings inside your head as you grow two levels.

Death: James has a blast smashing Imps before putting his new favorite smashing tool away near the front door. His computer pings so he checks it.

HouseMouse: Jillian pauses as what sounds like a bell inside her head. "That's a good thing right?" She looks to her pda for some sort of clue from Death

Death: Death@HouseMouse: Its something that'll help you make some pure awesomeness. And KOOL! You just gained 2 levels!

HouseMouse: From what she knew of video games leveling was definitely a good thing. She pats Toby's head. "Looks like we're on our way."

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7870 Strata-gems

PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:26 pm    Post subject: Session 2 Reply with quote


Dark Blue = GM

Cyan = Biker Chick 3000

Red = Death

Violet = HouseMouse

Yellow = Tobysprite

Black = Useful Tips

GM@Biker Chick 3000: The disks in you hand have completely different stickers on their surfaces. The one labeled Disk 1 looks like a blue planet with no land and thick fluffy white clouds running across the surface, while the other looks like and old vinal record.

Biker Chick 3000: She holds the disks, one in each hand, pondering them. She notes the cloud patterned one is marked as Disk One and places the other to one side, still considering it with a slight frown.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: There is a slight comotion downstairs. Moments later the door to the apartment opens slightly and a fox trots in. The door closes sitlently behind it.

Biker Chick 3000: She turns to look at Elise's desk, where her laptop is set, before getting up from her seat and wandering over. Before she reaches it, she starts at the kerfuffle downstairs, her expression surprised as the fox enters. "Lola! What the hell are you doing here?!" she says, moving to pick up the fox, which is nuzzling around her ankles.

Biker Chick 3000: "Come on," she says, trying to look sternly at the little creature, who rubs her coppery coloured head against her owner's cheek. She turns again to the laptop, sliding the disk marked 'Disk 1' inside. Then she seats herself, Lola curled contentedly in her lap.

GM: ======

GM@Biker Chick 3000: A DoS like window pops up reading: SBURB player disk. Do you wish to download SBURB? Y/N

Biker Chick 3000: She gives a shrug and clicks 'Y' stating that she does wish to do so.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: The screen goes black for a moment, then this appears(Just click, watch vid, the exit out of it) -

Biker Chick 3000: She watches the video, a slightly baffled expression on her visage. "Ok...weird," she murmurs as it ends. She moves her finger over the touch pad and clicked on the icon reading 'SBURB' in the middle of the screen.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: The screen fades back to the desktop and suddenly a stack of pink cards with white on the front, each the size of a large piece of paper, appear beside the Laptop.

Biker Chick 3000: Her eyes widen at the sight of the cards suddenly appearing...outside the laptop. "What the ***?" she said, reaching out a hand hesitantly to touch them to see if they were real.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: The stack dissapears, then suddenly the cards appear before you in a semi circle about an arms length in front of you for a few moments before dissapearing once again.

Biker Chick 3000: She moves away from the desk slightly as the stack of cards disappear, just to reappear in front of her, maneouvering the wheeled computer chair a few feet away, regarding the cards suspiciously, then watching as they disappear again. "Shit this is weird," she said, feeling her forehead. She doesn't appear to have a fever.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: The Game Bro Guide appears next to the laptop where the cards once were.

Biker Chick 3000: She looks at the guide, reading the title from her position, frowning at it and wondering if she wants to continue for a moment. "I'm not entirely sure a game that induces hallucinations is a such a good idea," she says quietly to Lola.

Biker Chick 3000: After a few moments, she tentatively reaches out to touch it.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: It feels like a magazine.

Biker Chick 3000: She feels a slight surprise at the knowledge that the guide is actually solid, half expecting it to have disappeared like the cards. She picks it up and looks at the cover for a moment, before flicking through. It appears to the the same guide that she read earlier when she found the game.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: As you paruse the secion on Chapalog cards, the cards re-appear before you. They are still an arms length away, so they do not obstuct you view of the guide.

Biker Chick 3000: She glances at the cards as they re-appear, frowning. "I take it you flighty bastards are the Chapalog cards," she said, still not wholly believing that any of it was really happening. She shot out a hand, attempting to grab them.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: One of the cards appears in your hand, leaving an empty slot in the circle.

Biker Chick 3000: She shook her head in slight disbelief at what was happening, as the card just appears in her hand, like magic. She turns it this way and that. examining it's appearance.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: The front looks just like the picture in the guide, but the back has a mix of psycadelic colors, lines, and the numbers '00000000' on it.

Biker Chick 3000: "I wonder what these numbers mean...?" she says, her eyes drifting over the mirage of colours and shapes. She looks to the guide to see if it says what the number is for."

Biker Chick 3000: She can see nothing about the numbers, so she shrugs and tries to return the card to the others.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: The card vanishes from you hand and re-appears in it's place in the semi-circle.

Biker Chick 3000: "I'm considering going for a lie down..." she says to the fox in her lap, who's looking up at her curiously, clearly sensing her mistress's confusion. "This is freaking me out." Instead of doing so though, she looks back at the guide. "This seems to indicate that the cards hold objects," she went on. "Strangely enough, the words 'bull shit' aren't going through my head right now," she went on, with a slight chuckle.

Biker Chick 3000: "To put something on a card, simply touch the item and enter the command in your mind “Chapalog”. The item will then be placed inside the card...." she reads aloud. She looks around for a moment for a potential object. "I suppose I shouldn't really do anything to Elise's things, just in case it does work," she states aloud. She thinks for a moment, then takes the yo-yo she obtained earlier from her pocket.

Biker Chick 3000: "Not strictly mine either," she says, putting it back.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: The fox looks up at you with a cute sideways quirk to it's head.

Biker Chick 3000: "Oh well," she says, as she reaches out to take a card, then touches a jar of jellybeans with it, uttering the command in her mind. She strokes Lola with her other hand.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Nothing happens.

Biker Chick 3000: See, I knew it. I'm hallucinating," she says with a knowing tone to her voice. "It's all bollocks and I'm just crazy...unless Elise slipped something extra into that cupcake..."

[2013-03-27 17:46:11] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: @Biker Chick 3000: Just so you know, you have to touch the item with your hand, not the card

Biker Chick 3000: She reaches out and picks up the jar of jellybeans, holding the card in the other hand, frowningly looking from one to the other. A part of her wants it to be real, as much as it's weirding her out, and she speaks the command in her head again.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: The jar vanishes from you hand an reappears on one of the cards still floating in front of you.

Biker Chick 3000: "Shit, it worked!" She looked down at the fox in her lap. "...Hopefully Elise won't notice..." She reads the passage on the Chapalog deck again.

Biker Chick 3000: "It says here that the card can hold up to four of them same type of object...I wonder if that means it'll only hold jars of jellybeans...or it'll hold both jars and jellybeans independently...?" She shakes her head. "I sense I'm thinking about this in too much detail..."

[2013-03-27 17:53:13] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: @Biker Chick 3000: Chapalog cards can hold multiples of the exact same object, it's the Strife cards that can hold up to 4 of the same type of object.

Biker Chick 3000: A new sense of excitement coursing through her, she gets up from her chair and moves around the room, looking for something else to try and command into the cards.

Biker Chick 3000: She wanders over to the large standing mirror in the corner of the room. It's huge, being six feet in both height and width. "Let's see if this'll work..." She reaches out to touch the surface of the mirror with her fingertips, commanding it into the chapalog deck as she does so.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: A low sounding buzzer noise goes off in your head, not too loud, and the words "Level too low" appears before your eyes for a moment before fading.

Biker Chick 3000: "Awww..." she says, looking disappointed. She pouts slightly, and turns away. She wanders over to a side table. There's a pretty mosaic bowl upon it, the tiny mirrored surfaces covering it glinting prettily in the daylight streaming through the window.

Biker Chick 3000: She touches the edge of the bowl and orders it into the deck.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: The bowel vanishes and re-appears in your Chapalog deck

Biker Chick 3000: She smiles as it works this time. "I guess I can only do fairly small objects right now," she says. "Okay..." she says, turning a slow spin in the middle of the room, trying to spot something else to add to the deck. All thoughts that the contents of the room don't belong to her seems to have gone out the window.

Biker Chick 3000: She moves over to the book shelf, takes out a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird and makes the command.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: The item is chapaloged.

Biker Chick 3000: She moves around the flat through the different rooms, ordering objects into the deck as she went; cigarette lighter (she was always trying to get Elise to quit), Blue wool blanket, bottle of jasmine shampoo, an antique perfume bottle, a crystal paper weight, a bed pillow, a wrapped cheese sandwich out of the fridge (which Elise was obviously planning on having for lunch), and a decorative clock on the mantle.

Biker Chick 3000: It occurred to her that she was possibly being a little random with her choices.

@Biker Chick 3000: If you plan on both your friend and the fox, you may wanna save an open slot.

[2013-03-27 18:17:12] Tikanni Corazon: What will happen to the fox if it goes into the cards?

[2013-03-27 18:18:19] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: @Biker Chick 3000: Stasis, and you can take the items out at any time.

[2013-03-27 18:18:51] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: @Biker Chick 3000: As far as the fox will be conserned, it will have just blinked.

Biker Chick 3000: "So that's...ten filled," she said, when she was done with her turn of the flat. That'll do for now, I think...She turned her attention back to the guide. Suddenly she looked to the fox, which was sat on the floor nearby.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: The fox cocks it's head again.

Biker Chick 3000: "I wonder..." She looked at the cards. " I don't know what would happen to you..." Still, she looks thoughtful.

Biker Chick 3000: She shook her head, then read through the guide, looking at the section about 'Strife Cards'. She looked through the list beneath it. "These are supposed to be weapons?" she said, pulling a slight face, noting the additions of 'plunger' and 'lamp' on the list. She saw yo-yo on the list, and once again took the one she found out of her pocket, looking at it appraisingly. You don't look much like a weapon..."

Death: James pulls the newest bit of equipment from the list and places it in a corner of the basement.

Death@HouseMouse: I put it downstairs with the rest.

HouseMouse@Death: Being cryptic are we?

Death@HouseMouse: It's called the Punch Designix.

Biker Chick 3000: She held the yo-yo in her hand, and thought 'Strife' in her head.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: The Yo-yo vanishes.

HouseMouse: Jillian pats Tobysprite on the head once more and goes back to the house, the sprite following closely at her heels. She walks through the front door and, after a second thought, closes and locks it behind her, in case any more Imps should come out of the forest. Sighing deeply she heads down the stairs to the basement and the Punch Designix.

Death@HouseMouse: It says it's easy to work with, and check out the gear you can make!

Death: James looks over the update excitedly.

Biker Chick 3000: Wren sat down in the computer chair again, looking thoughtful. She's finding it's rather a lot to take in all of a sudden.

Death@HouseMouse: How about giving it a shot?

HouseMouse: As she enters the basement she sees the new piece of equipment and she walks up to it tentatively. "It looks like a knitting machine....except for the keyboard," she says, knocking on it with her hand.

HouseMouse@Death: Looks confusing to me.

Death: James chuckles.

Death@HouseMouse: It really simple actually. Remember the codes on the back of the cards?

HouseMouse@Death: Yeah.

Death@HouseMouse: Do you have any empty cards left?

HouseMouse: Jillian raises her hands so the cards appear in a semi-circle around her.

HouseMouse@Death: Nope. Used all twelve. On random crap.

HouseMouse: She rolls her eyes at the beer can and toilet paper that appear on two of the cards

Death@HouseMouse: Okay, then just pick one, grab it, stick it on that slot on top, then press the green button.

HouseMouse: Jillian shrugs and summons the card with the beer can on it into her hand. She places the card on top of the Punch Designix and smacks the green button with her fist.

Death@HouseMouse: Oh, sorry, "in" the slot on top. Man I R moron

HouseMouse: Jillian reads the message and moves the card into the slot. Punching the green button harder this time

HouseMouse@Death: You know you could have blamed me for that. I would have believed you

GM@HouseMouse: There is a whiring and snip sounds from the machine, then it falls silent.

Death@HouseMouse: Okay, the card is punched.

HouseMouse: Jillian retrieves the card from the machine. "Yippy..."she says sarcastically. She turns it over in her hands a few times.

HouseMouse@Death: So now we do this Alchemy thing?

GM@HouseMouse: Disregarding what's on this card, this is what happend to the card -

Death@HouseMouse: Same as with the pre-punched card, but this time we'll use two cards. Do the same thing with another card. One you wanna mix with the beer can.

HouseMouse: "Might as well get rid of the useless ones," Jillian says summoning the card with the bag of chips on it. She places it in the Puncher until it is as filled with holes as the other.

Death@HouseMouse: Now take it to the Lathe and put both in the slot. Whichever one you put in front will be the dominant item.

HouseMouse: Jillian contemplates. She puts the beer can card before the bag of chips and activates the Lathe

Death: James pulls up a new program on his computer, trying to keep track of all that is happening with the meteors and such.

GM@HouseMouse: The lathe activates and makes a totem.

GM@HouseMouse: You can vaguly hear the sound of the Imps outside.

Death@HouseMouse: Kay, I got this!

Death: Grabbing the new totem James places it where it belongs on the Alchemiter, moving the other totem careufully to the floor first.

GM@HouseMouse: The Alchemiter activates, scanning the Totem. An instant later something appears in the middle of the large platform.

Death: James grabs up the first totem, noting it has a title. With a shrug, he stores it in the HER.

Death@HouseMouse: You gonna go check out that item?

Death: James moves it around a little bit.

HouseMouse: Jillian walks over to the Alchemiter and stares at the item the totem made.

GM@HouseMouse: The item looks kind of like a slightly crumpled can of beer. The can is no longer the color of the beer can, and now looks more like the chip bag.

Death@HouseMouse: When I grabbed it a second ago, it gave me a little description. It's like a can of chip dust now. Said it has healing properties, but will slightly intoxicate you.

Death@HouseMouse: Can 'O Chips it's called.

HouseMouse: Jillian stares at the item skeptically. "I like the sound of that and yet..." She picks the can up and pours a bit of the dust in her mouth, coughing as the dust slides dryly down her throat. "Tasty?"

GM@HouseMouse: It tastes like chips and beer.

HouseMouse@Death: Its really not half bad

GM@HouseMouse: You feel the vaguest bit tippsy.

Death@HouseMouse: KOOL! Hey, try something else! And send me a code for that. I want it handy when I enter.

HouseMouse: Jillian types in the code for the Can O Chips and sends it to Death as she thinks over her other items. "Hm...." she summons the cards with the pool ball and 5lb weight on it and punches them, praying that the Alchemiter will make them into something useful against the Imps that she hears scratching at the front door upstairs.

[2013-03-27 19:30:48] Seraphi: @GM: does the can o chips become like another card so that its easy to carry around?

@HouseMouse: Just a suggestion, but each card can hold several of the same item, so you could make a few of them and store them on one of your now blank cards. Also, if you fuse those two items to use again the imps, it will become your 3rd weapon type"Ballkind". Just to let you know.

[2013-03-27 19:34:11] Seraphi: @GM: so...I can make a ton of the can o chips that will be on one card...?

@HouseMouse: I'd say at this point, you have a limit of 15 per Chapalog card of those Can o' Chips.

GM@HouseMouse: The totem is carved.

GM@HouseMouse: The totem floats over to it's place on the Alchemiter. Totem scanned, and an Item appears.

GM@HouseMouse: The item looks like the pool ball, only bigger with a rough surface like the grip on the weight. The number on the ball has changed to a 5.

Death@HouseMouse: It says it's the Fiverball.

HouseMouse: "Oh gosh," Jillian says as she picks up the item. It was heavier than it looked. "I'll throw it like a shotput I guess," she tests out her throwing skills at the nearby wall. It barely makes it to the junction of the wall and floor and rolls across the room. She looks at Tobysprite. "I need to work on that I guess."

Tobysprite: Yesh!

HouseMouse: She flicks the sprites nose "Your the one with ham arms, maybe you should use it," she smiles as the dog wags his tail at her teasing.

HouseMouse@Death: So, items made....what next?

Death@HouseMouse: Maybe upgrade your weapons with something? Or maybe you can try and fond another player via Pesterchum. It's getting preatty bad this side HouseMama.

HouseMouse: Jillian bites her bottom lip. She had three weapons now, but by the insistent clawing at the front door it might be good to upgrade..."But the meteors..."

HouseMouse@Death: I'll see who I can get ahold of.

HouseMouse: Jillian scrolls through her Pesterchum list, made mostly of people she did not even know, or remember how she got them. Most of them were offline too. "Damn it..." She flicks through them again and notices one highlighted, signalling that the person is active. "I wonder if she plays?" She clicked on the Pesterchum "Biker Chick 3000" to send a message.

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7870 Strata-gems

PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 1:24 am    Post subject: Session 3 Reply with quote


Dark Blue = GM

Orange = WolverineRules!!!

Black = Useful tips

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The smell of fresh plastic wafts to you from the newly opened games. A booklet falls to the desk from the packet.

WolverineRules!!!: Jake brushes the booklet aside impatiently as he continues unpacking the game. He has never read any manual before, why should he start now?

GM@WolverineRules!!!: Inside are two discs. One is labled disc one and the top sticker looks like a blue planet with no land covered in thick white fluffy clouds, while the second labled disk 2 looks like an old vinal record.

WolverineRules!!!: The young man picks up the disc labeled 'one' gingerly. A multi-disc game? He hasn't seen any before. Adrian have mentioned something about old games being like that. Shrugging, he inserts disc one.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: A DoS like window opens with the words "This is the Player disc for the game SBURB. Would you like to download the game Y/N

WolverineRules!!!: An old school game? Jake was about to click 'Y', when he realises what he was reading. 'Player disc'? He snorts at that. What's in the other disc? Cooking manuals? And exactly how big is this game, if he has to download it on top of the two discs. Despite his incredulity, he clicks on 'Y'.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The screen goes black for a moment, then this appears -

WolverineRules!!!: "What the 'ell was that?" he mutters to himself at the end of the video. When nothing else happens, he clicks the mouse a few times, wondering if it crashed.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The screen returns to the desktop and a stack of pink cards, each paper thin and the size of a large sheet of paper, appears next to the keyboard.

WolverineRules!!!: Jumping back in surprise, Jake knocks over the chair behind him. He curses aloud a few times. Then, he stares at the cards for a minute. Was was the joint. It must be. He pinches himself in the cheek.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The scene before your eyes does not change.

WolverineRules!!!: "Trippin'..." he says to himself. He's hallucinating. That joint was well packin'. He reaches out and pokes one of the cards.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The cards vanish, then re-appear in a semi-circle in front of you, about an arms length away.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The cards quickly fade from view.

WolverineRules!!!: Blinking a few times at the cards vanishing, and re-materialising, and vanishing again, the young man slumps into the chair. He then looks at the computer expectantly. Now that his hallucination was over, maybe he can start the game.

GM: ========

@WolverineRules!!!: Congratz, you've just given me an opening to insert one of the final pieces to this game into game play.

???@WolverineRules!!!: A strange feeling goes through your mind, almost like hearing a voice but not quite. If you were to put it into words it would say - FOOLISH BOY. READ THE INSCRIPTED GUIDE BEFORE YOU GET YOURSELF KILLED!!!

@WolverineRules!!!: I know it's confusing, but just think of it as a guideing force. It's not something that controls you, and you can resist it, but it will feel like strong insticts.

WolverineRules!!!: "Shit!" he curses aloud. "Who---" Jake looks around wildly. No, the voice definitely came from within his mind! Is he going mad? Suddenly not so happy with the joint he smoked earlier anymore, he looks at the Guide from the corner of his eye. "Ah fuck it," he mutters and grabs the manual.

[2013-03-28 00:10:27] sagittaeri: @GM: oh, so it's not a headless voice?

[2013-03-28 00:10:44] sagittaeri: @GM: more of an instinctual instruction thing?

[2013-03-28 00:11:17] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: @WolverineRules!!!: It's kinda like hearing the words spoken, but kinda not. I know, confusing, but it'll be explained later. Eventually, you can kinda chat with it.

[2013-03-28 00:11:51] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: @WolverineRules!!!: Your guide has a love of the caps lock.

[2013-03-28 00:14:27] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: @WolverineRules!!!: Other people will have other guides.

WolverineRules!!!: Still not understanding what is happening to him, Jake opens the guide and skims through the first few parts. Installation guide...he freezes. No. No, this can't be right. The pink cards, the very same ones he just hallucinated, they are in the guide!

WolverineRules!!!: Swallowing nervously, he reads the section with the pink cards in detail. He's never smoking another joint, ever again.

WolverineRules!!!: He's hallucinating the entire thing, he was sure of it. The game. The computer. This room. Then, he remembers something, feeling a tinge of disappointment. The Green Arrow comics too?

WolverineRules!!!: Maybe he'll read the comics before his hallucination ends. Will that count? With his hands on the Guide, he reads on, to the part that speaks of 'Chapalog'...

WolverineRules!!!: Placing a hand on the chair he's sitting on, feeling really silly for even trying it, he thinks of the word. Adrian is so going to have a field day when he tells him about this...

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The chair vanishes then re-appears on one of the chapalog cards.

WolverineRules!!!: "Fuck!" he yelps as he falls on his arse suddenly. He quickly jumps up, dusts his pants and looks around in embarrassment, as if expecting someone would be watching. Jake stares at the pink card. He can't believe that actually happened! Feeling a little dizzy, he reaches out and pokes the card.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The card pops into your hand.

WolverineRules!!!: Regaining most of his mental faculties, he pulls the guide towards him and reads the section on Chapalog again. Alright. Swallowing uncertainly, he thinks of the chair with the card in his hand.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: Nothing happens.

[2013-03-28 00:40:12] sagittaeri: @GM: Um, did i read the guide wrong?

[2013-03-28 00:40:54] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: @WolverineRules!!!: You can either call the card, or the item on it. Once you call the card, the item is stuck until you put the card back.

WolverineRules!!!: Patiently waiting for the chair to reappear, he looks around again. How silly must he look. He waits a little more. And a little more. Then, he curses and tosses the card away. What was he expecting, a chair to materialise? Has he gone mad?

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The card pops back into place.

???@WolverineRules!!!: CALL THE CHAIR, SILLY BOY!

WolverineRules!!!: He starts to stomp out of the room, wanting to pour a whole gallon of water down his throat to stop the hallucinations, and then the voice shakes him again!

WolverineRules!!!: "Fine, you stupid fuck!" he screams at no one in particular, and thinks of the chair.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The chair appears right in front of you.

WolverineRules!!!: Slowing his breathing to calm himself down, to peeks at the chair for a minute before dragging it back in front of the computer.

WolverineRules!!!: He doesn't feel stoned. The young man closes his eyes as he puts both his hands on the chair's back and leans on it. He doesn't feel anything. What if this isn't a hallucination? No, that is just crazy. But, what if?

WolverineRules!!!: He opens his eyes. If it isn't, then he might as well make full use of it!

WolverineRules!!!: Jake walks over to the bookshelf with all the comics. He puts his hands on it, and tries to chapalog it away!

GM@WolveringRules!!!: The Comics vanish and re-appear on a card labled "Green Lantern Comics"

[2013-03-28 00:56:10] sagittaeri: @GM: the whole series?

[2013-03-28 00:56:43] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: @WolverineRules!!!: Is it smaller than a computer chair?

[2013-03-28 00:57:09] sagittaeri: @GM: yup! just checking if chapalog works for a few items, but in a collection

[2013-03-28 00:59:43] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: @WolverineRules!!!: The only way to chapalog more than one item on a single card is if they are exactly the same, like bottles of shampoo of the exact same brand and such, or if they are a set, like those comics, or a pile of jellybeans. The only exception is of course when items are inside other items, like cookies in a cookie jar can be chapaloged together, or a jar of jellybeans can be chapaloged.

[2013-03-28 01:01:00] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: @WolverineRules!!!; Or if you put a sweater on your cat then chapalog it. The cat will still be wearing the sweater.

WolverineRules!!!: "YES!" he screams and punches the air. These cards are perfect! Without wasting any time, he scrambles out of the bedroom, and down the stairwell, and into the living room. He smiles at the flat screen in front of him. "I've always wished I could bring one of you along," he said to it before chapaloging it.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The wide screen vanishes and appears on one of your chapalog cards.

WolverineRules!!!: Laughing happily at the sight of the TV in the cards, he proceeds to chapalog the rest of his 'travelling essentials'. The Playstation 3 and XBOX360 consoles, with the controllers wrapped around them. The games in the glass shelves next to where the TV used to be. The hifi stereo. Jake doesn't care anymore if he is hallucinating. He's having too much fun living a robber's fantasy.

[2013-03-28 01:08:56] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: @WolverineRules!!!: The games would only chapalog together if they're from the same series.

[2013-03-28 01:09:45] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: @WolverineRules!!!: And the two game systems would chapalog separate from one another too. They can keep their cords and controlers.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The cards fill up and you are unable to grab the stereo after chapaloging 8 games.

WolverineRules!!!: At the failed attempt to chapalog the stereo, Jake glances at the cards floating mid-air in front of him. He has run out of cards, he realizes. He has an idea. He pulls out the couch's cushion case and started un-chapaloging the game titles onto the flat piece of cloth. When he's done, he wraps them up, and tries to chapalog the entire bundle as a single piece.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The games chapalog as "Bundle of Games"

WolverineRules!!!: "Suck on that, rule book," he says aloud and grins. Now, the stereo. What else can he chapalog? Jewelry boxes? Canned food? Booze? Ahh, the possibilities are endless.

???@WolverineRules!!!: BOY!!!! LOOK OUT THE WINDOW!!!!

WolverineRules!!!: The young man jumps at the sudden warning, and looks outside.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The sky is much darker then last you saw, but rather then a black or gray darkness, the sky in tinged with red. There are no car noises outside, none of the normal noises one would expect at this hour. From time to time you can see a flash of bright red in the sky far in the distance.

WolverineRules!!!: Staring up with his jaw open, Jake inhales at the sudden flash of bright red. He couldn't see anymore from here, he realizes. At first, he wanted to leave the house, but then he recalls he isn't quite an invited house guest. So, he runs up to the upper floor bedrooms instead, hoping to catch a better view of what is happening from there!

GM@WolverineRules!!!: You can see over the trees and bushes in the front yard now. The house is actually partially set into the side of the large hill that sits along side the valley before you. In the far distance you can see cars leaving the area, and far off to the left you see what appears to be a fire burning over a smaller hill. It seems the locals are abandoning the area. You see no real threat yet, but the flashes in the sky are foreboding.

WolverineRules!!!: "What the 'ell...?" Suddenly worried about his friend, Jake pulls out his mobile phone and dials Adrian's number again. What is going on outside?

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The phone rings and rings before going to voicemail.

WolverineRules!!!: Slamming his phone shut and stuffing it into his pocket, Jake ponders his options for a minute. Everyone---EVERYONE---is leaving town. Something bad is going on. He can feel it. He has to go, too, in that case. Nodding in determination, he runs back down. But before he reaches the front door, his eyes passes over the empty space where the TV used to be. Wait, maybe it's on the news, whatever it is. Taking a moment to decide, he conjures up the flat screen and plugs it back in.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: As soon as the TV turns on the blare of the warning sound jumps out of the speakers. The anchorman seems to be in the middle of his report. Behind him is a large crater with a smoking stone in the middle of it. "In what the astrologocal society is describing as a meteor shower of astronomic perportions, this crater was made not four hours ago by a stone the size of a bus. Reports are coming in from all over the globe that incidents like this are cropping up everywhere. Many parts of the world are still clear of the falling stones, but I am just now reciveing a report that the UK has reported several falling stars in the area. Forest fires have broken out all along northern Wales and are spreading southwards. Back to you Jimmy." The scene shifts back to the studio and the anchor begins talking about local sports.

WolverineRules!!!: Contemplating the information he has just received, Jake looks out the window again. Northern Wales. Spreading south. Bollocks. That's here. That's why everyone's running!


WolverineRules!!!: Chapaloging the TV once again, he starts for the door, when he remembers the Guide. There are more things in the guide. Dammit. That's when the voice speaks in his head again!

WolverineRules!!!: A host? What is a 'Host'? Then, he realises what he's supposed to do. Of course. Read the bloody Guide. Not even questioning the voice anymore, he runs upstairs.

WolverineRules!!!: Roughly flipping through through the booklet, he scans for the word "Host". His face is drained of color at the content.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: At that moment, the computer dings and the Pesterchum client pops up. Someone is trying to pester WolverineRules!!!.

WolverineRules!!!: He has to find another person with the game? He swallows. He's doomed, isn't he? Jake doesn't have any friends who actually own a copy of a game, or even a computer. Maybe...maybe when the voice said 'save yourself', it didn't mean he will die without a host. And yet, somehow Jake knew it's bollocks. Somehow he knows deep inside that he WILL die without a host!

WolverineRules!!!: *Ding!* Snapping up, Jake sees the Pesterchum chat client popped up on the screen. One of the kid's many friends are now trying to chat with him. 'Biker Chick 3000'. Doesn't sound like the kind of friend an overachieving kid would have. Maybe...

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7870 Strata-gems

PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 10:41 pm    Post subject: Session 4 Reply with quote


Dark Blue = GM

Cyan = Biker Chick 3000

Orange = WolverineRules!!!

Black = Useful tips

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Suddenly you friend rushes into the apartment, panic on her face. "Wren, something terrible is happening! I just heard on the news that meteors are falling to earth all over the planet! The report says that Wales is taking a pounding. That's so close!" She terrified eyes are locked on you.

Biker Chick 3000: She stares at Elise wide-eyed. "Shit...I hope it doesn't reach us too..."

Biker Chick 3000: "Shit!" she exclaims again, turning to face the laptop.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: The girl nod furiously, her hands clutched in front of her face. "Me too. . . . "

Biker Chick 3000: "I have a friend who lives in Wales!"

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Elise gasps and runs to your side, her eyes on the screen. 'You have to warn them!"

Biker Chick 3000: "That's the plan," she replies, checking her friends list on Pesterchum. She smiles when she sees the WolverineRules!!! is marked as available.

Biker Chick 3000: "He's marked as online..." She starts typing into the chat box...

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules! around?

Biker Chick 3000: She taps the desk nervously with her red-painted nails.

WolverineRules!!!: Snapping his head up at the beep, he notices one of the kid's many friends is trying to get in contact with him

WolverineRules!!!: Wait, if Jake doesn't have any friends, maybe he can...

WolverineRules!!!: Pulling the keyboard towards him, he starts typing, briefly pondering how a rich kid would sound

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: Yes.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Thank ***! You haven't been smooshed by the meteor shower!

WolverineRules!!!: "Oh, fuck!" he curses suddenly, when he notices the Pesterchum handle the kid's using on the screen!

WolverineRules!!!: What a lame kid!

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Are you close to the shower?

WolverineRules!!!: Reading the chat messages, he is suddenly reminded of the meteor shower somewhere north.

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: No, I'm in Cardiff. Meteor shower in North Wales.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Awesome! I was kinda worried, lol!

WolverineRules!!!: Jake's decided to use short answers, unsure if that was how the kid chats. He briefly wonders if there's a chat history he can peek at.

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: But, you need to be my Host now.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: Pesterchum has a 3 day chat history.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Well, as you're safe and sound in Cardiff, how's life going? You still getting jip from your parents?

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: I can't explain it, but I thinks its importnat.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Your host?

WolverineRules!!!: He types to his friend, suddenly remembering the voice in his head, and its loud, insistent warning.

Biker Chick 3000: She frowns suspiciously and grabs the SBURB guide. "I'm sure I read something like that in here..."

WolverineRules!!!: He needs to read the chat history later...the feeling in his gut tells him he needs to do this or he'll....

Biker Chick 3000: "What're the chances of him playing this game too?"

GM@Biker Chick 3000: A light feeling passes through your mind, not words, more feeling, but if it were to be put into words it would be "Hurry"

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: It's a game called SBURB.

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: Tell you you have it?

Biker Chick 3000: She starts at the feeling hurrying her along, then looks at the message.

Biker Chick 3000: "I knew it!" She starts typing.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: I knew you had it too. Yes, I've got it.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: How do I do this host thing?

WolverineRules!!!: He jumps up and punches the air. "YES!! YES!!"

Biker Chick 3000: She flips through the guide one handedly.

WolverineRules!!!: Then he sits back down and continues typing.

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: 2nd disc. I think.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Elise Takes the guide and reads aloud. " To become a Host of your target Player simply contact them via your “Host” function found on disk 2 while they are running their Player disc."

Biker Chick 3000: She picks up the second disk and slides it into the slot.

Biker Chick 3000: She looks up at Elise with a smile, grateful for her assistance.

WolverineRules!!!: He pulls open the Guide and scans through it. Hmm, it looks like Jake has already done all he can as a 'Player'. He still doesn't understand how it all works, but after spending the last hour turning items into cards, he can't really question it.

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: Faster!

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Another DoS like screen pops up "Become _______'s Host? Y/N

Biker Chick 3000: She enters the name WolverineRules!!! into the box and clicks 'yes'.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Keep your hair on, pip-squeak! I'm trying!

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: Hello?

WolverineRules!!!: Pip-squeak? So she knows this kid?

WolverineRules!!!: How well?

GM@WolverineRules!!!: A DoS like screen pops up on your desktop "Accept Biker Chick 3000 as host? Y/N"

WolverineRules!!!: He can't think about this right now. Without wasting any thought, he clicks 'Y'.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: A window pops up. On it you can see into the room where WolverineRules!!! is standing. The light is a little low, and you are looking at the back of his head. He is obviously in a bedroom.

Biker Chick 3000: Her eyes widen at the sight of the room on her screen.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: I can see you.

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: Did sumting happen? I click yes.

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: See me?

WolverineRules!!!: He glances around him, perplexed.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Yes...You don't really look how I thought you would. Though I am looking at the back of your head, lol!

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: Where r you?

GM@Biker Chick 3000: You can now see his face.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Ah, there you are!

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: You really don't look how I thought you would.

WolverineRules!!!: Spins around, almost panicked. Where? What?

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: I dunno, I can just see you on the screen.

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: Where are you?! I dont c you anywhere!

WolverineRules!!!: He quickly types.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: The feeling returns to you. "Hurry!"

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Well no, you wouldn't, I'm still in Elise's apartment.

WolverineRules!!!: Who's Elise? He nearly typed that, but then he stops himself.

Biker Chick 3000: "Hurry?" She turns to Elise. "What else do I have to do?"

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: Ok. Now what?

WolverineRules!!!: Cursing, he flips through the guide again.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: She reads aloud "As Host you will have several duties to your player that will be carried out using the controls below. As Host you will be able to see your Player at any time with your computer when you have the SBURB client up."

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: One sec pip-squeak, I'm trying to figure it out.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Elise hands you the guide and points at the 'Host' Section.

WolverineRules!!!: The kid's friend can see him? And she's not here?

WolverineRules!!!: He can't begin to explain how freaked out he's feeling right now. Even when the cards did their appearing and vanishing act, he didn't feel the fair on his back standing like this.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: "Looks like you need to deploy some equipment in his house so he can enter the game and avoid the meteor heading his way." She shay, pointing at the last paragraph.

WolverineRules!!!: But, the friend did indicate that she has never seen the kid before...

Biker Chick 3000: "Well how the hell do I do that?!" She starting to get a little anxious.

WolverineRules!!!: He has to keep pretending to be the kid.

WolverineRules!!!: At the very end of the guide, he notices another creepy thing.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The voice returns "HURRY YOU FOOL. THERE IS NOT MUCH TIME. READ YOUR GUIDE!"

WolverineRules!!!: It mentions a meteor.

Biker Chick 3000: "I'm reading the fucking guide!" she says aloud.

WolverineRules!!!: How? A coincidence?

WolverineRules!!!: Jumping at the voice again, he curses and slams the table. "I'm reading it yer fucker!"

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Okay, seems that I need to send you a few things.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Elise walks around the room before pointing at the buttons on the top of the window where you can see the boy yelling, but can not hear him. "try these? One of the buttons should be 'Deploy'."

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: I tink i need to enter 'the gmae'

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: I dun understand why, and wat the game is, but the guide says i do.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Okay, I think I know what to long as Elise is right, that is.

Biker Chick 3000: She does as Elise suggests and clicks on the 'Deploy' button.

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: Good, becuse none of this make sense

GM@Biker Chick 3000: You click the 'Deploy' button and your cursor turns into an upside down hose like shape with a pointed roof. The Host Equipment Registry slides open and you see 3 Equipments: Cruxtruder, Totem Lathe, and Alchemiter.

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: r u still there? wat's going on?

Biker Chick 3000: She shrugs and click on each one in turn, hoping it's the right thing to do.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Just attempted to send you some stuff...Hope I did it right.

WolverineRules!!!: The feeling of doom intensifies in the young man. He doesn't understand it, but it knows he has to do IT now, whatever IT is.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: As you click the first one, you seem to pick it up, and the HER closes. When you let go of the mouse button, you drop the Totem Lathe in the middle of the Bedroom you are viewing.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: A large bit of equipment appears out of nowhere in the middle of the room.

[2013-03-31 23:01:41] sagittaeri: @GM: Drop? as in, it drops with a boom?

[2013-03-31 23:02:09] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: @WolverineRules!!!: A thunk, not loud.

Biker Chick 3000: She smiles in satisfaction. "Seems like I am," she says aloud, as she ckicks on the next item.

WolverineRules!!!: Feeling the a rush of air behind him, and a soft thunk, he glances behind him in an after thought before turning back to the screen.

WolverineRules!!!: He freezes.

WolverineRules!!!: The young man turns around slowly. "What the 'ell..."

Biker Chick 3000: She sees the item appear in the room on the screen.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: That's one of the things I was supposed to send you.

WolverineRules!!!: He stares at the oddly-shaped equipment briefly, and then turns back to the screen, typing.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: The item does not deploy, unable to occupy the same space as the Totem Lathe. Elise says "Try picking the next one up and placing it on an empty space." It seems like you can not only send, but move around the equipment."

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: did u do that!?

Biker Chick 3000: She frowns and picks up the item again, doing as Elise suggested.

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: yes i c it in the guide

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Yep, I did that. How cool am I? XD

WolverineRules!!!: He then stands up and walks gingerly towards the thing that looks like a sowing machine.

WolverineRules!!!: He pokes at it.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: What's with the sloppy spelling anyway, pip-squeak? The panic of the situation having an adverse effect on your writing skills. XD

GM@Biker Chick 3000: When you open your HER, a new item has appeared labled "Pre-Punched Card"

Biker Chick 3000: She eyes the new item as she picks up the last of the original three and drops it into another empty space.

Biker Chick 3000: I suppose I'm supposed to send this as well..."

[2013-03-31 23:07:38] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: @Biker Chick 3000: Gotta tell me what rooms you put them in, seeing as they all will not fit in his bedroom.

WolverineRules!!!: The item is solid, he notes. Heading back to his chair, he glances at the screen. Bollocks, the kid's friend was starting to notice something!

Biker Chick 3000: She picks up the last and sends it after the others, plopping it into the parent's bedroom, the other items having taken up the space in his brother's room and the bathroom, as well as his own room.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: You hear two more thunks outside the bedroom.

WolverineRules!!!: He considers making up an excuse for it, but then he decides it's better to not say anything at all, not until his life is not longer in danger.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Okay, I think I've sent all the necessities to you now.

WolverineRules!!!@Biker Chick 3000: Ok.

[2013-03-31 23:10:29] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: @Biker Chick 3000: May wanna tell him where you put the stuff

WolverineRules!!!: Returning to his short answers with careful spelling, he runs out of the room, checking the corridor.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: I just kinda dropped them in the other rooms on the upstairs floor. One in the bathroom, one in your brother's room and one in your parent's room.

WolverineRules!!!: "Not 'ere," he mutters. He then checks each room, one by one until he sees the first equipment. He starts with the next bedroom.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Elise grabs your arm and pulls you away from the computer, her voice a little calmer. "Wren, are you sure this is all real, I mean. . ."She begins rambling worridly.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 8:58 pm    Post subject: Session 5 Reply with quote


Dark Blue = GM

Cyan = Biker Chick 3000

Orange = WolverineRules!!!

Black = Useful tips

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Elise rambles on and on and begins getting a little hystarical.

Biker Chick 3000: "Elise, calm the *** down!"

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Elise looks a little taken aback but stops rambling.

Biker Chick 3000: "We can't take the risk that it's not real, okay?" She rubs her friends arms soothingly. "We just gotta...keep our heads...and hope that it's due to some chemical leak getting us all high or something..."

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Elise nods, an new determined look in her eyes. "I closed the shop. I was just too worried to keep the place open" She murmurs, picking up the Guide once more.

Biker Chick 3000: "Probably the best decision," she says, shooting Elise a smile before returning to the computer.

WolverineRules!!!: Bursting into the bedroom, he looks around for a hint of the equipment. It was a very vanilla bedroom with no personality. No posters, and not even a bookshelf.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: WolverineRules!!! is no longer visible in the first bedroom.

WolverineRules!!!: It must be a guest bedroom, he realizes.

WolverineRules!!!: Remembering that the girl said it was in the parent's bedroom and the brother's bedroom, he turns around to leave.

[2013-04-01 18:40:03] Tikanni Corazon: @GM: to move around the house, she would direct the view point through doorways and such?

[2013-04-01 18:41:02] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: @BC3: She's use the four directional keys to move left right up down. If the view encounters a wall you'll pass right through.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Elise looks at the screen. "Where'd he go?"

WolverineRules!!!: The young man exits the room, and runs down the corridor to the next.

Biker Chick 3000: She looks around the room on the screen, seeing that the guy has disappeared from the room. "I find the other items I sent him I guess..." she says, using the controls at the top left corner of the screen to move across the room, passing through a wall and out into the hall, seeing him run past as she did so.

Biker Chick 3000: She rolls her eyes and follows him. "Energetic, isn't he?"

WolverineRules!!!: The next room turns out to be the bathroom.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: Upon entering the master bathroom, one the direct right taking up most of the wall is a set of shelves and cabinets full of beauty products. There is a huge shower stall in the back right corner, and along the back wall is a mosaic depiction of two Koi circling one another. In the back left corner is a large ornate claw foot tub, and on the left of the doorway are several racks with towels and bathrobes. (To be continued)

GM@WolverineRules!!!: IN the dead center is the Alchemiter, and underneath it barely visible are the edges of a hot tub built right into the floor.(Done)

Biker Chick 3000: She follows him into what proves to be the bathroom, and her eyes widen. "Christ, this kid's parents are more loaded than I imagined from what he told me!"

WolverineRules!!!: The first thing that greets his eyes is a huge machinery, sitting right of the middle of a posh-looking bathroom.

WolverineRules!!!: Jake remembers seeing it in the Guide. He smiles triumphantly, but only until he notices the blocked hot tub underneath. His smile vanishes. "Bollocks." He had wanted to use a hot tub!

WolverineRules!!!: Running over to it, he examines, it, trying to see if he can find a control.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: You find one small pad on the side of the device with two arrows, one pointing up the other down, and a blank screen next to them, and a large green button underneath.

Biker Chick 3000: She watches curiously as he examines the machine.

WolverineRules!!!: Raking his memory about the equipment he just skimmed in the guide, he tries to remember the function of each of the machinery and the controls. Nothing. He's coming up blank. He mutters a curse under his breath as he runs back to the kid's bedroom. He needs the Guide!

WolverineRules!!!: Flipping open the guide and placing his finger on its contents, he traced the text until he sees the picture of the equipment in the bathroom. An Alchemiter.

Biker Chick 3000: She watches as he runs off again, and decides to just stay where she is, wearied slightly by the boy's energy.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Elise holds the Guide out to you, pointing at the section on the Alchemiter. "I think this is that thing in the bathroom."

WolverineRules!!!: "What the *** is a totem?!" he swears. Then he scans up the guide for the word.

WolverineRules!!!: There. He found it. Totem Lathe. Reading the section, he's immediately bombarded by words he does not recognize. Punching the wall next to him frustratedly, he took a few deep breaths, and scans the guide again.

Biker Chick 3000: She turns from the screen as Elise speaks and takes the guide. She nods slowly as she compares it with the object covering what appears to be a hot-tub. "Yeah, I'd say you're right..." She reads down. "What the *** is a totem?" she says.

Biker Chick 3000: She hands the guide back to Elise and goes back to monitoring the boy.

WolverineRules!!!: Scanning around again, he finally finds what he's looking for. He needs to find and use the other equipments first!

WolverineRules!!!: Taking the guide with him this time, he runs back out into the corridor. Then, he dashes past the guest bedroom and the bathroom, and burst into the next room.

Biker Chick 3000: She follows him into the new room, curious as to the size of this new piece of equipment.

WolverineRules!!!: Looking around, he realizes he has found another bedroom. It was decorated with posters of cars and bands.

GM@All: Near the back wall is the Cruxtruder. It's about 2/3 the size of the Alchemiter.

WolverineRules!!!: Eyeing the piece of equipment at the back wall, he flips open the guide. He has found the 'Cruxtruder'.

WolverineRules!!!: It's the first item in the guide. This must be it! He runs over and examines if for anything he can pull or press.

Biker Chick 3000: "That's bigger than I imagined too..." She turns to Elise and the guide, taking the latter from her friend and looking though it. "...Cruxtruder..." she reads aloud. "These things have some bloody weird names."

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The only moving part on the Cruxtruder is the round wheel attached to the pipe. It only turns a little bit and when you turn it you hear a clink like something hitting the cap on the pipe from the inside.

Biker Chick 3000: She peers over the top of the guide, watching the boy fiddle with the 'Cruxtruder'.

WolverineRules!!!: The young man tried to turn the wheel, but it wouldn't budge! It was the only moving part with the machine, and yet, there seem to be nothing he could do with it! He tries turning it again, and again, a sweat running down his brow. "*** you!" he screams at it angrily and kicked the pipe!

GM@WolverineRules!!!: Nothing happens save for a slight ouchy in the toe.

Biker Chick 3000: She couldn't help but smile slightly as she watched him get agitated.

WolverineRules!!!: Bending down to grab his toe, he closes his eyes and count backwards from five. Four. Three. Two.

WolverineRules!!!: Opening his eyes, he stands up and pushes the guide against pipe and reads the section on Cruxtruder slowly

Biker Chick 3000: The smile threatens to turn into an amused grin when she sees he's hurt himself through losing his temper with the machine, and she bites down on her lip lightly to try and stifle it.

WolverineRules!!!: "I have to...whack it from the top?" he mutters to himself while peering at the top of the pipe, just above the wheel.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Elise points at the Cruxtruder section of the Guide. "You can help him out here. Try grabbing something heavy and hitting the top of that pipe thing."

WolverineRules!!!: Taking a deep breath, he rolls up the guide and puts it into his pocket. Putting both his fists together, he swings it down hard on the top!

GM@WolverineRules!!!: More ouchies. No response from the equipment.

Biker Chick 3000: "What do you suggest?" she says, looking around the room.

Biker Chick 3000: "TV?"

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Elise points to the bed on the screen.

WolverineRules!!!: "Dammit!"

WolverineRules!!!: He can't believe he's doing this. He conjures out the PS3 out from the chapalog collection.

Biker Chick 3000: "Well, if we're going to go big, why not pick the biggest thing in the room," she says, picking up the bed as her friends suggested, and hoping that the boy would get out of the way.

GM: =========

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The bed on the far side of the room suddenly lifts into the air and starts moving towards your location.

WolverineRules!!!: The guide says it needs to be a heavy object. His bones has been through many street fights, who does it thinks it is to tell him his bones were't hard enough? Brushing aside the thoughts, he decides to try something else. The XBOX360 is more his thing anyway. He doesn't really need the PS3, he tells himself. Picking up the console, he swings it down at the top will all his might.

GM: =======

GM@All: The console shatters, sending pieces flying in all directions. The equipment remains unchanged.

WolverineRules!!!: He screams in frustration, and at the same moment, he catches a movement in the corner of his eye.

WolverineRules!!!: "Oh, fucking shit CRAP!" he jumps back and stumbles off the machine. What the hell?! The bed is...the bed is...

Biker Chick 3000: "Get out the way, you silly bugger!" she says impatiently, watching as he does eventually notice the bed floating across the room and moves. "Okay, here goes," she says, and jerks the bed in what she hopes is a whacking motion.

GM: ========

WolverineRules!!!: He stares at the levitating bed, floating towards the machine. After a short moment, he scrambles away from the machine!

GM@All: The bed bounces off the top and there is a blinding flash of light. When it clears the cap one on the pipe now lays on the floor, and a ball of orange light with a spyrograph in it flickers furiously beside the equipment now. The light is about 2 feet across. At the very top of the pipe you can just barely see a bit of orange peeking out. The blank boxing on the base are now filled with numbers. Nither of you can read them clearly from your angles.

Biker Chick 3000: "Oh ***!" she says, grimacing. "Oh fuck...I think I broke it!" She turns to Elise. "You made me fucking break it!"

Biker Chick 3000: "That's the last time I'm listening to you! I should have gone with the TV!"

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Elise cringes but stands her ground. "No, no, that was suppose to happen! That flashy thing is called a Kernel Sprite."

WolverineRules!!!: Gulping down nervously, he grips his shaking hand, hard. He gives himself a moment to calm down.

Biker Chick 3000: She places the bed back down, and squints at the picture on the screen. "You sure?" she says to Elsie.

WolverineRules!!!: Now. He's ready. Jake jumps back onto the machine and examines it.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Elise holds out the Guide, pointing to a black and white version of the Sprite.

GM: =====

GM@WolverineRules!!!: From your new angle you can now see the numbers properly. '19:55' is the first numbers you spot, and as you watch the number seems to be counting down by the second. '19:54, 19:53, 19:52' and so on. With the top off, the wheel now turns freely and the orange cylindrical shaped object in the pipe can now be moved freely by turning the wheel. The light orb flickers beside you.

Biker Chick 3000: She looks at the indicated area of the guide, and nods slowly, feeling a little silly for her outburst. "'re right...I apologise..." She turns back to the screen.

WolverineRules!!!: Looking at the countdown, he suddenly recalls the guide mentioned this. It spoke of a countdown before a meteor...

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Elise nods. "Don't worry, I get the agitation."

WolverineRules!!!: Brushing away those thoughts, he notices the cylindrical object. This must be...

WolverineRules!!!: He pulls out the manual and finds the picture of Cruxite Dowels. Is this it?

WolverineRules!!!: He reaches in and tries to pull it out. If he's right, he'll need this Cruxite for the next step!

GM@WolverineRules!!!: You can't really get a grip on it. It is a little heavier then you were expecting and is still mostly inside the pipe.

WolverineRules!!!: Not able pull the object out, he tries the wheel this time, again.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The dowel pops out into your arms.

WolverineRules!!!: Jumping in surprise, he examines the object. Should he try to chapalog it?

WolverineRules!!!: It's only in the next room, there's no need, he decided. He then rushes over to the kid's room again, where the Totem machinery is.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The red light in the sky outside seems a little brighter outside the window.

WolverineRules!!!: Now standing before the machine, he tries to find a slot for the cylinder.

WolverineRules!!!: Aware of the red light outside the window, he realizes his time is running out. He had 20 minutes last he checked.

WolverineRules!!!: Not being able to find a slot, he puts down the cylinder and pulls up the manual again. Then, his eyes catches the flashing window on the screen.

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Elise giggles. "I don't think he knows how to use a Lathe."

WolverineRules!!!: Reading the pending messages, must have been sent when he wasn't in the room, he realizes there is a last item, in the kid's parents bedroom. The last item. Then it hits him. The Card! The Totem thing also needs it to work.

Biker Chick 3000: She turned to look at her friend with a smirk and flicks her arm. "Would you?" she asks good naturedly.

WolverineRules!!!: Grumbling in annoyance, he left the room once again, and this time he runs straight to the only room he hasn't yet checked.

GM: ========

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The last room is twice as large as the kid's room with expensive looking pictures on the walls and lamps on various surfaces. The four poster bed in the middle of the room is on an ornate oriental rug and has deep blue velvet curtains. There are two large wardrobes and a shoe rack along one wall, and the far wall is made of almost entirely window. (To Be continued)

GM@Biker Chick 3000: Elise nods. "I wasn't very good, but I took woodworking in High School. I managed to make one good piece." She points the the Lathe on the screen. "All he has to do is place the dowel here, and then turn the wheel there and it'll clam the dowel in place." She leans back. "You may want to fill him in, the color outside his window looks scary." (Done)

Biker Chick 3000: She watches as the boy leaves again, and follows. She speaks to Elise as she travels through to the room the boy went into. "He's not by his computer, so how will he get the messages?"

GM@Biker Chick 3000: "He'll need to come back to the Lathe to get it carved, so you can ping him then I'd think." Elise muses.

WolverineRules!!!: "Where are you?" he mutters as he scans around the room for a card.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The voice returns "THE BED YOU MORON."

Biker Chick 3000: "Okay, I'll have to be ready for it," she says.

WolverineRules!!!: "Bloody 'ell---why don't you come out 'ere and I'll show you who's the moron?!"

Biker Chick 3000: She types the message 'Hey, hey! I have info for you, Pip-squeak!' and waits for him to return to the Lathe.

WolverineRules!!!: But, heeding the voice anyway, he heads to the bed and pulls apart the curtains.

GM: ========

GM@WolverineRules!!!: A card resembling your Chapalog cards sits on the bed. It's and orangy red color around the boarder and seems to have several rectangular hols punched into it. The picture on the card is decernable as what looks to be a mirror.

WolverineRules!!!: This must be it, he smiles and grabs the card before running back into the kid's room.

Biker Chick 3000: She sees him re-enter the room, and sends her message.

GM@WolverineRules!!!: The computer pings.

WolverineRules!!!: As soon as he enters, he hears a ping from the computer. Sitting down in front of the screen, he reads the message.

WolverineRules!!!@BC3: Wat u mean?

WolverineRules!!!@BC3: I mean, what info?

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Hey, my friend Elise used to take a woodworking class, so she knows how to use a lathe.

WolverineRules!!!: He suddenly remembers to type in perfect english.

[2013-04-01 20:37:23] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: @All: WR!!! and BC3 are now acceptable substitutes for all posts if you so choose. We all know what they mean by now, and with the color coding in the official thread, it'll make life easier.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: You have to place the dowel in the correct place, and then turn the wheel and it should clamp the dowel in place."

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: It would be much easier if I could show you, but I can't.

WR!!!@BC3: Ok thx

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: I'm starting to worry about your level of agitation you know...I've never seen your writing this sloppy.

WR!!!: A clamp...what she says made sense to him. He picks up the cylinder lying next to the equipment, lifts it in position with one arm, and turns the wheel with the other.

Biker Chick 3000: She smiles to herself.

GM@WR!!!: There is an empty slot the size of the card next to the place where you clamped the dowel.

WR!!!: Feeling the slot with his fingers, he realises this is where the card goes. Examining the card one more time, he waits for a few seconds before quickly inserting the card.

GM@WR!!!: As soon as the dowel is clamped in place and the card is in, a green light on a button starts flashing beneath the card slot.

WR!!!: This must be it. Making a fist, he punches the button lightly.

GM@WR!!!: Something like this happens. -

WR!!!: Jake backs away slightly as the machine starts to whirr.

GM@WR!!!: As soon as the dowel is shaped, the machine falls still.

WR!!!: Trying to remember was is next, he pulls open the manual again.

WR!!!: The bathroom equipment is next. The Alche-something. Jake grabs the wheel and turns it the other way.

GM@WR!!!: The Dowel is lossed from the equipment.

Biker Chick 3000: She watches the Totem Lathe do it's work, her expression a little bemused as she watches the strange machine.

WR!!!: Grabbing the loosened object, he runs back to the bathroom. Bloody hell, why did the girl put all the equipment in different rooms?

WR!!!: Starting to lose his breath, he looks for a slot where he can put the object in. This is turning out to be more tiresome than running away from police officers!

Biker Chick 3000: "And there he goes, rushing off again!" she says, following him out, passing through the wall, into the hall and then along to the bathroom again.

GM@WR!!!: The voice seems to nudge your memory about the placement of the Totem.

Biker Chick 3000: "He looks older than I thought," she said, speaking to Elise without turning around, watching the boy try to work the machine. "I'm sure he's only about fifteen, you know..."

GM@BC3: Elis nods. "There's no way he's less then 18 I'd say"

WR!!!: He then sees an 'altar' just next to the round stage.

Biker Chick 3000: "Weird...why would he tell me he was younger?"

Biker Chick 3000: She ponders him quizzically. "I'd actually say he even looks a little older than me..."

WR!!!: Combined with the voice's instruction, he has a feeling it's meant to go there. He places the object on the small round altar.

GM@WR!!!: Once the Totem is in place, something like this happens. -

GM: ===========

GM@All: As soon as the Totem is scanned by the mechanical arm, the device seems to activate. A large wall of mirrors appears, of all different shapes and sizes. Each one seems to be showing something different save for one blank one that slides off the wall on to the platform of the Alchemiter. The whole mirror is the same glossy orange as the totem and seems easily breakable. The wall vanishes, leaving behind the single empty mirror.

Biker Chick 3000: " seeing this?!" she says over her shoulder to Elise, as she watches the strange function of the machine.

WR!!!: Backing away quickly from the suddenly swinging mechanical arm, he studies the machine in fascination.

GM@BC3: Elise just nods incrediously.

Biker Chick 3000: "If this is due to some kind of high-inducing chemical in the air, my god it's strong!"

GM@WR!!!: The voice returns, a little less vindictive this time, but still strong. "DO NOT FORGET YOUR SPRITE. DO NOT FAIL THE GAME BEFORE IT BEGINS."

WR!!!: Reaching out and picking up the mirror cautiously, he turns it side to side to examine it. Suddenly, the voice once again screams in his head, nearly causing him to drop the mirror!

GM@BC3: Elise manages a small hah before falling silent again. The suddenly she panics a bit. "His Sprite, he hasn't done anything with his Sprite! He has to, or it's game over!"

WR!!!: Cursing silently at the annoying voice, he chapalogs the mirror away so it doesn't break.

Biker Chick 3000: "What can I do?! He's not near the computer," she replies to Elise's panicked comment, starting to do so herself.

GM@BC3: "Just start pinging over and over?"

GM@WR!!!: The sprite which has been following you around the house suddenly starts floating around you aggitatedly.

WR!!!: Sprite. What is the sprite again? He searches the his back pocket for the manual, only to realize it isn't there. He must have left it in the kid's room!

Biker Chick 3000: She sighs and types in 'HEY!!!' and posts it. Then does the same again and again, over and over.

WR!!!: Ignoring the floating ball of light, he runs to the kid's room and scans the manual. Then he notices that in the section of "Pre-Punched Card", he has to break something to enter the game. Like, break the mirror?


WR!!!: He was about to unchapalog the mirror when he notices the pings coming the computer, over and over again!

GM@WR!!!: The computer pings repeatedly

WR!!!: This, combined with the jarring voice, makes him wish he could punch something into oblivion!

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: GET OVER HERE, YOU ARSE!

WR!!!: Sitting in front of the screen, he reads the messages....they all just say the same thing!

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Finally!!! You have to do something with your sprite! Like, now!!!

WR!!!@BC3: Okay, here now.

WR!!!: Sprite?

WR!!!@BC3: Which is my sprite again?

GM@WR!!!: The ball of light floats closer again.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: If you don't, it's game over! Which means you either get smooshed by an asteroid, or you'll fall into a high induced coma!!!

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: It's that thing floating around you, doofus!

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: You know? The ball of light trying to get your attention?!

WR!!!: Glancing over at the ball of light, the cogs started turning in his head. Could it be...? Turning his head back at the sound of the ping, he reads the new messages. So, it is.

WR!!!: What to do with it?

WR!!!: It's a ball light!

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: You better shift your arse, mate, or you're fucked!

WR!!!@BC3: Wat I'm supoised to do?

WR!!!: At the same time, he spreads open the guide and scans the section for sprites.

GM: =======

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: You have to put something into it.

Biker Chick 3000: "Whatever the fuck that means," she says aloud.

GM@BC3: "Make sure it's something useful, preferably something that can or could talk at one point. That's what the guide says. He just need to put in one thing, then he can break that mirror to enter." Elise explains quickly, eyes glued to the Guide.

GM@BC3: "He just has to drop it in there. Or so it says." Elise replies looking up over the top of the book.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!:Make sure it's something useful.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: And something that has or once had the ability to talk.

WR!!!@BC3: yes, sumting. I think it says it shud be alive.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Whatever. You just drop it in there.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Do that then break the mirror to enter.

WR!!!: Something that once had the ability to talk? What does, in this house?!

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Hop to it, Pip-squeak!

WR!!!@BC3: there is nothing liek that in this house! or can i use a tv?


WR!!!: "The what?!" he looks up and yells in no one in particular.

WR!!!: What the hell is a dead memorial?

WR!!!@BC3: wat is a 'dead memorial'?


Biker Chick 3000: "This kid is always talking to himself," she says, watching his lips move.

WR!!!@BC3: i'm supposed to use it, but i dunno wat it is

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: What are you supposed to use?

WR!!!: The ash above the hearth? It means the...fireplace?

WR!!!: Maybe it meant the ash inside the fireplace?

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: The TV? You don't know what a TV is?

GM: =======

WR!!!: Why would there be ash above the fireplace. He remembers the mantelpiece. It was filled with family photos.

Biker Chick 3000: She raises an eyebrow.

WR!!!: There was definitely no ashes on the mantelpiece. Only those pictures and a fancy vase.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: You mean the dead memorial?

WR!!!@BC3: yes! u know wat it is? its suppose to bve above the fireplace i tink

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: I think it means ashes, of someone who's been cremated.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: It'll be like an urn or something.

Biker Chick 3000@WolverineRules!!!: Or a vase? It might look like a vase, but probably with a lid.

WR!!!: Ashes of a cremated person...he slaps his forehead suddenly. Of course! Why didn't he think of that?!


WR!!!: He runs out of the room and sprints down the steps, nearly missing a step and stubbing his foot

GM@WR!!!: The sprite follows close behind.

WR!!!: He grabs the vase roughly and throws it into the ball of light!

GM: ======

GM@WR!!!: There is a flash of light and suddenly where the spyrograph once was on the ball of light is the face of an old man with half moon specticles at the end of his nose. The ball of light floats back away from you a few feet before seeming to turn away and look about the room.

WR!!!: Only taking a moment to examine the features of the old man in the ball of light, he turns away from it and conjures the mirror. It's time.

Biker Chick 3000: Having followed the boy, she watches as he gets ready to take the final step to enter the game.

GM@BC3: Elise holds her breath.

WR!!!: Looking out of the window, he didn't realize how red the sky has become. He lifts the mirror with his left hand in a throwing stance.

Biker Chick 3000: "Got there in the end," she says smiling. "Good luck mate!" She makes a salute motion.

WR!!!: And then he throws it down to the ground!

GM@All: The world around WolverineRules!!! goes white.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 5:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


White - Crazycrazy

Dark Blue - GM

Crazycrazy: Sam examines the two discs to figure out which one goes in first.

GM@Crazycrazy: One disc looks like a blue plantet covered with clouds labled 'Disc 1' and the other looks like an old vinal record labled 'Disc 2'

Crazycrazy: Sam sets down the second disk on top of her computer's tower and slips the first disc in. She waits for the window that usually pops up to install things.

GM@Crazycrazy: A DoS like window pops up reading "Would you like to install SBURB on to your computer? Y/N"

Crazycrazy: Sam sighs and mutters an annoyed "yes" before clicking on the corresponding option.

GM@Crazycrazy: Your screen goes black for a moment, then this appears -

Crazycrazy: Sam watches the screen as the images and music plays. At the end she just blinks. "Huh. Cool intro"

Crazycrazy: She sits there waiting for a moment until she figures that nothing is happening and tries clicking the word 'SBURB'.

GM@Crazycrazy: The screen fades back to your normal desktop and a stack of cards the size of sheets of papper pop up right next to your computer out of nowhere. The cards seem to be pink around the edges and white on front.

Crazycrazy: Sam nearly falls out of her chair from jumping at the sudden appearance of the cards on her desk. She stares at it for a good minute, questioning her mental state. She knew what they were, she'd read up on that much while skimming the guide. She just didn't expect them to pop up in the real world. Who would? slowly, tentatively, she reaches out to grab one of the cards.

GM@Crazycrazy: As soon as you touch the card, the entire stack vanishes. An instant later they appear floating in front of you in a semi circle just out of reach. After a moment, they fade from view.

Crazycrazy: Sam sits there bewildered at first, and then curiosity strikes and she reaches out towards where the cards were.

GM@Crazycrazy: The cards re-appear, just out of reach.

Crazycrazy: Sam is still bewildered, so she quickly grabs the guide and finds the part explaining these shenanigans. She is amazed by what she comes across. immediately after reading, her first instinct is to call up Moko and tell her that the game was real. But she stops and figures she'd better do better research before reporting in. "Ok SBURB..what else ya got for me?" she mutters while she goes to grab her grilled sandwich, and just for fun thought the command 'Chapalog'

GM@Crazycrazy: The sandwich dissappears from your hand, and reappears on one of the cards.

Crazycrazy: Immediately having the guide proven right, she imagines the sandwich back into her hand.

GM@Crazycrazy: That sandwich vanishes from the card, and re-appears in your hand.

Crazycrazy: Sam takes a bite out of her sandwich and looks around. During her skimming, she had come across a list of weapons allowed. One had caught her attention and she immediately decided that she must claim it as her main weapon because it is both functional and funny. While still eating her sandwich, she walks across her bedroom and to the corner where she keeps her umbrella. " now a weapon."

Crazycrazy: She smiled mischeviously and takes a stance. "Strife!"

GM@Crazycrazy: The umbrella vanishes with an epic Anime *Whoosh*.

Crazycrazy: "Oh..hey..I'm not done." she thought of having her umbrella back.

GM@Crazycrazy: The umbrella re-appears in your dominant hand.

Crazycrazy: She smiled again and swings her umbrella going "Aha! On guard!" she did this several time before exhaling happily. "Ok. I unsummon you." she mutters, even though she knew she didn't have to. "Ok," she said sitting down. "Now what?"

GM@Crazycrazy: The umbrella vanishes back into your Strife Deck.

Crazycrazy: Sam sat there bored, yet she didn't know if she knew everything she needed she goes back to her Pesterchum chat room. She asks if anyone else has gotten has gotten SBURB.

GM@Crazycrazy: No afirmatives.

Crazycrazy: After chatting with people and getting no news about anyone else having installed SBURB, she BRB's and goes onto Twitter, where she is bombarded with news of meteor showers. It is an interesting piece of news, but there are no leads. After some thought, she decids to check out her friends list.

Crazycrazy@WolverineRules!!! Hey, have you heard of or installed the newest game, SBURB?

GM@Crazycrazy: WoverineRules!!! does not respond imediatly.

Crazycrazy: Sam leaves it at that, figuring her friend is busy. She figures that she could have a little more fun with it. Hastily she grabs her most cherished of soft things- a large stuffed doggie he girlfriend had given her. She hugged it once and then thinks 'Chapalog'.

GM@Crazycrazy: The doggie vanishes and re-appears on one of the cards.

Crazycrazy: She smiles faintly and waves her finger in the air,"Yay..."

Crazycrazy: Sam picks the guide back up and skims the rest of it for more important and or interesting things. Nothing except maybe the sprite catches her attention. the very end, the words final note- dire warning she read that part. When she's done she yells out, "you've got to be freaking kidding me!"


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Dark Blue = GM

Violet = HouseMouse

Red = Death

Yellow = Tobysprite

GM@HM: There is no imediate answer. Tobysprite wags his new "Tail" and gives you a questioning look.

HouseMouse: Jillian waits a few more moments before shrugging at the screen. "I guess she's busy." She pats the inquiring Toby's head. "No worries, we'll find something else to do in the meantime.

HouseMouse@Death: What do you suggest I do now?

Death@HouseMouse: Uh, I've been going over the Update you sent me, and I think we should get working on the game itself. Acording to the Update, you should start gathering "Grist" by defeating monsters so I can build up to your first gate, and you can upgrade your gear.

HouseMouse: Jillian frowns. "It seems like we have to go back outside, Toby." She listens to the steady sound of scratching from the front door. "Or at least the foyer." She pats the dog sprite's head as she goes up the stairs from the basement, summoning the Cast Iron Poker weapon into her hand as she goes. She types a quick message to Death.

HouseMouse@Death: Here I go.

HouseMouse: She quickly opens the door and charges forward, Toby eagerly following at her heels

Death@HouseMouse: Good luck *Salutes*

GM: =====

GM@HM: Several little Imps scatter around the room, seemingly fleeing from the suddely open door. A few seem to giggle, a few wave, and very few take up a threatening stance.

Death: James watches, amused by the little guy's casual actions. "Man these guys are dorks heheh." Panning around the house he makes note of a few imps wandering through other rooms, almost like they're playing with a life sized doll house.

GM@HouseMouse: This battle will require some dice rolling.

GM@HouseMouse: Just post your actions and I will roll for success.

HouseMouse: "They're taunting me? Pah!" She takes a bold step forward and swings the poker around like a baseball bat at one of the more daring, or perhaps stupid, imps, hoping that the cast iron weapon makes contact with the creature.

GM@HM: The Imp falls backwards, your poker swinging just past it's face. A few of the disinterested Imps take notice of your actions and begin approaching.

HouseMouse: Jillian sighs and lifts the poker into a swinging position again. She needs to work on her aim. "Toby, get the ones at my back will ya?' Jillian swings again, this time bringing the poker back around after the initial attack in case she should miss like the first time.

GM@HM: The imp dodges your first swing but the swing back takes it out. It pops leaving behind a small pile of Grist. At your back Tobysprite whips out his claws and takes a fighting stance close to the ground.

GM@HM: A few of the Imps stop advancing, while two launch themselves at you, snarling.

HouseMouse: "Crap!" she swings wildly through the air.

Death: James pumps his fist in the air and whoops. "Got one, go go HouseMama!!!"

GM@HM: You make contact with both Imps, causing them to explode and shower you with Grist. As soon as the Grist touches you in vanishes. The remaining Imps look a little wary, but a few still seem ready to fight. One crouches down and scratches behind it's dog like head with it's back leg much like a dog. Behind you Tobysprite slashes through a couple of the idle Imps.

Death: With a giggle James pulls up a separate window for the internet and logs into the local new site. His giggles die as he spots several more reports of Meteors falling to earth with devestating results. Hmmmm, maybe this is going to be worse than I thought. . . . ."

HouseMouse: "Toby, cover me for a sec." Jillian sticks the poker under the crook of her arm and pulls out her pda, tapping a message to Death.

Tobysprite: Yesh!

HouseMouse@Death: Is there any end to these things? Anyway, do I have enough Grist to use? I'm a bit out of shape for all this monster bashing.

Death: Pulling back up his Pesterchum James reads the inquiry.

Death@HouseMouse: Since these are the lowest level guys, I think they'll just keep coming, but they don't seem to get the concept of doors. If you clear a room then close the windows and doors, they shouldn't be able to follow you. As for Grist, you can always use more of it. Try to hold on for another level so I can see how your storage advances each level, okay?

HouseMouse@Death: You got it

GM@HM: Tobysprite takes out another Imp then looks over at you with a doggie grin.

HouseMouse: "Overtime, Toby. Let's kick some ass and lose that extra 10 pounds," she grins slightly at her sad attempt at humoring herself. She backs into the house dragging the dog sprite with her and closes the door. "I think I heard other ones in the house. Let's take them out first before we get the ones outside," she says to Toby, dragging him towards the kitchen where she can hear the clangs of pots and pans.

GM: =====

GM@HM: As you enter the kitchen you are met with a truly comical sight. Several of the imps have set up what looks to be a makeshift band and are tapping and banging the pots and pants in a disjointed jarring rythem. Some have doned the pots like hats and are thrumming on the sides, as a result, they seem to be a bit confused and dizzy. There are 7 in total, with one resting on top of the cubords, swaying it's hand to the beat.

HouseMouse: Jillian stares in awe. They are like little kids. Her heart tightens at the thought. Maybe she could...No. She shakes her head. They were not children, and they were certainly not hers. She had to take them out quickly before she had any other ridiculous thoughts. Jillian nods her head from Toby to the group on the floor, indicating that he should take care of them, while she creeps over towards the one on the cupboards and swings at it with the poker.

GM@HM: The Imp never sees it coming, it's eyes having been closed at it listened. Some of the Grist falls to the floor while the rest stays where it had been sitting. Tobysprite leaps into the group of imps on the floor causing most to scatter. With a long sweep of it's claws it takes out two of them before pursuing a third. One of the fleeing Imps spots you and charges. It seems a little different from the other, it's black carapace a bit more gray than the others'. It seems to be a little smarter than the others and stops just out of range of your poker. It snarls at you, branishing it's claws.

HouseMouse: Jillian frowns at this new imp. It is the same size, but differently colored, and the gleam in its eyes is... She takes a tentative step forward and stabs the poker at the creature

GM@HM: The blow glances off it's shoulder and it lets out a chittering cry. It slashes at the poker, knocking it aside. It does not advance, but it crouches at the ready. To the left Tobysprite takes out another Imp.The remaining two launch themselves at the Sprite.

Death: With one eyes still on the news reports James begins re-reading the Update. A few ideas float around his head as he reads more about Alchemizing.

HouseMouse: Jillian flinches as the poker is batted to the side, and she backs away a few steps. "Toby..." she says turning her head slightly to the sprite for help. Her eyes widen as she notices the double team on the dog. If she lose him, she would be screwed. Ignoring the slightly different Imp for now, she swings at one of the others launching themselves at the dog sprite.

GM@HM: The swing misses. In your haste you step on the handle of one of the may pans littering the floor which throws you off balance.

@HM: Would you like a catch roll?

@GM: You bet

@HM: Roll: 9, You pass. You catch Tobysprites arm and manage to stay on your feet. Your turn.

HouseMouse: Jillian shrieks as she loses her balance, thankfully catching herself on the sturdy dog sprite. An idea strikes her as she regains her feet. She kicks the pots and pans on the floor at the other Imp she had been facing moments before.

GM@HM: The Imp is struck by a few of them, one in particular strikes it's head. It seems a little dazed. Behind you the Sprite takes down another Imp. The remaining normal Imp stands growling in front of Tobysprite.

HouseMouse: "I guess I didn't have anything to worry about," she smiles at Toby and returns her attention to the Imp. It is slightly dazed, so she takes the chance and lashes out at the creature. "Please hit..." she says under her breath.

GM@HM: The strike feels like hitting granite and the shock runs up your arm. Despite this the Imp shatters, leaving behind a large pile of Grist. Some of this grist is differently colored from the ones before, and some are cube shaped and white. In your head you hear a jingle indicating a gained level. You feel mildly rejuvinated. Behind you Tobysprite takes out the last Imp, then turns to you like a dog asking for a bisket.

HouseMouse: Jillian sighs and shakes her arms as they tingle from the impact of hitting the Imp. She turns and, upon seeing Toby take out the last beast, makes the poker disappear from her grasp. Bending slightly at the waist she scratches Toby affectionately behind the ears, and, on a whim, goes over to the cupboard where she knows the dog's treats are kept. "I'm not sure if you can even eat this anymore, but here you go," she says throwing the cookie at the dog. She takes the pda from her pocket.

HouseMouse@Death: I leveled! My arms are still tingling. How am I doing?

Tobysprite: Gobbles down treat and wags new tail.

Death: James does a little dance at his friend's victory.

Death@HM: Nice. That was AWESOME HouseMama! Now just scoop up the grist and close off the doors to the kitchen. It looks like the way to the basement is clear, but you still have several Imps upstairs and in the front room.

Death@HM: Oh, and you're level 3 now. The Grist Cache is bigger now so you should be able to hold all the stuff laying around. It seems to go in a 10xLevel formula. So for level 3 you added a carry capacity of 30 grist of each type.

Death: James leans back, stretching. "Man, just watching her fight makes me feel like I fought too." He looks over his shoulder at the kitchen area. "Maybe a snack. . . ." He hops up and wanders to the kitchen, putting the teakettle on, and pulling out sandwich materials.

HouseMouse: Jillian contemplates everything as she walks around, the grist disappearing into her invisible cache as she knocks them with her feet. More storage for Grist was good, like the potato sacks people called purses could hold more money...and snacks. She is concerned about the Imps that are still roaming upstairs, but they can be taken care of later. She would have to go up eventually anyway. "Lets go see what we can conjure in the basement for now, eh Toby?" She pats the dog sprites head and heads to the basement, checking the Pesterchum on her pda as she goes to see if "Biker Chick 3000" has responded yet.

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PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2013 8:59 pm    Post subject: Session 8 Reply with quote


Dark Blue = GM

Dark Red = KingPoe13

Orange = WolverineRules!!!

GM@KingPoe13: As you open the case a small booklet falls out almost as if it was designed to do so. Inside the case is two discs. One loos like a blue planed nearly completely covered in clouds on the top, and the other looks like an old vinal record. The Blue and white one has a small number 1 on it, while the record one has a small number 2.

KingPoe13: Artemis grabs the booklet and flips through it for a moment before setting it down on the desk and grabbing disk 1 from the case. He pops open the disk drive on the laptop and places the disk in before sliding it closed.

GM@KingPoe13: A DoS like window pops up. "Would you like to install SBURB on your computer? Y/N"

KingPoe13: Artemis leans back and studies the image for a moment. He thinks about Phil's words for a minute before reaching out and typing "Y" and hitting the enter key.

GM@KingPoe13: The screen goes white, then this appears -

KingPoe13: Artemis arches an eyebrow at the interesting image and sounds on the screen before smiling slightly. As the word SBURB appeared, he leaned forward, moved the cursor over it and let out a sigh. "Here goes nothing," he says before clicking it.

GM@KingPoe13: The screen fades back to your normal desktop. An instant later a stack of cards the size of sheets of paper appears beside your computer out of nowhere. The cards look like a white sheet of paper placed atop a pink backing with the backing several inches bigger than the paper.

KingPoe13: Artemis stares at his desktop curiously before noticing the cards suddenly appeared. He stand up suddenly, slightly startled. Quickly, he picks up the guide and flips through it. "Chapalog cards." He lowers the book and holds it in one hand before reaching out to grab the stack with his other hand.

GM@KingPoe13: The stack vanishes, then the cards re-appear in front of you in a semi circle just out of reach. They seem to hang in mid-air for several seconds before vanishing from view.

KingPoe13: Artemis stares at where the cards had just occupied the air and thinks. He looks in the guide and after reading the Chapalog section a couple more times, drops the guide onto the table and reaching out to where the cards were, demanding in his mind for them to return.

GM@KingPoe13: The cards re-appear in the air before you, still just out of reach.

KingPoe13: "Good cards," he said with a smirk. "Now, why don't you be good and get in my hand?" he said, leaning forward in an attempt to grab one.

GM@KingPoe13: The cards lean with you as you do so. One card leaves the semi-circle and appears in your hand.

KingPoe13: "Good, now let's see. I just have to touch something with you and think Chapalog. Ok, let's give this a whirl." With the card in hand, Artemis walks from the study and pulls the door in the center of the living area floor open and heads down the steps. He flicks on the light and looks around his Booze Cellar for a moment before walking to a set of shelves, placing his hand on a bottle of Tequila and thinking to himself "Chapalog".

GM@KingPoe13: The bottle disappears from the shelf, the reappears on one of the cards floating in front of you. The cards then fade from view.

KingPoe13: Artemis watches as the tequila vanishes and appears on the card. "Oh," he said. "This may prove to be a fruitful endeavor yet." He heads up out of the cellar and closes the door. He thinks for a moment before heading upstairs and into his library. He looks through his bookshelves before grabbing a book from one and smiling at it. The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe. "Let's see if I actually need one in my hand," he said. He let out a sigh and once more thought Chapalog.

GM@KingPoe13: The book vanishes, the reappears on one of the floating cards.

KingPoe13: "Hmm..." he said debating about whether or not to add one of his own books to the cards. "Might as well..." he walked over to one of the shelves and pulled a copy of his first novel, A Not-So-Touching Reunion, off the shelf and after caster a glimpse at the Author Picture of him and his late wife thought Chapalog.

GM@KingPoe13: The item is Chapalogued.

KingPoe13: Artemis watches the book vanish and nods. "Alright...Nine left...Let's see..." he thinks for a couple minutes before walking around the house and Chapaloguing a couple more items. A copy of the film The Prowler, an issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, A Playboy from 1999, and a copy of My Bloody Valentine. Once he had those, he gave a content sigh. "Ok...I guess that's fine for now, now what's next?" He walked into the study and looked at the guide. "Strife Deck..."

KingPoe13: Artemis reads the booklet for a moment and then his mind starts to race. He thinks back to every horror flick he's watched and every thriller tale he'd ever read and walks back into the living area. He glances to the fireplace and a blacklight goes off in his twisted little mind. He moves to the fireplace and picks up the poker, twirling it in the light. He stares at it a moment longer and then thinks 'Strife'.

GM@KingPoe13: The poker vanishes from view.

KingPoe13: Artemis feels the air for a moment, still not used to things vanishing. His mind races again and a twisted little chuckle escapes his lips. He walks into the kitchen and grabs his meat cleaver from the counter. "Now what type of horror author would I be without one of these?" He thought Strife once more before moving back to the study and picking up his pistol. "And you too, I suppose." He thought Strife once more before picking up the guide and looking to see what should come next.

GM@WR!!!: When the world comes back into focus nothing seems to have changed. You are in the same room, same spot and everything. The place where you threw down the mirror is empty, and the only notable change is the light filtering into the room through the windows. No longer holding that red hue, the dull light seems almost gray, and the shadows around you seem bigger, deeper. The house seems still, the noises from outside seem to have stopped. After a few seconds you catch sight of you sprite undergoing some sort of trans formation, like this - . One part of the Sprite heads strait up the chimney, while the other phases through a window and seems to disapear downward.

WR!!!: Startled, Jake whips his head back and forth the window and the chimney. He inches towards the window and peeks downwards.
GM@WR!!!: The grass lawn outside the house extends for about 10 feet before the ground vanishes as if there's a cliff. The sky is dark and filled with black and gray clouds but there is no rain.

WR!!!: "Bollocks," he breathes. It slowly dawns on the young man that he's no longer in Cardiff. Of course he's no longer there. He just 'entered the game'. This is what it must have meant. Maybe it's for the best. After all, he had to get out of Cardiff to save himself. "***!" he shouts suddenly. Adrian! He's still in Cardiff! Turning away from the window, he quickly pulls out his mobile phone and punched in his friend's number.

GM@WR!!!: There is no answer. You get simply a dialtone. Your sprite seems to be moving around the room, ignoring you.

WR!!!: The young man swallows uncomfortably as he stares at nothing. It probably meant nothing. Maybe there's no mobile phone signal from down here. Or in here. Wherever this is. He'll try this again later. Then, he looks at the 'old-man-sprite' zooming around the room. He has no idea what he's meant to be doing with it. He needs the guide book again. Shaking his head, he ignores the sprite and walks towards the stairs, intending to head back to the kid's room.

GM: ======

GM@WR!!!: The Sprite suddenly zooms in front of you. It's clearly upset but you can't understand what it's trying to say. It rages for several seconds before zooming off through a wall, leaving behind a residue of orange ectoplasm on the spot where it vanished.

WR!!!: Backing away from the sudden appearance of the old-man-sprite, Jake stares at the floating ethereal object with caution as it flies around like it's in a panic or something. Then, without warning, it smashed itself onto a wall, leaving only an orange goo. He blinks at it with his mouth open. What was that all about? Shrugging to himself, he continues on to the kid's room.

KingPoe13: Artemis looks through the guide and sighs as he reads through about needing a Host. "Shit, I gotta be social," he mumbled. He logged into Pesturchum and looked through his friends list. "Let's see here...You're a *** don't know what a video game is...I wish you would choke on your own tongue...Eat shit and die..." Finally he reached the handle of someone he didn't completely despise. He clicked on their name and started typing.

KingPoe13@WolverineRules!!!: You up, kid?

WR!!!: Turning his head at the beeping of the computer, Jake pulls out the chair and slumps in front of the screen. But, the 'BikerChick' chat window is blocked by another. He scoffs. What kind of stupid name is that. He briefly wonders if he should reply. Wait. He's still online, even though he's no longer in Cardiff? He inhales a little before minimising the chat window and pulling up an internet browser. He types "Cardiff news" into it.

GM@WR!!!: Other than Pesterchum, the internet does not seem to be working.

WR!!!: Slamming the keyboard frustratedly, he rubs his head roughly with both hands. Where is he? What happened to Cardiff? Is his friend still alive? When he looks back up, Jake notices that the chat window is back up. He must have pulled it up accidentally when he slammed the keyboard. "Oh, bloody 'ell," he mutters before pulling the keyboard towards him.

WR!!!@KingPoe13: yes.

KingPoe13@WR!!!: Good. Know anything about this SBURB?

WR!!!: Seriously. Another person with the game?

WR!!!@KingPoe13: yes.

WR!!!@KingPoe13: im in the game

KingPoe13@WR!!!: Good: I'm trying to get there. Agent said I might find inspiration in it. Need a host. You game?

WR!!!@KingPoe13: inspiration? r there no meteors at ur place? where r u?

WR!!!: Grabbing the booklet, Jake starts reading the section on hosting. That's right, he already knows these stuff. Tossing the booklet aside, he searches the desk for "disk 2".

GM@WR!!!: The disc is sitting on the floor next to the desk.

WR!!!: He grabs the disc and inspects it for a second. Then, he drops it onto the disc tray, stopping short of closing the tray. He waits for a moment for a reply.

WR!!!@KingPoe13: oi, do u know wat's going on in cardiff? can you chek?

KingPoe13: Artemis arches an eyebrow. "Meteors?" he scoffs and strolls over to the window and peers out, trying to figure out what the hell the kid was talking about.

GM@KingPoe13: The sky seems unusually red/orange in color for the time of day, and the clouds seem rather thick, of what little you can see of the sky.

KingPoe13: Artemis walks back to the laptop and sits down in his chair. He glances at the chat again before minimizing it and bringing up the internet and searching Cardiff.

GM@KingPoe13: Several headlines pop up at your search. "Cardiff wiped off the map!" "Meteor devistated the Cardiff area!" "Large town, huge crater!"

KingPoe13: Staring at the screen in shock, he brought up the chat and hesitated for a moment before typing.

KingPoe13@WR!!!: The net says Cardiff is gone. A meteor wiped it off the map.

KingPoe13@WR!!!: Where the *** are you typing from then?

WR!!!: Jake stiffens at the message on the screen. No. No, no, no, no. He stands up and turns away from the computer, breathing heavily and quickly. "***!!" he grabs the chair suddenly and smashes it on the wall!

WR!!!: His breathing slows down a little as he sits on the bed and stares at the wall. Adrian is gone. It's no big deal. These things happen. If it wasn't the meteor, it would be a gang fight, or something. Swallowing back his emotions, he walks back to the computer.

WR!!!@KingPoe13: from in the game. if you need to enter the game, dat means a meteor is coming for u, too.

WR!!!@KingPoe13: i'll handle it. sit tight.

WR!!!: The young man pushes the tray, finally inserting the disc. He tries to think about anything but Adr...his friend.

KingPoe13: Artemis looked straight up at the ceiling and swallowed. A meteor was coming to turn him to dust. A loud laugh erupted from him. The irony was delicious. Just this morning he was contemplating suicide and now it seemed the universe was trying to help out.

GM@WR!!!: A DoS like window pops up. "I would like to Host Player _____________. Y/N"

WR!!!: Without even hesitating, Jake types in "KingPoe13" and hits return.

GM@WR!!!: After a few seconds a new window pops up. You see a man, late 20's, red hair sitting in a chair in front of his computer. His face is upturned and he seems to be laughing.

WR!!!: So, this is how the biker chick could see him? Scanning around for controls, he begins clicking on them one by one from the left.

GM@WR!!!: Pressing the controls on the D-pad causes you view to shift about. The remaining buttons open up different options. Suddenly, you phone goes off.

WR!!!: It's like there's a flying camera in the room. Suddenly, he hears his phone beep. A text message? He quickly whips it out and reads it. He clenches his fist before tossing it on the bed. Of course it wasn't doesn't matter. It's no big deal. He clicks on a few buttons until he finds what he's looking for. The same weird equipment in his own bathroom.

WR!!!@KingPoe13: go read section on sprite

WR!!!@KingPoe13: you need a person or an animal, dead or alive

WR!!!: Without wasting time, he attempts to grab the first equipment: the Cruxtruder

KingPoe13: Artemis reads through the message and starts thinking. He needs something that was once alive. He thinks about it for a bit before coming up with an idea. He gets up and moves through the house. He heads upstairs to his Library. He looks around the room until he spots what he needs, he strolls across the room to a bookcase. Sitting atop of it is a stuffed Raven. He reached up and grabbed hold of it. "This'll do..."

GM@WR!!!: The man leave the room just as the Cruxtruder appears in it. The room is a decent size and the object would fit nicely in 2 of the corners, or dead center in the room.

WR!!!: He wonders if the room is large enough to house all the equipments. The Cruxtruder, the Alchemiter and the Totem Lathe.

WR!!!: Not good enough. It's better if it's all the same room. He moves the camera to the living room and checks it out instead.

WR!!!: This is it. Jake drops all the HER items randomly in the room. Then, he pulls open the chat window.

WR!!!@KingPoe13: oi, have u found a sprite yet?

KingPoe13: Artemis tucks the stuffed bird under his arm and heads back downstairs, pausing in the living room as three objects appear seemingly out of nowhere. He tosses the bird onto the couch and races into his study and looks at the chat window.

KingPoe13@WR!!!: Have I found the what?

WR!!!: He eyes the older man tossing a stuffed black bird onto the couch. That must be the sprite.

WR!!!@KingPoe13: throw the bird into the ball of lite.

WR!!!: Clicking around, he tries to pick up the couch.

GM@WR!!!: The couch doesn't move.

WR!!!: Dammit, why wouldn't it pick up? He clicks on a few buttons randomly, before trying the couch again.

GM@WR!!!: Your cursor not on the right setting fails to lift the couch into the air.

WR!!!: Frustratedly, he pulls open the guide and scans the section on buttons. Of course. Cursors. He clicks on the first button and tries again.

WR!!!: With a flick, he slams the couch on the top of the Cruxtruder.

GM@All: The cap on the tube at the top of the Cruxtruder pops off. There is a bright almost blinding flash that passes quickly. A ball of light about the size of a large beach ball now floats around the room. It is black and white and appears to have a spyrograph inside.

@All: His Kernel Sprite looks like the one in the Game Guide.

WR!!!@KingPoe13: after u trow the bird into the ball of lite, turn the wheel on the Cruxtruder then take to tube and put it into the spindle thing and put the card in and put the vase thing on the altar

WR!!!@KingPoe13: r u following?

KingPoe13: Artemis hears a noise in the living room but before he can go check it out, another message appears. He stares at it for a minute and scratches his head before typing back.

KingPoe13@WR!!!: I think so...hold a sec

GM@WR!!!: Your Sprite floats into the room behind you and takes a "Seat" on the kid's bed.

GM@KingPoe13: The raven is now on the floor near where the couch use to be. Your couch looks a bit worse for wear ind is laying on it's side beside one of the odd objects that had appeared earlier.

KingPoe13: Artemis moved back into the living area and froze. The couch was on its side, the raven was on the middle of the floor, there was a floating ball of light in the middle of the room and there was a meteor surely getting ready to crush him. Life was definitely starting to look like one of his novels. He looked at the sprite and picked up the stuffed Raven. "Ok, I take this and throw it into the ball of light..." he took a step back and cautiously tossed the bird at the ball of light.

WR!!!: He glances back at the weirdo sprite. "Wot? Wait, wasn't you supposed to talk?"

GM@WR!!!: The Sprite simply shakes it's head and utters a low babble of nonsense before pausing. It suddenly looks anger at itself and darts out of the room.

GM@KingPoe13: There is a low flash of light. The face of the ball has changed from a spyrograph to the head of a bird. It floats around the room a few times before coming over to you and bouncing up and down in mid air.

WR!!!: He shakes his head at weirdo grandpa sprite. Then, he turns his attention back on the screen. It seems the man already did the sprite thing. Now, the next step.

KingPoe13: "Ok," he said. "Now I have to turn the wheel on the Cruxtruder..." He looked at all of the machines and moved over to the one nearest his downed couch. He cast a glimpse to the sprite. "That's this thingy, right?" he asked, hoping that whatever it was understood him.

GM@KingPoe13: The Sprite wobbles around a bit before zooming up to circle around the pipe on the Cruxtruder.

WR!!!: Getting bored, he starts picking up the couch again.

GM@KingPoe13: The couch suddenly lifts into the air.

GM@WR!!!: Suddenly, from downstairs, you hear a few low thumps followed by a crash.

WR!!!: How tough exactly is the wall? He slams the couch against the wall connecting to the study a few times, chucking a little.

KingPoe13: Artemis nodded at the sprite and as he went to turn the wheel on the Cruxtrader, he stopped. He looked to his couch as it lifted into the air. "The fuck?" He started turning the wheel and it hit him. The host. He watches the couch slam into the wall and steps away from the device. "Look here, you limey bastard, quit fucking with my couch."


WR!!!: Jumping at the crash, he spins around to face the hallway. Was someone in the house? Suddenly, the bloody voice came back. Wincing at it, he pulls out his penknife and waves it in the air. "Come 'ere yer fucking shit!"

WR!!!: Sighing annoyedly, he walks down the hallway and peeks down the stairs.

GM@KingPoe13: Your couch falls to the ground.

GM@WR!!!: At the bottom of the stairs to see vague shadowy figures. You can't see them very well because there are no lights on.

KingPoe13: "Better..." Turning his attention back to the device, he started to turn the wheel on it, paying attention so all of his surroundings for whatever would happen next.

GM@KingPoe13: As you turn the wheel a black cylinder pops out of the top of the pipe and falls into your arms.

WR!!!: There is someone in the house! But, who is it? They're not in Cardiff anymore. Where did they come from? Silently, he backs away from the stairs and heads back to the kid's room.

KingPoe13: Artemis held the cylinder for a moment and thought to what the message that his host had said. "Take it to the Spindle thing..." He looks to the sprite. "Which one?"

GM@KP13: The sprite wobbles around again, the turns this way and that as if looking around the room. Suddenly it zips forward and starts bouncing off the Totem Lathe. On the floor between you and the Lathe is a card that looks a lot like a Chapalogue card but the backing seems to be red-orange in color.

WR!!!: He starts searching the kid's room for a flashlight or a lamp.

GM@WR!!!: You find a mega watt flashlight in the kid's desk drawer.

KP13: He follows the sprite, and sets the cylinder down beside the machine. He studied the machine a bit before starting to figure out what to do. He picked up the cylinder and loaded it into the Totem Lathe before backtracking and picking up the card and studying it intently.

WR!!!: Grabbing the flashlight, he turns it on as a test.

GM@KP13: On the card is a glossy looking black heart with a large crack running down the middle of it.

GM@WR!!!: The beam from the flashlight is so bright is seems almost radioactive.

WR!!!: Time to find out who's in the house. Carrying the torch with his left hand, and the penknife with his right hand, he leaves the kid's room and heads to the stairwell, intending to shine it down the steps.

KP13: He takes the card over to the Lathe and after finding a slot for the card, he slid it in. "I hope you know what you're doing," he said loudly, hoping his host heard him.

GM@WR!!!: The stairwell is empty.

WR!!!: Inching down the steps carefully, he looks for a light switch.

GM@KP13: A green button on the machine lights up.

GM@WR!!!: As you hand brushes against a light switch a small figure steps into the beam of your flashlight. It's only there for a few moments before it flees from the light, but you see the odd shape of a bipedal creature with black skin, a dog like face, and what appears to be a monicle.

KP13: He stared at the button and after a moment of contemplation, he reached over and pressed the glowing green button before taking a step back as a precaution.

GM@KP13: The macine turns on and goes to work, something like this -

KP13: He stared at the machine as it worked. Once it was finished, he moved over and picked it up from the lathe and looked to the sprite. "Now I go set in on the the other machine, right?" he asked.

GM@KP13: The sprite does a little spin before wandering over to the Alchemiter. It hovers over a small platform next to a mu larger platform a twirls. A low rumble sounds in the distance and the floor beneath you shakes slightly.

KP13: "I'm gonna take whatever the *** you just did as a yes," he said. He hurried over and sat the Black vase thing on the small platform, the threat of destruction now fully apparent.

WR!!!: Bloody hell, what were those things? Keeping a tight grip on the knife and the torch, he wanders into the kitchen.

GM@KP13: The Alchemiter scans the Totem with it's mechanical arm like this - And then a green button begins flashing.

GM@WR!!!: The kitchen seems eerily empty from what you can see. The darkness is deafening.

KP13: As soon as he caught sight of the button, he reaches over and presses it.

WR!!!: Jake searches for the light switch for the kitchen.

GM@KP13: With a popping noise the figure of a woman appears. It's all in glossy black but it is easy to see that she wears an old english dress and has wavy hair. The woman is over 10 feet tall. She reaches up and seems to clutch at her chest. After a moment she pulls her hands away and a black something comes with them. She kneels down, setting the object on the edge of the Alchemiter before with a rustle, she vanishes. The object left behind is a black heart, like the one on the card.

GM@WR!!!: The light switch is at your right hand as you enter the room.

WR!!!: Without hesitation, he flicks the switch and glances around.

GM@WR!!!: There are random patches of black slime like material in blotches around the highly polished floor. You notice vaguely that the light from the kitchen does not seem to reach the room behind you in any way.

KP13: Artemis stares at the woman in awe and approaches the black heart. He picks it up and examines it a bit before looking to the sprite. "What do I do with this?" he asks.

GM@KP13: Without hesitation the Sprite rushes off to your study.

KP13: Artemis followed the sprite quickly into the study. "Wait up, you...thing..." he said. "Ok...we're here, now the heart?" he asked

WR!!!: "What the 'ell are those things..." the young man kneels down and swipes the black slime and sniffs it.

GM@KP13: The Sprite bouches off the Guide a few times, before a combonation of that and another earth shaking incident knocks it off the desk and it falls open on the floor.

KP13: Artemis flipped through the guide and found the words he needed. He needed to break it or damage it. He dropped it to the ground and without hesitation, he stomped on it.

GM@KP13: As you foot makes contact with the heart you feel a sickening crunch and the world goes white.

To Be A Knight
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Dark Blue = GM

Dark Red = KingPoe13

White = Crazycrazy

Orange = WolverineRules!!!

Black = Dracsprite

GM@KP13: As the glaring light fades a slight chill sweeps through the room before dicipating. Nothing seems to have changed other than the light coming through the windows. Where it was once dark with a redish glow, it now seems to almost have a blue hue and is much brighter. Out of the corner of your eye you spot your Sprite undergoing some sort of transformation. It seems to separate into three orbs with the same bird head design, one black, one white, and the last one black and white. The black one heads out a window and vanishes quickly, the white one heads strait up through the roof. Something like this - The remaining orb shifts and move slightly. Then, with a pop it reforms into a ghost like figure with a birds wings as arms, and a bird's head, with a ghosty lower half. It is solid black saver for the outlines of it's face and eyes.

KP13: Artemis stares at the sprite for a moment before looking to the window. The light was different. No longer blatantly foreboding. Yet, in his mind it was. A sudden change like that could mean trouble. He moved over to the window and peered out.

GM@KP13: The grounds seems to be blanketed with a thick layer of snow. The trees are likewise covered in snow and after a few feet they seem to be coated in ice. From your vantage point to can see that the trees seem to stop after about 50 yards and open up into what looks to be pure crystal blueness. For a few seconds, the words "Land of Ice and Blood" appears before your eyes, then vanishes.

KP13: Artemis stepped away from the window and looked at the sprite. "Looks like I'm not in Montana anymore. Mountains are probably a nice odd crater now, anyway." He moves closer to the sprite and takes a deep breath. "So...can you talk or are we stuck with yes or no answers and charades."

GM@KP13: The Sprite rolls it's head the way a person would roll their eyes before using it's tail to point at the Guide. With a swock it moved around the room as if floating, beating it's wings only ocassionaly.

KP13: Artemis looked through the guide and gave a nod. "I've got to boost you up again. Ok...that shouldn't be an issue." He thought for a moment before motioning for it to follow. "I think I've got something down in storage to use...Come along, um, sprite," he said. He moved into the living area and opened the door into his cellar, he strolled down and over to his storage area.

GM@KP13: The sprite follows you slowly, looking around as it goes. Suddenly from your pocket, your phone goes off. It makes the text message noise.

KP13: Artemis freezes as his phone goes off. He pulls it from his pocket and looks at the message. Even though he shouldn't be able to. There was no battery in it. He reads through the update intently and puts his phone away. "Great...building stuff monsters...this is turning out to be a load of fun. He sighed and started to search through a couple boxes, keeping his mind on the task at hand. After a couple minutes he finds an item that brings a smile to his face. An action figure depicting his favorite horror monster from literature and film. Count Dracula. It was still in its packaging. He rubbed his fingers along the plastic for a moment before tearing it open and turning to toss the action figure at the sprite.

GM: ===========

GM@KP13: There is a low flash of light. When it fades you see the Sprite has changed. It's head is now human like with small fangs sticking out from under the top lip. Around the back of it's neck is a high collar coming up to mid ear, and it's front is patterned after the figurien's clothing down to where the undershirt would be tucked into the pants where it abruptly cuts off. The wings are folded down as if it were a cloak. After a few seconds it stretches one wing out and you can see it is still the feathered bird wing style. It looks at you for a moment then gives you a smooth smile. Slightly inclining it's head it says,
"Why thank you. This form is most pleasing. I am, at your service." He seems to have a romanien accent. Straightening up he continues. "I am Dracsprite, it is a pleasure to speak with you finally."

KP13: "Yes...good to speak with you too...."Artemis said. "Dracsprite, eh? Could be worse, I've got to kill monsters, collect Grist,and build shit to move on?" he asked. "And exactly how did I get a text when my phone has no battery in it?" Now that the sprite could talk, he was going to take the opportunity to ask it questions.

GM@KP13: Still smiling he curls his bottom half around as if to sit. With a small poof a high backed chair if the same black motif appears beneath him and he settles in. A small round table appears next to it with a pot and a cup and saucer on it. He reaches over and pours himself a cup of something equally black. Taking a sip, he begins. "That is indeed the summary of this game's progression, although that is only for the general idea. For the completion of this game requires also the completion of oneself." He takes another sip, swirling the cup around a few times as he looks into it. "This journey has a way of making the ugly truths reality, and if you are not careful they will consume that which is most precious." He shrugs and takes another sip, a sly look coming to his face. "As for the phone, that is far more simple. By the nature of this game, communication is paramount. As such, not only do all communication devices have an inexhaustable center of energy, but this house itself will remain charged with electricity for the duration of the game despite no real connection to an electronic power source." He sets the cup and saucer down and leans forward in the chair. Lacing his fingers together he props his elbows on hi lower half and rests his lips against his finger. His eyes are on you, as if studying you intently.

KP13: Artemis nods and approaches the table. "Alright then..." he said. He took a deep breath and concentrated on making his Chapalog cards appear in front of him.

GM@KP13: Dracsprite follows you movements with his eyes.

KingPoe13: When the cards appeared, he reached out to grab the Tequila. When the bottle of tequila appeared in his hand, he opened it and took a swig. "So...any idea when these monsters are supposed to show?"

GM@KP13: Dracsprite leans back, resting his arms on the arms of his chair. "Well," he muses, "The monsters appear a small bit away from the "Base" of each player. But I suggest getting some practice fighting in before they get here, otherwise even the low levels may have their way with you."

KP13: "Good idea..." he said. He stepped around the table and into the wider area of the Booze Cellar. "So let's see if I got this. I just gotta visualize my Strife deck and call my main weapon to me, right, Count?" he asked the sprite as he already started to imagine his strife deck in his skull.

GM@KP13: Dracsprite waves a hand dismissively. "You only need to visualize it if you wish to shuffle it. Otherwise, just call the weapon you want. If it's on the top of the deck, it'l appear instantly, if it's on a lower card, it will take several seconds."

KP13: He nods and holds his hand out. He thinks about his primary weapon in his mind, the one he picked first. In his mind he shouts it as he says it aloud. "Poker."

GM@KP13: The poker appears in your dominant hand.

KP13: Artemis twirls it around a bit. "I think I can get used to this. Now, how will this practice work?" he asked as he swung the weapon around in the air, marveling at the weapon.

GM@KP13: Your Sprite "Stands" and stretches, it's wings trembling slightly before folding down once again like a cloak. The chair and table set vanish, and he turns to face you. "I could help if you like, unless you would be one who prefers to work alone?" His question seems to have a small point in it but the faint smirk on his lips lets you know he's toying with you.

KP13: Artemis smiles a bit and stares at him. "I moved to the country to be alone...a way from people...however, you aren't exactly a people are ya, birdbrain?" he said smirking back. "So I guess your help is welcome" He lifts the poker and aims it at the sprite.

GM@KP13: The Sprite chuckles. With a wicked glance he snaps out his wings. They seem to gain more texture and the pattern of many pointed wings appear. The once smooth curves along the bottoms of the wings also become pointed and you can almost see a little glint like sunlight off of a polished surface. He curves the wings inwards so the elbow joints are pointed at one another and the tips are pointed outwards. He "crouches" low, his fangs clearly visible. "Well then, I guess I better get to it then, no?" Without waiting for an answer, he charges.

KP13: As Drac charges for him, he jumps to the side out of reflex. As he causes the sprite to sail past him, he swings the poker down aiming the poker at it's back.

GM@KP13: As the poker comes down Dracsprite draws a wing back so the blow glaces off of it. He spins in mid air and whips a wing out aiming for your shoulder (Roll: 6 = You can block but do not have enough time to dodge)

GM@WR!!!: It has a rusty, inky smell, not at all appealing.

KP13: Artemis raises his arms and manages to block the attack. After Drac's attack. He attempts again to slam the poker into the sprite.

WR!!!: Wiping the disgusting goo on his pants, Jake stands up and pushes himself forward, into the dark living room. This time, he heads straight for the light switch and punches it with the bottom of his fist.

GM@KP13: The wing cuts into your arm slightly, but the pressure lightens quickly. (Roll 6) Dracsprite manages to block the poker, deflecting it away a little before pulling back slightly. His wink still pressed against your arm. "You should be a little more careful. If I had wanted to, I could have taken the arm." To emphasize his point he presses a little harder with it before pulling it back. "You must use your weapon more it if you wish to become more skilled with it. And you should have checked to see what something is made of before you let it hit you." With that he strikes out with the wing again (Roll: 7) The blow strikes you in the chest, broad side, and it knocks you back a few steps. Your shirt is a little tattered now.

GM@WR!!!: This room too is empty. You can hear strange sounds coming from the garden and study. Like giggles and scraping noises.

WR!!!: Raising the penknife and flashlight in front of him, he inches forward. "Hello, who's there?"

GM@WR!!!: The sliding glass door leading to the garden is ajar. At your call a figure about 3 feet tall leans in for a moment. It's head is dog shaped, and it appears to be wearing a monicle. From it's back sprouts wings. It chuckles at you for a moment before retreating back through the doorway.

KP13: Artemis stared down at his shirt and then glares at his sprite. He thinks for a moment before charging and attempting to slide underneath the wing and hit up at the sprite from below.

WR!!!: His heart is thumping heavily in his chest. What was that? Was it inviting him out to the garden? His breathing tightens. Whatever it is, he's not afraid. He's not. Tensing his fists to stop himself from shaking, he moved towards the gardens.

GM@KP13: (Roll: 10) The menouver works and you jab against the Sprite's chest hard. It feels like poking stone but it is enough to push him backwards. "Good form" he says, bringing a hand up to touch the spot you hit. His tail snaps out in a mock strike before striking out with a fist (Roll: 7) It is a glancing blow to your right arm.

GM@WR!!!: A figure leaps inside with a wild shout. It looks almost as if it was shoves inside by something. It looks up at you and begins growling.

KP13: The blow is nearly knocks the poker out of his grip. He pushes himself back a bit and gets to his feet and attempting to bring the poker across its face.

GM@CrazyCrazy: There is a sudden yowl at you feet as a cat runs across them then begs for attention.

GM@KP13: (Roll: 5) Dracsprite knocks the poker aside and lashes out again (Roll: 12) The blow from his fist strikes you square in the stomach, making all the air rush from your lungs. He floats backwards. "Perhaps I should be a bit more delicate with you?" he says with a chuckle.

CrazyCrazy: Sam yells out in surprise and looks down at the perpetrator. She sighs, exasperated. She picks up the cat. "Yea, yea. Come here sweetie. Bit of a bad day today..." She glances over at the guide, wondering what kind of scary crap she got herself and her girlfriend into.

GM@CrazyCrazy: Kokonoe simply stares at you for a few seconds before headbutting you in the chin for pets.

KP13: Artemis coughs and tries to get his breath back. "You hit like my agent," he said. "And he's a fat walrus with fuck tits....I'm not done yet..."Artemis looks down at the poker and takes a few steps back. "Pistol..." he says under his breath, readying his right hand for it to appear in a couple seconds, hoping to get the drop on the sprite.

CrazyCrazy: Sam laughs and pets kokonoe's neck and moves up to his ears. After a while she groans, "sorry bud. gotta put ya down." After setting down the cat, she grabs the guide and begins reading on everything she skipped earlier that day because she finally gets the idea that she better know things ahead of time.

GM@KP13: He eyes you skepticly. When your Poker vanishes his eyes narrow in suspicion. He begins to circle you just as the pistol appears in your hand.

WR!!!: Jake stops moving and watches the weird creature carefully, preparing to strike should it advances towards the young man.

KP13: Artemis quickly raises the gun as he begins to circle and fires two shots toward the sprites face.

GM@Crazycrazy: The cats all converge on you for attention.

GM@WR!!!: The computer from upstairs chirps loudly and the small figure jumps and runs back outside.

WR!!!: The young man jumps a little at the sound of the computer, as the creature darts out suddenly. He took a moment to decide whether to pursue the creature, or check the computer. Cursing softly, he turns around and makes his way to the computer.

GM@KP13: (Roll: 11) The first shot his the mark knocking the Sprite backward, snapping it's head back a bit while the second flies past and takes out a couple of wine bottles. Bracing himself against the shelf he was thrown into Dracsprite gives you some mock applause before his tail lashes out. It whiffs right by your ear and suddenly beams shoot out from the Sprite's eyes (Roll: 3) and strike the wall behind you. There is now a small blackend smudge on the stone.

GM@WR!!!: A new Pesterchum window is flashing. The message reads "Crazycrazy@WolverineRules!!! Hey, have you heard of or installed the newest game, SBURB?"

WR!!!: 'Crazycrazy'? Seriously, what's up with this kid's friends? He glances around the room again. Trophies, medals, and comic books. This kid must have a secret life as a...goth, or something. Suddenly regretting that he had smashed the computer chair on a wall earlier, he stands in front of the computer awkwardly and types.

WR!!!@CrazyCrazy: oi, i already have a host, and im already a host. if u need sum1 to host u ask ur other frinds, lke KingPoe13

KP13: Artemis smiles "How's this for form, birdbrain?" he asks before firing another three shots at its chest.

CrazyCrazy: Sam has a fake freak out as she's surrounded by the house cats. "How did you guys get down here?!" She laughs a little to herself before shoving them away. Right after, her attention gets snagged.

CrazyCrazy@WR!!!: ... and you just assume I have this person as a friend?

WR!!!: What is he doing? He shouldn't be chatting with any of this kid's friends. He groans frustratedly at the new message on the screen.

WR!!!: Fine, one more message, and he's out.

WR!!!@CrazyCrazy: just add him if u dun want to die. im sorry but im busy

GM@KP13: (Roll: 3, 7, 2) The first shot goes completely wild and hits the wall a good 5 feet to the side of the Sprite, the second inpacts his arm bu glances off, lodging into the wood of one of the shelves, and the last bullet follows the course of the first one. The sprite charges forward, lashing out with a wing. You notice the feathers seem to be standing up like hair on a cat (Roll: 2) The wing flies right past you and lodges into the shelves at your back. He is stuck for a moment before pulling it out. He's about 2 feet from you.

CrazyCrazy: After the new message comes in, Sam takes a deep breath and sighs. She quickly types out an answer and prepares for shit to hit the fan.

WR!!!: Glancing up, he notices a movement on the host screen. Moving the camera around a little, he realises the older man is shooting at....something.

CrazyCrazy@WR!!!: k.

WR!!!: Should, he already said he's out. But after watching the bird-like thing charging at the man, he reacts on instinct. Jake immediately grabs a shelf behind the bird, planning to topple it on the creature!

KP13: Artemis saw the shelf about to topple and moved to the side, attempting to make sure he wasn't in its path.

GM: ======

CrazyCrazy: with her mind whirring like a blender on liquify, Sam begins steps to adding this guy...KingPoe13, as a contact.

GM@KP13 and WR!!!: (Roll: 9) Dracsprite sees the shelf move an on instinct lashes out, cutting it in half. Taking a breath he turns to look up at the ceiling. @WR!!!: He's looking right up out of the window, almost as if he can see you. @KP13 and WR!!!: He shakes his head. @KP13: "It seems your Host takes issue with us fighting. Perhaps you should go explain the situation?" He says, motioning towards the stairs.

Crazycrazy@KP13: HI. I was told you may be able to help me with SBURB?

GM@Crazycrazy: The request goes through and is now waiting for a response.

WR!!!: Jake backs away from the screen quickly. Did that...did that just happen. Did the creature just 'see' him through the screen? Staring from a distance, he notices the creature speaking to the older man. Wait...a it the sprite? He shuts his eyes. Bloody hell. This is the last time he's speaking to the kid's friends.

KP13: Artemis nods and starts up the stairs. He walks back to his study and sees a new message waiting for him. He minimizes it before opening the window to his host and typing.

KP13@WR!!!: Look, the weird bird man thing is my sprite. I upgraded it again so that it could talk. We were training for when the monsters show.

KP13@WR!!!: And stop wrecking my shit...I would like to get through the game with at least some of my booze intact.

WR!!!: Monsters? The young man grits his teeth. Dammit. Every time. Every time he says he will no longer get involved with the kid's friends...

KP13: Artemis minimized that chat and brought up the one from the stranger. He thought for a moment before typing in a response.

WR!!!@KP13: wat monsters? do dey look like dogs?

KP13@Crazycrazy: You needing a host?

KP13: Artemisbrings up WR!!!'s screen and pulls out his phone, he looks through the Update for a moment before looking to Dracsprite. "Hey, know what these monsters look like...My host asked if they look like dogs.."

CrazyCrazy@KP13: Probably. It's the only thing left I can see in the guide that I have yet to do

GM@KP13: Dracsprite ressumes his position on his high back chair. "Well, it depends on what was Prorotyped with the Kernel Sprites before entering the game. From my count, they should have features from a Corgi Dog, an Old Man, and Stuffed Raven."

KP13: Artemis picks up his guide and flips through it on the info he needs on becoming a host. He takes a seat and pops Disk 1 out. He puts it away in the case and pulls out disc 2. He puts it into the drive and slides it into the laptop before typing a message to both of the people on his list.

KP13@Crazycrazy: Alright. will do

KP13@WR!!!: Yes. They should...haven't you looked at your guide...or the update?

GM@KP13: A DoS like window opens up "I would like to Host _____________. Y/N

KP13: Artemis types in Crazycrazy and hits the Y button.

GM@KP13: Disc 1 vanishes.

GM@KP13: A new window pops up. In the window you see a teenage girl sitting at a desk staring at her computer screen with three cat circling around her. The room seems to be make of concrete with the only light source a lamp on the desk.

KP13: "Wow...this is some serious Rear Window, Eagle Eye, Big Brother shit right here..." he said. He looked at the Host controls and after looking at the guide at an explanation of them, got an evil plan. His inner horror author peeked through with the desire to scare someone. He clicked on the Select button and then selects the lamp and starts to lift it off the desk.

GM@Crazycrazy: The lamp on your desk begins to float.

Crazycrazy: Sam hears a sound and looks over to see her lamp floating. It is not more than a couple seconds later that she gets up, throws her chair away, runs, jumps and lands on her bed.

GM@KP13: The girls freaks the ef out and flees off the screen.

KP13: Artemis started laughing hysterically. It was probably the best scare he'd ever given someone. He sat the lamp gently back on her desk and brought up her chat window.

KP13@CrazyCrazy: Sorry. My bad. Horror author and all. Couldn't resist.

Crazycrazy: Even after the lamp was back down, and her computer pings to let her know there is a message waiting for her, she hesitates. Slowly, she moves back to the chair and grabs it. Being cautious about the lamp, she pulls up the blinking window.

Crazycrazy@KP13: Right. Horror author. Makes sense now.

Crazycrazy@KP13: what?

KP13@CrazyCrazy: I dish out some freaky machinery. Hold on a second. While I'm doing my host thing on this end...please do a web search and look up anything about a meteor crashing in Montana and let me know what you find. I need to...verify something.

Crazycrazy: Sam nods after reading the response she gets, minimized the chat window, and quickly googles for 'meteor in Montana"

GM@Crazycrazy: Several articles pop up. The first one reads, "FATAL METEOR SHOWER: Several meteors were seen in the skies above Deer Lodge Montana. Luckily the largest meteor landed a ways outside the actual town so fataleties were minimal. Several smaller me..." (Read more) Link:92gf8034tx93

KP13: Artemis uses the Host tools to look around the house, feeling a little bit like a creeper as he did so. After looking at everything, he decided. He settled his view on the first floor, primarily the kitchen/living room/dining room area. He clicked on Deploy and looked at the items. He thought for a moment before spreading the devices randomly throughout the three spaces. He placed the pre-punched card on the table and sat back, proud of what he did. After a moment, he moved his vision back down to the basement to watch his player.

Crazycrazy: Sam decides that the intro information given by Google was enough of an answer. She becomes worried for her hosts emotional health. She quickly copy and pastes the information and sends it.

KP13: Artemis reads what she copied and nodded. It was true. All of it. The game saved him. He quickly thought about all the complaints he had had just yesterday. A publisher who wouldn't get off his balls. A dead wife. An agent who was a little too helpful. None of it mattered now. Sighing, he leaned over his keyboard.

Crazycrazy@KP13: I'm sorry if its bad news to you. If it helps, I'm very open to being gabbed at.

KP13@Crazycrazy: Thanks.

Crazycrazy@KP13: No prob

KP13@Crazycrazy: Ok. Machinery is upstairs. I didn't see another computer up there so I probably should give you the steps now and let you know exactly what is going to happen.

Crazycrazy@KP13: mk...

Crazycrazy: Sam laughs quietly, because she knows that there are actually a total of three computers in the living room. She rolls her eyes and decides to correct him later.

KP13: Artemis debates for a moment whether or not to try and prepare her for what's to come. To warn her of the meteor. Deciding it was only fair to make it part of his explanation. He takes a deep breath and starts to type.

KP13@Crazycrazy: Ok. First things first. If you got your hands on the game then that means soon a meteor is coming for you too. It will hit in the exact spot you are and wipe out anyone in the area. I'm sorry about that.

KP13@Crazycrazy: Following my instructions and the guide are your only way to survive the oncoming destruction.

KP13@Crazycrazy: You with me so far?

Crazycrazy: Reading the messages that are coming in quickly, her sense of fear from reading the guide came rising back up in her chest. She takes a moment, and a deep breath, to get a handle on her senses before beginning to type back.

Crazycrazy@KP13: Yes, I'm aware. Thank you for your sympathy. The 'warning' was at the end of the guide. The people who wrote it are complete asses btw >I

Crazycrazy@KP13: I have people in the town I'm worried about and am itching to get into contact with.

WR!!!: The new update of the guide? He seems to remember something about it. He sighs. The text message on his phone, that's right. He strides towards the bed, picks up his mobile and lays down on it. It's a pretty comfortable bed. Pulling up the last text message, he begins scanning it for a section on 'monsters'.

GM: ==============

GM@KP13: Suddenly a small black figure bursts into the room. Before you get much of a good look at it Dracsprite fires it's lasers at it. In the beam you can see what looks like stakes. The figure bursts and leaves behind a small pile of odd colored objects. Some look like gushers and are sky blue in color, and some are odd shaped and purple. The sprite scoffs. "Rude." he mutters then waves at the objects on the floor. "That is Grist, you may want to collect it."

KP13: Artemis jumps a bit as the figure bursts in and is promptly put down. Standing up, he races to the grist and touches all of the grist to add it to his collection. A thought comes to mind and he races back to the computer and brings up the other window.

KP13@WR!!!: Hey, Host...need a new piece of equipment. I need my...Punch Designix.

KP13@CrazyCrazy: I'm so so sorry. Loss is a bitch.

KP13: Artemis thinks for a moment about how to give the instructions and sighs.

Crazycrazy@KP13: Thank you, i'll have much to mourn when I actually have the time. I will not allow myself to emotional break at the moment. i'm currently working to not allow a certain loved one to not die. She has a copy of the game.

KP13@Crazycrazy: Is there any way you can move the computer upstairs. I think a play by play would be best as we're going. My host tried to give it all at once and I think it would be easier to give instructions out as we go.

WR!!!: Hearing yet another beep from the computer, Jake groans in frustration. Another one of the kid's weird friends? Why did he come to Cardiff? Not moving from his comfortable spot, he continues reading the guide, starting to feel sleepy...

Crazycrazy@KP13: I have a laptop, I can set up the chat again on that.

KP13@Crazycrazy: Do it

GM@KP13: There is no response.

Crazycrazy: Sam sighs, leans over, and grabs her laptop. Working quickly, she turns it on and sets up a chat window.


Crazycrazy@KP13: ok. set up. going upstairs.

Crazycrazy: Sam rolls her chair backwards, wades her way through the cats and makes her way upstairs.

WR!!!: "Bloody 'ell!" he yells in annoyance at the insistent beeping. Tossing his phone back on the bed, he climbs out and stomps towards the computer. It was from the older red-headed man. He wanted some new equipment. Fine, if this will shut him up, he'll get the new equipment. Jake clicks on a few buttons until the HER pops up. After finding the equipment he's looking for, he tosses it out into the living room, ignoring the small numbers next to it.

GM@KP13: There is a large thunk in the living room.

WR!!!@KP13: its with ur other stuff

KP13: Artemis gets up from his chair and strolls into his living room.

WR!!!: Jumping bed into bed, the young man continues reading the guide on the phone, slowly allowing drowsiness to take him. It's late in the night in this Cardiff. He wonders the kid's biker chick friend has found herself a host. His eyelids begin to droop...

GM@KP13: There is a now object next to the window at the far end of the room.

GM@KP13: From your study door the Cruxtruder is on the left middle side of the room, the Totem Lathe is on the right against the wall around the middle, The Alchemiter is a bit further away, right in the middle of the floor, and the Punch Designix in next to the far wall window, it's kekboard area facing towards the room.

KP13: Artemis strolls through the living room over to the new piece of machinery and eyed it over. "So, Count, how's this thingy work?"

Crazycrazy: Sam walks up the stairs and through the door to the first floor, making sure to slam it hard behind her like she's been told to. Sounds closed. She then passes the bathroom and house head's bedroom, through the hall lined with a book shelf and JUST big enough for one person to saddle through. once she passes the other roommate's bedroom and into the more open portion of the house, a smile involuntarily creeps onto her face as she's met with big new machines to play with.

Crazycrazy: Quickly she climbs over the machine and puts her laptop on top of her roommate's.

GM@KP13: The sprite floats over to the Punch Designix and lays a hand on it. "This is the first step on the road to becoming a Hero. With this you will learn so many things. . . ." He trails of mysteriously before turning to look at you. He is smiling. "Basicly you put cards in there, it punches holes. If you want to know more I suggest you use the appropriate source. Now if you will excuse me, I have something to take care of." And with that, he floats off through a wall towards the kitchen.

Crazycrazy@KP13: k. upstairs.

KP13: Artemis watches the sprite float away and hears his computer ping. He looks back and forth between them and sighs, heading back to his computer. He sat down, brought the view to the first floor and then started typing.

KP13@Crazycrazy: Ok...Now I whack the device

KP13: Artemis selects the folded up treadmill in the dining area and makes it hover toward the Cruxtrader. He lifts it up above the machine before letting it drop.

GM: =============

GM@C2: Behind you the folded treadmill rises off the ground. @All: As the Host drops the object there is a loud crash as it bounces off the top pipe then proceeds to put a dent in the floor. The cap of the pipe pops off and there is a brilliant flash of light. When the flash fades a brilliant orb of teal begins wandering around the room. It has a Spirograph on the inside.

Crazycrazy@KP13: whack the device is right!

GM@C2: The device seems to have a countdown on the side for 1 minute, 59 seconds, 58, 57. . . . .

Crazycrazy: Sam, knowing what to do because she actually took the time to read shit, runs up to the Cruxtruder and looked at the timer. "Oh, shit!"

KP13@Crazycrazy: Quick...throw a living...or dead critter into the light then turn that fucking wheel like your life depends on it.

@All: Like her roll? On a 20 sided die to determine countdown, I rolled a 1 for her

C2: looking around, she quickly found the card she needed. however, she hears a ping and nearly trips over herself trying to get to the laptop. After reading the message she yelled "shut up! it does depend on it!" and makes her way to grab the card she saw earlier. "ok, ok..." she looked at all the animals around her, and after some minor freaking out, flipped the top of the tub where she kept her bird and grabbed that sucker. "sprite!" and she threw it in.

GM@C2: There is a flash as the Sprite "Catches" the bird. It fades and the ball now seems to have a bird head in it. It coos loudly and begins flitting around the room.

GM@C2: 47....46.....45......

KP13: Artemis watched the screen intently. She seemed to know what she was doing. He hoped she did. Her countdown was really low. He leaned forward and simply watched, resisting the urge to type and screw her up.

@All: KK has read the story this comes from, so she knows what she's doing for now, so I will abstain from walking her through it.

C2: Now that the sprite is all set, she grabs the cruxite that pops out, and scrambles to the lathe looking thing. She pops that sucker in and, after some hurried looking, finds the slot. She slams that card in there as fast as it allows her to, presses the button, and spends the entire time that it's carving looking between the clock and the big window to outside. The moment that the totem is done, she leaps over to the Alchemiter, sets the dowel totem, and slams the green button down.

GM@All: 32......31.....30......The Alchemiter scans the totem. With a loud popping noise a large bed appears on the Alchemiter, the same teal color as the sprite. On the bed a large being seems to roll over and a pillow falls off of it. With another loud pop, the bed vanishes, leaving behind just the pillow. 24.....23.....22......

C2: Sam stares blankly at it for a moment before grabbing the two corners closest to her. The only thing that she could think of at the moment was that she needed to damage it. Slumber party. She turned towards the kitchen island behind her, and swings it as hard as she can, aiming for the corner. She wants to see feather flying out.

GM: ========

GM@C2: With a bouf the pillow explodes into many teal feathers, then the world, turns white.

GM@KP13: Your Sprite floats into the room holding a glass of wine. "So, my comrade, It seems we have some intruders." He motions behind him with the hand not holding the glass.

KP13: Artemis stands up and holds his right hand out. "Poker," he said walking in the direction of his sprite.

GM@KP13: The poker appears instantly. Dracsprite moves aside and you see an odd creature standing on the large platform of your Alchemiter. Its about 3 feet tall with a dog like head, bird wings on it's back, one of which seems to be hanging limply at it's side, and a monicle over it's left eye. As soon as it spots you it lets out a strangled sound and hops off the machine. It advances towards you. Off to the left, Dracsprite pulls up his chair to watch.

KP13: Artemis looks at the dog thing curiously. After a moment, he charges at the creature, attempting to run past it, catching it in the face with its poker as he passed it.

GM@KP13: (Roll: 9) The hook catches it as you dash past and it blows apart leaving behind another small pile of Grist. From the direction of the stairway you can hear noises coming from upstairs.

KP13: Artemis touches the Grist pile and looks to the ceiling. He heads to the stairs and starts climbing, listening closely to where the sounds seem to be coming from, his poker ready to slam into anything that came into view.

GM@KP13: As you reach the hallway at the top of the stairs you catch sight of three Imps chasing a fourth. The fourth seems to be playing keep away with one of the more important object from your library. The are running in your direction.

KP13: "Son of a..." he grunts before charging down the hall at them, attempting to sail past each one and take them out as he had downstairs.

GM@KP13: The one at the front of the line carrying the object dodges the blow while the second takes one full in the face and explodes. The last two skid to a halt then leap backwards out of the way. There is now one behind you, and two in front of you.

KP13: He races forward and attempts to kick one of the two in front of him in the face before turning and attempting to stab the other one with his Poker.

GM@KP13: (Roll: 11, 11) Your foot makes hard contact and pops the Imp. With your jab you skewer the second Imp which stands for a moment staring at the poker before popping as well. Behind you the Imp with the object hurls it in your direction. (Would you like a catch roll?)

@GM: Yes...catch roll

@KP13: (Roll: 11 = You just barely catch it)

KP13: Artemis barely manages to catch the item. He drops it to his side before hurling the poker at the imp like he's chucking a spear.

GM@KP13: The poker flies true and spears the Imp in the chest. With a pop, it explodes. The hallway is quiet, but you hear muffled noises coming from the Library.

KP13: Artemis picked up the grist in the hallway as well as the poker before going to the library doors. "Pistol," he whispered placing on hand on the door. When the poker disappeared and was replaced with his gun a few seconds later, he shoved the door open and peered inside.

GM@KP13: There is at least a dozen Imps scattered about the room. Some on to pf the bookshelves, some playing on the lounging chairs, and even some stretched out on the floor, slowly pulling the pages out of books and eating them.

KP13: Artemis moved further into the room and after a moment, he took a deep breath and fired a shot each at ten of the imps.

GM@KP13: (Roll: 6, 5, 3, 1, 12, 8, 1, 12, 10, 6 = 6 down) As you fire your rounds the Imps begin running around the room in a tizzy. One of the remaining four launches itself at you with a snarl (Roll: 5) It manages to snag your sleeve and curve around. It latches on to your back.

KP13: Artemis lets out a groan of annoyance and runs backwards attempting to crush the imp against the wall behind him. "Hey count, how about you use some of that magic vision and give a brother a hand?" he calls out.

GM@KP13: With a florish Dracsprite gets off his chair which vanishes with a poof. "You need only ask Comrade." He says with no hint of cheek. His wings turn jagged again and he points his gaze at one of the fleeing Imps. (Roll: 6) The imp on your back leaps off just in time to avoid getting squished. Dracsprite take out two of the remaining 4 Imps.

KP13: Artemis stays against the wall for a moment and groans the word "poker". As his gun is replaced by the poker he moves forward and goes after the imp that leaped off his back, attempting to skewer it with his weapon.

GM@KP13: (Roll: 3) The imp doges to the side, knocking the poker away from it(Not out of your hands). With a cry it leaps for you again. (Roll: 3) It fails to reach you and quite comicly faceplants on the ground. Just past it you see Dracsprite take out the other Imp, leaving you with just the one face down on the floor.

KP13: Artemis raised the poker above his head and attempts to bring it straight down on the face down imp.

GM@KP13: (Roll: The poker slams right through the Imp as it pops on impact. Grist is now scattered about the room. Some of the piles have teardrop shaped gray Grist as well as the other kinds. You hear two chimes in your head.

KP13: Artemis shakes the chiming in his skull of as he collects the grist. he looks to Dracsprite afterwards. "Hey, Count, After I killed the last one there were a couple chimes in my head. You know anything about that or was I hallucinating it?"

GM@KP13: He raises a single eyebrow, his wings returning to normal. "Chiming you say? Well, that would be you leveling I'd say. So many levels to gain, and so many ways to gain them." He muses with a huff before floating down next to you.

To Be A Knight
And my first Finished work Death Day

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PostPosted: Mon May 06, 2013 2:31 am    Post subject: Session 10 Reply with quote


Dark Blue = GM

Dark Red = KingPoe13

Red = Death

Black = Dracsprite

KP13: Artemis nodded and moved to one of the large chairs in the library and sat down in it, sinking down a bit. "Leveling, eh? That sounds like it comes with some to list a couple?"

GM@KP13: Dracsprite pulls up his own chair and settles back into it, his hans resting on the arm rests. "Perks? Let's see, perks for leveling. . . . .Well, you become more powerful against the monsters of the game, more potent one might say. Weaker weapons can do a little bit more damage." He looks as you with a mysterious grin before looking towards the window. "Unlike conventional games I believe leveling here has less of an effect on you as one would think. It is the unseen growth that lends you power. The hidden. . . . .Talent one might say." He turns his gaze back upon you. "The perks are small, for leveling is one of the more menial objectives I would say. But then again, each plays their own way, so I guess depending on the faith one has in a system of unconsiquential numbers. . . ." He blinks, as if remembering something. "Oh, yes, and with each level gained you recieve a varying amount of Boondollars." He leans back, stretching his wings before turning again to look out the window.

KP13: Artemis's eyes widened and he sat up a bit. "Boondollars...I do like the sound of anything with the word dollar in it. I'm guessing that's some sort of currency used for upgrading...something..."

KP13: Artemis glanced over at Dracsprite and leaned forward. "So...just what exactly are these Boondollars and can I use them to destroy even more of those little demonic bastards?"

GM@KP13: Dracsprite gives out a little chuckle before turning to look at you. "Use the bucks Directly to destroy them? No. But there is a use for them, and I suppose in a vague way they can help you destroy the, how you say, 'Demonic Bastards'." He opens his mouth to say more but movement out of the corner of his eye catches his attention. His eyebrows raise at the figure standing in front of the large window. "Well that was a surprise." He murmurs, staring at the figure. He makes no move to stand and does not seem alarmed.

KP13: Artemis stands up and turns his attention to the window, ready to fight if whatever it was was looking for a rumble.

GM: ===============

GM@KP13: The light from the overheads combined with the light coming through the window fully illuminates the figure. It seems to be someone, a little taller then yourself, wearing a blood red hoody with matching pants. The pants seem to be sweatpants and have smoke motifs running along the sides. His back is to you.
"Well, seems I'm in the right place." The figure turns around, pulling down his hood. A mess of straggly black hair with bangs long enough to cover one eye. The front of the hoody has a gray skull on it with smoke coming out of the eyes and mouth. He reaches up and pushes his glasses further up his nose and gives you a grin. The glasses have silver frames with a cross bar. Attached to the right lense seems to be a small device of some sort. His skin is pale and seems to almost glow in the moonlight. He looks about the room, still grinning. "So this is what it looked like before I. . . . ." His eyes dart back to you. "Oh, yeah, you don't need to hear about THAT." He shuffles his feet a bit before giving you a bigger grin. "Hey Artie. Nice to see you." He says simply.

KP13: Still keeping the poker at the ready, Artemis eyed the stranger, trying to figure out how trustworthy he was. "It's Artemis...or Art...not Artie...who the fuck are you and how did you get in here?"

GM@KP13: The boy chuckles, making no move to defend himself. "Ah, c'mon Artie. Well, you did say that as this point you'd most likely wanna kick my ass, heheh." The boy brushes back his bangs with fall right back into place over his eye. "At least some things never change, you've always hated me calling you Artie." He starts walking a few feet from side-to-side and seems to be contemplating something. "Now what was it again?" he murmurs to himself.

KP13: Artemis arches an eyebrow and looks to Dracsprite for a moment before following the stranger. "Excuse me," he said. "I'm still not entirely positive that I recognize you. How did you get in here and will you please stop calling me Artie...I despise that name."

GM@KP13: The boy's smile fades a bit. "I know you do Artie. I know a lot of things. I know about that thing in your pocket. The picture. I also know that this point in time is very important. Not for any special reason, but you said it was, so I came." He wanders a little closer before stopping and adopting a thinking posture. "Now if I could only remember what Artie told me to say. . . . ."

KP13: Artemis snarled. "For the last fucking time, do not fucking call me fucking Artie." He growled before moving forward and attempting to hit the stranger in the back of the leg with the poker out of sheer anger.

GM@KP13: The boy doesn't move, still thinking. The poker passes right through the leg with no resistance. It takes a moment for him to notice what you'd done. He waves a hand at you, grin back in full force. "Yeah, I kinda figured you'd try to attack me at one point, so I used the Holopod. Sorry, no beating my bloodied corps into a pool of red jelly today my friend." Suddenly he snaps his fingers. "Oh yeah, that's what it was!" Turning to you, all traces of his jovial mirth vanishing in an instant. His voice seems to drop an octive. "The past is the past and needs to stay that way. Setting it aside, or shelving it away won't work. Be active in the pursuit of the future, don't just sit around and wait for it to come to you. There are people who will come to need you, and weather you want to or not, you will come to rely on them. If you don't want to end up like one of those trash heap novels you find yourself regretting the moment you finish them, go out there, and get a fucking life." He falls silent, and waits.

KP13: Artemis stands in shock after his attack fails. He turns to face the stranger and listens intently as the person speaks. As the figure falls silent, he steps forward until he's about an inch away from him and asks the question that he was desperately needing the answer to. "Who are you?"

GM@KP13: The boy doesn't back down, but remains non-treatening. "My name is James." He says quietly. "Mage of Time." He stands still for several seconds before taking a step back, his grin returning. "Just another lucky, or perhaps unlucky S.O.B. who enjoys a good MMORPG." He looks over at Dracsprite and gives a little wave which the Sprite returns. "Don't worry Art, you won't hate me forever." He murmurs, still looking at Dracsprite. He then looks to you. "Or maybe in this line you will, who knows!"

KP13: "Wait...Mage of Time...Count said something about hidden talents...are you like...a time traveler or something..." he asked. "because the way you're sounds like we've already met...but I'm positive that I've never seen you before in my life."

GM@KP13: Lacing his fingers together behind his back James leans over with a cheeky smirk. "You are quite right, before today you have never met me, but by my recollection we have be friends for over a year." Standing back up he taps the right side of his glasses. What looks to be a holographic display screen projects out of it to hover about a foot in front of his face. It looks from you angle like a computer screen, but everything is backwards so that it's readable from the other side. "Don't think too hard on it. You always say you have an great dislike for all my 'Time Shenanigans'. Besides, you don't have to worry about me for some time I believe. . . ." He runs his fingers through the air beneath the screen and the barely visible display seems to shift and move.

KP13: Artemis nods and circles James a bit. "Yeah...I can see that." He thought for a moment and a sly smile appeared on his face. "So...have any signs of my special ability shown themselves to your knowledge...and if they have...would it be against the rules for you to...divulge the info..." he said.

GM@KP13: The "screen" vanishes and he drops his hands. "Oh yeah, you're using them. Not to their full potential yet, but that's mostly because you're waiting for me to get back. Since we're all doomed in my line, we're gonna be doing some experiments." He scratches his head and walks over to the nearest bookshelf. Turning around he crosses his arms over his chest and leans against it. "I could tell you everything, nothing in the rules about doomed timelines helping out the main, but you told me not to tell you anything more about it then that speech and that it will help you figure out what to do if you can, your words not mine, pull you're head out of your grave long enough to give it some serious thought." He gives a sigh and adds, "I can say though that you are one of my biggest inspirations. Since I met you, I've gotten a new perspective on things, and I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for you. Half our group can make the same claim."

KP13: Artemis smiles wide. He was actually an inspiration to someone or at least he would end up being one. Whatever his talent is, he's glad it would at least be useful. "You said Doomed timeline...does that mean you are going know..."

GM@KP13: James nods. "Yep, in fact, I get to die twice, and so do you. And on that note, I must be going. The longer I'm here, the more chance we won't be able to get through our experiments. The three of us will gather as much Data as we can and transfer it to you as we get the chance." He pushes off of the bookshelf and slides his arms apart. Holding his arms out wide, pals facing outwards from his body he says, "Oh, and get Grist Torrent as fast as you can. It'll be a real help." With that he snaps his arms together as if to clap his hands right in front of his chest, but before they can meet, he vanishes.

KP13: Artemis stares at the spot where James had been standing. Taking a deep breath, he looked over to Dracsprite. "Come along, Count, we've got work to do." With that, he turns and exits the library. He strolls down to his study, grabs his phone and starts reading over the update. "Ok...kill monsters...get grist... and build stuff." he looks over the info for a moment longer before moving over to the Punch Designix. "Ok...any suggestion on what to build first Count?"

GM@KP13: He waves his hand at the Alchemiter behind him. "This is where I can give no real advice of value other than play to your strengths and be creative. This game has hidden aspects, and I can not help you find them Comrade." He settles down into his chair and waits.

KP13: Artemis thought about what the Sprite said and thought for a moment. Inside his mind he pictured himself grabbing onto his Poker Strife card. It was time to start upgrading his weapons.

GM@KP13: A card like your Chapalog cards appears in your hand. The backing on this one is green and a digitized looking version of a poker is displayed on the white part. With beneath the white it says "Pokerkind" and in a small box beneath it set on the green is a picture of your cast iron poker.

KP13: He flips the card over and looks at the back of it. After a couple moments of staring at it, he sets the Strife card down on the machine and summons a chapalog card to his hand. He slides the card into the machine, casts a look to the code on the strife card. He enters it into the keyboard and after crossing his fingers hits the green button he sees on it.

GM@KP13: There is a slicing thunk from the machine and you see the card move ever so slightly.

KP13: Art waits a moment and then pulls out the card. He sets it down on the machine and thinks for a moment about what to add to it. With a wicked grin, he races upstairs to his room and grabs the raccoon skull that decorats his dresser. He places his hand on it and says "Chapalog". Once it's chapaloged he races back to the living room. He summons the skull card, places it into the Designix and hits the green button. Once the card is punched, he removes it, taking it and the punched poker card to the lathe. He slides both both cards in, the poker card up front, before realizing that he needs something still. He goes to the Cruxtruder and turns the wheel. Once the black cylinder comes out, he carries it to the lathe and attaches it. When it's done carving the totem he whisks it over to the Alchemiter and places it in it's designated spot, first moving the first Totem to the floor. Once he's sure he's ready he pushes the green button.

KP13: After a moment of nothing, Artemis realizes his mistake and pushes the || mix button and hits the green button again.

GM@KP13: With a slight popping sound an object appears in the middle of the Alchemiter's big platform.

KP13: Artemis stands for a second and swallows, anxious to see his first creation and hoping it won't be the first step in his own downfall. He moves closer to it and looks at what his combination has brought.

GM@KP13: The general shape of the object is of a poker. The shaft is now an off white color like weathered bone, while the end has almost completely changed. The end is now the shape of the raccoon skull with the fans serving as the "Hook" of the poker. It is much smaller than then original skull and only slightly bigger than the original poker tip. The nose of the skull is much more pointed than the original skull. The words "Skullprick" flashes before your eyes as you look upon it.

KP13: Artemis reached out and grabbed the Skullprick and admired it. "Good god, I'm amazing," he said with a grin. "What do you think, Count. Am I good or what?"

GM@KP13: Dracsprite chuckles. "Impressive comrade. A fine new weapon. It suits you." he says, his voice laced with mirth.

To Be A Knight
And my first Finished work Death Day

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7870 Strata-gems

PostPosted: Mon May 06, 2013 7:08 pm    Post subject: Session 11 Reply with quote


Dark Blue = GM

Cyan = BikerChick3000

Violet = HouseMouse

Red = Death

Yellow = Tobysprite

Black = Dracsprite

GM@BickerChick3000: As soon as the window looking in on WolverineRules!!! your Pesterchum pings. A chat box pops up from HouseMouse reading "Hello? Are you there?"

BikerChick3000: Hearing the ping, she looks and sees that she has a message from HouseMouse. She smiles and quickly types a reply.

BikerChick3000@HouseMouse: Hey! Yeah I'm here. What's up?

BikerChick3000@HouseMouse: There's some freaky shit going on here, I can tell you.

HouseMouse: Jillian reads the message and sighs in relief, then smirks at the next message. She types a reply as she makes her way over to the laptop in the basement

HouseMouse@BikerChick3000: So I've heard. Let's see if I can get you from not being crushed by a meteor, yeah?

BikerChick3000@HouseMouse: Thank fuck! You're a life-saver! ...Literally possibly. XD

HouseMouse@BikerChick3000: You're fuck welcome! Haha.

GM@BickerChick3000: Elsie smiles, reading over your shoulder.

BikerChick3000@HouseMouse: Right, let's do this. I just helped someone else get into the game, so this shouldn't be too time consuming with any luck.

BikerChick3000: She crosses her fingers, grinning at HouseMouse's last message along with Elise.

HouseMouse: "Let's see here now...where's that weird disk labeled 2?" Jillian rummages around the laptop, eventually lifting the guide and finding the disk, and inserting it into the laptop.

GM@HouseMouse: A DoS like window pops up. "I would like to Host _____________. Y/N"

HouseMouse: Jillian carefully taps out "Biker Chick 3000" in the blank and clicks the Y

GM@HouseMouse: "Player not found. Please check spelling of Username"

HouseMouse: "For the love of...." she taps out a message on her pda.

HouseMouse@BikerChick3000: I'm assuming no spaces? My old age is still trying to grasp this thing.

Death: James makes his way back to his computer with his snack and a glass of milk. Pulling up HouseMouse's window he sees he tapping away at her PDA. "Hmmm? Did she get a response?" He leans in and begins typing.

BikerChick3000@HouseMouse: Indeed, no spaces.

Death@HouseMouse: So, you get someone to respond or somthin' HouseMama?

HouseMouse@BikerChick3000: Life-saver seems like a strong word now, doesn't it? XD

BikerChick3000: She flicks on the CD player, hoping the music will make everything a little less tense as she waits.

BikerChick3000: She smiles at the message as she turns back to her screen.

HouseMouse: Jillian, shaking her head at her own stupidity, types in the name on the blank again "BikerChick3000," hitting the Y once more when she finishes.

BikerChick3000@HouseMouse: Lol! I'm sure the title will suit you just fine.

HouseMouse@Death: Yeah. I'm bringing her in. Hello pressure

GM@HouseMouse: THe DoS window vanishes and a new window pops up. In the window you can see a girl, younger than yourself, turned away from you and focusing on her computer screen. Behind her is another girl, standing as if reading over her shoulder. A beautiful fox is curled up next to the desk, You seem to be looking onto a living area.

Death: James waves his hands in a fending off motion towards his screen. "Okay, okay. . . ." He grins.

GM@HouseMouse: A panel of controls seem to decend from the top of the window and hang there.

HouseMouse: "Holy..." So this is how Death must see me, she thinks. Subconsciously she flattens her hair and tucks it behind her ear. "Crap, Toby," she says as a control panel appears in front of her. "And I thought the other part was hard," she looks at all the buttons and pats the dogsprites head wearily.

HouseMouse@BikerChick3000: I see you!

Tobysprite: Yesh.

BikerChick3000: Instinctively, she looks around, even though she knows from her encounter with Leo that she won't be able to see HouseMouse in return. She tucks her long hair behind her ear.

BikerChick3000@HouseMouse: My apologies for that, lol! XD

BikerChick3000: She gestures to Elise, then types another message.

HouseMouse@BikerChick3000: I'm pretty sure I did the same thing

BikerChick3000@HouseMouse: This is my friend Elise, btw.

Death: James watched her preen herself a bit. "So cuuuuute." He murmurs.

BikerChick3000@HouseMouse: And that's Lola.

BikerChick3000: She points to the little red fox.

HouseMouse: Upon reading the message Jillian smiles and waves, blushing as she realizes that they cannot see her in return. She smacks herself lightly on the side of the head.

HouseMouse@BikerChick3000: Its nice to meet them. And holy crap you have a fox?

BikerChick3000@HouseMouse: Yeah...I found her in my back garden when she was a baby, lol! I kinda became her mum. XD

GM@BikerChick3000: Elise grabs your arm and points outside. "Um, Wren? Things are getting weirder. . . ." she says in a hushed voice.

BikerChick3000: "Ah piss it!" She starts typing frantically.

BikerChick3000@HouseMouse: Much as I'm enjoying the chat, I think we'll need to put it on pause for now. Things are starting to look a little rough outside, if you know what I mean...

HouseMouse@BikerChick3000: Ah, right right! Sorry! I better get my ass moving.

BikerChick3000@HouseMouse: Lol! No need to be sorry, hun. I only realised because Elise brought it to my attention. XD

BikerChick3000: She grabs the guide and starts flicking through it. "It's the deployment of the equipment that needs to be done first, isn't it?" she says to Elise as she searches through the manual.

HouseMouse: Jillian sets her pda by the laptop and stares at the controller at a loss. She flips through the guide. "What was the first thing Death had me do...?" she thinks. "Oh."

HouseMouse@BikerChick3000: Did you download the player disc yet?

GM: ==============

GM@BikerChick3000: She nods. Then, looking around the small apartment she curses. " I think only one of the bigger ones will fit in this room with the Totem Lathe. The other thing will have to go in another room. . . . ." She points behind her to the other living area. "There, yes, all the devices should fit there! Just let me go move some things!" Elise flies into the larger Living area and begins clearing space for your equipment.

BikerChick3000@HouseMouse: Yes, I believe so...

BikerChick3000: She looks around to watch Elise clearing a space. "I hope so," she says. "Otherwise it might end up getting dumped in your cafe."

HouseMouse: Jillian reads the message "Alright goes." After looking between the guide and the host controls a few times before pressing a few buttons and deploying the host equipment.

HouseMouse@BikerChick: Watch your toes

BikerChick3000@HouseMouse: Lol, okay. XD

BikerChick3000: She scoops up Lola to get her out of the way, the sleepy fox laying contentedly in her arms. She gestures for Elise to get back too.

GM@BikerChick3000: Elise move the last bit of furniture and steps aside. "There, it should all fit here now!" She shays proudly.

BikerChick3000: "Good job!" she replies, smiling at her friend.

HouseMouse: As soon as Elise and the fox are safely out of the way, Jillian drops the machines into the living room. The Cruxtruder, Alchemiter and Totem Lathe all fit snugly in the living room, thanks in part to Elise having rearranged the furniture.

HouseMouse@BikerChick3000: Its a little snug, but all easy to get to at least

BikerChick3000: Even though she'd been expecting them, she starts as the machinery appears in the room all of a sudden.

BikerChick3000: She turns distractedly back to the screen at the ping, and types a message back.

BikerChick3000@HouseMouse: Indeed! Thanks! You're so awesome!

HouseMouse@BikerChick3000: Haha, thanks! I'll turn on the Cruxtruder for you.

BikerChick3000@HouseMouse: Awesome! You need to use something heavy, btw. I used a bed to help my friend into the game, lol!

BikerChick3000: She looks around and points at the couch, knowing that HouseMouse will be able to see the gesture.

HouseMouse: Jillian searches the apartment eyes spying the couch. She smiles when BickerChick3000 points to the same object, and, without any further hesitation, picks the couch up and drops it on top of the machine

Death: Finishing his snack James begins panning around HouseMouse's location, testing his limits and getting the layout down. "Nice place HouseMama. . . . ." he murmurs.

GM@All: The couch drops, and with a thunk bounces off the top of the Cruxtruder and topples on to the platform of the Alchmiter. There is a flash of light from the device and when it fades, a turquoise ball with a Spirograph inside it appears and begins bobbing up and down.

GM@BC3: The small timer face on the side of the Cruxtruder begins counting down from 7 minutes.

BikerChick3000: "Hmmm, that's a little different," she says, looking at the object. "I'm sure Leo's was orange...maybe it's a different color for everyone."

BikerChick3000: She notices the timer, and her eyes widen slightly. "Oh shit! ...What am I supposed to do now?!" She grabs the guide, trying to remember what happened with Leo.

KP13: Artemis smiled at his weapon and after giving it a couple test swings, he lowers it and moves back into his study. He thinks for a moment on what the stranger said upstairs and opened up his Pesterchum list. He clicked on the button for a mass message and thought. This should work, after all, he was in a different world, the only people it should actually reach are people with SBURB. He lets out a deep breath and starts typing.

HouseMouse: "The counter should start..." Jillian says and, twirling the view of the room a bit she spies it. "Ha! Okay so...Oh" Jillian taps a few more buttons and makes the Pre-punched Card appear in front of BikerChick3000.

HouseMouse@BikerChick3000: Sorry forgot this. Now go put that and the colored thing in the Totem Lathe

BikerChick3000: She starts at the appearance of the pre-punched card.

KP13@HouseMouse: I do not know if this message will reach you. If it does, then logic says you should have a copy of this fucking game. If you do and this message reaches you, please message back.

BikerChick3000: She hears the ping and checks the message, before turning back and doing as HouseMouse directed, taking the card and the turquoise ball and placing them in the Totem Lathe.

GM@HM: A new Pesterchum message pops up on you laptop from a KingPoe13 reading "I do not know if this message will reach you. If it does, then logic says you should have a copy of this fucking game. If you do and this message reaches you, please message back."

HouseMouse: Jillian jumps a bit when her pda buzzes. It wasn't from BikerChick3000 but...her eyes widen and she smiles slightly. "And so my favorite author survives...if this doesn't make for good material for a book, i don't know what does."

HouseMouse@KP13: Greetings. I'm alive, but for how long is a better question. I'm guessing you're doing alright for now?

HouseMouse@BikerChick3000: Sorry, the dowel that on top of the Cruxtruder. that colored thing. And you need to crank a wheel to get it out. I'm already forgetting stuff I did with Death when I came in

GM@BC3: 6:01......6:00......5:59.......

GM@KP13: You recieve a reply from HouseMouse.

BikerChick3000: She hears the ping and checks the message, before turning back and doing as HouseMouse directed, taking the card. She finds the wheel and cranks it.

KP13@HM: I'm alright at the moment. Had to kill a ton of imps but I got an upgraded weapon for my trouble. Look I need some help...I had a run-in with someone. I need you to go through your list...message anyone with the game. I'm looking for someone named James. Wears a sweatshirt...this is very important

GM@BC3: A turquoise dowel pops out the top and lands in your free arm.

BikerChick3000: She finds that the dowel is surprisingly heavy, though not difficult to carry. She places it and the cards in the Totem Lathe.

GM@BC3: A green button lights up on the side of the Lathe. 5:34.........5:33.........5:32.......

HM@KP13: Can do. Is he a relative of yours? A friend?

GM: ================

HouseMouse: Jillian starts a "send to all" message, leaving out BikerChick3000 and Artemis himself. "A kid named James out there anywhere?' She sends the message and sets the pda to the side as she watches the girl put the two objects in the machine "Man I hope I can get her out in time..." She wrings her hands as she looks at the time on the clock.

KP13@HM: A time traveler....or he will be...he came to me...said he was from a doomed timeline...kinda complicated...I just need to find him so we can try to figure out a way early to...not die

HouseMouse@KP13: It sounds very complicated. But I'll do what I can to help you find him. And you'll have to explain more. Sounds like a good story

GM@BC3: Elise sees you hesitating and smacks the green button. Once the totem is caved she grabs it and rushes over to the Alchemiter and places it where it belongs. The Alchemiter scans the totem and with a loud pop a large flower appears with many smaller buds hanging off of it. One of the buds fall and the large flower vanishes. Elise runs over to you and hands it to you With a smile she pats the fox on the head and says "You may want to get ready little one." Before taking it away from you. Stepping back, she turns and tosses the fox into the ball of light. It flashes then fades and now there is a fox face where the Spirograph once was. The timer has only a few minutes left on it when Elise turns to you once more and smiles, a tear in her eye. "I'm coming with you, my dear friend." And with that, she steps back into the Sprite ball. There is another flash, and the face now looks mostly human with fox ears.

BikerChick3000: She watches the happenings with a shocked expression which matches her inner emotions. Form a short time, she's frozen, unable to think what to do. She finally comes to her senses and checks the guide book, still glancing occassionally at the Elise/Lola merging. She nods as she finds the section, looking down at the bud in her hand. Then carefully, she starts to peel back the petals, opening the flower.

KP13@HM: Finished killing some imps. He was there. Said that he was from a doomed timeline and that there was a group. They had failed and were trying to find ways to change things. Said part of it was up to me...that I saved everyone. I need to find him.

GM@BC3: The bud peals open and for an instant there is a beautiful flower in your hand before it vanishes, and the world goes white.

HM@KP13: Don't take offense to this, but it sounds like your writing a pretty fantastic story. Of course, with all the crap that's happened in the past day, I'll believe it. Any other clues to who he might be or how to find him other than appearance and name?

Death@HM: Hey, HouseMama, who you talking to now?

HouseMouse@Death: KingPoe13. An author friend of mine. Maybe you know him? His name's Artemis Retsum. Writes great stuff.

Death: James sits back a bit, thinking hard. "I think I have a friend who reads his stuff. . ." He pauses. "Wait, if she's chatting with him, he must be in the game!!!!" Snapping forward he Types her a quick message.

Death@HM: Hey, he's in the game, COOL! I'ma add him!

HouseMouse@Death: Awesome. He's looking for someone, so maybe you'll be able to help too

Death: James pulls up the add Chum page and Types a quick message to KingPoe13.

KP13@HM: None taken...I wish I could have come up with something like this. And no...just that he wore a sweatshirt with a skull on it.

Death@KingPoe13: Hey dude, you got the game too?! Awesome! You should totally add me!

HM@KP13: Well I'll do my best. Hey, gave your name to someone. He's much better at this tech stuff than me. Hopefully he can help you look for this guy

KP13: Artemis sits for a moment before adding the new individual and typing back.

KP13@Death: Yes. I'm in the game. I was told you might be able to help me. I'm looking for another player. Name's James, wears a sweatshirt with a skull on it.

Death: Jame's eyes bugger out for a moment as he glances down at the skull on his T-shirt. "Well, this has got to be the weirdest thing yet. . . ." He mutters. Looking over his shoulder he spots his hoody on the back of his couch. "Well, I guess that would be awesome." He states before turning back to his computer and typing.

Death@KP13: Uh, that would be me, kinda. My name is James at least, and my T has a skull. So, how do you know about me Artie?

Death@HM: Well, I found who he's looking for, it me!!!!

KP13: Artemis's eye twitches for a moment. This was definitely him. He cracked his neck and proceeded to type.

HouseMouse@Death: You? Really? Well, its a small world. And now I know your first name, hehe.

Death@HM: Indeed you do! Now what is your, to be fair?

KP13@Death: Ok...first things first...don't call me, Artie. I despise it. And came to me, kinda. A future version of you from a timeline where everybody is fucked. It was down to you, me, and someone else to try and save the day.

Death: James stare for a moment before shouting "COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and typing back.

HouseMouse@Death: Hm...alright. But if you ask me my weight I will have to dispose of you. Its Jillian (insert handshake here, haha)

Death@KP13: So, I can like, time travel!?!?! Awesome!!! I am SO going to say Hi to Jesus!

HouseMouse@Death: So, did you and Artemis really meet like he says?

Death@HM: *Shakes poffered hand* Nice to meet you, and no, not yet at least. According to him I get to fucking TIME TRAVEL!!!!

Death: He chuckles at the weight coment.

HouseMouse@Death: So I hear. Promise me you'll visit at some point in your time jumping, yeah?

GM: =========

KP13@Death: Yes...or something like that. I don't know. You said that we were doing tests that I ended up saving you and served as inspiration. You also said that we all have a special power. Yours is travel...and I have yet to discover mine

GM@HM: At the exact moment you sent that question, there is a shimmer out of the corner of your eye. Tobysprite whips around growling, but settles instantly.

Death@KP13: So awesome. I bet you are so totally cool. I only admire the cool guys you know? So, what else did I say huh? I must have had loads if info to tell ya! I know me, this whole time travel thing, I would SO take advantage if it!

Death@HM: Yeh, I promise.

KP13@Death: You didn't tell me much. Apparently, I told you not to. I just sent you to kick my ass into gear. And that in that timeline...we both died...twice...

Death@KP13: Hmmmm, I wonder why. . . Oh neat, we can die more than once, groovy!

HouseMouse: "Toby?" Jillian says as the sprite suddenly growls. She rubs her eyes against a brief shimmer in her the corner "Seriously a migraine?" she asks herself as she turns to the dogsprite and pats his head.

GM@HM: Tobysprite continues to look to his right. On you left a voice calls out. "I'm here, as promised!"

GM@KP13: There is a loud crash from somewhere in the kitchen. Dracsprite looks over and sighs. "I pray that wasn't the exquisite wine I have earlier."

KP13: Artemis stands and starts toward the kitchen. He stops for a moment and looks at his sprite. "That's where you went earlier. To drink my wine...could at least have brought me some." Slowly, he moves to the kitchen, raising his Skullprick, ready to use it.

HouseMouse: Jillian follows Toby's gaze and jumps at the sound of the voice. Standing only a few feet away from her is a teenager dressed in a hoody with a skull on it. For a moment she stares in stunned silence before screaming and launching herself backwards off the stool she is sitting on in front of the laptop. A string of expletives erupts from her mouth, both from the fall and from the sight before her.

GM@KP13: You find a small pack of Imps, but they are a little different then before. They have what seem to be fox tails, and hair, all of the same black color as their skin, save for two in the back which are of a gray complexion and seem a little bigger than the others. There are 5 in total.

GM@HM: The boy chuckles and holds out a hand to help you up while the other reaches over and pats Tobysprite on the head. The Sprite seems to like it. "Hey there HouseMama, sorry to freak you out like that!"

To Be A Knight
And my first Finished work Death Day

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7870 Strata-gems

PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2013 9:49 am    Post subject: Session 12 Reply with quote


Dark Blue = GM

Orange = WolverineRules!!!

GM@WR!!!: As you feel yourself falling asleep, the light around you seems to change. It's much brighter, but doesn't sting. It's strange, but it feels like you are waking up at the same time you are falling asleep. After several second, you feel fully awake.

GM!WR!!!: You feel like you're still on a bed.

WR!!!: He wants to sleep...but something is wrong. He tries snuggling into the mattress. He sighs. Definitely wrong. Jake opens his eyes and looks around.

GM@WR!!!: You are in a bedroom, but it's not the one you fell asleep in. It feels really familiar, and reminds you of the one you did most of your growing up in. This room however is very clean, with everything in order, and walls that seem to be made of gold. The light coming in from outside is bright but not too much so. There are posters on the walls of your favorite bands musicians and movies. This looks like your "Dream Bedroom"

WR!!!: Is he dreaming? No, he's too lucid to be dreaming. Jake sits up on the bed. What's going on? Now the game's meddling with his sleep, too? Is nothing sacred anymore? Sighing, he pushes himself off the bed.

GM: ==============

GM@WR!!!: Memories seem to come back to you. You know this place, and you are not afraid. This is your home, at least that's what your body and mind tell you. This is the moon of Prospit, the golden world circling Skaia. You live here in one of the moon's four spires, and it's a peaceful place. You body lefts from the ground with no effort, and you remember you can fly. The town below is occupied with other residents of Prospit and it's moon. They are different from you, but they don't mind.

You have spoken with them before, and they seem nice. Their skin is pure white, one their heads completely round. They are smaller then you for the most part, and have joints like that of a bug's. They have two legs, two arms, and a face, just like you, but also, seem to resemble chess pieces in a way.

They are ruled by the White King and the White Queen. You've met the Queen, and she is nice.You have spent many an evening gazing at Skaia, it's clouds filled with fantastic stories. From time to time you see people you think you should recognize up in those clouds. Perhaps the other three spires will explain something. . . .
[2013-05-10 08:45:45] PopeAlessandrosXVIII [»] sagittaeri: I will fill in more "Memories" as you fly around.

WR!!!: Jake stretches his arms and circles above the town effortlessly. He can fly? Of course he can...he remembers it. Just like he remembers being here before. Changing direction gently, he flies towards the nearest spire.

GM@WR!!!: The whole town seems to be made of gold. Off to the left you can see Prospit at the end of the long chain connecting the planet to it's moon. Despite being called a moon, Prospit seems less than 2 miles away from it's moon. (Looks something like this - but with more Spires, 4 on the moon, and a grouping of 7 on the planet) As you approach the spire you see a few citizens waving at you from bellow. You recall that they had told you on your last visit that the war was not going well. War? Yes, there's a war going on. . . . . There is a ball at the top of this spire, identical you your own, with the only entrance seeming to be a person sized window in one side.

WR!!!: A war...that's right. How terrible. He wonders how the citizens are doing since his last visit. Floating down towards one of the citizens, he lands and greets them.

GM@WR!!!: As you land you notice your clothing. It's what you always wear here. So bright. . . . - The citizen smiles and gives you a nod. It's a girl, you know somehow, and she seems to be a mail delivery person. She seems a little shaken up about something.

WR!!!: "Wot's happened? Wot's been goin' on around 'ere, miss?" he asks gently, concerned, despite his rough accent.

GM@WR!!!: She smiles again. "Nothing much Mister Jacob." This war has us all on edge, you know? The queen is so worried about her husband she's taken to secluding herself." The female's voice is high but not unpleasant. She gives you a nod. "Sorry I can't talk more, I must be off on this delivery. I'll see you again soon Mister Jacob." And with that she walks away across a golden bridge.

WR!!!: He returns the delivery girl's nod and let her get on her way. What's happened to the queen's husband? Is this something he can remember, too? He watches as she crosses the shimmering golden bridge. What a pretty world. If only his awake world was the same. Lifting off the ground, he floats to the top of the spire.

GM@WR!!!: At the top of the spire you can see the city spread out all around you In the distance to your left you can see your Spire, and to you right, another one identical to yours and the one you now float above. Above you the vast expanses of Skaia looks down upon you. The blue planet with beautiful white clouds seems to radiate the light for your moon. (Just keep in mind there are more spires and towers - ) Somewhere up there the White King battles with his Knights and Rooks, and Bishops at his sides against the Black King and his armies. Up there, on the Battlefield.

WR!!!: The king...he's in the middle of a battle! Without wasting time, Jake zooms towards the action.

GM@WR!!!: As you dash towards Skaia, intent on aiding the King, a cloud comes between you and the cerulien planet. For a moment it's white before fading into a darker shade. The, like watching a movie on a cloud shaped screen a scene plays out before you. A girl, chatting on her computer, a boy appears behind her. She falls down in fright, but the boy extends a hand. Beside them is a creature, a Sprite, with ripped muscles and a dog nose. The two seem familiar.

Yes, you know them, or at least, you've seen them. In the other Spires, on your moon. You've seen them through their windows, asleep on their beds. Sometimes you spoke with the boy if he was awake. He's always ready with a smile. I walls of his room seem to have words written all over them from what you have seen. The cloud fades back to white and moves aside. As you continue forward, you feel yourself falling....falling....

You start awake in the bedroom of the boy who's identity you've assumed. Even as you blink, the memories fade as you heart hardens the way this harsh reality has taught it to.


To Be A Knight
And my first Finished work Death Day

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7870 Strata-gems

PostPosted: Sun May 12, 2013 6:01 pm    Post subject: Session 13 Reply with quote


Dark Blue = GM

Cyan = BikerChick3000

Red = Death

Blue = Ellasprite

GM@BC3: When you can see the world around you again you can see that you have not moved. The room and everything in it is the same. After a few moments something happens to your sprite. It seems to split into three parts, one white, one black, and one Turquoise. The white one heads strait up while the black one flies out a window and vanishes. It looks something like this - The part that remains transforms. Humanoid upper half with a slightly elongated face like that of the fox but only slightly. Fox ears atop the head with Elisa's styled hair. There's a fur riff going around her neck, not too fluffy, the extends down to the top of a button-up blouse like the one Elisa was wearing when she joined with the sprite. At the base of the humanoid part on the back is a fox tail, and her fingers have slight clawed tips to them where fingernails would be. Lower half is a ghosty tail and the entire body is Turquoise.

BikerChick3000: She looks around, her vision slightly dazed from the flash of light. Nothing much seems to have changed, beside the strange image before her...what had it been called again?..."A sprite" she says aloud, watching as it splits into three seperate parts. The black and the white both disappear their seperate ways, while the turquiose forms into a strange merge of a creation before her eyes. Her eyes widen at the whole occurence in astonishment and wonder. "What the...?"

Ellasprite: Are you alright Wren?

BikerChick3000: She jumped back away from the sprite at the sound of the voice. "!"

BikerChick3000: She took a few deep breaths. "Elise?"

Ellasprite: *Smile* Yes Wren, it's me.

GM@BC3: The sprite floats around the room a bit, caressing random objects.

BikerChick3000: She points at the ears in puzzlement, and then the long tail, before realization dawns on her. "Lola..." She takes a few more deep breaths, feeling a little nausous. "My best friend and my pet...?!" Feeling shaky, she sits down on the floor.

Ellasprite: *Looks concerned* Are you sure you're alright? *Floats closer to you* I hope you're not angry with me. . . . .

BikerChick3000: "What the fuck is going on here?" she said to no one in particular, holding her head in her hands as if to steady it.

Ellasprite: We have entered the game.

BikerChick3000: " can't be happening...I mean, I know what the guide said and's just..."

GM: =========

GM@BC3: Suddenly your phone goes off. It makes it's Text Message noise. (Please check your PM box for details of Text)

BikerChick3000: She reads the text carefully, her expression going slightly blank the further she went along. "Christ, this shit is so...complicated," she exclaims, shoving the phone back into the pocket of her jeans. She looks to the sprite, still a little weirded out by it, but getting slightly more used to it's presence. "I' back to it as a reference as I need to," she says with a nod. "And now...what should I do?" She goes over to the window and looks outside. "Should I go out?"

GM: ==========

GM@BC3: The view out of the window has completely changed, No more streets or cars of buildings. Now you see a smattering of trees with brilliant blue leaves. Beyond you can see what looks to be cerulien waters. For a moment the words "Land of Glitter and Moonlight" shines before your eyes before fading. From behind you Ellasprite murmurs.

Ellasprite: I can not tell you what you should or should not do. This is your journey to take. I can aid you, as you need me, I can inform you, where I can, but it is up to you to choose your own path mu friend. *Looks down* Joining the Sprite this way I know now so much of what it all means, but I am bound and can not simply tell you. Trust in this though. *Looks at you* I am still your friend, and care for you. We are still here with you, Wren, my friend. Do what you feel you must, nothing more, nothing less.

BikerChick3000: She nods at the sprite's words, looking slight vacant as she stares at the surroundings outside the building. "This is..." She lets out a disbelieving laugh. "It's beautiful..." She looks at the sprite. "You sure we didn't get crushed by one of those meteors?"

GM@BC3: Ellasprite chuckles and shakes her head. Without a sound she moves back a bit and goes back to touching the things that once belonged to half of her. Her tail wags back and forth once in a while.

BikerChick3000: "I guess it makes little difference anyway," Wren goes on. "It looks like I'll need to leave the house sooner or later...and if I've already died...Well, I can't die again." She sighs, stares out at the changed landscape a moment longer, then turns and heads for the stairs into the lower half of the building. "And forth I go, armed with a fucking yo-yo...why the hell did I choose a yo-yo, for crying out loud...a knife would have been more useful maybe..."

BikerChick3000: "Though I could still grab a knife I suppose..."

BikerChick3000: She chatters away to herself as much as the sprite, the sound of her voice seeming to have a slightly calming effect on her nerves. She turns to the sprite. "You still have those Chinese throwing stars that your parents sent you from their travels?" She turns back to the path ahead once the question is asked, waiting for the answer.

Death: James shrinks his chat windows and pulls up the Pesterchum main window. "Let's see if I can do this. . . ." His mind had begun working on on theory when HouseMouse told him that she could connect with him, but not with her kids. To test his theory he begins pulling up the pages of all Pesterchum users marked as "Online" and begins mailing them all. Most say "Failed to deliver", but some seem to get through.

GM: ==================

Ellasprite: *Floats along behind you* Yes, they should be in my dresser. I only practiced with them a few times.

GM@BC3: Your phone goes off. Another Text Message.

BikerChick3000: She nods. "They could be useful...if I learn how to throw them that is..." She starts as another text comes through, taking the phone from her pocket and checking it.

Death@BikerChick3000: Hey, doing some mass Pestering here. Looking for other SBURB players. I got a hunch, and if you get this, I'd say we're in the same boat. Add me as a Chum so we can figure this out together, k?

BikerChick3000: "Death..." she says, raising an eyebrow. "Well, there's an appealing name...kinda ironic, seeing as I'm contemplating the fact that I might actually be dead...maybe he or she is the Grim Reaper." She chuckles, then with a shrug adds Death to her Chum's list. She turns towards the bedroom just before she reaches the stairs, and heads for Elise's dresser, rifling around inside the top drawer for the throwing stars.

Death: James grins as he recives a Chuming. "Biker Chck huh? Bet she's hawt." He chuckles to himself before leaning in to send her a message.

Death@BC3: So, I see you like high risk gaming too, huh?

GM@BC3: The stars sit in a neat stack in the front corner of the drawer.

BikerChick3000: She checks the message as her hand falls upon the set of throwing stars. She takes them in her hand with a grin, before turning her attention to the message fully. She smiles at the words, then sends a reply.

BikerChick3000@Death: Like is too strong a word, it has to be said.

Death: He grins wide.

Death@BC3: I see. What point are you at with the game?

BikerChick3000@Death: Just got in. Grabbing myself some extra weapons and heading the Land of Glitter and Moonlight, it would seem.

BikerChick3000: She looks at the throwing stars in her hand, turning to the sprite. "I guess I should add these to my strife deck?"

Death: Busting out laughing James takes a minute to breath before replying.

GM@BC3: The sprite shrugs and makes a "If you want to" gesture.

Death@BC3: Sounds like a nice place. I wonder if I'll be able to see it some day

BikerChick3000: She rolls her eyes. "You're not much help you know," she says, her tone joking. " do I summon those cards again...?" She pauses then just thinks of the strife deck, hoping it works.

BikerChick3000: She checks the message and smirks.

BikerChick3000@Death: I wonder indeed.

BikerChick3000@Death: Are you inside the game too, btw?

GM@BC3: Ellasprite's ears and tail droop and she floats to the corner.

BikerChick3000: "Hey, get back here, I was only kidding," she says, gesturing the Sprite back towards her.

GM@BC3: The deck appears in your mind.

GM@BC3: She looks back at you, her tail wagging feebly and for a second she looks very much like Lola.

BikerChick3000: She looks at the sprite and shakes her head. "Man, this is freaky," she says, recognizing Lola more clearly for a moment.

Death@BC3: Nah, I'm waiting for the chain to circle back around to me. If it ever does. I think my area is safe for a while, not many close meteor hits thus far.

BikerChick3000: Holding the throwing stars in her hand and closing her eyes, she thinks 'strife', then opens her eyes a little and looks down at her palm.

GM@BC3: The stars are gone.

BikerChick3000: She feels rather pleased with herself as she sees that her hand is empty, then she turns her attention back to Death.

BikerChick3000@Death: Hopefully it remains that way.

BikerChick3000@Death: know much about the game?

Death@BC3: I've had some time to do the reading, so I know the Guide back to front now. My friend HouseMouse sent me the first Update which I've read through several times now. I've got a pretty good grasp on the info provided thus far.

BikerChick3000@Death: HouseMouse? She's the one that got me into the game.

BikerChick3000@Death: Anyway, I know pretty much fuck all, and I'm feeling kinda...muddled and weirded out, so I would appreciate any help if you're willing to give it.

Death@BC3: Oh, so you're the one. I watched her doing that. I'm the one who entered her!

Death2BC3: Sure, anything you need. I got the feeling it's going to take all of us to sort this cosmic mess out.

BikerChick3000: She reads the first text, and grins to herself, biting her lower lip as she attempts to use her willpower to stop her from making some kind of innuendo comment.

BikerChick3000@Death: Thanks, that's awesome!

BikerChick3000: The moment to comment has passed and she praises her willpower silently.

BikerChick3000@Death: Okay...what is likely to happen when I step out the front door?

Death: James leans back and thinks for a minute. "Well, I don't think it'll be exactly the same for each person. . . . .

Death@BC3: Well, for HouseMouse she was outside for a while, then the monsters showed up. I think they don't start very close to where you enter. They have to make their way to you.

BikerChick3000@Death: Yeah...I think there was something about monsters in a text I got not long ago.

BikerChick3000: She looks out the window again. "It doesn't look very...monstrous out there..."

BikerChick3000@Death: So...I squish them, right?

Death: Letting out another laugh James shakes his head.

Death@BC3: Well, you could say that. The first ones you run into don't seem all that tough. What is your weapon of choice?

BikerChick3000@Death: I have a yo-yo and a set of throwing stars atm.

Death@BC3: Neat. I can't wait to see what you make of that Yo-yo. If I understand the Guide right, all weapon choices have great potential!

BikerChick3000@Death: You and me both. I mean, what the fuck am I going to do with a yo-yo?! Truly, I was under the impression that I was hallucinating, so wasn't really focusing on how useful the weapons might be.

BikerChick3000@Death: Whatever the guide says, I'm having trouble imagining the potential of a yo-yo.

Death@BC3: Well, I can think of a few things to mix with a Yo-yo to make it badass.

BikerChick3000: She ponders, then shakes her head.

BikerChick3000@Death: No, I'm kinda at a loss to get on the same wave length as you. Care to enlighten me?

Death: Stretching and leaning back James cracks his knuckles and sighs. "Needs to work on her imagination this one." Leaning back in he crosses his legs and smirks.

Death@BC3: Hm, mixing it with something that resonates could make it into a reverberating weapon. You know, it's spinning causing sound waves that can shatter what it strikes and what not. Mix it with say, one of those thing on a stove and some sort of generator and you can make it into a fireball on a string. Mix with a razor or something like that, and something poisonus, make a poison blade Yo-yo. Stuff like that. And I think later in the game, you'll be able to aquire magic items to work with. At least that's the feel I get.

BikerChick3000: She looks at the new message and makes an incredulous face.

BikerChick3000@Death: Pray the hell am I going to wield a fireball on a string without setting myself alight in the process?!!!

BikerChick3000@Death: And a poison blade yo-yo?!!! If I'm not dead already, I sense I soon will be!

BikerChick3000@Death: By my own hand!

Death@BC3: Well, weapons aren't the only things you can make. Mix an oven mitt with a leather glove and you get a sexy leather fireproof glove? Or it could end up only lighting on fire when it's out and the flame vanishes when you pull it back it. It's all dependant on how things end up, ya know?

Death@BC3: Same thing with the Poison Blade, you just need a glove with a metal lining.

BikerChick3000: She plops down on the living room sofa and leans her head back, trying to think. She sighs deeply.

BikerChick3000@Death: So I should do all this shit before I go out, yes?

Death@BC3: From what I've seen, your normal Yo-yo should be able to take out the low level monsters you'll be encountering, so you don't have to do it first. Besides I think yer Ho-

Death: James pulls up the window watching Housemouse and stops cold. "Holy hell......"

BikerChick3000: She read the new message, looking at the strangely 'cut-off' sentence ending it.

BikerChick3000: She waits for a few moments for him to reply back with the remainder of the sentence.

GM@BC3: There is no response.

BikerChick3000: She huffs slightly. "I bet he's a teenage boy, you know," she says to the Sprite. "Easily distracted creatures."

BikerChick3000: She looks towards the stairs, then gets to her feet. "Right, let's get going then...see what these monsters are made of." She marches off towards the stairs determinedly and trots lightly down them.

GM@BC3: The light pouring through the front windows of the shop are much brighter than when you were back on earth, before entering the game.

BikerChick3000 As she enters the cafe area of the building, she squints slightly against the enhanced light coming in through the windows from the outside. "Why is it so bright?"

Ellasprite: *Shrug* I would suppose since it's a full moon in the Land of Glitter and Moonlight.

BikerChick3000: She heads towards the door and opens it a crack, peeking out to see if there was any signs of anything monsterish around.

GM@BC3: There are no monsters in sight. The trees seem almost luminecent, refracting the light from the large moon overhead. The ground itself seems to be covered in a glittery substance.

BikerChick3000: Cautiously she opens the door wide and slips out, stepping carefully upon the glittering ground. She approaches a tree and runs her hand down the bark, awe at it's beauty written all over her face.

GM@BC3: The bark is slick but bumpy beneath your fingers, like uncut crystal. Small flecks of it seem to come off and stick to your fingers.

BikerChick3000: She pulls her hand back, and looks down at her palm, rubbing the flecks of 'bark' between her fingers. "This is so weird..." Feeling a little spaced out, she moves on, moving a little further away from the house.

GM@BC3: About a couple dozen paces away from the house the ground shifts from green to white. a few yards after that, it gives way to water. The water is crystal blue, and seems quite still.

BikerChick3000: She halts as she reaches the edge of the water, looking down at the crystal clear surface with a frown. "What? Am I on some kind of island?!!"

GM@BC3: Your question hangs in the still air, no answer forth coming.

BikerChick3000: She throws up her hands in frustration. "For fucks sake, what the hell am I supposed to do?!!" she calls out loudly. She takes her phone out of her pocket, and tries messaging Death.

BikerChick3000@Death: Please mate, I'm really fucking stuck here.

Death@BC3: Wha? Oh, sorry, I left you hanging there huh? What's up? What do you need?

BikerChick3000@Death: Well, I've kinda hit that normal?

Death@BC3: The impression I got from the Update and the Guide is that the starting point is going to isolated, so if the water is all around you, then I'd say that's your natural barrier in your session.

BikerChick3000@Death: Ah what do I do? I'm just...stuck here? With the monsters?

Death@BC3: I guess so. I think you're stuck there until you reach your first Gate. That should transport you somewhere else. So for now, I think killing monsters should be your first priority. It'll help you make the equipment you'll need on the quest.

GM@BC3: You hear strange noises coming from the direction of the shop.

BikerChick3000: She turns at the sound of noises, the area being free of them up until now. "What the fuck is that?!"

To Be A Knight
And my first Finished work Death Day
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7870 Strata-gems

PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2013 7:21 pm    Post subject: Session 14 Reply with quote


Dark Blue = GM

Cyan = BikerChick3000

Violet = HouseMouse

Blue = Ellasprite

Red = Death

HouseMouse: Jillian stares at the outstretched hand before her. She blinks rapidly, unsure whether to laugh or cry at the sudden human contact, or the fact that she might have finally lost it. Toby's comfort with the suddenly appearing boy calms her heart a little, but she is still wary. Cautiously she stands and, inching forward, takes James' hand, pinching and pulling the skin. "Is this for real?"

GM@BC3: You can't really see anything through the trees, but you have a heavy feeling in your stomach. Ellasprite looks alert.

BikerChick3000: "I suppose I should go check it out..." She looks to the sprite, wanting some kind of acknowledgment that that's the right thing to do, as every part of her being wants nothing more than to stay away from finding out what is making the noise.

[color=darkblue]GM@HM: "Ow!" he exclaims playfully before pulling you in for a hug. "It's me HouseMama. In the flesh, as I promised." He pushes you back and holds you at arms length, there is an odd look on his face for a moment. "You look so different without. . . ." he murmurs. His smile snaps back into place. "Anyways, I can't stay long." He says, stepping back and looking around.

GM@BC3: Ellasprite looks back at you, her eyes cautious. "If you like. At your level you are able to take on the low level monsters around here." She says, he tail lashing back and forth.

BikerChick3000: "Monsters?" Despite herself, she looks slightly worried at the prospect. "I'm facing've not even tried to use my yo-yo yet!"

HouseMouse: Jillian jumps in shock at the hug, and before she is able to respond, she is pulled away. She cocks her head to the side slightly at his unfinished sentence. Without? Pushing this to the back of her mind, she watches his eyes rove the place. "If your here, how can you be there?" She points to the sky and waves her hand in a general "wherever it is you are" direction. "And why can't you stay. Do you know how potentially screwed I am alone here?" There is a whimper growl to her right and she smiles apologetically at the dogsprite. "Sorry, Toby."

GM@BC3: Ellasprite floats forward and places her hands on your shoulders. "It's alright my friend, we are here with you, and we will help." She points at your head with one hand. "Bring out your Yo-yo, I can show you some things." Her voice is soft and supportive.

GM@HM: He chuckles. "Sorry, there's no real way to explain it unless you're like me. Needless to say I am whenever and wherever I want or need to be." He shrugs. "As for being screwed, you are so not. " His eyes come back to yours. "You're a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for HouseMama. You have the potential to become quite badass." He grins wide.

BikerChick3000: She nods, and thinks of the strife deck, and mentally commands the the yo-yo into her hand.

HouseMouse: Jillian chuckles. "Any tips on how I become badass? My son has been trying for years but..." she pauses, still unused to the pain in her chest whenever she thinks about those she left behind. She begins again with a noticeable forced cheeriness in her voice. "You'll still help me, though, right? Like with the couch? Please beat more things with the couch."

GM@BC3: The Yo-yo appears in your dominant hand. Ellasprite floats backwards. "Where we came from, that yo-yo was just a toy, but here in the medium it is an extension of yourself that you use to defeat enemies." She points at it. "Back on earth it takes skill to get that thing to come back to you once unfurrled, here it operates differently. It will only go as far out as you need it to, and will come back when you call it." With a nod she continues. "Also, as you upgrade it the string will be able to go further away from you and still be in your control." Turning she points at the tree beside you. "That tree is about 3 foot from you, average yo-yo string length. Test it out on that."

GM@HM: James shakes his head. "You can't keep relying on me Jill. If you do. . . . .I've seen where that can lead." He looks up to the ceiling. " Tell him I said that, okay?" He points at you with a cocky smirk. "Tell him you can stand on your own two feet! And you could benchpress his scrawny ass at this point in time." He chuckles.

BikerChick3000: "Okay..." Finding herself not quite able to believe what that Sprite is claiming about the workings of the yo-yo, she looks down at it in her hand, slipping her forefinger through the loop at the end of the string, and running her thumb across the crystalesque surface of the object. She glances up at the tree, takes a deep breath, and aims the yo-yo. With a flick of her wrist, she thrusts it away from her, expecting it to just unravel and fall to the ground...

GM@BC3: The yo-yo whips out with a whir and pelts into the tree. There is a cracking noise and you see a small dent appear in the surface of the bark. The yo-yo snaps back into your hand, the impact gentle.

HouseMouse: She is slightly taken aback at his words and she can't stop the tears that prick her eyes. One of the only people left that she knows and he's abandoning her, and basically telling her to abandon him in turn. The very thought goes against her instincts and makes her mind reel. But...she can see some truth in what he says. How was she going to help herself, or the girl she brought into the game, if she couldn't make her way forward? She smiles despite herself. "Are you kidding me? I could bench press your ass now." She punches him in the chest. "Fine. I'll tell And I'll show you how badass I can be. Deal?"

BikerChick3000: Her eyes widen and jaw drops as she takes in the action of her 'weapon'. She looks down at it in amazement, suddenly seeing it as fitting the description more. "Shit...christ! Look what it did to the tree!!!" She wanders over to the tree in question, and examines the dent.

Death: James stares at the screen in disbelife. "Hey, that's. . . . me?" He squints. "She's crying. . . . ."

Death@HM: Hey, what'd that jerk do to make you cry?!??!?!

GM@HM: James flinches only slightly, more from the act then the impact. "Hey, no way you could take me as you are mortal," He grins, "And I'm not saying he can't help. Just don't let him fight your battles. He'll try, hard, but you just need to keep him from fighting all of them." His eyes narrow at the ping from Death. "That's me isn't it?"

GM@BC3: The dent itself is small, with radiating fractures around it. Ellasprtie nods. "Indeed, impressive." She giggles, "I can't wait to see what you do with it."

HouseMouse: Jillian jumps as her pda buzzes from next to the laptop. She flicks her eyes between James and the device, and then reluctantly picks it up. It could be BikerChick after all. She raises her eyebrows at the message from Death. "Yeah it's you...well, sort of I guess. This is freakin' confusing, you know. And you're pissed at yourself for making me cry," she smiles.

HouseMouse@Death: Dummy. It's nothing. I'm getting sensitive in my old age I guess.

GM: =============

"Hrumph, I figured." Suddenly there is an odd noise behind James, he rolls his eyes and turns around. Another James is standing there, looking quite shaken and goofy. His hair is a mess and he's wearing different clothes. He's wearing an over large "Ride the Lightning" Metallica shirt and baggy jeans. The first James shakes his head in exasperation. "Get out of here before you cause fraying ya moron, and stop jumping around when you don't know what you're doing!" he almost yells the last sentence. The second James just stares back.

"Bu-but I promised I would. . . ." He murmurs, looking very confused. The first James sighs loudly. "And I have! I am here! Jeeze, I thought I hit all the loops when I set out to visit. . . ." He adopts a thinking posture. The second James looks over at you before stepping back. "Oops. Guess I should go. I know this must be hard for you HouseMama." With that he brings up his arms strait out from his sides before snapping them inwards as if trying to clap them right before his chest. Before his hands can meet though, he vanishes.

HouseMouse: Jillian gasps as a second James appears in the room. This one is different from the first, and, she has a feeling, even from the one she talks to on chat. This one seems frail and not entirely there. She jumps when the first James begins to reprimand the second. They converse for a few moments before the second one vanishes before her eyes. "What..." she shakes her head. "Is that going to happen a lot?"

Death: James watches the whole thing before giving out a laugh. "Well, if that don't beat all. . . ." His attention is caught by someone replying to the message he'd sent out on Pesterchum.

BikerChick3000: She runs a finger over the fracture in the tree bark, a smile slowly appearing. "It should have shattered against the wood...this is amazing!" She turned to face the Sprite again. "Imagine what I could do with it once I've merged it with something else!" She starts to imagine the scenarios Elise the Sprite had given to her earlier.

GM@HM: James stands silent for several seconds before he realizes you asked him a question. Unfurling his arms he shakes his head. "Nah, it shouldn't I did my best to put a halt on most of the loops." He reaches out and tossles your hair a bit. "It's alright, we mean well. Oh, and it's a deal on that Badassery we were talking about." He holds out his hand.

BikerChick3000: She regards the yo-yo, her weapon, in her hand, before tightening her fingers around it and looking determinedly towards the house. "I can do this..." she says to herself more than the Sprite, and sets off towards the building...still moving cautiously despite her new found determination.

HouseMouse: She swats at James's hand as he messes her hair then, smiling grabs his outstretched hand and shakes it firmly up and down. "And its a deal that I'll rely more on myself...and Toby of course," she pats the dogsprite's head affectionately with her free hand. "Where are you going now? Or is that a silly question to ask when time is involved?"

BikerChick3000: She nears the house, peering out from behind a tree to see if she can see anything before jumping into the unknown.

GM@BC3: As you draw closer you see several small black shapes inside the store and a few more outside. You can't see them well yet.

BikerChick3000: "Oh shit... what the fuck are they?!" she whispers, feeling slightly less brave than before.

BikerChick3000: "There's...a lot of them..."

GM@HM: He smiles. Reaching up he taps an odd device attached to his glasses on his right side. Suddenly a 3D projection of what looks like a screen pops up a few feet from his face. He looks it over for several seconds before tapping it again. The projection vanishes. "Well, despite the time travel thing, even I can run out of time." He tossles your hair again. "I gotta get going HouseMama. I'll be seeing you soonish. And good luck becoming the badass I know you can be! I have faith in you!" He holds his arms out to the sides. "Oh, and get Grist Torrent soon. You'll need it. James knows what it is." And with that he repeats the actions of the second James, and vanishes from sight.

GM@BC3: Ellasprite floats up next to you. "Those would be level 0 Imps. They shouldn't give you much trouble."

BikerChick3000: She still looks dubious, despite the reassurances. "What'll they do? I mean...will they have weapons? Or will the bite and scratch and stuff?" Her hand clasps tighter around the yo-yo.

HouseMouse: She smiles and waves as he disappears into thin air. She pauses for a few moments before sighing and pinging Death.

HM@Death: So what is this Grist Torrent you speak of and how do I get it?

GM@BC3: She nods. "Yes, biting and scratching. And from the upgrades I'd say they're kind of mobile. Two birds went into them, but one had a broken wing. . . ." She trails off.

BikerChick3000: "What do you mean two birds went into them?" She turns her attention fully to the Sprite, looking confused.

Death: James switches his view back to HouseMouse before pulling up her message. "I? Uuuuhhh. . . .OH! Must have been 'Me'. . . . ." His mind snaps into place. "Oh that!" Pulling open the HER he checks HouseMouse's Grist stores before grabbing hold of the "Grist Torrent CD" and dropping it next to HouseMouse.

Death@HM: Just run that on the same computer you ran the other discs on. It should work automatically. Also, the first and second disc for this game should have vanished.

HouseMouse: Jillian, whose surprise for randomly appearing objects and people is greatly dwindling, only jumps slightly as a CD falls onto the counter next to her. She reads the message from Death and, after picking the disc up and spinning it on her finger a few times, opens the disc tray on the computer and puts in the CD.

GM@BC3: Ellasprite takes a seat next to you on a beanbag that appears out of nowhere. It's the same color as her. "When a player proto-types their sprites before entering the game, the things they used get fused into the monsters, giving them a unique form for each session." She looks over at you. "Want a full list thus far of what went into making these Imps?"

BikerChick3000: Still looking a little puzzled, she nods. "Yes...that's probably a good idea..."

GM@HM: A window pops up showing a list of players along the top of the window. They go in this order. HouseMouse, BikerChick3000, WolverineRules!!!, KingPoe13, Crazycrazy, Offline, Offline. Beneath it is what looks to be your own Grist Cache and a button "Start Sharing Grist"

GM@BC3: Her eyes get distant.
"A corgi dog, and old man's ashes, a stuffed raven, a pigeon with a broken wing, a fox, and a girl."

BikerChick3000: "So...those monsters..." She points towards the vicinity in which the imps are situated. "...they're made up of a combination of all those things?"

HouseMouse: "Sharing Grist...?" Jillian hovers the mouse indecisively over the button, and then, deciding that this is some first step on her road to independent badassery, clicks it.

GM@BC3: She nods, her eyes re-focusing. "Yes, the Imp class monsters are all the same basic shape, with the attributes of the pregame proto-typing adding to it as more people enter."

GM@HM: With a ripple effect your Grist Cache slides over so it's a single collum running down beneath your name, and one by one other cache appear beneath each name. The one's beneath all but yours and KingPoe13's seem to be empty. Every 5 seconds your and KP13's grist seems to spread out among all online players at one grist at a time.

BikerChick3000: "...Oh..." She frowns for a moment, looking back towards the house and the dark shapes moving around it. "...Okay...well, I guess I'm going to have to face them sooner or later...kinda dreading what they're going to look like though. It's an awfully odd combination." She less out a short, mirthless chuckle, then slips out from behind the tree, creeping towards her first monster battle.

HouseMouse: "Well sharing is caring, right?" She chuckles slightly as she watches KingPoe13's grist spread out as well as her own. "I'll have to apologize later."

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BikerChick3000: She creeps towards the house quietly, not wanting to alert the Imps to her presence quite yet.

HouseMouse: Jillian continues to watch as the Grist is divided evenly between all players. She reaches for her pda to send James a message, but hesitates and puts the device back down. "I need to work this out on my own," she mumbles to herself. "Right, where's that guide?" She looks around briefly then pulls it from under the laptop where it is partially hidden. "I guess I should upgrade something..." But how? Her eyes flit back and forth between her pda and the guide. "A little help doesn't hurt..." she picks up the pda and pings James.

GM@BC3: You get within a dozen paces before one turns to look at you. The three foot high creature seems to have a doggie nose with a monocle and wide fox like ears. It has wings on it's back, one seems to drag a bit. It also seems to be wearing Elise's top and have a fox tail. It chitters at you and claws in your direction. It's skin looks pitch black with stark white eyes.

HouseMouse@Death: do I upgrade stuff? XD

Death: James stretches. "Well, this is getting more" he cuts off at a ping. "Oh?" Reading the query he thinks for a moment. Things seem to be coming to him rather easy as of late.

BikerChick3000: She backs away a couple of steps, gulping, then grasps at a steely determination that she has somewhere within herself, and holds the yo-yo ready. "Come on then, you little bastard..."

Death@HM: I'd say you should gather some Grist. You seem to be getting stronger Imps now, and they drop better Grist. I'd say take out some more then sit down and figure out what you got around your house that could enhance your weapons.

@BC3: Dice roll mode. State your movements and attack, and have fun with it

BikerChick3000: With a flick of her wrist, she sends the yo-yo speeding in the direction of the imp, aiming squarely for it's breast-bone.

GM@BC3: The yo-yo flies forward (Roll: 6) and strikes the Imp square in the chest. Like a party cracker the Imp explodes. The three standing behind it look over at you. With a cry, one launches itself towards you. (Roll: 8 ) It's claws lash out and catch your arm, grazing it slightly. It hops back with a chitter.

BikerChick3000: She has barely a few seconds to take in the sight of the imp exploding at the touch of her weapon, before another is upon her. The surprise of the former happening sent her a little off-guard, and she winces as the imp catches her arm. Anger flares inside her as she looks down at the non-serious but still weeping wound, before turning her gaze upon the culprit, eyes flashing angrily.

BikerChick3000: She sends the yo-yo hurtling in it's direction, aiming for it's forehead.

BikerChick3000: "Little shit!" she hisses at it, as she does so.

GM@BC3: (Roll: 8 ) The Imp takes it hard in the face and explodes. The two remaining Imps eye you warily.

BikerChick3000: "Yeah, you better be scared!" she roars at them, before throwing out her arm, sending the yo-yo flying into motion in a sideways arch, aiming for the imp to the left, but attempting to create a path with the weapons movements that could hit the second as well.

HouseMouse: "Hm..." she ponders. She thinks about what she has as weapons: and iron poker, darts and a Fiverball. "Let's make them a little more...lethal..." Her mind wanders to the kitchen. Plenty of sharp implements there....She also contemplates the garage and the greenhouse, where she knows there will be some useful items as well.

GM@BC3: The weapon lashes out with a whir. (Roll: 12) Cracking the firs one across the face it pops like confetti. (Roll: 11) The second one takes a hard crack in the ribs before the weapon returns to you. The Imp explodes and like all the other ones before, leaves behind a pile of blue gusher like objects the size of basketballs, and other ones that are purple in color.

BikerChick3000: The yo-yo returns to her hand with a soft thump against the flesh of her palm. She pants with the physical aspect of the activity, but also with the adrenaline caused by the anger at being hurt. She looks down at the yo-yo.

BikerChick3000: "I...did it..." She grips the weapon tightly in her hand and then smiles. "I DID IT! WOOOO!" She spins around on the spot, twirling. She turns her attention to the blue and purple objects, looking curious as she approaches them, reaching out to touch one of the blue ones...

BikerChick3000: "What's all this shit...?"

GM@BC3: Ellasprite floats up next to you. "That would be Grist. It is the element one uses in this game to make things such as better weapons, or by your Host to build your Gate Climbing Structure."

BikerChick3000: "What do I do with it?" she says, poking the pile of blue grist.

GM@BC3: The pieces you touch vanish. "You gather them like that." She says. "And they are stored in your Grist Cache."

BikerChick3000: She watches the grist disappear, then proceeds to do the same with the rest, gathering it all.

HouseMouse: She is midway to the stairs, when she pauses, backsteps, and plops back on the stool in front of the laptop. "If there are more of those things up there...I should probably upgrade first....Let's see." she summons her chapalogue deck, peering carefully at each item. "A candle could work...if it was on fire," she smirks at her wicked idea, summons the candle into her hand, and sets about looking for something to light it with. After some scrounging in the utility room, she finds a worn book of matches, flaring one up briefly to light the candle. Once she is done, she re-chapalogs the lit candle, wearing a proud smile as she notices the image on the card has changed to reflect the lit candle.

HouseMouse: Jillian takes another glance at the guidebook, quickly reading through the information on combining items several times before going to work. She goes over to the PUnch Designix first inserting the lit candle chapalog card and getting it punched, then, summoning a blank chapalog card, punches it and types the code from the back of her dart strife card on its back. "There," she says triumphantly. "And now..." she shuffles over to the Totem Lathe where she place both of the now punched cards into the machine, the dart in front of the lit candle. Walking over to the Cruxtruder she retrieves a Cruxite Dowel and mounts it in the Totem Lathe.

GM@HM: Two little buttons light up. One has a || symbol on it, the other has a && symbol on it.

HouseMouse: Jillian sweeps her finger between the two buttons for a few moments before hitting the one with a || symbol on it.

GM@HM: The || button glows brighter and beside it a bright green button lights up.

HouseMouse: Pushes the green button

GM@HM: The machine comes to life and carves a totem out of the Fuchia dowel before settling back down.

Death: James watches his friend shuffling about. "Wonder what she'll get this time. . . ." He murmurs as he watches the totem get carved.

HouseMouse: Once the fuchsia totem is complete, Jillian picks up the item and takes it to the Alchemiter. She waits patiently as the machine scans the totem before pressing the green button that lights up on the machine as it finishes.

GM@HM: There is a popping noise and a small flash. Sitting in the middle of the large platform is your new item.

HouseMouse: A few moments later, after a bit of spluttering and flashing from the machine, Jillian's new item appears on a platform. She gently picks it up and twirls it in her hands to decipher what it is.

GM@HM: The once rough surface of the dart now feels a bit ways, and it has a few odd bumps on it like candle drippings. The second you pick it up the tip of the dart lights. Before your eyes the word "Flaretip" appears for several seconds before fading.

HouseMouse: Jillian squeaks in delight at the new weapon. Giddy, she takes one of the Flaretip's in her hand and whips it at the wall, watching as the burning point buries itself into the wooden paneling.

GM@HM: The flame around the tip continues to burn, causing a little smoke to start rising from the point of impact.

HouseMouse: "Ack! I can't burn the house!" Jillian rushes over to the Flaretip and yanks it from the wall, patting the smoldering wood with the edge of her shirt. "Well, its definitely dangerous," she says. She holds the weapon in her hand and thinks "Strife". Her strife deck flickers before her briefly and she notices that the Dartkind card now has a new picture, one of the Flaretips.

GM@HM: There is a loud crash overhead.

HouseMouse: Jillian jumps at the sudden noise. More Imps must have bad it inside the house. Or maybe the ones from upstairs had ventured down. Slowly she makes her way up the basement stairs, Tobysprite following obediently behind, ears perked forward, alert for danger.

GM@HM: At the top of the stairs you spot two Imps running past you. They look a bit different from the last time you saw them. The three foot high creature seems to have a doggie nose with a monicle and wide fox like ears. It has wings on it's back, one seems to drag a bit. It also seems to be wearing Elise's top and have a fox tail. It chitters at you and claws in your direction. It's skin looks pitch black with stark white eyes.

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PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2013 8:23 pm    Post subject: Session 16 Reply with quote


Dark Blue = GM

White = Crazycrazy

Indigo = MadCat

Red = Death

Dark Red = KingPoe13

MadCat: Moko dashes into her rental house, gripping the game package in her hands. "Hey Russ, got the game!" She beams at her Maine Coon and scrambles to her phone. "Time to call Sam up and let her know I finally got it. She's probably been waiting for awhile." Not wasting any time, she dials Sam's number and listens as it rings rather loudly in her ear.

GM@C2: The light fades and you find yourself standing there empty handed. After a momant of silence, your phone rings.

C2: Sam stands there, dazed for a moment, before she realizes that there's noise around her. Looking in the direction of the sound, she spots her phone. It suddenly clicks within her mind what was going on. With a huff, trying to calm down a little bit from the running earlier, she walks over to her phone to answer it.

C2@MadCat: Hello?

MadCat@C2: Hey girl! I finally got the game! Did you start playing it yet?

C2@MadCat: Oh yea...I started alright. Moko, there's something I'll have to tell you something about it. But first, I need you to pop that sucker in. We need to get you caught up.

GM@C2: Out of the corner of your eye a change overcomes your Kernel Sprite. Like this - One ball floats up through the roof, the other goes out a window and vanishes into the darkness.

MadCat@C2: Is everything okay? And okay...So, is the installation easy?

MadCat: She walks over to her laptop and pops the disc in her computer.

GM@C2: What's left behind looks like the upper half of a Pigeon with a ghosty tail.

C2@MadCat: woah....oh. yea, real easy.

GM@MadCat: A DoS like window pops up. "Would you like to install SBURB? Y/N

MadCat@C2: What's going on with you? You sound kinda wiggy girl.

Madcat: She looks at her screen and blinks. "Well, this is different..." With a small smirk, she presses the Y key and leans back in her chair.

GM@MadCat: The screen goes black for a moment, then this happens -

C2@MadCat: yea well, you'll understand in a little bit. I can't really explain it all to you right now. But i'm ok...just a lot of info to take in. So...Don't worry, babe.

MadCat@C2: Whoa, what the hell? That's one trippy opening screen. Is that normal Sammy?

MadCat: She tilts her head and looks at the screen, clicking absently. "Now what do I do? I know the manual is around here somewhere." Not wasting any time, she digs around in her packaging looking for the booklet.

GM@MadCat: The "Game Bro Guide to SBURB" falls out along with a disc that looks like an old vinal record.

C2@Madcat: No. no manual. I have the fucking thing memorized. Look next to your computer.

GM@MadCat: A stack of pink cards with white on their front and about the size of a sheet of paper appears next to your computer.

MadCat@C2: Umm, okay sassy pants. What am I looking at exactly? All i see are there weird pink things.

C2@MadCat: Those are the things. I'll wait a moment for the proper reaction...

MadCat: She stares at the cards a bit freaked out. "Where did there even come from anyway? Geez this game is friggin' weird."

C2@MadCat: Perfect. Exactly how I imagined it. Now...touch them. Touch those cards.

GM@C2: Suddenly, the Pesterchum on your computer pings.

MadCat@C2: You're a real asshat sometime, you know that?

C2: Sam smiles as her mind began to drift to the dirty recesses of her mind. She is starting to return to her normal brain processes, easing up after the strange events from a moment ago.

MadCat: She carefully pokes at the cards a bit uneasy before picking them up. "Now what?"

C2@Madcat: Yea..I know..but you love me anyways. Now, I gotta go check my Pesterchum...someone pinged me.

GM: =============

GM@MadCat: The cards vanish for a moment, then appear before you just out of reach in a semi-circle for a few seconds, then they vanish once again.

Death@Crazycrazy: Hey, doing some mass Pestering here. Looking for other SBURB players. I got a hunch, and if you get this, I'd say we're in the same boat. Add me as a Chum so we can figure this out together, k?

Crazycrazy@Death: So...when should I expect you to come for me?

MadCat: What the hell game?! What the hell? She stares at where the cards were and shakes her head. "This game is so fricking weird. Knew I should have read up on it more."

Death: James eyes the new Pesterchum window that pops up with a grin. "Well now, that sounds a little naughty. . . . . ."

Death@Crazycrazy: Well, aren't we jumping the gun a little bit here

Crazycrazy@Death: it was meant as a context joke..not a sexual one. Maybe someday I'll pull one of those on you...but not now. I'm kind of busy.

Death@Crazycrazy: Well, no need for small talk I suppose, what point of the game are you at?

MadCat@C2: HEY! Quit zoning and help me here! I have weird-ass card magic going down in front of my face!

Crazycrazy@Death: ...hold on

C2@MadCat: I wasn't zoning..but ok..see, that's normal..for this shitty game anyways. I'll give you one tip right now: do not try logic here. Think of it like an anime adventure if you must.

Crazycrazy@Death: i'm trying to help my friend into the game.

Death: James leans back in his chair. "Gee, I hope she can host me. Things are getting a but hot here." He looks outside at the deep red sky.

MadCat@C2: I didn't sign up for Anime stuff. Why did I listen to you? This game is friggin' creepy! What next, floating mushrooms and Chocobos?

KP13: Artemis stands in front of his kitchen, breathing heavily. The hand clutching the Skullprick shakes a little as his adrenaline wears off. He had lost count of how many imps he had slaughtered. After a moment, he walks over to the couch and lays down on it. His body aches from all the impish killing. "so...Count...I should have a good amount of Grist saved up after that little skirmish, eh?" he says, letting his eyes drift shut.

MadCat: "I can't believe this crap." With a sigh, she reaches down and picks up her cat, hugging the giant furbeast tightly.

GM@KP13: The Sprite nods, coming to float next to you. "I see you're a bit tired. Would you like me to keep an eye out so you can rest?"

C2@MadCat: MAYBE! ok moko, this is important, I need you to calm down. There's a good reason why I didn't stop you from installing the game. A very good reason..but I'm not sure if I should tell you or not. Just..

Crazycrazy: She takes a moment, a long breath, and tries to think of something funny

C2@MadCat: Hold onto your butt.

KP13: Artemis nods and sets his weapon on his chest. "Yeah...I'm just..." He yawns. "Just gonna take a little keep an eye on things..."

MadCat@C2: Okay, okay. Geez. Alright, what do I do next...and why do you sound scared? I swear Sam, if you keep keeping stuff from me...."

C2@MadCat: All will be explained soon enough. I'm actually going to rush you through the discovery process a little so..bare with me.

GM@KP13: Dracsprite nods again and takes up a vigial in front of you. As you drift off you get the odd sensation of waking up. You are still in a reclined position but the fabric you're on feels different.

MadCat: Sighs and strokes Russ a bit. "Looks like things are gonna heat up my fluffy friend."

KP13: Artemis sighs with the new sensation and sits up.

Death: Reacing Crazycrazy's last post he curses under his bread. "Well, there goes that option. . . . .But if this person is helping a friend, them maybe. . . ." He leans in.

C2: Sam slips the phone into her bra, gets up, and rushes through the house, vaults over the Cruxtruder machine and runs down the stairs and doesn't stop until she gets into her room. She spots the box and decides to look there first, to see if there's anything she missed anything.

GM@KP13: The room you are in is no longer the livingroom. It's your bedroom, but just a bit different. It looks like how you would imagine your perfect room. On the walls are posters from your favorite movies and on the dresser are several figuriens of your favorite monsters. The room has a lush red theme and makes you feel quite comfortable.

GM@KP13: The only major different is there is only one window, with no glass in it, and it's large enough for you to stand in.

GM@C2: There is a disc next to your computer that looks like an old vinal record with a small little "Disc 2" along the inner edge.

MadCat: She nervously looks around and then at her phone. "Where are you?"

MadCat: She gets fed up with the delay and starts thumbing through her guide, scanning it over.

KP13: Artemis stands up and looks around at the posters and action figures before moving the the window. He stands a foot away for a moment before sighing and moving to stand in it.

MadCat: "So...these Chapalog card things store things." She thinks about the cards to see if they really would pop up.

C2: Sam quickly grabs the disc and rushes all the way back up and to her laptop. She takes a moment to catch her breath and opens the CD slot for her laptop, intending to change out the discs.

GM@KP13: A world of purple spreads out below you. Old fasioned english style buildings stretch as far as the eye can see. You seem to be very high up, but for some reason, you are not uneasy -

GM@KP13: Your clothes have changed -

GM@MadCat: The semi-circle of cards appear in front of you.

GM@C2: There is no disc in your laptop. Suddenly from behind, you are decked in the head by something feathery.

MadCat: "Whoa! Okay, so that's how this works. Cool I guess." Thinking, she grabs her sketch pad and thinks "Chapalog".

C2: Sam has no time to stare confused. She suddenly screams in surprise as she gets smacked by something unfamiliar. "What the hell?!" she looks behind her in surprised anger.

GM@MadCat: The Sketch pad vanishes from your hands and appears on one of the cards floating before you. Then the cards vanish again.

GM@C2: Your sprite stars at you innoccently.

MadCat: "Cool! how do I get it back?!"

C2: Sam glares- half in mock anger, and half actually pissed. "I know you did it. fucking bird. You just LOVE to bitch slap people, dontcha?"

GM@C2: It coos unintelagably.

GM@MadCat: You hear a faint rumble outside.

KP13: Artemis stands in the window for a moment before a smile appears on his face. He lets out a deep breath before taking a step out of the window.

MadCat: "The frig is that?" She gets up and walks to her front window, peering outside.

C2: Sam quietly grumbles, but reminds herself that she doesn't have time to waste. She slips the disc in and closes the slot.

GM@KP13: You drop a foot or two, then simply float in mid air.

GM@MadCat: The sky is very dark, but you can see bright red streaks cross the sky from time to time.

GM@C2: A DoS like window pops up. "I would like to Host _____________. Y/N"

GM@C2: Suddenly your phone goes off with the Text Message noise. (Please see PM for details)

MadCat: "A...a meteor shower? I don't remember that being scheduled on the news." She blinks and feels a wave of unease flow through her. "I....I think I'll go back to the computer."

C2: Sam quickly types in MadCat and presses the Y button followed by Enter. She holds her breath...She is cut short as her phone goes off. Grumbling, she presses enter and retrieves her phone.

GM@C2: The DoS screen vanishes and a window pops up showing the inside of your Girlfriend's house. You watch as she walks on to the screen towards her computer. At the top of the window the Host Controls appear.

KP13: Artemis lets out a small laugh as he stops in midair. He looks around at his surroundings for a moment before glancing down at his feet.

GM@KP13: Behind you is a Tower with a ball on top. The Ball is where your room seems to be located. In the distance you see other towers just like yours -

MadCat@C2: Hey are you there? I'm...I'm getting scared.

C2: Sam reads through all of the text, ridicuously big as it is. Then she gets back to Moko

C2@MadCat: What's going on? Or I should say, what exactly are you afraid of at this moment?

C2: Sam glances through all of her host options, and looks at each of her machines as she comes to them.

MadCat@C2: The sky is super dark and there's what looks like an unscheduled meteor shower."

KP13: "Trippy..." he says before looking ahead and going to take another step toward the towers in the distance.

C2@MadCat: Oh yea. completely normal. This game is weird. Now, I'm going to have modify your house, which I can do thanks to the conveniant non-logical magically-ness of this thing...

MadCat@C2: O-okay then. I'll just wait until you give me the thumbs up so to speak.

GM@KP13: You "Walk" through the air, tilting a little forward. You feel like it's more your wishing to move forward that's compelling you then the actual steps you are taking. Behind you is a single tower past yours, and in the direction you are heading are two towers. The world beneath you seems kind of small and you can see the curve from your vantage point. As you pass your tower you can see past it a large chain that seems to run from the surface strait into the sky.

C2: Sam backs out to get a better look at things and then pans over to the studio. "This might be big enough.." She goes through and places as many of the free equipment as she can fit into the studio area.

GM@C2: All equipment fits in the room.

GM@MadCat: You hear a few thumps from outside your room.

KP13: Artemis stops and stares at the chain. "Wow...just when I think things can't get weirder..." Taking a deep breath, he decides to will himself toward the chain, curiosity getting the better of him.

MadCat: "Geez, what's she dropping in there? A dinosaur?"

C2@MadCat: OK. You're all set. I'll give ya a sec to explore, but we do need to get the show on the road. When you first get in there, find the card with a bunch of hole in it.

GM@KP13: The chain goes up a long ways. Attached to the other end is another world, larger than the one you are on, but the same monotone purple with the same achetecture. - it's surface you can barely see a group of towers. They look a bit different from your home spire -

MadCat: She wanders over to her Studio and pulls the door open, stopping and staring at what she sees.

MadCat@C2: Ummm.....what is this stuff?

MadCat: She looks around and looks over everything, stopping when she finds a card with holes in it on the floor.

C2@MadCat: This is all the stuff you will need to enter into the game.

GM@KP13: The chain is about this big -

C2@MadCat: looks like a bunch of junk doesn't it?

MadCat@C2: Sort of. What do I do now?

C2@MadCat: You take that card and you take it over to the long machine over there next to the door. There's a slot next to a green button. I need to go find something heavy.

KP13: Artemis looks up the chain before focusing his gaze on one of the other spires, the one right of his own spire. He starts moving toward it a bit before stopping. "Hello..." he calls out, somewhat doubting that he would receive an answer.

C2: Sam pan over back to the bedroom and looks for something heavy.

MadCat: "Ummm....Okay" She makes her way over to the machine still holding the card.

MadCat@C2: i just drop the card into this slot thing?

C2@MadCat: Yea..but not yet. I have to do something first. Just..stand by.

MadCat@C2: Alright.

C2: Sam gets frustrated because she doesn't want to risk breaking anything. Sighing rather irritatedly, she went back to the studio. She grabbed the Cruxtruder and lifted it up to the ceiling, slamming it upward to see if it worked.

GM@KP13: There is no answer. This tower has 2 person sized windows on it.

GM@MadCat and C2: The device with a pip on top rises into the air, slamming into the ceiling before falling back to the ground with a crash. There is a bright flash of light and the cap on the pip pops off. Once the light fades you see a sky blue ball with a Spirograph in it floating around the room.

KP13: Artemis sighs and moves toward one of the windows and stops just outside it with the intent of simply peering in.

Crazycrazy@Death: Hey. You still there?

C2@Madcat: I meant to do that

MadCat: "WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THIS GAME?!" She backs up and stares at the orb floating about and starts backing out the door.

GM@KP13: The room is sort of dark but you can still see inside. It looks like the bedroom of a teenager with a taste for Japanese video games, as obvious by the still in Japanese posters on the wall, and the figureins scattered about the floor in full battle gear. You can see the foot of a bed to the left of the window with a set of feet covered in the same shoes as you upon it. The head of the bed seems to be against the wall next to the window.

C2@MadCat: Calm. Calm moko. It won't hurt you. Actually you need that.

MadCat@C2: What do I do with it?

C2@MadCat: Well....You have to put something that can or once was able to vocalize into it.

MadCat@C2: Something that can vocalize? Like a radio?

GM@MadCat: The ball floats closer to you, bouncing up-and-down.

C2@MadCat: I think it has to be a living or dead creature...that's what I was told anyways.

C2@MadCat: and you might wanna hurry.

MadCat@C2: my cat? Will it screw him up?

GM@MadCat: 3:55.....3:54......3:53........

MadCat@C2: And why do i have to something wrong?

C2@MadCat: well, that counter on the thing I just smashed into your ceiling is how long you have until you lose the game.

C2@MadCat: and won't kill him

MadCat@C2: What happens if I lose the game?

GM@C2: You get decked in the head again.

KP13: Artemis took a step back from it before moving over to the first spire to the left of his, determined to scope out this world to its fullest.

C2: Sam grabs the Cruxite and puts it into place in the lathe.

GM@MadCat: 3:42.....3:41.....3:40........

C2@MadCat: No time, hun. put in the card and push the button.

GM@KP13: There is one person sized window in this Ball.

MadCat: "O-okay." She quickly dashes over to the machine and sticks the card in, slamming the button with her fist. "Done! Now where's Russ?" She is then greeted with a soft meow as her ginger and white Maine Coon rubs up against her leg.

KP13: Artemis moves to the edge of the window and looks inside. "Anyone home?"

GM@MadCat: The Lathe turns on and something like this happens -

MadCat: " have to stick my cat into the glowy ball thing?"

MadCat@C2: I'm talking to you Sam!

GM@KP13: There is no answer. Inside is kind of dark but you can still see inside. There are many martial arts figures on posters on the walls along with samurai swords and "Fighting Stance" posters. The floor is littered with self martial arts training books. There seems to be a bed in this room as well, again, with shoes matching your own.

C2@MadCat: oh..yes. stick your cat into the ball, Moko.

MadCat: She nods and picks up Russ with a sad look. "Sorry bud, but apparently I have to do this to you. Love you." She kisses her cats' nose and tosses him into the glowing mass.

GM@MadCat: The ball of light flashes for a moment. When it fades, you cat's face has replaced the Spirograph.

MadCat@C2: Now what do i do?!

MadCat:..H-hey Russ....

GM@MadCat: The ball floats closer and rubs against your cheek. It makes unintelagable garbled noises.

KP13: Artemis eyes the swords jealously and points to one. "I'll be back for you..." he says before looking to the final spire and heading in its direction, aiming for the nearest window to move next to and peer inside.

MadCat: Hey baby...glad to see you're sort of you.

GM@MadCat: 2:11......2:10.......2:09....

C2: seeing that her girlfriend seems to be doing ok, she finally answers

C2@MadCat: Your time's going down..uh.. take the thing it carved and put it on the little circle part of the machine against the other wall.

MadCat: She quickly scoops up the carved thing and sets it on the circle.

C2@MadCat: And push the button

GM@KP13: This room too is dark. The walls have posters from dance movies along with MC's "Labyrinth" There are art supplies on the floor next to a selection of CDs. In the back you can see a very advanced audio system and a wall of mirrors. Again there is a bed to the left of the window with feet clad like yours just visible.

MadCat: She pushes the button, hands shaking slightly. "She never told me what would happen if I didn't finish before the timer stops..."

GM@MadCat: This happens -

MadCat: scanned...Maybe if I push it again something will happen?

MadCat: She pushes the button again, bouncing on her heels.

GM@MadCat: 1:39......1:38.......1:37..........

KP13: Artemis takes steps through the window and moves toward the art supplies to examine them.

C2: Sam holds her breath as the time counts down

GM@MadCat: With a pop a sky blue easel appears out of nowhere with a large matching canvas on it. The canvas tilts forward and falls off the easel, landing at your feet. The easel vanishes.

GM@MadCat: 1:01.......1:00.......:59..........

MadCat: "Ummm." She curiously tries to pick up the canvas.

C2@MadCat: Break that canvas.

MadCat@C2: Break it?

C2@MadCat: Yes!

GM@MadCat: The canvas is suprisingly light.

MadCat: She stares at the canvas and picks it up. Screaming like a mad woman, she slams the canvas into her knee overdramatically like the crazy painters in all those movies she's seen.

GM@KP13: There are more dance and famous art posters on the walls. The art supplies are top notch and seem well cared for despite their jumbled state. Behind you to the left the rooms occupant slumbers.

GM@MadCat: It doesn't break

MadCat: "OW."

C2@MadCat: Huh....try a knife

MadCat" OKAY!!!! She quickly retrieves her crafting scissors and starts stabbing and tearing the canvas like it's made out of spiders. "Die fowl demon!"

GM@MadCat: After a few stabs, your world goes white.

GM@C2: You hear a loud crash from the direction of the hall.

C2: Sam jumps from the sudden sound, and immediately looks for her sprite

GM@C2: As you whip around to look at it, it decks you in the face.

C2: "Ow! fucking bird!"

C2: She attempts to smack the bird back.

GM@C2: It drifts backwards, still uttering nonsense.

C2: Sam grumbles but moves past the bird ball thing to where she heard the crashing noise from.

GM@C2: With a loud cry, something black leaps out of the darkness in the hallway towards you.

C2: Sam yells out and instinctively jumps back. After her mind un-fogs from the shock,she takes a moment to look at what is in front of her.

GM@C2: The three foot high creature seems to have a doggie nose and long whiskers with a monicle and wide fox like ears. It has wings on it's back, one seems to drag a bit. It also seems to be wearing Elise's top and have a fox tail. Around it's neck is a thick collar of black fur. It's skin looks pitch black with stark white eyes.

C2: Sam smiles. "You must be an imp, like the guide said so. Glad to see my plan worked." She holds out her hand and thinks about summoning her umbrella.

GM@C2: Your umbrella appears in your dominant hand.

GM: ===========

@C2: You have entered dice roll mode. For the duration of the battle type in the action you with to take, a single attack(Or multi attacks if firing a weapon rapidly) then pause for the dice roll for success.

C2: Sam waits to see what the imp does.

GM@C2: The Imp seems suprised to see you. It backs up a few steps, eyeing you warily. In the hall you can see the glowing eyes of a few more Imps.

Death@C2: Hey, how's it going over there?

GM@C2: Your computer pings.

C2: "Oh yay! Multiple enemies for my first battle. " Sam grins as she thinks about how its a real life video game. She must slay the enemies, and gain their dropped treasure. She grabbed the umbrella tighter. " "Come over here!"

GM@C2: The Imp stares at you like yer crazy.

C2: Sam shrugs and gets ready. "Then I'll come after you!" Sam runs towards the black creatures and attempts to stab the creature with the end of the umbrella.

GM@C2: (Roll: 4) The Imp leaps out of the way and lashes out at you with a clawed hand. (Roll: 12) It catches you hard in the side, raknig along your ribs and tearing your clothing. You can feel blood starting to drip down your side.

C2: Sam grunts as she's injured. "Fuck. Well, that was a bad start..." She attempts to wipe away at the blood and attack the imps again.

GM@C2: (Roll: 9) The point drives home and with a pop the Imp explodes, leaving behind a small pile of Grist. The ones in the hall sound agitated as they move closer to you. You hand is slick with your blood now.

C2: Sam looks at the other imps, and hisses at them. She points the umbrella at them. "Get back or the same will happen to you...or worse"

GM@C2: The Imps charge forward, hissing loudly followed by ungodly howls. (Roll: 5) The first one falls a little short as it swings at you. The second one springboard off the first's back (Roll: 3) and falls down face first on the floor at you feet. The last one starts edging around it's fallen companions.

C2: Sam couldn't help but smile at their clumsiness, but quickly decides to take advantage of it. She stomps on the back of the one who fell at her feet and goes to stab the one that was still standing.

GM@C2: (Roll: 9) As you stomp on the fallen Imp it pops, showering the floor with Grist. (Roll: 12) The second Imp takes it hard in the face and likewise explodes like a holiday cracker. The last one leaps for you, but just as it gets close enough to strike (Roll: 10) A wing snaps out from behind you and cracks it in half. The grist keeps flying towards you and vanishes on impact.

C2: Sam is surprised by the sudden wing and looks behind her.

@C2: Exit roll mode.

GM@C2: You get decked in the face again.

C2: "God..damnit.." Sam looks around to try and find where her enemies were coming from.

C2: ignoring the urge to smack her sprite back

GM@C2: The door at the back of the hallway is open. You hear more odd noises coming from the basement.

C2: "Not the basement!"

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7870 Strata-gems

PostPosted: Tue May 21, 2013 12:28 am    Post subject: Session 17 Reply with quote


Dark Blue = GM

White = Crazycrazy

Dark Red = KingPoe13

Bold Brown = Kentysprite

Bold Black = Dracsprite

C2: "Come on, sprite" She hurries as best as she can downstairs to check out how bad its going to be.

GM@C2: As you pass through the doorway at the end of the hall, you trip over an Imp making it's way upstairs. Unable to catch yourself you run into the wall past the doorway, knocking the air from your lungs. Behind you you hear a snapping noise.

C2: Sam pushes herself away from the wall as soon as possible, she mutters a swear and turns to try to kill the imp before she gets further damaged, hearing the snapping noise as she is busy doing so. She tries to sort out what is happening.

GM@C2: A pile of Grist lay at your feet. The Sprite looks at you innocently.

C2: Sam smiles, "That's more like it. I guess you're not so bad..." She touches the grist to collect it. She then turns back in the direction of the basement and grips her umbrella tighter, preparing for battle. She goes forward, hoping her sprite will continue to follow her and be a valuable partner

GM@C2: The Sprite follows you, decking you again. The lights in the basement are on, and you see the occasional black figure pass by. There is a myriad of chitters and yelps from down below.

C2: Sam recovers faster than her previous attacks and mutters obscenities to herself. After what she sees, she looks back at the sprite. "I'm probably gunna need your help in this. I Just need to clear this out so they don't wreck my shit" With that she steps into the main basement room and attempts to take a few stabs while she's got the element of surprise.

@C2: Now entering dice roll mode.

GM@C2: Only one Imp is close enough to strike at as you enter. (Roll: 4) You miss it as it stumbles away from you. (Roll: 9) An Imp a little ways to the left charges and aims for your feet. (Roll: 12) It knocks your feet out from under you. (Roll: 11) Your Sprite takes out the Imp as it passes with a snap of it's wing. You are unable to catch yourself and land hard on your injured side.

C2: Sam grimaces as she falls hard on her injured side. She tries to get on her hands and knees and scuttle over to her sprite. Protection while she scopes around the room.

GM@C2: (Roll: 8 ) The Sprite decks you causing you to fall flat on your face. A moment later you are showered with Grist as it takes out another Imp.

C2: Sam growls as she is hit and sent to the ground. "I need to upgrade you again...maybe you'll stop hitting me then.."

C2: Sam finds the nearest imp and goes to stab it. "get outta my basement!" she yells to all of them in general

GM@C2: (Roll: 4) The nearest Imp jumps back, avoiding your jab. From your vantage point you can see 3 in the storage area, and a few more in your room. The ones in your room seem to be interested in your computer.

C2: Sam gets up, annoyed that she's screwing up so bad. She rushes up to the first one and goes to stab it. This time she decides that if she fails, she'll go and try to whack the shit out of it for a stunning effect.

GM@C2: (Roll: 10) You jab the Imp in the face and it explodes with a satisfying pop. The other two in the room seem stunned for a moment the with a howl the nearer one lunges at you. (Roll: 13) You have a chance to block it.

C2: Sam attempts to block with a kick to the face. She also attempts a counter attack whether or not the kick is successful.

GM@C2: (Roll: 5) The kick glances off it's shoulder, spinning it slightly, (roll: 2) causing it to turn right out of your line of attack. It is unsteady and the last Imp is staying back.

C2: Sam decides to make the best of the situation and close in on her target with another stabbing attempt.

GM@C2: (Roll: 8 ) Your blow strikes home and the Imp explodes. Behind you the last Imp runs forward, attempting to flee. (Roll: 6) The Imp runs into the door frame and falls backwards.

C2: She rushes forward again and tries to stomp it into submission...or death..."Die already!"

GM@C2: (Roll: 3) It rolls out of the way of your foot. A wing snaps past you again (Roll: 11) and the Imp pops. The noises coming from your room are much quieter now, and your side seems to have stopped bleeding.

C2: Sam tiredly looks over at her sprite as she moves to collect all the grist. "Rusty, would you clear the rest out?..or is that somehow against the rules?"

GM@C2: The Sprite looks at you funny for a moment, then drifts off towards the remaining Imps, decking you as it floats past. (Roll: 11, 6, 8, 11) It makes short work of them.

C2: "Ow! Ok, I'll give to that. Thanks anyways." Sam smiles and walks up the stairs to the back door to go lock it. She then goes back down and looks around her room for potentially useful things. She looks around at her posters and action figurines. 'Nope! nothing useful here" she mutters sarcastically to herself. "Hey Rusty...How much of a brain ya got? I wanna know if you can show preference." She is joking of course, but was no also curious so she waits to see what happens.

GM@C2: The Sprite stretches it's wings, the broken one it uses to hit things hanging a little lower than the other one. It floats a bit closer to you before decking you hard in the side of the head and garbling unintelligibly again.

C2: Sam braces for the impact and laughs once it hits. "Well, got that out of my system." She grabs several figurines off of her shelf including: a ninja with several weapons, a sonic the hedgehog, and a Zack Fair. She also grabs her Himura the Batousai plush, and a Bruce Lee poster. "Come on, I've got to get back to Moko and that death guy..person.." With that she trudges back up the stairs, climbs over the Cruxtruder and makes her way back to her laptop. When she gets to her laptop, she notices that there's a message waiting for her.

C2@Death: Fine, fine. Just getting my ass handed to me by the imps AND my sprite...

Death: James is in the middle of feeding his snake when his computer pings again. "Oh, I wonder who this is!"

Death@C2: Hey, at least you're alive. That's good to know. And what do you mean your Sprite is handing you your ass?

C2@Death: Just that. Thing just loves to bitch-slap me. Maybe I SHOULD have just thrown in the lazy cat........ But I guess he's useful, was nice enough to clear out a room for me.

GM@C2: LMAO. Well, that's very different from my player's Sprite. It follows her around so loyally, but then again, she put in her pet dog, Heheh.

C2@Death: *grumbles* are thing going on over there?

KP13: Artemis turns and stares at the slumbering spire occupant. He strolls cautiously over to them and stares at them. "Hey..." he says, giving them a poke. "You alive?"

Death@C2: Good I suppose. he world is ending around me, but that's cool.

C2@Death: ..You sound..nonchalant about all of this

GM@KP13: The room's occupant is dress similarly to you - (The outfit on the left) It's a girl with pale skin and a light dusting of freckles. Her hair seems dark brown. That's all you can really tell about her in the darkness of the room. She does not respond and seems to be in deep slumber.

C2: Sam sighed and decided to try pinging her host.

C2@KP13: Hey. Any useful tips I should know about?

Death@C2: Well, nothing I can really do until I got a Host. I guess I could do my Player disc. . . . .In fact, I think I will!

Death: James reaches over and touches his deck of Chapalog cards. "Neat." he chuckles as the cards appear before him. Wandering around his room he starts thinking about just what he'll want to carry with him. "Huh, I need to do my Strife deck too. . . . ." He thinks hard on the matter.

C2@Death: Wait. you've known about this game all along, and you haven't done any of the player stuff?

Death: James wanders over to his computer when it pings.

Death@C2: Well, I've been kind of busy.

C2: Sam looked at the last message confused. She couldn't possibly imagine what he was busy with but shrugs it off. Who was she to judge?

C2@Death: ...ok *shrugs*

C2: Sam glances at the collected items, trying to decide what to upgrade her sprite with next.

Death: A sudden thought strikes James and he pushes away from his computer. Rushing out of his apartment he makes his way downstairs. Checking to make sure the owner isn't around he runs over to a row of puppets hanging along a wall. He runs his hands across them. "Nope. No, nah, no, nope, nuh uh. . . ." His hands at last land on a custom piece and adopts a wicked grin. Without hesitating he snatches it up and thinks "Strife". The Puppet vanishes. Pumping his fist he runs upstairs and slides back into his computer chair. Pulling it forward he types giddily.

Death@C2: Hey! I just picked my main weapon, guess what it is!

C2: uh...a knife?

Death: James rolls his eyes.

KP13: Artemis stares down at the person for a moment as the wheels turned in his skull. Glancing back at the art supplies, he walked over grabbed a paintbrush and some paint. aiming at the canvas as best he could in the dark, he painted out the words ADD ME - KingPoe13 before dropping the supplies and exiting the spire. He moved out a bit and looked around before clearing his throat. "Is there anyone else here...hello?"" he shouted as loud as he could muster.

Death@C2: No, I'm not that stereotypically male, thank you!

C2@Death: I wonder what that makes me then... I was gunna use a sword if not for the umbrella.

GM@KP13: There is no response. You suddenly feel the odd sensation of someone gripping your shoulder and shaking you. You feel that same odd sensation of both falling asleep and waking up. After a few seconds of the feeling, you wake up on your couch, Dracsprite shaking you awake.

Death: Depends, are you a girl or boy?

C2@Death: Girl

Death@C2: *Sounds all Froidien* When then you are obviously a lesbian with feelings of resentment because you were born lacking a penis, so you seek to equip yourself with an artificial one. Heheheh, but then again, and umbrella is also. . . . .

C2@Death: ok,ok, freud. What's your weapon then?

Death@C2: A custom made Chun Li Puppet!!!!

KP13: Artemis's sat bolt upright and looked around. He looked around the entire room and down at his clothes. "Woah...that shit was trippy..." He looked at his Sprite. " What is it, count?"

C2@Death: Chun Li... sounds familiar. Is she a girl from a fighting game?

C2: Sam smiles and begins to contemplate how she can bend this into a freudian argument/comeback

GM@KP13: Dracsprite eyes you for a moment before responding. "I'm sorry for waking you, but I thought you might want to respond to your Player. She pinged you a few minutes ago." he says, motioning towards your study.

Death@C2: Oh Gog, she is the hawtest Chinese fighter chick EVA!!!!

C2@Death: Well then you are attracted to strong woman but tend to be emotionally controlling in your relationships because being around a woman who can kick your ass makes you feel like less of a man.

Death: James falls back, laughing his ass off. The mild sting of her words sinks deep, but he ignores it.

Death: Sitting back up he types back.

Death@C2: Well, I'm glad we both know each other so well after only a few minutes of conversation

KP13: Artemis glances over toward his study before nodding and pushing himself off the couch. He moves over to his computer and blinks a bit as he stares at the screen. Thinking for a moment, he starts to type.

GM@C2: You hear scrabbling noises upstairs, and your side is becoming a bit stiff.

KP13@C2: well...have you run into any imps yet? because when you careful...those little bastards can be crafty

C2: Sam looks up towards the ceiling, concern rising within her. her attention is grabbed when she gets a message. She quietly gets up and slips the wooden, sliding door shut. returning her attention to her computer

C2@KP13: Well..yea..I have. Just a few..and am suffering from a few scratches and a sore side.

C2: Sam sighs as she plays down the situation

C2@Death: anything else?

C2@KP13: anything else?

C2@Death: sorry, wrong window ^^;

KP13@C2: Dealt with a small army of them myself...having a boosted weapon probably helped out a bit...

Death: Staring at his Pesterchum James chuckles.

Death@C2: These things happen. Hey, who are you chatting with?

C2@KP13: oh yea...say, could you gimme my punch card thingy for alchemy stuffs?

C2@Death: My host

KP13@C2: Sure thing, kid

C2@KP13: thanks

Death@C2: Oh? Who's your host? I know it can't be HouseMouse, she's hosting some hot sounding Biker Chick. . . . . .

C2@Death: uh....hold on... KingPoe13

Death@C2: Kooooool!!!!!!!!!! Apparently I've already met him via time travel. He's back online?

C2@Death: looks like it

Death@KP13: Hey, dude! Crazycrazy says you'r her host!

C2@Death: and what do you mean by time travel?

Death@C2: Apparently I can time travel in this game. Awesome no?

C2: Sam sits back and takes a deep breath, before getting back to typing

C2@Death: Awesome, definitely awesome.

KP13: Artemis clicked the select button and moved the table down into the basement and just dropped it willy nilly. He then went into the registry and deployed the Designix in the dining room.

C2@KP13: ok, so where should I expect it to drop from...nvm

GM@KP13: There seems to be a new window shrunk at the bottom of the screen. It reads "Grist Torrent"

KP13@Death: Yeah...a mutual friend said that she needed I players got to stick together to keep the timeline going, right?

C2: Sam sighs as things get moved around her. She just isn't really surprised much by things moving around right now. She looks over at where it sounds like it came from and returns her attention

C2@KP13: Thanks

C2@KP13: any tips before i go mad scientist mode?

Death@KP13: Yeah, way to get into the spirit bro!

KP13@C2: No prob, kid. And be sure to collect all the shit from the imps...and have some fun with your weapon designing. I mixed a raccoon skull with a fireplace poker.

C2@KP13: sounds cool, I'll want to see it eventually. I just got an umbrella right now...

KP13@Death: Yeah...well...future you really gave me a kick to get moving

KP13: Artemis arches an eyebrow at the new window at the screen. He hesitates a moment before scrolling over it and clicking.

Death@KP13: Wow, I sound kinda kool in the future. . . . .

C2: Sam stares at her small collection of things for a moment, then shoves some of them away to continue her internal debate but between two of the choices. She continues to stare at her Batousai plush and her Kenshin poster

GM@KP13: A window pops up looking something like this - At the bottom you see a list of names, your own among them, with one spot simply reading "Offline" Beneath each name is a collum of Grist. Everyone seems to have the same amount of Grist save for the one offline person. The names are"HouseMouse, BikerChick3000, WOlverineRules!!!, KingPoe13, Crazycrazy, MadCat, and Offline", in that order.

C2@Death: Hey, do you happen to know about something called Rurouni Kenshin?

Death@C2: Most famous red haired assassin from the Meiji era of Japan, also one of the youngest ever Anime characters to ever have sex on screen in a lejit non Hentai Anime? No, who's that?

C2: Sam rests her head in her hands and laughs after reading the message. While she's still laughing, she leans in to continue

C2@Death: Well, it's nice to know someone else know about it..then friend does too but oh well..i asked you instead.

C2@Death: I was wondering if I should use my Batousai plush or Kenshin the wanderer poster to upgrade my sprite...

Death@C2: Well, that's kinda a hard choice, but I'd go with the wanderer one just for the fact that having a 14 year old as a Sprite would feel a little pervy

Death@C2: That and I love that scar

C2: Sam leans back and exhales, feeling the decision lift off of her.

KP13@Death: I need you to do me a favor

C2@Death: well, that settles it

Death@KP13: Anything Bro, what cha need?

KP13@Death: Ok...the future you mentioned something about Grist Torrent but never explained it. If you know anything, I would like your info...if not...whenever you find out about it...I would like you to pop in this once and explain it.

KP13@Death: time travel is weird

C2: Sam grabs her Kenshin poster and looks at it a moment, excited for what may happen. "Hey bird...come here...I'm gunna upgrade ya."

Death: James sits back in his chair and thinks. "Grist Torrent. . . . Well, from the name I'd say. . . . ." Then he smacks his head. "Oh yeah, the Update!" Whipping out his phone he reads through the Grist Torrent section again before responding.

Death@KP13: That's a way to share Grist between all the players. Once activated it should start dispersing all the Grist earned by each player into all the active Grist Caches. Or so is my understanding of it.

KP13@Death: thanks for the info

Death@KP13: No prob Bro.

KP13: Artemis sighed and leaned back in his chair. A few thoughts ran through his head and he looked toward his Sprite. "Hey, Count...does alcheming a new outfit have any real bonuses or is it just superficial"

GM@KP13: Your Sprite gets a mysterious look on his face. "Well, that is highly dependent on several factors." He falls silent, smiling slightly.

KP13: "Lemme of those factors is the combination of outfits that I mix, right?" he said with a grin. "I guess the only way to figure it out is to do it myself, eh? I have enough Grist for such an endeavor and possibly upgrading another weapon?"

GM@KP13: Dracspite nods, wandering slowly back into the living area.

GM@C2: The Sprite moves a little closer, looking ready to deck you again.

C2: Sam quickly, but loosely rolled up the poster. "uh-uh. No whackies. Just do the stupid upgrade." She waits to see if the sprite will come any closer

GM@C2: It snaps it's wing in front of you before puffing up and moving within range of your rolled up poster.

C2: Sam lightly bares her teeth at the action but doesn't do much more, in fear of scaring it off. With great excitement, she moves to put in her poster.

GM@KP13: "You don't actually have to combine multiple outfit either." He calls over his shoulder. "You can combine random objects for. . . . .Interesting results."

GM@C2: There is a bright flash. When it fades your Sprite has undergone a change. It looks to be wearing a Hakama and have arms now, in one hand is a samurai sword. Instead of hair it has long feathers tumbling down it's back like Kenshin with his hair unbound. It has a cross shaped scar on it's cheek and has a strong resemblance to Kenshin himself. From it's back you can see the wings still there, one hanging lower than the other. It's eyes are a bit rounded and wide, and it's body is the same color as the dowels. He blinks at you, it's eyes a startling white.

C2: Sam stares at the sprite for a long time. When she can process things she blushes slightly and waves like a shy child, "..hi.."

GM@C2: It stares back at you. "Ororororororo?" It coos softly.

KP13: Artemis moves into the living area and looks around for a moment. A slight smirk appears on his face before he heads down to his cellar. He goes over to his storage area and starts to dig through his boxes. He ends up pulling out a chain and tosses it over his shoulder. He continues to dig until he finds a box marked Halloween. He digs through it for a moment before pulling out a plastic bag filled with a Jack the Ripper costume. He tosses it over his shoulder before going through his boxes again. He stops digging when he finds stuffed in a random box a Box of roofing nails. While the box was in his hand he mutters the word. "Chapalog". He walks over and chappalogged both the costume and the chain. With all the items 'logged' he starts back upstairs, a twisted smile on his face.

C2: Sam caresses her face with her hand in disbelief. "Please...tell me you can talk."

GM@C2: He nods, his limp wing trembling slightly. He slides his sword into his Hakama tie and holds out a hand. "I can talk, oro. Nice to meet you, I am Kentysprite, oro."

C2: She takes his hand and shakes it lightly, but visibly winced slightly at his name. "Kentysprite, huh? ok... whatever. It is very nice to meet you though, trust me." She retrieves her phone and sends a quick text message.

GM@KP13: You hear Dracsprite chuckling behind you, seeming to share you current mood.

C2@Madcat: Get a weapon. There are monsters in this game. Read the manual too, when you can. I might be busy for a bit.

GM@C2: Kentysprite wanders around the room, poking things.

C2: "So...Kenty...i'm in a strange situation. Any tips to help me along....and uh...can you teach me to fight. I..." She pauses to take a deep breath and settle the strange mix of disappointment and slight depression. "I kinda suck"

GM@C2: The Sprite turns to look at you, wing trembling again. "I can help. I can answer some questions, just ask. I can fight with you. I. . . . can help you train." At the last he pats the sword at his hip.

C2: Sam visibly beams at the suggestion of training with the sprite. " I would love that, if you don't mind." She starts bouncing slightly in her spot. "and I got the.." she pauses, "second most perfect weapon for it." She holds up her umbrella and grins in amusement.

KP13: Artemis walks over to the Designix and calls up the costume card. He punches it, removes it and does the same with the nails card. Once they are punched, he takes them over to the lathe and inserts them. With them properly in place, he goes over to the Cruxtruder and gets himself a dowel and carries it over to the Lathe and places it in. With it connected, he presses the || button before hits the green button. Once the machine has done its job, he carries the totem to the Alchemeiter and sets it down. Once the machine has scanned the totem, he pushes the green button and watches intently.

GM@C2: It chuckles good naturedly at you and pulls out his blade. "Shall we begin, oro?"

C2: Sam squees a little and jumps up, clutching her umbrella. "Yes,sir!"

GM@KP13: There is a slight popping noise and your outfit appears. The once pure black top hat has a steel gray ring around it with points sticking out all around it. The edges of the sleeves seem to also have nails sticking out all around the edges. The belt it likewise bedecked with nails pointing downwards, and the edges of the shoes are lined with nails. The laces are steel gray. The gloves seem to have pointed tips on them. The cane looks normal save for a ring of nails around the bottom.

KP13: Artemis grins and carefully grabs the outfit. He carefully sets it on the couch before moving over to the Designix. He punches the Chain card before summoning a blank card and inserting it in. He calls his Meat Cleaver Strife card to his hand, inserts the code on the back and punches the card with it. He repeats the process as before, putting the Cleaver before the chain in the lathe and pushing the && button. He does the rest of the process as he had before. After his totem is read, he pushes the button and starts to change out of his current outfit into the spiked Ripper suit.

GM@KP13: There is a series of pops and your item appears. The handle of the cleaver has a chain pattern on it, and where the blade goes is a thick chain with a blade sticking off one side of the chain loops. There seems to be three segments of the blade, each segment attached to 3 links. The blades can spread apart and slide back together as one solid blade on command. The whole weapon is about 2 feet long, the handle 1/3 of that length.

KP13: Artemis glances over at the weapon and grins wildly. once is is finished getting into his new outfit, he walks over and grabs it. With the weapon in hand he looks to his Sprite. "So, tell me, do I look?"

GM@KP13: The words "Link Cleaver" flashes before your eyes as you pick up your weapon. The Sprite looks you up and down with a critical eye before grinning wickedly. "Quite terrifying my good sir, quite terrifying indeed. It suits you." As you finish equipping, you hear 2 chimes in your head signaling levels.

To Be A Knight
And my first Finished work Death Day

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7870 Strata-gems

PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2013 3:25 am    Post subject: Session 18 Reply with quote


Dark Blue = GM

White = Crazycrazy

Olive = MadCat

Dark Red = KingPoe13

Bold Brown = Kentysprite

Bold Black = Dracsprite

GM@MC: The light around you fades. Your surroundings haven't changed save for there is more light coming through the windows, and it's much cheerier. After a moment, your sprite splits into three parts, something like this - The white ball floats up strait through your roof, while the black one flies out a window and vanishes. What's left looks like a cartoon ghost of your cat.

C2: Sam breathes heavily after her training session with her sprite. She continues for a short time before taking a deep breath and holding it, to try and stop herself from panting. when she lets it out, she still pants, but it isn't as bad. "So much...fighting...tired.."

MadCat: She blinks curiously at her fluffy albeit ghostly friend and then at the bright window. "What...what just happened?" Glancing down at her phone, she realizes her phone's signal has cut out. "Oh great. Well Russ, looks like we're on our own bud."

GM@C2: You Sprite looks at you worriedly. Sliding his sword away he ushers you towards your bed. "Sleep is good for you." He murmurs.

GM@MC: Suddenly, your phone goes off. You got a text: C2@Madcat: Get a weapon. There are monsters in this game. Read the manual too, when you can. I might be busy for a bit.

C2: She glances at him and smiles a little when she can. "Sleeping right after exercise?"

[color=darkblue]GM: =============

GM@C2: He smiles at you awkwardly and tumbles you into your bed. Rolling you on your stomach he rubs his hands up and down your back. "Don't worry, your muscles should be okay if you just let them relax properly." He begins humming a song you think you recognize but not quite.

MC: " A weapon eh? Russ, got any ideas? I mean, I can scout around but I dunno if there's really anything to use." She blinks and looks at her sprite with slight confusion. "C'mon buddy, let's go look...but first..." She wander over to the window and tries to get a feel for where she is.

Death: James blinks at he notices his mass PM go out to another person. "Huh, I guess someone else has joined our little band of infamy!" He chuckles.

C2: Sam blushes lightly but smiles and consciously attempts to relax her muscles and let sleep take her.

GM@MC: As you look out the window, words pop up in front of your eyes - Land of Mushrooms and Monsters. You no longer seem to be in a suburban setting. There is a thick layer of red grass sprouting out all around the area with bushes of white flowers dotting the landscape. The words fade after a few moments. Behind you, your computer pings.

MC: As if a bucket just hit her head, she looks at her phone and starts feverishly texting her girlfriend back.

MC: "Huh?" She darts over to her computer and takes a peek. "What's this now?"

GM@C2: As your consciousness begins to fade, you get the odd sensation of waking up. You seem to be laying on a bed still but something feels a little off. It doesn't make you uncomfortable, rather, it seems to calm you.

Death@MadCat: Hey, doing some mass Pestering here. Looking for other SBURB players. I got a hunch, and if you get this, I'd say we're in the same boat. Add me as a Chum so we can figure this out together, k?

C2: Sam looks around curiously. "Now where am I?" she asks as she scans around her.

MC: "Huh, weird. Might as well do it. I'm gonna need all the help I can get." She quickly adds "Death" as a Chum and looks to see if anyone is on.

MC: She looks back at her phone with a sigh and begins texting Sam.

MC@C2: "Hey you. I'm in a weird red glass place. Are you okay? And you seriously have some explaining to do when I can get a hold of you BC "

GM@C2: The room around you looks a lot like your room, but it's as you would truly want it to be. Plenty of open space in the middle for training, and Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan posters littering the walls. Self martial arts training books are stacked around the room in piles and there is a training dummy along the back wall. On the left hand wall are several targets with trowing stars and kunai sunk into them.

GM@MC: The only persons on your list seen as online are Crazycrazy and the newly added Death. There is no response to your text.

Death: "MadCat huh? Nice name." He grins.

Death@MC: Hey there. I'm guessing you're the one Crazycrazy added seeing as you're our newest member! Welcome!

C2: She scratches the back of her neck, "Well, it's cool looking.." She gets up to take a closer look at the targets and the weapons stuck inside them.

GM@C2: The weapons are the real ones, not the cheap knock-offs you can buy anywhere.

MC@ Death: Yeah. She's my gf. Who are you exactly? Hate to sound like an ass but I usually don't chat with random people online.

C2: Sam pulls out a kunai and shuriken. "Hmmmm" she is impressed by the quality and weight of them. She stands there thinking for a bit before taking a few steps back and throwing the kunai at the target she pulled it out of.

Death@MC: Good policy, but I think you should make an exception this time. Just the fact that I can still contact you even though you've entered the game means I'm a part of the group meant to. . . Well, I'm not exactly sure what we're suppose to do yet, but I assure you, I'm not a creeper. My name's James, but Death will do just fine. I'm just simply waiting my turn to enter the game. I was the first Host, so I'm going to be the last Player.

GM@C2: Both weapons sink into the third ring out from the middle.

MC@Death: James huh? I'm Moko C: And I'll take your word for it. By the way, i was sent a text by CrazyCrazy. She said there's monsters and I should grab a weapon asap. Any idea what's out there? I'm a little scared.

C2: Sam sighs. "And now i know I can at least hit the target. maybe i'll make a set up at home or something.." She mutters to herself before getting back on her original train of thought. She sighs. "ok game, why am I here? Obviously I don't have my sprite to help me..."

Death@MC: I wouldn't worry too much, from what I've seen with my friend HouseMouse(You should add her too by the way) the monsters take a little while to show up, and the first ones you run into will be really easy. As for weapons, just check out the Strife Deck section and pick something you think you can live with!

GM@C2: There is no response to your question. The only exit seems to be a person sized window.

MC@Death: Thanks! I'll be sure to add your friend. Oh, and you get a hold of Crazycrazy, let her know I'm worried about her. Hang in there man!

C2: Sam wanders over to the window and looks out, then down.

Death@MC: Sure thing, I let her know. I....I think it's time for me to be added. A part of me feels bad because my joining means no one can be added after me, but. . . . . .I think it's time. Will you Host me?

MC@Death: Sure thing man! Ummm...what do i do?

GM@C2: A land of purple spreads out all around you. In contrast to the deep blue theme of your room, the purple is rather foreboding. It's filled with old English styled buildings and towers. You are several hundred feet above the ground.

GM@MC: Your phone goes off. You have a Text. (See PM for detailes)

Death@MC: You just got added to the game, right? So your Player disc should have vanished. Pull out your Host disk, put it in the same computer you did the Player disc, and add me. That's the first step.

C2: Sam just kind of gawks at what she sees. "Where...the!" She backs away from the window and takes another, scrutinizing look at all of the walls before coming back to the window and looking down. "..and how the hell do I get out of here? Starting to feel like Rapunzel." She thinks about all the stuff in her room, "a really well taken care of, and kick-ass, Rapunzel."

MC@Death: Alrighty! Lucky for you I have it right here.

MC: She smirks and pulls out the disc and pops open her disk drive. "Alright, in you go."

MC@Death: do I add you?

GM@MC: A DoS like window pops up like the first one. "I would like to Host ___________" Y/N

Death@MC: A DoS window should pop up. Just type my name in the blank then hit "Y"

MC: "Oh....well this is easier then expected..." After facepalming real quick, she types Death into the space and hits"Y". "There, that should do it...hopefully. I really need to start reading game manuals."

GM: =================

GM@MC: The window vanishes, and another pops up. This window seems to bee looking into the ultimate gamer paradise. All top of the line gear. Three computers side-by-side with a scraggly haired person sitting in front of the middle one. On the right you can barely see a very large flat screen wall mounted TV with a complete assortment of game systems neatly on shelves beneath it. The boy, turns, looking in your general direction and waves, giving you a lopsided grin.

Death: James turns back to his computer and sends MadCat a quick message.

Death@MC: Heheh, sorry about that. I can't really see you

MC@Death: Pfft, you probably don't wanna XD Anyway, what am I supposed to do to help you? Drop the weird machine things? Where is my manual e____e

GM@C2: You suddenly feel that odd sensation of both waking and falling asleep again. In a moment, you've woken up to the repeated pokes in the cheek by your Sprite Kentysprite. He's giving you a goofy grin.

Death@MC: Lol, how am I suppose to know?

Death@MC: And yeah, I need all the start up equipment. It should fit in the space behind me and my living room.

C2: "wha? oh...hi. " she smiles back and attempts to poke him back. "Was having an odd...uh...situation..dream..thing..maybe.." she trails off in thought of exactly what had happened.

GM@C2: Kentysprite leans back, letting you poke him before moving to the middle of the room and stretching. "I know. That was Derse, the dark world."

MC@Death: Alright! Oh, found my manual Okay so i just have to figure out the controls. This shouldn't be too hard C:

C2: Sam sits up, both curious and still confused. "The dark world? Does it have to do with the game or something?"

GM@C2: The Sprite nods. "Yep, it does. It's where the Black King comes from and where the Black Queen lives."

C2: "Well, that doesn't answer much...just makes me think of chess."

Death: James stands and wanders over to his living room, feeling inspired. He moves the couch quickly to the wall and rushes over to his large pile of printing paper. Using several sheets for each, he makes signs for where he wants each bit of equipment. "Alchemiter in the living room, Cruxtruder next to the kitchen, Totem Lathe against the counters in the Game Zone, and when she gets to it, the Punch Designix on the wall near the bathroom." As he places the last sign he runs to his computer to tell about them.

Death@MC: Hey, I laid out some signs so you can just put the devices in the marked spots for them. Tryin' to make your job easier!

MC@Death: Sounds good C: I'll try to get right on it!

GM@C2: "Well, that's kinda how it works actually." He murmurs. Suddenly a vision appears in your mind as he speaks. - "Before the beginning of the game, Black and White are in a stalemate, bound to go on forever until something comes along to change it. As Players enter the game the residents of Derse and Prospit change, signaling the beginning of the great battle. No longer on equal footing, it is possible for the war to begin." He waves in your general direction. "Derse is where the Imps and other enemies come from, but the monsters themselves are. . . .Of a lower form of being from the normal residents." He falls silent.

MC: She looks over her manual, mumbling out loud as she reads. "Okay, the deploy button. Riiiiight here." Clicking on it, she grabs a hold of the Alchemiter and carefully sets it in the designated spot. It settles with a thud. Repeating the process, she manages to get everything into place without breaking anything.

C2: Sam absorbs what he has said and then looks down, "ah..Kenshin.." she looks up at her sprite, "I brought you into another war, I'm sorry."

Death: James hops up and watches the equipment be deployed. "Kool!" He wanders over to the Cruxtruder and looks to the sky. He points at the pipe up top and makes a smashing motion.

GM@C2: He smiles at you warmly and ruffles your hair. "Don't worry, oro. I'm here to help."

Death: As if anticipating your next question he motions for you to follow him as he walks downwards the living room.

MC: She uses the cursor to follow James to wherever he's going. "Interesting bugger..."

C2: She takes a deep breath and exhales it slowly, "So! How do I fight a war?" she asks, standing up, ready to get started.

Death: He stands still for several seconds before pointing at his couch with a slightly sad look. "Ah well, it'll die for a good cause.

GM@C2: He coos very Rusty like and moves towards the doorway. "Well, first I'd say getting properly equipped." He looks you up and down. "You seem to be able to move freely in that outfit, but it seems a little worse for wear." He says with a grin.

Death: He holds the pose for several seconds before returning to his computer, well out of the way of the impending mess.

MC: "Ohhhh. Now i remember. I have to break the thingy open. With a couch. Classy. Alrighty then." Rolling up her sleeves for dramatic effect, she grabs the couch and hovers up and above the Cruxtruder. "Sorry bro."

Death: Suddenly remembering, James sends a quick message to C2.

MC: Without mercy, she flings the couch onto the device, uttering a somewhat evil cackle.

C2: She blinks and looks down at her pajama pants, the very same ones she's worn every night for at least a month. She laughs a little to herself, "Well...yea..I guess I could look through my wardrobe and- hey, where are you going?"

Death@C2: Hey girl, your Girlfriend is looking for you.

Death: James cringes at the loud explosion of smashing couch behind him. Almost afraid to look, he turns slowly. His heart sinks at the splintered mass of wood and cloth that once was a very comfy couch. "Oh dear." He perks up a bit as the cap to the Cruxtruder pops off and his Kernel Sprite flashes into existence. As it floats over to him he turns back to his computer.

Death@MC: Thanks. Pre-punched card please? On my desk if you can.

GM@C2: He turns back to you. "Oh, sorry. You got a message just now and I thought I'd clear the way, oro."

MC: She glances at her screen and looks for the card. Clicking it, she drags the card onto James' desk.

MC@ Death: There you go. Sorry about your couch e___e'

Death@MC: Thanks!

C2: "Oh, ok." She says as she makes her way back up the stairs, through the hallway, over the Cruxtruder and to her laptop. She sighs exasperated at the fact she had to hurdle over machinery every time she wants to move through that part of the house. She grabs her laptop, climbs over the machine again, and holes herself up in the small bedroom across the hall from the bathroom. Sitting on the couch, and getting comfortable, she checks her message. Then she checks her phone.

Death: He snatches up the card and stands. As he goes to rush to the Cruxtruder he nearly falls face first into it as the ground beneath him rocks violently. "Shnit." he murmurs, his eyes darting to the fiery red sky outside. Hoping carefully up on to the device he retrieves a dowel and climbs back down. Setting it up in the Totem Lathe he slides in the Pre-punched card and activates the device. As it does it's work he makes his way over to his snake's tank. Pulling out the albino cobra he moves towards his Kernel Sprite. With a gentle toss he Proto-tpes the Sprite. "There you go Sephiroth. You're coming with." he murmurs lovingly before retrieving the Totem from the lathe. Looking at his card he fights the urge to laugh out loud. Placing the Totem in it's place on the Alchemiter he presses the green button. With a pop a large man appears. After a moment it holds out a large crystal. James takes it solomly and blinks as the man vanishes. With a slight grin he takes a breath and presses it hard between his hands. After a few seconds, it begins cracking, and with a loud shattering noise, it breaks into a thousand pieces. His world, goes white.

C2@MC: Hey, sorry I was out. I'm fine, just coming back from a short nap. Did you get your update yet?

MC@C2: Yes....yes I did. Remind me to smack you for not telling me I could have been dead BI

MC: "Whoa!" She stares at her screen and blinks. "Well looks like he's good."

GM@MC: Your screen goes white for several seconds before fading back into the overview of the guy's apartment.

C2@MC: I could remind you, but I probably won't. I did it to keep you alive, and as calm as possible. The same goes for not letting you read the manual at first, and to save time. I'm sorry if you're mad at me.

Death: Letting out the breath he'd been holding James makes his way slowly to his computer. He watches out of the corner of his eye as his Sprite transforms before turning his full attention to the screen.

C2@Death: thanks for the message, talking to her now.

MC@C2: Alright. I'll give you that. Also I met some dude on here named Death. I helped him get into the game.

Death@MC: Hey, can I ask one more thing? I'd like my Punch Designix so I can make some gear.

C2@MC: Cool, he can help you out a lot. Got a weapon yet?

MC@C2: Nope. I'm gonna look through the manual and see what I can mess with. After I deal with James.

Death: James coughs slightly before turning to look at the Sprite. "You kinda look just like your normal self, only bigger." He says grinning. Turning back to his screen as he gets a ping he huffs. "Well, that took a while." The Sprite wanders over to James and begins curling around both him and the chair. "I would say this is cute if it wasn't so potentially deadly." He says, carefully moving out of the Snake Sprite's grasp.

C2@MC: oh, there's alot you can mess with. I chose to fight with an umbrella...kind of regretting it now.

C2@MC: though it did come in handy for a little bit of irony a little bit ago.

MC@C2: I think I have an idea of what to use C:<

C2@MC: what?

MC: She quickly drags the Punch Designix to it's specified place with a whistle. "There, all better."

MC@C2: Imma use my Buster <3

Death: James grins as he watches his Punch Designix appear. "Cool" He murmurs and begins plotting.

C2@MC: ..interesting..but predictable choice XD

MC@Death: Hey I have an idea for my weapon, but I dunno if it will work.

Death: Sliding back into his computer chair James grins.

Death@MC: What's the plan Stan?

C2@MC: also, give some thought into what you'll put into your sprite next. I used a a Kenshin poster. I train with Kenshin! wooo! *squee* :3

MC@Death: I wanna use my exact size wooden replica Buster Sword <3

Death@MC: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Death@MC: Marry me.

KP13: Artemis cocks his head as he hears the leveling chimes. "Hmmm..." Glancing at the count, he twirls the cane in one hand and holds the Link Cleaver firm in the other. "So, Count, question...when I fell felt like I was waking up and next thing I knew I was in a strange place with towers and people with some serious sleeping beauty issues...was that a Dream or has this game locked onto my subconscious too?"

GM@KP13: Dracsprite pulls up his chair. "That is kind of complicated. You see, you've always dreamed of Derse, and Derse has always been there. For those who were always meant to play the game, they have all been waiting to "Wake" to their Dream World, save for one player in particular." He pulls out his tea set and pours himself a cup of the pitch black liquid. Taking a sip he continues. "The true players of this game never really sleep, but you're Derse self isn't really you either." He cocks his head, waiting for any feedback from you.

KP13: Artemis nods a bit and stares to pace as his mind begins to process it. The wheels in his brain spin as he starts to think about it as a writer and what would sound better as a story. "So...its like a shared consciousness. I was 'destined' to get the game...not just my agent is a pal but because it was meant for me, so that I could finally awake in Derse..."

GM@KP13: He nods. "Correct."

C2: Sam takes her phone with her, and opens the door. "...Kenshin?"

MC@Death: Easy tiger What would happen if I equip it now since it's wood?

GM@C2: He's standing century outside the door. He turns to you as you open the door. "Yes?"

Death@MC: I THINK it would register as a Bat. You may want to do a knife od some kind first, then Alchemize it so it's at least metal before Strifeing it.

C2: She blinks, "you''re guarding the door?" she pauses, "Ok then. quick question. how much would you say I can Alchemize right now? Because i'm not gunna lie, I'm going to abuse it SO much, it's ridiculous."

MC@Death: Sounds like a plan. Also, there's a funny pun there. And how would i go about Alchemizing the two things together?

GM@C2: He chuckles at you, that goofy smile on his face. "Well, I think you've only got access to the lower level Grist right now, so nothing too exotic."

Death@MC: Don't feel like reading the Alchemy section huh?

MC@Death: Nope. Just want my badass weapon XD I promise I won't scream Limit Break...maybe C:

C2: "Ok. that answers my next question, but how much can I Alchemize? Like, how much grist can i spend..?"

Death: James falls over laughing for several minutes.

KP13: Artemis nods and stops his pacing. He looks back to the Alchemeiter and the Designix before turning to face the Sprite again. "So, I've leveled a bit, I've upgraded my weapons, I've killed some imps...what should be next on the agenda? We need to keep moving forward to keep the timeline alive."

GM@C2: Kentysprite shrugs. "All of it if you feel like it. I'm not sure how the other players would feel about it, but that's entirely up to you to decide."

GM@KP13: With a wave of his hand the tea set and chair vanish from sight. "Well, building. In order to get to the surface of your world, you need to reach your first gate. In order to do that, you'll need your Host to begin building." He looks up. "The gates are fairly far apart, so you need a substantial amount of Build Grist for each one. Right now, all you can really do is explore the immediate area, collect Grist, and send a message to your Host that you need them to start building." He look back to you. "The stronger you get, the more kinds of Grist you can gather, the better gear you can make, the more prepared you'll be for the next stage of the game. Think of this as the tutorial slash preparation period."

MC@Death: Did you die ono' Am I gonna have to use a Phoenix Down? Wakey wakey!

C2: Sam nods, "Ok." She sticks the phone back in her bra. "Well, clothing can take a back seat then I think I'm gunna try and see if I can't make my weapon a little more...deadly." She glances at him and smiles apologetically. "Sorry, Kenshin. Didn't mean to push your suggestion aside." She makes her way down to the basement. "I actually had an idea for a modification a while ago..while I was fighting the imps. i just kinda...forgot it in the moment." She walks down into her bedroom and grabs something laying on her desk, in front of her monitor. She turns to him and hold it out so he can see. "it's my boot knife. A gift from my mother. It should come in handy for something..."

Death: At the ping James manages to crawl back into his chair, only to bust out laughing again. He manages to type out a small message.

Death@MC: Nom moree, FF jokjems!

MC@Death: Fine. I'll let up So, I suppose I should read the alchemy thing since you're a bit...erm...busy?

Death@MC: You make it sound like I'm fapping

KP13: Artemis nods and walks back to his study. He sets his weapons down and slips off his gloves before sitting down at the laptop and typing out a couple of messages.

GM@C2: Kentysprite nods in approval.

MC@ Death: Hey, you could be. Doesn't really bug me much.

Death@MC: Does this mean you're not actually paying attention to me?

Death: James turns to look up again, grinning.

KP13@WR!!!:Hey, Host...I need you to start building.

MC@Death: Aww I never said that ;P Anyhoo, about the whole alchemy thing?

KP13@Death: Yo, McFly, you'll never guess what I just created in my Alchemy thing...

C2: Sam smiles, chapalogs it, and runs her butt to the dining room. Then she stands in front of it and calls the card with the knife to her.

Death@MC: *Sigh* Alright. It all has to do with your Punch Designix. Got one of those yet?

Death@KP13: Oh oh, tell me tell me! I bet it's badass!!!!!

MC@Death: Nope...gimmie a minute to screech at my gf.

KP13@Death: I combined a jack the ripper costume with roofing nails for an outfit and my meat cleaver with a chain for a weapon...I'm starting to resemble something out of one of my novels

MC@ C2: Hey! I need the Punch Designix thing!

Death@KP13: Oh my Gog, I need to see this! Guess what! I'M IN THE GAME!!!!!!!!

C2: Sam stands there for a moment before going to her phone to re-read the update text she got to remind herself how to actually do what she's planning to do...she gets intercepted by another text.

C2@MC: Will do

Death@KP13: It was so much kooler then just watching. I used my pet, Sephiroth, for the first Proto-typing

MC: She peeks past her computer to see where the Russ ghost is. "Here kitty kitty."


KP13@Death: maybe we can actually stop this timeline from ending up like the other yours

MC@C2:...sometimes I wanna smack you >n>

C2: grinning, she puts her phone away.

C2: And then she remembered what she was trying to do, she she opened her phone back up and read through the text

Death@KP13: Yeah, I know what you mean. Anyways, I'ma try some Alchemy now that I'm gonna be in danger soon. I need to walk the second newest player through the process too apparently. Oh, Her Username is MadCat, if you want to add her.

KP13: Artemis nods and goes over to the Pesterchum list. He goes to add another player and types in the name MadCat and hitting enter.

GM@MC: The Sprite floats towards you, garbling unintelligibly.

GM@MC: A new person pops up on your FriendsList Requests board.

GM@MC: "KingPoe13"

MC: She smiles at the somewhat freakish sounding cat sprite and motions to pet him, stopping as she spots a message on her screen. "KingPoe13? Another player? Meh, may as well add them." Smirking, Moko clicks accept and sits back, waiting to see if they'll message her.

KP13@MC: Hey, kid, Death gave me your name. Figured I'd add player need to stick together.

Death: Making his way to his game consoles he snatches up a Wii-mote complete with nunchaku and Chapalogs it. Then he grabs up the sensor bar for the remote from under the TV and likewise Chapalogs it. Cackling evilly he moves to the Punch Designix.

MC@KP13: Heyo! Yeah, we need to stick together alright. this whole game is screwy. Did you see any monsters your way?

C2: Feeling like she understands what to do next, she summons her strife card and a blank chapalog card to her hand. She slips the knife card in the machine and punches it first. Then she punches the blank card with the code of her umbrella. "alright! time to do my first experiment" She runs over to the totem lathe, lays the cards on the kitchen island, and retrieves a dowel. Putting it into place, she slide in the cards, umbrella first, knife second

KP13@MC: I've lost track of how many imps I've slaughtered

MC@KP13: Imps eh? Sounds...unpleasent. I'm still on standby weapon-wise here so I'm a little nervous >n<'

C2: She pushes the || button

Death: Punching both the remote and the sensor he thin pulls out his Puppet Strife card and punches a blank Chapalog card with the code on the back. Wandering over to the Totem Lathe he puts the sensor and the puppet in the slot, Puppet dominant, then presses the || button followed by the green button. Once the Totem is ready he skitters over to the Alchemiter. A scan and several pops later, the Chun Li puppet appears in the middle of the large platform.

GM@C2: The Totem is carved.

KP13@MC: I've got a fireplace poker mixed with a raccoon skull, a meat cleaver mixed with a chain, and a jack the ripper costume complete with cane mixed with nails....I'm good on my end. I hope things go as well on yours

C2: grinning widely, she carries the totem to the Alchemiter and places it on the little stand.

MC@KP13: I do too. i'm waiting for my host to set down the gizmo i need to make my dream weapon ;w; I'm thinking real functioning Buster Sword!

GM@C2: The Totem is scanned.

C2: purposely laughing like a mad scientist, she dramatically pushes the green button

MC: She reaches out to her sprite and motions to scratch his ears. "Maybe I should go nab that kitchen knife, eh Russ?"

GM@C2: There is a set of Pops and your new item appears in the middle of the large platform.

C2: Giddily, she goes up to the platform to see what she has made.

GM@MC: It garbles at you again, rubbing against your hand.

GM@C2: The tip of the umbrella now looks like your little knife. The bottom of each flange also now resembles your little knife. The word "Kniferain" appears before your eyes and then fades.

C2: "Kniferain" She mutters as she looks it over. she glances at her sprite, "look good?"

MC: Smiling, she rubs Russ' cheek and stands up, hoping her whatchamacallit will be there when she gets back. "C'mon bud. Let's get a move on." Moko leaves the room and descends the stairs to the kitchen. "Here knifey knifey."

KP13: Artemis stands up and looks to his sprite before sliding on his gloves and grabbing the cane and cleaver. He marches out of the study, through the sun room and outside into the new landscape.

Death: James continues cackling as he spots the sensor bar along her back shoulders. Chapaloging her he moves back to the Designix and punches her card. Back to the Lathe he puts the Wii-mote card and the new puppet card into the machine, puppet still dominant.

GM@C2: Kentysprite nods. "Looks interesting, and defiantly more deadly. Want to try it out?" He asks.

MC: Rummaging through the drawer, Moko finds a smooth-edged knife and grins rather mischievously. "Excellent." With a whistle, she bounds back up the stairs and turns left towards her room.

GM@MC: You see no monsters yet.

C2: Sam smiles, "I'd love to..on some imps..but not now. I still need to get Moko all set up." She nods to herself a little and makes her way back to the room and her laptop. She deploys the card punching machine against the wall, next to the totem lathe.

MC: In the corner of her bedroom furthest away sits a beautiful and very accurate handcrafted replica Buster Sword. Moko has been working on making it as close to the real thing for several years. It even has real red leather wrapped around the handle. "Ohhh I am gonna have some fun with you."

C2@MC: Aaaand done. Have fun. I did.

MC@C2: You have no idea what madness you have unleashed upon the world C:<

GM@KP13: It is bright, but not quite blindingly so. The light comes mostly from the sun reflecting off the snow all around you. The trees around your home seem to be coated with a thick layer of ice, and not even the evergreens have any form of vegetation on their branches. High above you their seems to be a stone roof, slanting off to the left. Like a shallow cave, to your right you can see out into the sky. The light seems about half a mile away, while to your left the same distance away is the wall.

C2@MC: Good.

MC: Looking at the knife in her hand and remembering what she browsed through in the manual, Moko thinks "Strife".

C2@Death: got a knife umbrella weapon now

Death: He smacks the || button again. Once the Totem is carved he meanders back to the Alchemiter. "I pray this works right." He says in hushed tones. Activating the Alchemiter he waits with baited breath. *Pop* He rushes to see if it worked. There is a moment of silence. . . . .Then with a whoot he jumps in the air and snatches up the two items. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!" He dances around, before trying out his new weapon.

C2: Sam gets back up, her job done, and walks over to her sprite. "Ok so..imp killing?"

GM@MC: The knife vanishes from your hand, appearing in your mind for a moment on a green backed card that looks a lot like the Chapalog cards.

GM@C2: He motions towards the front entry way, the door still closed. Behind it you can hear chittering and scratching noises.

MC: Smiling devilishly, Moko thinks "Knife" and holds out her hand.

GM@MC: The knife appears in your dominant hand.

C2: Sam gets her new weapon ready, and nods to her sprite

MC: "Okay....I have the knife, and the Buster Sword is in my studio now. Guess that just leaves me with a question for the gang."

KP13: Artemis strolls out a bit farther through the snow and looks around. He clears his throat and stares out ahead of him. "Hey, you impy wanna play a game..." he shouts. "Come on...lets play line up and get butchered..."

MC@C2: Heyyyyyy. I have the knife in my strife syllabus thingy and now in my hand. How do i mix it with Buster?

C2@MC: kinda busy, ask death

C2: she puts her phone back in her bra

@C2: You have now entered Dice Roll Mode.

GM@C2: Your Sprite whips open the door. Behind it you see several Imps, some of which are a lighter color than the rest, but all of them now seem to have a new addition; Fangs. They all turn to look at you.

C2: Sam stares at the new imps and their addition. "oh shit..."

GM@KP13: Several black and gray figures begin converging on your location. "Would you like my assistance, or can I just watch?" Dracsprite asks.

MC@ Death: Heya James :o I have the knife in my Strife deck now and have it in my hand currently. I kinda wanna mix it with my Buster C: How do I go about alchemizing this stuff?

@KP13: You have entered Dice Roll mode.

Death: James drags himself away from his new "Toy" and responds.

Death@MC: First, Chapalog your buster sword, put it in the Designix, and press the green button. Then, grab an empty card and put it in the Designix. Read the code on the back of the Knife Strife Card, and type it in exactly using the keyboard on the Designix, and press the green button. Start with that.

MC@Death: Sounds easy enough! Thanks C:

KP13: "sit and watch for now..." He said. He stepped forward and readied the spiked cane and Link Cleaver. "Come get it you ugly sacks of shit."

C2: Sam quickly, and without words, slams the door shut. "they have fangs..." she looks at her sprite, "What do I do now?! What if they're poisonous?"

GM@KP13: There seem to be at least a dozen Imps. The gray ones look a little bigger than the black ones but not by much. Four charge forward, three gray one black, and take up a stance in a semi-circle around you.

KP13: Artemis moves and swings his cleaver down toward the black one before swinging his cane at a gray one.

MC: Moko grins and Chapalogs her Buster Sword. Giddily she runs over to the Designix. Thinking of her Buster Sword card , she jumps a bit as it pops back in her hand. Looking at the slot on the machine, she sticks the card in and presses the green button.

GM@C2: Kentysprite pats you on the head, pulling you away from the door. "Don't worry, I can heal you. It seems to be one of my natural functions." With that he spins you around and flings open the door again. The Imps aren't as shocked at the sudden happening this time and a few begin stalking forward.

C2: Sam sighs and brandishes her weapon again. This time she goes up towards the imps and starts trying to impale the ever loving shit out of them

GM@KP13: (Roll: 7) The cleaver whistles through the air. You feels a satisfying thunk as it makes contact with the black Imp, taking it's head clean off. (Roll: 5) The gray Imp retreats just in time to dodge your cane. The remaining two dart in (Roll: 11) The first one catches your leg. A sharp pain runs up your leg, but the cloth does not seem to be torn. (Roll: 6) The last Imp misses entirely and tumbles off into the snow. Now that they are closer, you can see new additions to the Imps. They seem to have a thick ruff of fur around their neck and shoulders, and fangs are sticking out from under their top lips.

GM@MC: There is a slicing thunk from the machine and the card shudders slightly.

GM@C2: (Roll: 12) Only one of the Imps is within range. A sharp jab to the face makes it pop, scattering Grist. The one immediately behind it charges you. (Roll: 12) It manages to hook you still wounded side, tearing it open again.

MC: Blinking curiously, Moko carefully pulls the card out and sets it on her desk. Concentrating again, she pops up a blank card as instructed and places it in the slot. With a small huff, she thinks of her knife card and flinches as it pops into her hand. She still isn't quite used to it. Curiously she flips it over to reveal a code.

C2: Sam yelps as she's injured again, angrily she attempts to get in an attack while its still close "Screw you!"

MC: Propping the card up so she can get a better look at the code, Moko starts cautiously typing in the sequence. When finished, she pushes the green button, chewing on her lower lip.

GM@C2: (Roll: 6) You catch the black Imp in the chest, and it Pops. The rest begin rushing forward, tumbling over one another to get to you. The slander nature of the hallways means only one can reach you at a time.

C2: Seeing this, Sam takes a step back to try and get them to line up right.

GM@C2: The Imps are still basically a jumbled mess, but one is now close enough to strike.

C2: Sam takes the chance to stab.

KP13: Artemis winces in pain and stares down at the imp that bit him. He attempts to stab the cane down through the creature.

GM@C2: (Roll: 5) The Imp falls back just in time to dodge your strike. The other Imps behind it fall on top of it.

C2: Sam rushes the whole jumbled group and stabs into it in a frenzied attempt to kill them all while they are down

MC: Grabbing the card and nabbing the Buster card off her desk, Moko shuffles over to the Alchemizer. "Okay, if my manual reading is worth anything, i need to stick my knife card in here first." The card is slipped into the slot, then followed by the Buster Sword card. "Okay, now I just have to press the || button thing..." Shakily, she smacks it and stands back.

GM@KP13: (Roll: 12) The cane goes strait through the creature. Three more Imps come forward and the two that were closest attach again. (Roll: 11) The gray Imp you swung at before charges in, grabbing hold of the arm with the cane. It's claws don't quite penetrate the cloth, but you can feel the pricks of pain as it tries to bite through the sleeve. (Roll: 7) The other gray Imp spins around and catches hold of your cape for a moment before tripping and falling. The tug is only slight.

GM@C2: (Roll: 11, 10, 6) You take out two black Imps with the first two jabs. The third jab lances into a gray Imps arm but doesn't kill it. It takes a moment for you to pull the weapon free. In that moment another Imp charges you. (Roll: 9) It manages to knock you backwards. (Roll: 6) You fall flat on you back, your weapon still in hand, but the Imp atop you.

GM@MC: A Totem is carved.

C2: Sam is surprised at first of being knocked down, but growls when the imp gets on tops of her. She quickly and roughly tries to grab it by the throat and pull it off of her.

MC: Moko smiles and and grabs the totem carefully, wandering over to the Alchemizer. Looking it over, she locates the smaller platform and sets the totem in place, waiting.

GM@C2: (Roll: 3) You don't quite manage to get a hold of it's neck through the fur. (Roll: 6) With a snapping noise Kentysprite kills the one atop you and pulls you to your feet. He sweeps his wing at the open doorway and the Imps back off a little bit. Looking you in the eyes he asks, "Ready to continue?"

MC: Realizing nothing is happening, Moko prods the button and tilts her head.

GM@MC: The totem is scanned and after you push the button there is a popping noise. A new item appears on the large platform.

MC: Moko peers at the object curiously and picks it up with a grunt.

C2: Sam huffs, and then after some thought, takes a deep breath. "I'm mad. I...might get a little carnal. Sorry." She readies herself to continue.

KP13: Artemis winces again and stares at the imp on his arm before attempting to raise the arm up and slice the critter off with the cleaver.

GM@MC: As you hoist up the item the words "Buster Fansword" pops up in front of your eyes, then fades. It's not quite as long as the Buster Sword, and the handle is still obviously wooden. For about an inch around the edge of the sword there is a sharp metal blade, but the rest of the sword is wooden.

MC: "Oi, what on earth am I looking at? Me and my "mad" skills." She sighs and sets the failed project down. "Looks like James is gonna get a message..."

GM@C2: A few Imps charge forward. There are 5 left in the hall.

MC: She slides back into her computer chair with a grunt, keeping her new weapon close. Cracking her knuckles, she starts typing to James.

MC@Death: Hey buddy. So...I attempted to make me a Buster Sword...with...erm...interesting results XD

C2: Sam holds out her umbrella in front of her, runs and stabs forward like a lance. She puts quite a bit of strength into her run, in an attempt to rail them all through.

GM@KP13: (Roll: 9) The cleaver sinks into the Imp's back, and after a moment, it pops. The Imp who snagged your cape picks itself up. One of the new Imps charges you. (Roll: 10) It slams into your chest, knocking you backwards. Catch Roll?

@GM: Yes...catch roll

Death@MC: What happen, it dud on you? Or can you still beat brains in with it?

MC: "I....I just got an idea for prototyping my sprite..." She smirks to herself and looks in the direction of her room.

MC@Death: Well, it's still mostly wooden, slightly shorter, but has a sharp metal edge. I think it'll do for now...any idea how i can fix it when the time comes?

GM@KP13: (Roll: 18 ) You only stumble backwards a bit, missing the Imp behind you.

GM@C2: (Roll: 10, 9, 1) You manage to skewer the first two, but on the third one you stumble and fall to your knees. (Roll: 8 ) The Imp lashes out and catches the side of your face. It only stings a bit.

C2: Sam mentally thinks screw it and tries to tackle the imp that got her, in an attempt to use as little energy as possible

Death@MC: I'm sure there will be ways. Like. . . . .I think we'll have access to kooler weapons in the future. . . . . .We'll find them. . . . .Sorry for the cripticness, but it's just. . . . .I've been having odd feelings since I first spotted this game. . . . . .

MC@Death: It's all good man...I'm about to attempt something insane....with my sprite...

KP13: Artemis drops the imp he caught and attempts to stomp on it. before spinning and attempting to bring down the cleaver on the one behind him.

GM@C2: (Roll: 2) You fail miserably, falling on your face instead as it steps back. (Roll: 11) In a flash, Kentysprite charges forward and takes out the remaining Imps with his lightning fast draw-slash attack. Grist rains down on you.

C2: sam gets up and sighs, hating her fail and at the same time, glad it was over for now

C2: she quietly gathers the grist around. "ok..thanks Kenshin, you're great" she smiles a little

GM@KP13: (Roll: 4) The Imp on the ground rolls out of the way of your foot. (Roll: 12) The Imp behind you scores you another decapitation. There are 2 remaining Imps. The rest seem to have backed out of sight.

GM@C2: You feel weak from blood loss. "No problem, little Samurai." He says with a cheeky grin.

C2: Sam smiles a little and walks back through the door way, sitting in front of the Punch Designix. She motions her sprite over, "You know, that's one of my nicknames." she checks her side to see how bad it is. "...about that healing ability of yours...could you help me with this? Think a lost I bit much."

KP13: Artemis looks over to his sprite. "Count, why don't you finish these two off for me?"

GM@C2: He smiles and nods. Pulling out his sword he places the tip over your heart. There is a glowy flash and and you are surrounded in an aura. After several seconds you feel good as new, if a little weary. He puts his blade away. "Yes, I knew that when I said it."

GM@KP13: Dracsprite gives you a smirk. His wings snap out, getting that sharp look again. "With pleasure." He murmurs and darts forward. His wing lashes out, taking out the first one without it seeing him coming. He turns his gaze on the other and with a pop, it too bites the powder. Dracsrpite relaxes. You hear a chime in your head, signaling a level.

C2: Sam smiles as she's healed. "Well, then, thanks for the compliment. It means a lot coming from you." she paused and sighed, thinking about how much harder things might get from now on, since she's having trouble with even the lowest level monsters. Putting that thought aside, so as to avoid an emotional dip, she slowly stands up. "well, how about that change of clothes?" She asks, laughing a bit. "I'm assuming we can alchemize clothes too?"

GM@C2: He nods, closing the door to the front hall. "Yep, oro, you sure can."

C2: Sam smiles, a mischievous glint in her eye. "Well then, lets see what I can whip up, shall we?"

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7870 Strata-gems

PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2013 3:33 am    Post subject: Session 19 Reply with quote


Dark Blue = GM

White = Crazycrazy

Red = Death

Bold Brown = Kentysprite

C2: she pauses before decidedly making her way to the basement, but stops on her way to chapalog her laptop, finally thinking to actually do that. She eventually gets to her bedroom and walks over to her clean clothes basket. She stands there thinking for a moment before turning to her sprite, "Hm, how big can the things I chapalog be? Like.. I have a large stuffed animal right now big can I get?"

GM@C2: Kentysprite shrugs. "I'd say ororo, try to do it and if it doesn't work, it's too big, oro."

C2: Sam shrugs at the logic, no reason or way to argue with that. She stoops down and places her hand on the heaping basket of clean laundry. "Chapalog"

GM@C2: It vanishes.

C2: Sam smiles and stands back up, looking around the room. gleefully, she walks over to where she hung her pink, fluffy bathrobe and chapalogs that too. She also chapalogs her very own, well taken care of outfit that looks kind of like Kenshin's except the top is silky blue and the hakama are black. She grabs a pair of tabi. She looks around again, and smiles. "I think that's good enough." She makes her way back over to the punch Designix, calls forth her bathrobe, slips it on, and rummages through the basket.

She sighs, "No real ideas here.." she looks around the room. Her attention is snagged by her ninja figure in the living room. it is but a moment before she grins again. " for an experiment with clothing.." she walks over and grabs her ninja figurine and chapalogues it. She slips off her robe and chapalogues that too. Then she punches them and walks over to the totem lather, setting the cards down and grabbing yet another dowel. She then slips in the cards for alchemizing. First the robe, then the figurine, presses the || button and waits. While the machine was working, she slipped back over to the basket and grabbed a bikini top, and a black ruffled skort. "I'm gunna change"

She walks into the bathroom and changes when the machine's done with its job, she grabs the result and walks it over to the small platform on the Alchemiter. She presses the button and awaits the result. Then she remembers that the first push only scans it, so she presses it again.

GM@C2: With a pop, your new item appears.

C2: Sam makes a little 'niii!' sound, and goes to look at her newest experiment

GM@C2: The words "Ninrobe" appears before your eyes. The robe is it's same plushy self but is now black, and has patches on it that look like the weapons of your Ninja figurine, with a ninja head as a large patch on the back.

C2: Sam nods, somewhat satisfied with her experiment. She slips on the robe and ties it up. She stands there for a moment, "something's off.." her gaze falls on a sock in the basket. Suddenly remembering, she summons the pair of tabi and slip those on too. it takes a moment for her to realize that she needs shoes. But when she looks over at the pair she usually wears, it dawns on her that she's needed a new pair for a couple months now.

With a new idea, she trudges all the way downstairs, and grabs a pair of sandals. she was gunna skedaddle after that, but she quickly grabs a pair of old black shoes that she never really ever wore out but didn't care to wear anymore anyways. She figures they may come in handy for an alchemy. So she gets back up to the card punching machine, punches the sandals and shoes, grabs another dowel, and slips in the cards, with the sandals first and presses &&. When the totem is ready, she scans and alcemizes that too. She waits.

GM@C2: *Pop*

C2: She goes over to check out her new footwear.

GM@C2: They are called "Sandtops" The strap going over the foot has laces tied into a bow and is thicker than the original sandals, but it still has the thing between the toes. It also has a heel to ankle strap with a nice layer of coosh on the inside and a loop on the back. The bottom is thicker than the sandal and seems to be built for running, like the sneakers.

C2: Sam smiles, "Cool!" She hurriedly slips on the newly made foot wear and inspects them on her feet. "The bows are a little odd, but it works!" She holds out her hands and twirls a little. She smiles over at her sprite, and then pauses and laughs a little. "I was about to ask how I look, but considering what era the Kenshin part of you came from...i think i'll keep the question unasked...cause it must look really..really...we-strange."

GM@C2: He give you one of his goofy grins. "You look cute, ororororororo."

C2: She pauses and blushes a little, "Thank you....I think that's enough for that I've got some new duds. I'll leave some grist for the other players and..whatever the hell they're gunna use it for." she summons to her, her umbrella and stands there in a pose for a couple seconds before grinning madly and putting it away. "Goddammit anime...making me feel so awesome and stuffs..." she mumbles and unchapalogs her laptop.

C2@Death:'s things? been doing stuff. you too, I assume?

Death@C2: Yeah, I been practicing with my Chun Wii. Haven't even looked outside yet, but I can tell you, I'm a lil' depressed.

C2@Death: Chun...wii? and why the depression?

Death@C2: I finagled a way to control my Chun Li puppet with my Wii-mote. It's called a Chun Wii now And just a bit depressed over that fact that we're the only 7 human left alive. . . . . .

C2: Sam sighed and leaned back a little, her hype from before fading away to harsh reality...but then she thought of another possible reality and began to type again

C2@Death: That's a depressing thought. But unlikely, since this game was advertised up the wazoo. I doubt we're the only people on the whole world to actually order to play the game. Maybe we'll meet some of them someday. In any case, I wouldn't worry about it too much, survival is all about mental strength and will to live.

Death: James leans back. "But. . . .I know we're the only ones. . . ." His voice trails off as he gazes over at his Sprite. It wriggles around a few times before laying in a sunbeam filtering through the window. "I guess though, I shouldn't mess with her positive thoughts for now. We'll need them." With that, he tips hi chair forward and replies.

Death@C2: You're right, who knows. I'll try and stay positive.

C2@Death: Good Boy. And hey, found out I can alchemize clothes as well as items. My alchemy is Ok....but I got a pair of cool shoes out of it. A little bit more fight and killing and slaying and i should be ready to finally step outside. .....also...what did you prototype? I saw a change in those imps that I KNOW wasn't from Moko.

C2@Death: I want to know what I am exactly dealing with here

Death@C2: Oh, just my pet Sephiroth, I thought I told you that already?

Death: James sits back, half laughing at his deliberate omission of just what his "Pet" is.

C2@Death: I'm gunna ignore the image of a dog with long silver hair and a leather jacket. What was the animal?

C2@Death: and no, you didn't tell me

C2@Death: I don't think

Death@C2: Heheh, nice image, and that would have been shweet, but no, he's just my Albino King Cobra.

C2@Death: better tell me that he had his sacs removed

Death@C2: Now why would I do something like that? He could get seriously hurt with a procedure like that!

C2@Death: your face could get seriously hurt from the proceedure applied by my fist if something bad happens because we have fucking poisonous monsters

C2@Death: >>

Death@C2: . . . . . .=^.^=

C2@Death: Seriously though... our numbers are dwindled, we have no idea how hard this game can be, we could die..and Moko... You don't want to see what I'll be like if something bad happens to Moko.

Death@C2: . . . . . . . .

Death@C2: And I should have just let my most beloved pet die? I'd already planned what was gonna go into my Sprite as soon as I read up on it, and trust me, the second item would have been 10x worse.

C2: Sam pauses and forces herself to takes a deep breath, checking her temper before replying.

C2@Death: It's going to sound mean if I say yes, I'm sorry, I know a pet is a precious thing. But at the same time, I can't wrap my mind around someone doing something so obviously endangering. i hope you can understand why I might be so angry with you though. It's not Likely I'll ever be ok with your with that out of the way, what were you planning for the second object?

Death@C2: I respect your opinion, and as for the second item. . . . .

Death: James glances over at the object.

Death@C2: You'll meet him eventually.

C2@Death: Alright then. Btw, how can I tell how much grist there is?

Death@C2: You should be able to see it in your Grist Torrent window.

C2: Sam blinks and tries to find said window on her computer

GM@C2: There is a tile on your toolbar labeled "Grist Torrent"

C2: Sam curiously selects the tile for Grist Torrent

GM@C2: Grist Torrent pops up.

C2: Sam scans the numbers a little before minimizing the window again.

C2@Death: Well..I'm gunna go get some more grist

Death@C2: Have at it my friend.

C2: Sam chapalogs her laptop and looks over at Kentysprite. "Hmmm...getting grist requires killing more about some more training first?"

GM@C2: The Sprite gives you a nod and pulls out his sword.

To Be A Knight
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7870 Strata-gems

PostPosted: Sun May 26, 2013 7:51 am    Post subject: Session 20 Reply with quote


Red = Death

Bold Italic White = Azuroth

Death: James leans back in his chair, his eyes gazing off into space for a while. As the minutes tick by his mind runs over and over what he knows, what he has, and what he needs. "I need to know more." He murmurs. "I need to figure this out. I need to understand better. I need. . . . . ." He glances over at his Sprite. The tip of it's tail is twitching and it's attention seems to be focused on the door to the apartment. With a sigh James leans his chair forward and stands. "Now's a good a time as any I suppose." He mutters to himself. Holding out his hands he calls his Chun Wii. The remote appears in his right hand while the puppet appears in his left.

Setting the puppet down he turns on the remote. With a jerk the puppet stands, it's legs wobbling this way and that, but surprisingly steady. He lets out a low chuckle. "This is too cool." With that he pulls off a few combos with the remote then lets out a sigh. "I guess I better earn some Grist before spending any more. Its' only fair." Behind him his Sprite slides up and tries once again to wrap around him. He sidles sideways out of it's grasp and directs the puppet to open the door. As soon as it's open a small pack of Imps rush inside. With a slightly insane sounding laugh he proceeds to trash them with his new "Toy". With a final flying leap Chun Wii takes out the last Imp, leaving only Grist in it's wake. Collecting up the small piles James make his way into the hall. “No monsties here.” he mutters.

Hearing a racket down bellow he lets out a small curse. “I need that stuff.” With that he rushes to the stairs. Seeing no enemies he scoops up Chun Wii and races down to the shop. There are about a dozen Imps gathered in the front store area, some of whom seem to like ripping the stuffing out of the plush toys. Setting Chun Wii down he sends her out to dispatch of the Imp Menace. When it gets down to the last few, one Imp spots him and charges over. Too late James notices and tries to dodge. The Imp's claws catch him in the leg making him swear aloud. Kicking it hard he directs the puppet to him and a roundhouse to the head takes the Imp out. Now Limping slightly James makes his way into the shop area.

A jingle noise catches his attention and he whips around to see a couple more Imp entering the shop. “Crap, I guess when all they gotta do is push. . . .” Just then his Sprite enters the shop from the stairwell. “Get'em!” he says to it, pointing at the Imps. The Sprite stares at him for a few seconds before vanishing from view. “Well, I did decide to use a snake. . . . It's not like a do-” He's cut short just as he begins directing Chin Wii towards the new Imps as a flash of red streaks past him. With a deep hiss the Sprite takes out the imps, striking out with it's fangs. James stands shocked for a few seconds before a wide grin bears out on his face. “Nice.” He complements the Sprite, sliding past it to lock the doors.

“Oh, yeah, I got another door. . . .” He says with a sigh as a round of chitters and howls and yowls break out behind him. Using both his Sprite and puppet James clears the shop and workshop and secures the area by locking the last door into the place. The chimes in his head make him grin a little. “Revaru Apu!” he says with a Engrish accent. Once he double sure the area is Imp free, James makes his way back upstairs. Wandering past the large device now in the middle of his apartment he slides into his computer chair and sends out a few messages.

Death@HouseMouse: Hey HouseMama, how's it going over there? I see you got some training in. Good for you! You're looking more awesome by the minute! Hope you have time soon to chat, I've got some ideas you might like. Anyways, laters!

Death@KingPoe13: Hey Bro, what you up to? I just got done clearing out my Base. You may want to do the same. Those little bastards will destroy your crap if you're not careful. They don't seem to know how to turn nobs or use handles, but I just found out that they can push doors open if it's not latched in any way. Might wanna look out for that. Anyways, I got some Grist, and little Chun Wii is amazing. Not as wicked as a Cleaver Chain thing, but still pretty shweet. Hope to hear from you soon Bro!

Sitting back he pulls up the Grist Torrent window and checks the stock of Grist. “Coolio.” Standing once again a thought occurs to James and he makes his way to the kitchen. “Depending on how long this thing lasts, we may face some serious starvation issues. Well, might as well make sure that doesn't happen!” With that he begins chapaloging food, then punching the cards so that he has a permanent supply of what foods in the house he really like. “You know, I think I'll go the extra mile here and. . . . .” Pulling out a skillet and frying pan he whips up a few meals and chapalogs them as well. After punching the meal cards he collapses on top of his Alchemiter and stretches. “Well, that burned up an hour. . . .” His voice is distant. A semi-heavy weight settles across his stomach as his eyes drift close. Reaching down he strokes his Sprite as he drifts off.

His brows furrow at the odd sensation of waking as he falls asleep. When he feels fully awake he opens his eyes. For a moment he is very confused. It feels as if he's seeing a double view screen. Sitting up he looks down at himself and his confusion deepens. In one view screen he's wearing purple pajamas with lighter purple designs on them, and on the other he's wearing yellow pajamas with bright yellow makings on them. “Well, isn't this odd.” The sound of his voice is doubled. Taking a deep breath he tries to relax. After several seconds, he's no longer seeing double.

Derse Death: Looking around the room James can't help but gape. “It's like, the room I've always wanted, but better. . . .Save for the presiding dark red theme.” The carpet, sheets, and walls all seem to be the same color red. Glancing at the wall beside his bed James jumps slightly before shooting to his feet. “What the heck?” He stares at the wall, his mouth hanging open. All across the wall from ceiling to floor, from the head of the bed to the foot, is the same four letters repeated over and over. “HISSHISSHISSHISSHISSHISSHISSHISSHISS”

A little creeped out James wanders around the room, the walls covered with authentic Japanese posters and wallscrolls depicting his favorite Anime and Manga characters. A bookshelf filled with all of his favorite Manga makes him squee aloud and paws them happily. After a little while he realizes there is no door to the room. Trailing his eyes past the newly dubbed “Wall of HISS” the boy locks his eyes on the only apparent exit. “I suppose this is par for the course.” Without hesitation James runs pell mell towards the window. At the lip he launches himself out of it with a rather giddy “Wheeeeee!!!!!” Falling only a few feet before leveling off James begins laughing loudly, looking around at the world bellow him. “So much purple. . . . .” he mutters.

Turning around to observe the place he just left something catches his eye. Squinting slightly he feels a giddy shock run through him as he realizes he's not alone. “Hey! He shouts at a figure hanging in mid air in the distance. Without even thinking about it he zooms towards the figure. He waves and calls several times but there is no response. When he at last gets close enough he realizes why. Stopping a few feet away James can't help but chuckle. “He's asleep.” he says between laughs. “Ah man, this is bizarre. But, it can't be safe just hanging out here.” With that in mind James reaches out and grabs the man by his sleeve. The guy has red hair and looks older than James, but is wearing the exact same outfit. “C'mon, this way man.” he mutters, tugging the guy towards the nearest Spire.

A glance inside lets him know that this is most likely the wrong room. “Oh, occupied, sorry.” He mutters. Through trial and error he at last finds an empty Spire and tucks the guy into bed. Just then James feels suddenly tired. Not wanting to end up floating in the air like his new compatriot, James settles down next to the bed and lets himself nod off.

Prospit Death: Looking around the room James can't help but gape. “It's like, the room I've always wanted, but better. . . .Save for the presiding dark red theme.” The carpet, sheets, and walls all seem to be the same color red. Glancing at the wall beside his bed James jumps slightly before shooting to his feet. “What the heck?” He stares at the wall, his mouth hanging open. All across the wall from ceiling to floor, from the head of the bed to the foot, is the same four letters repeated over and over. “HISSHISSHISSHISSHISSHISSHISSHISSHISS”

A little creeped out James wanders around the room, the walls covered with authentic Japanese posters and wallscrolls depicting his favorite Anime and Manga characters. A bookshelf filled with all of his favorite Manga makes him squee aloud and paws them happily. After a little while he realizes there is no door to the room. Trailing his eyes past the newly dubbed “Wall of HISS” the boy locks his eyes on the only apparent exit. “I suppose this is par for the course.” Without hesitation James runs pell mell towards the window. At the lip he launches himself out of it with a rather giddy “Wheeeeee!!!!!” Falling only a few feet before leveling off James begins laughing loudly, looking around at the world bellow him. “So much yellow. . . . .” he mutters. Turning around to get a better look at where he came from James gives his spire a critical once over before flying around the thing several times.

When at last he's satisfied with his observations James looks around him for something else to examine. In the distance he can see three other Spires that look just like his own at a distance. Looking in the other direction away from his Spire James spots a large chain rising into the sky from the surface. Following it up with his eyes the boy is filled with wonder at the much larger yellow planet above. “It's like this is a moon attached to a planet by a chain. . . . .” He mutters. His eyes shift over a bit and he spots what looks like another planet. “Hey, that looks like Disc 1. . . . . . .” His mind begins turning over and over, trying to work out just what it means. A sudden wave of tiredness washes over him and the dualistic feeling of falling asleep while waking up causes him to make haste to the room in his Spire. As soon as his body hits the bed, he's out.

Death: James's eyes snap open and he attempts to sit up. It takes only a few seconds of struggling to realize what woke him. “Dang it Sprite, get off!” While he'd been asleep, the Snake Sprite had slowly curled into a spiral atop James's body. The extra weight was making it kind of hard to breath. After a few minutes of struggling James manages to extract himself from beneath the large snake. Glaring at it as it lifts a lazy head to look at him James yawns and wanders over to his windows. “Might as well see what I'm dealing with.” he says with a sigh. He reads the words that pass before his eyes aloud. “Land of Acid and Cobblestones. Well, isn't that pleasant?” Glancing around he confirms that at least the Acid part is right. There is a stretch of parking lot stretching for about a couple dozen paces from the back of the building, and after that as far as the eye can see is a mucky greenish yellow liquid that seems to bubble on occasion.

With another long sigh James steps back, bringing his hands up to rub his arms. Grabbing his hoody he's about to pull it on when he remembers what he saw when his alt self was talking to HouseMouse. “You know, that looked really cool.” He mutters. Darting into his room he grabs a pair of red sweatpants that match the hoody in color and chapalogs it. Chapaloging the hoody as well he punches both cards, the carves a totem, sweatpants in front with the || mix. Dragging the Totem over to the Alchemiter he lets the machine work it's magic. With a pop, an exact replica of the pants he saw on his alt self appears on the big platform of the Alchemiter. “Shweet” he mutters, chapaloging the pants. Punching the card he makes a new set of the sweats. “There, now if I damage them, I have a card to use to get a brand new pair!” Pulling on the sweats and hoody he giggles, a little giddy.

A tug on his wrist grabs the boy's attention. Giving his Sprite a smile James says, “I guess I should do that now, huh?” The Sprite simply stares back. Walking over to a glass case James stands silent for several minutes before unlocking it and opening the front panel. Reaching inside he holds the figure carefully. Turning to his Sprite he gives it a soft smile. “This is really special. It was custom made by the Old Man. Inside is a lock of hair from someone. . . . Important. The character is mine, but the inside, the soul, is all his.” With that, James tosses the figure into the Sprite. There is a brilliant flash. When it fades James is greeted by a familiar face.
“Hello, I am Azuroth.” it murmurs, it's voice low and soft.

To Be A Knight
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7870 Strata-gems

PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2013 4:57 pm    Post subject: Session 21 Reply with quote


Dark Blue = GM

Orange = WolverineRules!!!

Dark Red = KingPoe13

WR!!!: Jake stirs and yawns a little, before remembering where he was and what was goin' on. "Bollocks," he mutters. Meteors, monsters, slimy things, and his friend Adrian. Monsters! He climbs out of the bed quickly. He fell asleep with monsters in the house?

WR!!!: Noticing a flashing window on the computer, he walks over to it and reads the messages.

GM@WR!!!: You recieved one message while sleeping - KP13@WR!!!:Hey, Host...I need you to start building.

GM@WR!!!: You also notice a new thing on your toolbar labeled "Grist Torrent". At the same time your phone goes off (See PM for Game Bro Bonus Update #1)

WR!!!: Start building? Building what? He pulls the keyboard towards him.

WR!!!@KP13: oi, wat u want me to build?

WR!!!: Not waiting for a reply, he pulls out his phone to check the new message. Another update? He hasn't even gone through the current one!

GM@WR!!!: There is no response.

WR!!!: Opening an earlier text, Jake scans through the first update. He remembers seeing something relevant before falling asleep...yes, he found it. Large pictures of monsters. He's supposed to kill them.

WR!!!: He's been to prison. The monsters will be nothing for him. He readies his blade and makes for the door. Then. he remembers something else. Something about weapons in the guide. Returning to the desk, he looks for a section that looks like "weapons".

GM@WR!!!: The voice returns, sounding a little less assholic. "You May Want A Weapon."

WR!!!: "Strife deck? Bloody 'ell, what's wif the wanker names?" he mutters. He balances the blade on his hands and thinks of the word.

GM@WR!!!: The Blade vanishes. For a moment a green card much like a chapalog card appears in your mind. Beneath the white area the word "Knifekind" appears. Then the image fades.

WR!!!: Bloody 'ell, he no longer is surprised by disappearing objects. He's definitely insane. Now, to conjure the blade back...Jake thinks of the weapon, and imagines it in his hands again.

GM@WR!!!: The knife re-appears in your dominant hand.

WR!!!: That's it. He's ready for some monster-stabbing. He opens the door and makes his way to the living room and gardens once again. No punk gets to enter his territory without pain!

GM@WR!!!: A small pack of Imps are gathered in the living room. They are a little comical with their spaghetti strap dresses and single limp wings, but when they turn to look at you the pointed fangs are all business.

WR!!!: "Get out of me 'ouse, punk!" Jake yells and charges forward with his knife, slicing at the nearest creature!

GM@WR!!!: The creatures turn to see you coming. As you lunge at the first one (Roll: 4) it falls back out of your range, taking the one behind it down with it. The remaining two on their feet charge you. (Roll: 2, 19) The first one swipes at you (Roll: 4) but only catches cloth. The second one you have a chance of either dodging or blocking it.

WR!!!: Jake attempts to jump away from the attack.

GM@WR!!!: (Roll: 16) You dodge.

WR!!!: Immediately after nimbly dodging the attack, he returns the attack ferociously with a battle cry.

GM@WR!!!: The two on the floor manage to regain their feet. The one you dodged goes flying past. (Roll: 10) You stab it in the back as it goes sailing by and it pops, showing the floor with odd colored gusher looking objects. The other Imp swipes at you again. (Roll: 4) It misses.

WR!!!: "Oh, is that all you got, you little fuckers?" he taunts and attacks again.

GM@WR!!!: (Roll: 7) You catch one of the Imps in the face, and with a pop it explodes leaving behind more basketball sized gushers. The remaining two eye you warily.

WR!!!: "That's right, punks! You get out of 'ere if you wanna live!" Jake screams and waves the knife around.

GM@WR!!!: One Imp takes off through the open Garden door, the other charges you. (Roll: 12) With a snarl it leaps atop you and knocks you flat on your back. (Roll: 6) You are not stunned.

WR!!!: Rolling onto his stomach and standing up, Jake glares at the creature. "Oi! That---" he plunges the knife into it angrily. "---bloody 'urts!"

GM: (Roll: 11) The final one bites the dust. It's quiet now, but you can hear more Imps through the open door. The voice mutter. "Well, I Guess You're Not Totally Useless."

WR!!!: Dashing forward, Jake tries to slam the door shut and lock it.

GM@WR!!!: The door slides shut easily and you hear a satisfying click as the tumblers slide into place.

WR!!!: Not wasting any time, he runs around the house, making sure all doors and windows are locked and shut, intending to return to the objects left behind by the vaporized creatures later.

GM@WR!!!: You complete your task without incident.

WR!!!: Yelling with adrenaline, he swipes the air a few times with the knife. "Hah! Take that, punks!" he screams in laughter.

GM@WR!!: You hear the voice laughing at you.

WR!!!: Not even the annoying voice can bring 'im down, now. He puts away the weapon and examines the objects left behind by the creatures.

GM@WR!!!: Some are a dark shade of purple, and the others, powder blue.

WR!!!: Jake reaches out and touches one of them.

GM@WR!!!: It vanishes.

WR!!!: Of course it vanishes. What else would it do? He touches another one, and another.

WR!!!: After it all vanishes, Jake suddenly wonders if he can conjure them back. Was this in the guide, too?

WR!!!: Who cares about them? He conjures his knife out and starts slicing at the air again! Maybe he should open the door and let them in. The battle was exhilarating!

To Be A Knight
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7870 Strata-gems

PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 5:46 pm    Post subject: Session 22 Reply with quote


Red = Death

Bold Italic White = Azurothsprite

Olive = MadCat

White = Crazycrazy

Death: James looks the sprite up and down a few times smiling. “Nice,” he murmurs. The Sprite stretches out its wings and floats closer to James. “Hi Azuroth. It's nice to meet you.” James looks deep into the Sprites eyes. “Is. . . . .is Marcus in there?” The Sprite is silent for several seconds and James's stomach sinks a few notches. James never had the chance to get to know his brother. Apparently despite the fact that they were adopted from different places, James and Marcus had many similarities and Mom would tell her friends jokingly that she'd simply had a second set of twins.

Azuroth reaches out with it's wings and gives James a wing hug before smiling wide.
“I am here, brother.”

James reaches up and touches one of the wings as Azurothsprite pulls it back and fights the urge to cry. “Okay, *Hem* Well then, success!” Turning he takes a breath and pulls out his weapon. “Care to join me in some training?” He calls over his shoulder, his voice a bit hoarse. The Sprite nods and comes along side him. A faint glow begins radiating around him and the two head outside.


James darts through the door, slamming it shut behind him. Azuroth shimmers into view beside him and slides the bolt into place on the top of the door. After a few steadying breaths James kneels and gets the lower lock. His clothes are fairly tattered with blood and stains in patches here and there. Wiping a red streak from his forehead James turns to Azurothsprite and spreads his arms. The vibrant red Sprite floats over and wraps the boy in his wings, healing him.
“You need rest James. You've been training for almost a day.” As he pulls his wings back Azurothsprite paps him on the head with his hand and clucks his tongue.

James lets out a laugh and heads upstairs. “Yeah yeah, don't you worry your little thinkpan. I'll take a shower then its off to bed for me.” The Sprite follows him into his apartment, shaking his head. James chuckles and reaches out, pulling on the Sprite's bangs a little. “You gotta let me do something with this once in a while. I know you like it down, but during a fight I think it'd be best to get it out of the way. Remember when that ogre got a hold of it?” Azuroth lets out a low his, his eyes slitting.

“I do recall.” He says, his voice sounding very snake like. With a wave James head off to take a shower.

Thirty minutes later he comes out in nothing but a towel and wanders over to the Alchemiter. “Time for a new set. . . .” His voice trails off as he spots Azurothsprite curled up in the middle of the large platform of the Alchemiter. He starts debating on waiting to alchemize a new copy of his red sweat outfit when Azu stirs. The Sprite turns to look at him, it's hair falling every which way around the platform. “Uhhh. . .” James starts. Spotting the Totems James is carrying under his arm Azu slides off the Alchemiter and instead elects to resting on the fragmented pieces of the couch littering the floor.

With a shrug James alchemizes the red pants and hoody. Grabbing them he heads to his room to finish dressing. As he finishes pulling on his hoody James spots his Polaroid camera. The cogs working in his head are almost audible as a slow brainstorm starts working it's way through his mind. “I gotta try this.” He says with a grin. Grabbing the camera he runs to the living room and skids to a halt in front of his Punch Designix. Chapaloging the camera he punches it then pulls out another blank card and chapalogs it. Slipping the card of the blank card into the Designix he presses the green button. He crosses his fingers praying it'll work. He does a quick fist pump when he hears the slicing thunk come from the machine. Pulling the card he races over to the lathe. “Oh Gog if this works, it'll be totally shweeet!” With that he places the camera in front of the blank card and presses the && button, followed by the green button. Once the totem is ready he pulls it and runs over to the Alchemiter.

By now Azuroth is fully awake and watching his Player run around the house with amusement. James gives the Sprite a grin as he activates the Alchemiter. With a pop a black object appears on the large platform. James scrambles over to it and picks it up. “Capturlog huh?” He murmurs as the word passes before his eyes. “Time to test you out!” He leaps down off the machine and makes his way to his computer.

“What is it suppose to do James?” Azurothsprite inquires floating after him.

“Well, if it works right I should be able to make Chapalog Cards of things I don't actually have access to, liiiiiike this for example.” James pulls up a picture of a figurine he wanted to get at his last convention but could not afford. The large large breasted figure is in a two piece bikini that leave little to the imagination. Pulling up the new camera, now wide enough to produce Chapalog Cards, he does his best to line up the picture so that only the figurine will be in the shot. “Cross your fingers.” he says to the Sprite before snapping the picture. After a few whirring and clicking noises a Chapalog Card pops out of the slot. Grabbing it he looks at the picture, slightly disheartened. “Tsunade Beach Babe Style Ghost Image.” He reads. The image is in back and white, but is completely accurate otherwise.

With a sigh he stands and plods over to the Punch Designix. “May as well see what it makes.” He grumbles. As soon as the Alchemiter is finished scanning the Totem James slaps the green button, not expecting much. There is a pop and in the middle of the platform something small appears. Small, and colorful. His eyes widen. He crawls on hands and knees over to the object and simply stares for several seconds. Azurothsprite floats over to him, looking over his shoulder.

“Well, it looks like the picture on the computer to me.” He mutters, patting James on the back. James whips around and gives him a hug.

“Yes, yes it worked!” He cries before turning back around and scooping up the figurine. He leaps up and does a little victory dance. “I've always wanted one of these!” He shouts, diving off the platform and making a beeline for his room. Along one wall is a tall set of shelves and each shelf is chocked almost full of scantly clad to naked women figurines. Carefully he stands the Tsunade one in an empty space and lets out a sigh. “Beautiful.” He murmurs, half jokingly. After a few moments of quiet reverence he leaves his room again, shutting the door carefully behind him. Azurothsprite give him a sideways look before floating over to the computer and flipping through James's pictures. Coming down off the high James makes his way to the Alchemiter and alchemizes up a set of steaks. Heading back to his computer he types up a quick message with one hand while her devours his steaks with the other.

Death@All: Hey guys, I just Alchemized something AWESOME! You guys have got to try it! The code is. . . .

Death: James looks at the back of the card and freezes. After several seconds he bursts out laughing.

Death@All: You guys, this is terrible, but the code is: BOOYEAH! No foolin'! It'll make a Capturlog which allows you to make ghost images of anything you can snap a picture of and turn it into an actual item! I had a pic on my computer of a figurine I always wanted, and after taking a snapshot and punching the card the Capturlog spit out, I was able to Alchemize the actual figurine! It was totally shweet. I'ma do some experimenting with it some more and I'll fill you all in on what I figure out later. See ya!

Death: James sits back and pulls out the Capturlog. Pulling up HouseMouse's Her he begins lining up a shot of each of the remaining items. “Don't want to bother them right now. They may be busy. So we'll see if I can just make my own equipment!” He says with a grin. After getting a shot of the Jumper Block Extension, the Punch Card Shunt, and the Holopad he gets a couple messages back. Pulling them up he chuckles before answering MadCat and Crazycrazy.

MC@Death: So....does that mean if I take a picture of Cloud Strife, I can get a Cloud Strife? ;P

C2@Death: You're not joking?

Death@MC: Well, not sure if you can summon him up or anything, but you cam make copies of the figurine or poster or whatever had him on it.

MC@Death: Damn, thought I could get in on some sexy Cloud action XD

Death@C2: No, I'm completely serious. I'm trying some stuff now to see if I can get pics of the stuff in the HER and use that to make the stuff I need while you guys are busy

Death@MC: LMAO

C2@Death: sounds cool, tell me how that works out for you

Death@C2: Sure thing!

Death: Taking his new cards to his equipment he gets them punched. As soon as the totems are carved he tries first the Punch Card Shunt. A wild grin appears on his face as the small red box pops up on his Alchemiter. “Shweet.” he says with a grin. Scooping it up he tries the Holopad next. The object is surprisingly small but looks just like the picture on the computer. Scooping it up he Chapalogs it for later use. With a final cackle he Alchemizes the third item. His eyes go wide at the size and he hears a giggle from behind him. Turning he spots Azuroth giving him a half grin. James snorts and walks to the edge of the Jumper Black Extension and gets a good grip on it. Pulling hard he strains for a few seconds before it begins sliding slowly off the edge of the Alchemiter. With a loud crashing noise it slides completely off and the black tubes coming off the side latch on to the Alchemiter. “There! Hah! All that training was worth something!” He does a few flexes before looking down at his lanky body. “Well, I'm stronger and I know it, so that's good enough for me.” Muttering he wanders over to his computer chair and takes a seat.

Pulling out his Phone he quickly mails the first Update to himself. When his computer pings that he has a new message he chuckles. “Hey, not it'll be easier to read. One more read through and I should be good!” Opening his message he does one final read through before cracking his knuckles and standing, a determined look on his face. “Time to upgrade this sucker.” he says with a grin as he approaches his Alchemiter. Pulling out the punched card with the Jumper Block Extension on it he slides it into the Punch Card Shunt and slaps the shunt into place on one of the black Shunt Blocks on the Jumper Block Extension. In a semi-freaky manner the Jumper Black Extension suddenly sucks into the side of the Alchemiter. There are now two rows of four slots for cards to be inserted, one of which is occupied with that first card. “Aw yeah, we are smokin' now.” Running around his apartment real quick he chapalogs the remaining equipment and punches their cards. Slipping them into 4 of the remaining 7 empty slots he giggles slightly as the once large bulky machines appear in smaller versions attached to the Alchemiter. “All but the Lathe, seeing as the Holopad will make holo-totems.” He says with a nod.

Turning to Azurothsprite James gives him a grin. “NOW, I'll go to sleep.” The Sprite rolls it's eyes and waves at him. Shuffling over to his room James slides under his covers and quickly fades into his dream worlds.


To Be A Knight
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7870 Strata-gems

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Dark Blue = GM

White = Crazycrazy

Olive = MadCat

Red = Death

Courier New = ????

C2: After she trained as much as she could bring herself to do, she holds her hand up in a gesture to stop. "I'm done. So done, its ridiculous." She shuffles over into the kitchen and grabs herself a glass of water. "So, I have an upgraded weapon, some new clothes, and I've been training my ass off. What else should I do to prepare for this wa-...Kenshin, how long does this game thingy last?"

GM@C2: The Sprite shrugs, putting his sword away. "It's highly dependent on the players. Since the end comes when the new universe is created and the surviving members step through the door, and it's the Players themselves who need to create this new universe, there is no way to even estimate the time it will take." Floating over to the living room Kentysprite takes a seat on the couch.

MC: Wandering into her room, Moko spots what she's looking for. A glass cabinet loaded with Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts action figures sits there. She smiles and digs out her Zack Fair and Kingdom Hearts Cloud action figures, nabbing their swords as well. " am I gonna pick between you two? I like both of you." She sighs with a half-assed smile and looks at them. "The pains of being a fangirl really do suck, don't they? Maybe I should ask Sam."

GM@MC: "Mi97823M#&*^#8" Your Sprite garbles as it floats behind you.

C2: Sam easily downs the first glass of water, refills, and then sips at the water. "Oh yea..the universe thing. How are we supposed to do something like that?"

MC: "Oh hey Russ. What's up bud? Sorry....didn't quite catch what you said." She laughs and ruffles the sprite's...erm...fur. Whistling, she crosses the hall back into her studio and plops into the computer chair before fumbling with her phone.

MC@C2: Hey, are you there? I'm having a fangirl crisis and need some major help!

GM@C2: "That's up to your Ectobiologist to figure out." He murmurs, settling back into the couch.

C2: Sam looks over in the direction of her laptop. Silently, she makes her way over to it, and takes a sip as she sits down and pulls out her phone

C2@MC: A fangirl crisis? What kind of fangirl crisis could you possibly be having right now?

C2: After having responded to her girlfriend, she turned her attention back to her sprite. "what...the an ectobiologist?"

MC@C2: Hey, you'd be suprised! I want to add something else to my sprite...but I dunno if i wanna add my Zack action figure or my Cloud one...the one with the badass cape and wing! I can't pick, urrgh!

C2: Sam takes the situation into concideration and thinks about it. She evntually shrugs and types back

C2@MC: how about tying the two together with a string or something?

MC@C2:....fusing Zack and Cloud? That's sinful...sinfully genius...MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

GM@C2: One of the Sprite's eyes creeks open. "It is not something that you can understand. Ectobiology only makes sense to an Ectobiologist. . . . ." With that, he falls asleep.

C2@MC: You're welcome..I think

MC@C2: Yessss, thank you indeed. Wonder what the sprite would look like...meh, I'm gonna try and remember how to make stuff! I'll use the computer for awhile. I have more contacts that way.

C2: Sam thinks about the sprite's responce, "So I'm not the ectobiologist..that's good to know" she mutters to herself. Cracking her neck, she now sits there with her phone, prepared to give her full attention to Moko for the next little while.

C2@MC: mk

MC: Turning her attention to her manual, Moko attempts to read through the manual again and blinks at her precious little figurines. "Let's see what we can do, shall we?"

Death@All: Hey guys, I just Alchemized something AWESOME! You guys have got to try it! The code is. . . .

Death: James looks at the back of the card and freezes. After several seconds he bursts out laughing.

Death@All: You guys, this is terrible, but the code is: BOOYEAH! No foolin'! It'll make a Capturlog which allows you to make ghost images of anything you can snap a picture of and turn it into an actuall item! I had a pic on my computer of a figurine I always wanted, and after taking a snapshot and punching the card the Capturlog spit out, I was able to Alchemize the actual figurine! It was totally shweet. I'ma do some experimenting with it some more and I'll fill you all in on what I figure out later. See ya!

MC@Death: So....does that mean if I take a picture of Cloud Strife, I can get a Cloud Strife? ;P

C2: Sam gets the sounds of a new message and quickly goes to check it out. She can do nothing but stare at the message, and wonder if its real. After at least a minute of nothing but staring, she types back

C2@Death: You're not joking?

MC: Moko suddenly has a thought and facepalms, scooching back to her computer.

MC@C2: Heyyyyyy, just had an idea

Death@MC: Well, not sure if you can summon him up or anything, but you cam make copies of the figurine or poster or whatever had him on it.

C2@MC: hey now, that's some dangerous stuff XD whatcha thinking?

MC@Death: Damn, thought I could get in on some sexy Cloud action XD

Death@C2: No, I'm completely serious. I'm trying some stuff now to see if I can get pics of the stuff in the HER and use that to make the stuff I need while you guys are busy

Death@MC: LMAO

C2@Death: sounds cool, tell me how that works out for you

MC@C2: What if I take the figurines, card them then fuse them with the Alchemitzadoodlethingymajig? Then I could put a sword in both hands and make it that way?

C2: Sam stares at the message she got from moko and tries to imagine the outcome. It didn't take long, she types back excitedly.

Death@C2: Sure thing!


MC@C2: Ogod, just imagine it XD A freaky Zack Cloud cat thing XDDDD

C2@MC: oh, and it's just alchemiter. simple,no?

C2@MC: why are you still here damn it...go make it

MC@C2: I think so..and okay XDDDD

C2: Sam minimalizes the chat window and starts watching Moko, curious about the outcome of this brilliant idea

MC: Moko rolls across the room in her chair over to the Punch Designix and smirks. Carding Zack and Cloud's little figure bodies, she then brings the two cards out from the deck and sets them down. "Okay...figurines seperate in cards, check. Now to punch the buggers!" Grinning wildly, she grabs the card containing Zack and sticks it carefully into the slot. Hearing the click, it is pulled out, set aside, and the process is repeated with Cloud.

C2: As she's watching moko, something odd gets her attention. It looks like her homemade buster sword, but different.

C2@MC: hey, just a thought here. You made the buster sword your weapon? It might look more real if you were to save one of those toy swords of..or make the camera thingy! then you could and use it to alchemize with your fansword thingy to make it look more legit later on!

C2@MC: God I'm a genious. XDDD

MC: "Aww yisssss. Now i know how Frankenstein feels....but my creation is much nicer looking....well hopefully. Kinda hard to picture a one-winged Zack-cloud cat thing....dear god, this is gonna be weird. Oh well!" She beams and stops, noticing another message from her girlfriend.

C2: Sam gives herself a little congratulatory fist pump and hopes the sound is distracting enough to get her attention

MC@C2: ......I love you CX< You do know I have like four different toy Buster Swords, right?

C2@MC: nope..totaly forgot XD and I love you two :3 I mean..too XP

MC@C2: .....I have a crap ton of FFVII could you forget? .....remind me to lob a chocobo plushie at you. Either way, this ought to be awesome...ish XD I hope i don't get some freaky mutant cat-faced thing D8

C2: sam smiles, amused by the last message she got. She sits there and sips at her water for a moment and spares a glance at her sprite. It seems to be sleeping. She shrugs and goes back to typing

C2@MC: mk, I'll remind you. And just a random note here: apparently sprites can sleep

MC@C2:, but weird. Russ sleeps enough as it is =w=' Alright, I'll go try to fuse Cloud and Zack.

C2@MC: wishing you luck

MC: Smiling she skids over to the Totem Lathe and sticks Cloud's card in first, followed by Zack's. After a bit of fumbling, a totem is clamped into place and ready to get carved up. "Ohhh, this is so gonna be worth it." With a mad laugh, the && button is pressed.

GM@MC: Nothing happens.

MC: "I totally missed something...oh duh, green for go!" She laughs and pokes the green button. "Wow, guess my excitement made me lose my brains for a moment."

GM@MC: The totem is carved.

MC: "Oh yessss." Gripping the freshly carved totem in hand, Moko bounds over to the Alchemiter and gently sets the totem onto its platform.

GM@MC: The Totem is scanned.

MC: The green button is pressed with much eagerness.

GM@C2: In the window you're watching MadCat in the words "Too Expensive" flash in red after she presses the green button.

GM@MC: Nothing happens.

MC: "Well...this FUCKING sucks." She grumbles in exasperation and looks at the totem. "Now what do I do with you?...looks like Sam is gonna get a question or two."

C2: sam blinks as words pop up in front of her, and she pouts, disappointed as she is twarted from what she was watching for.

C2@MC: it says it's too expensive

MC: Flopping back down in her chair, she types back, fingers clawing her keys.

C2@MC: why an action figure or two is too expensive is beyond me..but that's what it says *sigh*

MC@C2: Mhmm...not. COOL. do i get enough funds?

C2: sam sighed deeply, knowing that Moko is not at all pleased with her plans being twarted. She swears she can feel the waves of annoyededness coming through her computer

C2@MC: well, you have to take that sword you made..and kill things with it

MC@C2: Ah hah're funny.

GM@MC: Suddenly there is a loud racket from downstairs.

C2@MC: *sigh* would i have warned you about monsters if there weren't any?

MC@C2: Oh god, I heard something!!!! So, do i just pick up my sword and swing away or what? Or do i have to put it in my deck thingy?


C2: Moko. take the sword. say strife. kill things. oh! and ask your sprite for help.

MC@C2: O-okay D;

C2@MC: You'll be fine :3 Sprites are awesome fighters

MC: Wasting no time, Moko turns to the side of her computer and grabs its handle. "STRIFE!" she says rather shakily.

GM@MC: The weapon vanishes. Inside your head you see it appear on the bottom of your "Bladekind" card then the image fades.

C2@MC: and before you ask,. you just have to imagine it in your hand to get it back

MC: "That was...weird." Reading Sam's text, she nods and thinks of having the blade back in her hands. "R-Russ, here kitty kitty!"

MC: She looks to her sprite, clearly nervous.

GM@MC: The weapon re-appears in your dominant hand. It's a little heavy and starts to tip. The Sprite wanders over to you, yawning wide.

GM@C2: Suddenly your computer pings and a new Pesterchum window appears flashing on your task bar. Oddly, this one looks red.

C2: Sam blinks and, curious, she clicks it.

MC: "Russ...there's something downstairs buddy...I'm scared." She grips the weapon tightly with both hands and manages to lift it. "Heh, good thing I've been practicing with my old sword, huh?" Her eyes are a bit watery as she glances at the door.

TF@C2: Man, you guys fail hard.

GM@MC: Your Sprite floats closer to you and pats you on the head. "*E#ng927&M" it garbles. Suddenly an odd black creature appears at the top of the stairs. (See prior Imp descriptions)

C2: Sam reads the message, and then reads it again..feeling slightly insulted.

@MC: You have entered Dice Roll Mode. Until the battle is completed complete one action then wait for the dice roll results before moving on to the next action, unless you're using a gun where multiple shots can be fired in quick succession.

C2@TF: Excuse me but...who the hell are you? I don't remember adding you.

MC: "Holy shit"

MC: Moko grips her sword and looks at the bugger, trying to see if there are any more.

TF@C2: Just a simple Troll, looking at a steaming bucket of Fail.

C2@TF: Right...goodbye

C2: Sam closes the window and goes back to watching Moko

GM@MC: Your hesitation allows for another Imp to climb the stairs. There are now two. The first one starts approaching you.

MC: Suddenly feeling a bad case of rage, Moko plants her feet firm on the floor and moves to slash at the annoying little bugger.

C2: Sam pans around with the directional controls until she finds Moko

GM@MC: (Roll: 12) The heavy blade slices right through the Imp and with a pop it scatters odd gusher shaped objects around the floor. The second one hesitates and another reaches the top of the stairs.

MC: Seeing the damage caused, Moko quickly darts her eyes down to her sword and back up at the imp. "You're next...." With a mad roar, Moko swings hard again at the hesitating imp.

GM@MC: (Roll: 4) The blade slices through the air but your aim is a little off and with a thunk it sinks into the carpet. (Roll: 13) It is not stuck. The Imp you missed charges you. (Roll: 11) Lashing out it catches you in the arm and your sleeve tears. A sharp pain shoots up your arm as it's claws leave behind trails of red on your flesh.

MC: "GAH!!!!" She shrieks and looks at her now bleeding arm. "You........YOU FUCKER!!!!!!" She screams, now fueled by adrenaline, and swings at the imp that dared to strike.

C2: Sam grimaced a little at the injury, already have been wiggling in her chair in worry. The first thing that popped in her head, other than more worry, was what Moko was going to say to her when she got back.

GM@MC: (Roll: 7) The blade goes right through it's shoulder to the floor and it pops. Two more Imps fly up the stairs. There are now three.

MC: "....GET.OUT. OF. MY .HOUSE." Moko hisses and rushes at the imps, swinging horizontally.

GM@MC: (Roll: 12, 7, 8 ) With a series of 3 pops the Imps explode, leaving behind a scattered selection of the very large gusher looking things. It's all quiet for now. You hear 2 pings in your head.

C2: Sam leans back, after the slaying and takes a breath. "Daaaamn, she's making me jealous"

C2@MC: remind me NOT to spar with you

MC: "The frig was that?" Moko dusts herself off and hobbles back to her computer, flopping into the chair. She looks at the screen and around the room for the source of the ping.

C2@MC: even though I'll want to... v.v

GM@C2: Another red window pops up on your task bar, flashing slowly.

C2: Sam's attention is grabbed by the flashing red again. Instantly becoming annoyed, she clicked it anyways.

YS@C2: Don't mind the nook sniffer. He's just a world class douche.

C2@YS: *shrugs* and now...who are you?

YS@C2: Head of the "We hate TF" club. Want to join? We have T-shirts!

MC: "Where the heck did that noise come from?"

GM@MC: Your Sprite garbles at you. No other answers are forth coming'

C2@YS: I'd love to consider it, but I have a policy of giving people a chance

C2@YS: so you'll have to wait on my answer

YS@C2: Alright chika.

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7870 Strata-gems

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Dark Blue - GM

White - Crazycrazy

Olive - MadCat

Bold Brown - Kenysprite

GM@C2: You hear a faint roar from outside. It seems just close enough to rattle the windows slightly.

C2: Sam freezes in place at the sound. Quickly her brain frenzies itself on expectations for what is coming. Without much thought to what to do next, she grabs the box of tissues that was on her roommate's computer desk, and throws it at her sprite. "Pssst,"

GM@C2: There is a flash of teal the box splits in half an falls to the ground. Kenty opens his eyes slowly, sword still held out in his left hand. "Oro?" he inquires 'standing' and sheathing his sword before stretching his arms wide. "Help with what, oro?" The roar comes again, a little closer now.

C2: Her voice came out as a squeak, "that."

C2@MC: I'm going to be busy now. I think shit hit the fan. talk to ya later ok?

GM@C2: Kentysprite floats to the window and looks out. "You can handle it." He shrugs. "You may want to make a better weapon, oro, but other then that I think you're good, oro."

C2: "Mk" she replies quietly, a little bit of her being happy for the confidence he has in her. She stands up and walks towards him, "so, any suggestions to make a better weapon?"

[color=darkblue]GM@C2: He looks down at you silently for several seconds before looking outside again./[color] "This is something I can not help you with. If you do not use your own creativity to make your weapons, they will not truly be yours." He falls silent.

C2: She glances over at him for a moment, and nods. "Alright then." she takes a deep breath and exhales as she looks around the area for useful stuff. "Describe: better" she walks around to take a closer look.

GM@C2: He takes a deep breath. "Things you have faith or believe in have greater potential than things you just think are neat. Things that have meaning to you, or things that symbolicly hold power for you." He turns to you. "That is what you get your strongest weapons from. But at this point, you may not be able to afford the weapons you truly want." He smiles. "Just do what you think will be best, oro."

C2: She glances at him with a flat expression, "So tell me what to do, but also explain that I can't do it. Mmmmk." She quietly grabs a travel umbrella and wanders over slowly to the short shelf of video games and anime dvds. Her eyes scanned over each title, picking out the ones she actually knew through experience. After much mumbling to herself, she picks out Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets, the game, and Avatar the last airbender, the game. "alright then...I'll use my magic geekness to make an awesome you suggested" she looks at him and smiles as she sets the items on the kitchen island and turns back to fetch some dowels.

She places each of them close to the lathe. She then transfers the code of kniferain onto a blank chapalog card and then chapalogs the rest of the items. She goes over and punches all of these cards. She then goes to the lathe and puts in the cards for the kniferan and then the harry potter game. She punches the && button, and pauses, seeing the extra room. In the spur of the moment, she stick in the card for the other game and pushes the button again, and then pushes the green button to start the carving.

GM@C2: The totem is carved.

MC: "Well.....that wasn't very helpful Russ." She sighs and pets her Sprite's fuzzy head. "I know you're trying the way, what should I do about this?" Wincing a bit, she raises her injured arm to her fuzzy companion.

GM@MC: The Sprite leans down and licks your wound a few times. When it pulls back, the wound is gone.

MC: Moko stares in shock and looks up at Russ. "Thanks buddy! That's pretty cool!" She beams a toothy grin and looks at the jumbled mess of Gusher-looking objects flung about the room. "Oh man. What a mess...what were these again?" Swiping her manual off her computer desk, she flips through until she finds a matching picture. "Grist. how do I collect it?"

GM@MC: The Sprite floats over to a pile. Suddenly the tip of it's ghosty tail turns into a shoe and it makes stomping motions with it. It then shifts back into a ghosty tail.

MC: So...I stomp on it? Okay. Sounds kind of fun!" With a maddened grin, Moko propels her feet forward and down onto a pile of Grist. She blinks as it disappears from under her foot, and excitedly repeats the process until the mess is gone. "Okay. Done what to do..."

GM@MC: There are a series of chirps and howls from downstairs.

MC: "Oi, now what?" Moko summons up her sword and looks at Russ. "Ready to see what's up bud?" She inches over to the stairs and peeks down them.

GM@MC: You see nothing out of the ordinary save for it being a little dark down there.

MC: "Alright Russ, I'm gonna go down there. Be sure to follow me,okay?" Moko carefully creeps down the stairs as quietly as she can. No doubt, more of the little imp creatures are around somewhere.

GM@MC: Off to your right is a loud clang as a pot hits the wall a few meters away. You watch as a set of Imps seem to be amusing themselves having a cooking implement fight.

MC: Moko smirks and readies her weapon. It shouldn't be too hard to get the upper hand on them, right? She doesn't exactly appreciate them using her kitchenware for their own amusement. Some of those pots were expensive! She glances behind her quickly to see if Russ is behind her and softly sets her foot down on the landing.

GM@MC: The Sprite is floating along behind you. The Imps take no notice of your decent. One of them whips a glass pot lid at the other. It misses and strike the wall behind it, shattering on impact.

MC: Moko mentally lets out a stream of cusses that would make a sailor blush before gripping her sword tight. That pot was a gift from her now dead Grandma. Shit just got real. Not wasting anymore time, she tries to sneak up a bit closer to the buggers ready to swing at the closest one.

GM@MC: Your heel crunches down on a piece of broken glass. The glass slices through your this soled shoes and cuts into your heel. The noise of crunching glass draws one of the Imp's attention. A second later it's nailed in the head by a flying pot and is knocked out cold. The other Imp is in the kitchen and hasn't spotted you yet. You can remain on your feet, but movement will be slowed.

MC: Wincing, Moko signals for Russ to follow her. She's had just about enough of the imps messing with her stuff, and drawing blood is the biggest no-no anyone could ever do to her. It's payback time. Carefully stepping over a majority of the glass, she goes to swing at the imp closest to her.

GM@MC: (Roll: 8 ) The blade thinks down into the carpet, killing the unconscious Imp. The one in the kitchen freaks and start trying to bombard you with pots and pans. (Roll: 11, 5, 3, 4) The first one nails you in the arm, making you stumble backwards. The rest fly past you.

MC: Now seething with rage and trying to regain her footing, Moko steadies herself and glares at the imp. "Quit that you annoying bugger! Those cost me some major greenage!" Trying to keep weight off her heel, Moko tries to get a hit in once again, this time using a wide swing.

GM@MC: (Roll: 7) The blade flies right through the Imp causing it to pop before sinking into the door of one of your lower cupboards. A Large crack appears in it. There don't seem to be any more Imps in the area. You back door is wide open and you can see dark shapes moving around out in your yard.

MC: "Awww man. So much for my safety deposit. Russ, if you can, clean up the glass! I'm gonna get the door shut." Moko yanks her blade out of the cupboard and sneaks to the back door, glancing around.

GM@MC: A few Imps spot you and start advancing. You lawn seems somehow different. Instead of green grass it seems to be red with large white blotches here and there. Several yards off the ground seems to vanish. It is at this vantage point that you start to see a slight sifting of the ground, like the place your standing on is swaying ever so slightly back and forth. It's not enough to dislodge your personal items from shelves, but you're starting to feel the shifting in your stomach.

MC: "Ohhh man....things can't ever be cool for one minute, can they?" Trying not to get sick, Moko steps onto the red grass and glares at the imps. "Alright little wanna go?" She focuses on the closest imp to try and keep her mind off the swaying ground and digs her good heel into the ground, waiting for one of the buggers to get within striking range.

GM@MC: There are 10 Imps. 4 hear your challenge and start advancing. The others are eating your flowers.

MC: Feeling slightly nervous and having an even stronger urge to maim the imps beyond recognition, Moko screams to see if it will make some of the imps nervous or not. "Russ, I'll need your help too buddy!!!!"

GM@MC: The Imps stare at you like yer nuts. Suddenly from behind a sky blue streak whips past you and charges into the Imps. Like a mad fiend your Sprite starts slashing up Imps making it's odd gurgling noises as it goes. In no time your garden is full of Grist and no Imps in sight.

MC: Moko stops and gawks at the grist-covered yard, before turning to Russ. "Whoa boy...someone's in a bad mood." Not wasting any time, Moko gathers up the grist and darts back to the house. "Here kitty kitty. I have a messy foot that needs cleaning!" She winces and hobbles inside, glancing at Russ.

GM@MC: The Sprite charges through the door knocking you onto your back. It uses it's tail to close the door before moving around to your foot to heal it. Once it's done it floats over to a clear spot on the floor and curls up, falling asleep instantly.

MC: "Aww, poor fella. You really outdid yourself, didn't you?" Moko smiles and strokes her fuzzy friend's head. "Alright. Now to figure out what the ping was all about." Moko dashes back upstairs and to her computer, flopping down. She tries to get into contact with Sam.

MC@C2: there?

C2: Sam grabs the totems and sticks it on the little platform, pushing the button for scan, and then pushing it again to try and make the object.

GM@C2: There is a Pop and a new item appears on the large platform. It seems to be sparkling a bit. Little stars and moons and glittery things are bouncing off of one side of it.

C2: With a raised eyebrow and interest, she walks up to the object and checks out her newest weapon

GM@C2: As you pick it up the word 'Magicracker' passes before your eyes. The fabric part of the umbrella now resembles a cliche wizard hat with stars and moons and such on it. The knives now seem to be made of stone, and the tip seems to be what is giving off the sparkly stuff. It feels a bit lighter and the curved handle is now black and easier to grip. A moment later, your computer pings.

C2: Sam looks over it, wondering if it was ok that the knives were turned to stone but curious about how it works. She decides to keep it for that reason...that and she likes how it feels in her hands. "Strife" she mutters but looks around as she hears a ping. She walks over to the island and unchapalogs her laptop to quickly read the message, hoping its a short one.

C2@MC: yea, i've got a minute

MC@C2: Okay, here's the deal. I heard pings in my head earlier...what is that all about. Also my cat sprite is fricking lethal!

GM@C2: The roar comes from right outside.

C2@MC: is cool. you leveled. gtg

C2: Sam chapalogs her laptop and heads back over to kentysprite. "Kenshin. Could you and your almighty but seriously secretive knowledgable self tell me how to use my new thingy?"

C2: She swallows in fear, not wanting to look at what she has to face yet

GM@C2: He gazes at you for a time. "Think of what you used, and why you used them, oro"

MC: "Leveled huh? I can dig it." Typing a quick "good luck" to her girlfriend, Moko inches from her computer and glances at the totem she carved earlier. " .....soon." With a grunt, she wanders to the balcony outside the studio and peers down. "So....leveling is a thing huh? Might as well become a badass." She peers around for possible (and annoying) victims.

C2: Sam tightens up, but then tries to force herself to relax. "Right... for special abilities..Magic is cool and apparently possible" she says to herself. She walks over to the front door to opens it up.

GM@MC: There are no more Imps in sight.

GM@C2: Before you is a giant pair of feet. They look like slender canine feet, but are pure back like the Imps.

C2: before anything else, Sam tries to swing the umbrella, willing any sort of magic that may be there to appear.

GM@C2: You hear a few cracking sounds off in the darkness but you can't really see what happened. The feet take a few steps back.

C2: Sam blinks and tries the maneuver again.

MC: "Hmm....coast clear." Moko grabs her sword and puts it away. Thinking a bit, she wanders back downstairs and sweeps up the glass mess, throwing the remnants away with a sad smile. She sighs and looks at Russ. "Well, not sure how long you'll be out like a light, but I figure I may as well have a better look outside. Looks kinda cool, I guess." She quietly opens the back door and slides out.

GM@C2: There is a cracking sound again and you hear something tumbling around in the darkness. A gravely rumble seems to echo around you. The feet strife forward and a large hand about as wide as you are tall comes into view and takes a swipe at you. (Roll: 4) It misses you.

C2: Sam takes a step further back into the hallway. After seeing how big the hand was, she yelled back to her sprite, "And you're saying I can handle this?!" She growls a bit to herself and points the umbrella at the thing ahead of her. "Alo homora!"

GM@MC: The area looks calm. No foes in sight. Other than the red and white grass, nothing seems different. Well that, and the sudden lack of ground a few yards away.

MC: Moko wanders out and slowly strolls around the house before heading out towards the lack of ground. She makes sure not to get too close.

GM@C2: Nothing happens. The hand comes down again. This time you get a good look at the thing. It's and Ogre brand enemy wearing a spaghetti strap black dress with a large poofy tail and fangs. It has Monro style hair, and a doggy snout.

GM@MC: You seem to be fairly high up. Below you can see a vast ocean of purple water. You can barely see something in the distance but you you can't make it out.

C2: " ...are...UGLY!" Sam nervously takes a step back again. having suddenly realized she yelled something about unlocking a door, she mentally slaps herself and tries going through the harry potter spells that she takes a moment before she finds what she thinks she needs. She does the motions the movie says to do "wingardium leviosa"

GM@C2: From behind the Ogre in the direction you're pointing the umbrella you hear a cracking sound again followed by a gravelly crash.

MC: "Cool....looks like I'm a bit stranded though. Bummer. I can't go that way anyway. Russ would get upset." She sighs and walks a different direction, weighing her options.

C2: Sam nibbles on the inside of her cheek a bit, and hearing some strange noises, goes to walk slowly backward, pointing her umbrella as if she was floating something. "DAMN IT! I don't even know if this is working!...and i'm having a hard time seeing what the *** i'm doing." she muttered the last part to herself. "I feel stupid" she muttered again.

GM@C2: You feel hands on your shoulder. "Just relax, and think. I know you can do it, oro. Just concentrate on who or what inspired you to pick what you did." His voice is right in your ear. The hand comes down hard against the ground a few feet in front of you.

C2: Sam looks at him, and listens to what he says carefully. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she lowers the umbrella to her side and steps forward until she's in the door way. "Harry potter for magic abilities, Avatar for elemental abilities....the ones i know best are air...and earth.." She sighs and slowly raises the umbrella in front of herself, imagining raising some earth along with it. She listens for any noises.

GM@C2: A wedge of rock seems to slide out of the ground, making a ramp that's a good 10 feet off the ground at the furthest point. The point reaches the Ogre's chest. It takes a step back away from it.

C2: Sam blinks at the new development. "cool." she says, smiling because she actually got it to do something. She glances at the tip of the umbrella, concerned at first, but she shrugs it off and runs up the ramp with the umbrella out in front of her.

GM@C2: As soon as you reach the end of the ramp the Ogre lashes out at you again. (Roll: 8 ) It smacks you hard making you skid backwards a few feet. You are in attacking range.

C2: Sam grunts from the impact but runs forward as soon as she regains her footing and attacks the monster, stabbing.

GM@C2: (Roll: 8 ) The tip of your weapon sinks into it's arm, drawing blood. It comes back out easily. The Ogre roars with rage and swings (Roll: 7) knocking you back down the ramp again. Your chest is feeling a bit sore.

C2: She gets back up, grunting slightly. "ok...ouch." She dusts herself off and decided to swing the umbrella to her left, expecting the ground to move somehow once again. She hoped for something she could throw at it to cause it damage..because she really doesn't want to get in close range with this thing.

GM@C2: You hear a crunching noise and a barrage of stones whip past. (Roll: 1, 6, 1, 10, 8 ) Three of the stones strike the beast, sending it tumbling backwards. You can tell from the huffing sounds that it isn't dead yet, but all you can see of it now in the dim light is it's feet.

C2: feeling a bit of triumph from the deed, Sam takes a few steps back, points the umbrella and the part of the ramp at her feet and tries to command it to create a large boulder.

GM@C2: A hunk of rock breaks off about the size of a basket ball and floats in the air.

C2: Sam looks at it a moment, then nods and tries her best to focus and move it more towards the creature

GM@C2: It doesn't move.

C2: Sam sighs and quickly swings the umbrella towards the creature in an attempt at a different strategy she now mentally dubs as "grab and swing"

GM@C2: The stone follows the movement of the tip of the umbrella and as you snap it forward the stone flies off, striking the downed Ogre. With a crack, it explodes into a large scattering of Grist.

C2: Sam stands a moment, gawking. Silently she walks down the ramp and grabs the grist. She stood there a moment, taking a deep, triumphant breath, and looks around, trying to see the land around her.

GM@C2: It's too dark to make out much. The ground seems to be made of brown stone, and above, high above, there is a large circle of light. You can see a bit of sky past the circle.

C2: "Damn its dark out here..." She says, muttering to herself again as she makes her way back indoors. " Kenshin...I think this counts as better" she states with a nod.

GM@C2: He gives you a smile and nods back. "Indeed, oro."

C2: " Alright...I...seriously need sleep. But it's boring in the dream world thing, I'm stuck in a tower 'til I wake up."

GM@C2: Kentysprite smile. "Oh are you?" He floats off through a wall.

C2: Sam sighs and growls a little, "mysterious guide...thingy..." She yawns, "and tendencies..." She walks over to the front door to make sure it's locked, and then trudges over the cruxtruder and decides to crash in her 'house god's' bedroom.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2013 12:18 am    Post subject: Session 25 Reply with quote


Dark Blue = GM

Orange = WolverineRules!!!

Red = Death

WR!!!: Giving the air one last swipe, Jake slumps onto a nearby couch, sweating slightly. Okay, he was done. He's ready to head back upstairs. He allows the blade to vanish into thin air and made his way to the kid's room.

GM@WR!!!: Your Pesterchum seems to be flashing with a message. The message is from the user Death.

WR!!!: More messages? This kid is really popular! Or, was? Jake wonders if the family is still alive. Maybe they were vacationing somewhere safe from the meteors? The young man, exhausted from the exercise, drags the computer table towards the foot of the bed, and used the mattress as the chair as he opened the message.

Death@All: Hey guys, I just Alchemized something AWESOME! You guys have got to try it! The code is. . . .

Death@All: You guys, this is terrible, but the code is: BOOYEAH! No foolin'! It'll make a Capturlog which allows you to make ghost images of anything you can snap a picture of and turn it into an actuall item! I had a pic on my computer of a figurine I always wanted, and after taking a snapshot and punching the card the Capturlog spit out, I was able to Alchemize the actual figurine!

Death@All: It was totally shweet. I'ma do some experimenting with it some more and I'll fill you all in on what I figure out later. See ya!

WR!!!: Death? Does this kid only has friends with weird-ass names? Jake continued reading the message. A 'Capturlog'? He could make anything by taking a picture of it? He pulls the keyboard towards him...

WR!!!@Death: where 2 use da code?

GM@WR!!!: As soon as the message goes out you feel an odd sensation from behind you.

WR!!!: The hair on the back of his neck is standing up. Is someone behind him? Silently materializing the blade into his fist, he turns around and brandished the knife!

GM@WR!!!: There is a boy standing in the middle of the room. He's wearing red sweats with gray smoke going up the outsides of the legs, and a matching red hoody with a gray skull on the front with smoke coming out of the holes in it. He pushes back his hood to reveal scraggly black hair and large double barred glasses. One eye is covered with hair by design. He smiles at you. His gaze seems to go past you to the computer for a moment. "Hey, my timing seems to be getting better!" he says, grinning.

WR!!!: His mouth agape, Jake seems to be lost for words. He recovers quickly and points the blade at the stranger. "Oi! Who are---'ow did yer get 'ere!?" he demands. He can deal with materializing objects. He can even deal with monsters. But materializing people who speak?

GM@WR!!!: The boy takes no defensive posture to your aggravated actions. "Oh, sorry Jake. I shoulda rang I suppose, heheh." Reaching out in front of him he seems to make a grab for something. A chapalog card appears in his hand. "I'll only be a minute. I'm here to help you out with your dilemma about your Punch Designix." He holds out the card. "My name is James, and I'm the first Host last Player of this session of SBURB." He stops for a moment and gives a bitter sounding laugh. "Well, sort of. I'm not the James you know here in this session. Right now, if I recall, you only know me as Death, 'one more weird friend of this kid you're pretending to be'. But don't worry. If things work the way they're suppose to, you'll meet up eventually." He wiggles the card a bit. "And this should help a lot with that. It's a copy of my Desinix. All you gotta do is un-chapalog it, and it's yours!"

WR!!!: Feeling his head reeling a little from the sudden barrage of information, Jake takes a step back. "What...who told yer me name? I don't know a James---" he started just before catching the boy saying 'Death'. "'ow did yer know all that?" he demands suspiciously.

GM@WR!!: James lets his hand fall to his side. "Oh yeah, you're a really suspicious nut at this point. Heheh." He wanders over to the bed before turning to look at you. "I guess the simplest way to explain it is I'm travelling through time by using the special abilities I gained when I entered the game." He waves his hand around the room. "With a little help from future you, I managed to make a time travel device which allows me to travel through Space as well as Time. I am known as the Mage of Time."

WR!!!: "Time travel? Like Dr Who?" He's about to say how ridiculous and crazy it all is, but after everything he's experienced, he isn't sure what counts as 'crazy' anymore these days. "Yer sayin' future me and future yer are mates?" He bites down on his lip. "Prove it."

GM@WR!!!: The boy smiles. "You favorite color is Brown. Your parent use to make you give up your hard earned money to them for booze and such." His voice lowers a bit. "And when you were young, you use to go to the library to read. Away from your parents, and the yelling. You really looked up to the librarian there. She was a kind woman." His voice trails off.

WR!!!: His eyes widen slowly as he lowered the blade. "Bollocks," he mutters. "I told yer all that?" He hasn't even told Adrian about reading in library. It was uncool. "Bloody 'ell, we're time travelling now? This is well mad," Jake exhales and sits back down on the bed. Then, he looks up at the boy. "What 'bout Adrian? Is he alright?"

GM@WR!!!: James shakes his head slowly. "Not in my timeline." You can see in his eyes that he truly feels your pain. "Everyone is dead now. The only ones remaining alive are those needed for completing the Session. Earth is now undergoing drastic changes. In a few hundred Paradox Years, it'll be nothing but a desert, and it's only inhabitants, Exiles." James gazes at you for a moment. "I really have to get going soon. I have some stuff I need to get done where I'm from. I know it's weird to hear from a time traveler, but even the Mage of Time, can run out of time." Reaching out he sets the chapalog card with the Designix in it on the bed beside you. He takes a few steps forward so he's standing in the middle of the room again. His back is to you when he speaks again.

"I can't say everything will be alright Jake, but I can tell you, you're not alone. We all may be strangers now, but it won't always be that way. We need you. Your role in this is very special and unique. Without you, this session will die like so many others. I know you can do it, you just need to unlock that chest of ice you've worked so hard to build behind your ribs." With that he brings his hands up, stretching strait outwards before pulling them in as if to clap right in front of his chest. Without a sound, he vanishes.

WR!!!: Jake only sat on the bed quietly as James the time traveler vanishes. Adrian is well and truly...gone. He shakes his head. Why is he still dwelling on this? He had already accepted it, earlier. Without a word, he picks up the card and flips it back and forth, as if examining it, but his eyes stared blankly past the card.

He remembers reading about the item in the card. Something about making other cards, like the one he used to make the mirror. Why not. He stands up and walks almost mindlessly towards the machine in the room. He's supposed to insert the card in the slot. Wait, he's missing something, isn't he? Some sort of brightly-coloured cylindrical object. He pulls out the guide and consults it, again.

Then he remembers something the boy said much earlier. Something about chapalog. Looking at the card again, he notices it's pink in color. Is this one of the chapalog cards? Jake tries to store the card in his collection.

GM@WR!!!: The cards re-appear in front of you. One of the blank one's vanish and the one in your hand takes it's place.

WR!!!: Walking towards the wall next to the computer, he conjures the equipment.

GM@WR!!!: The Punch Designix appears against the wall, facing towards you.

WR!!!: Taking a moment to compare the machine with the one in the Guide Update #1, Jake decides this must be the Punch Designix, used to create punched cards or something. Exploring the machine, he notices a slot for a card. Is this where he puts in a blank card? Jake thinks of a blank chapalog card.

GM@WR!!!: A blank chapalog card appears in your hand.

WR!!!: He feels silly, but he supposes he has nothing to lose trying it out. He inserts it in the slot, and types in "BOOYEAH" on the keyboard.

GM@WR!!!: The button remains red.

WR!!!: He tries "BOOYEAH!" instead

GM@WR!!!: The button lights up green.

WR!!!: The young man slams his fist down on the button.

GM@WR!!!: There is a slicing sound followed by a thunk and the card shudders slightly. Then the machine falls silent.

WR!!!: Jake pulls out the card from the machine and examines it.

GM@WR!!!: The card now has a series of rectangular holes in it, kind of like this -

WR!!!: It looks familiar. Like the pre-punched card he had earlier. Walking over to the other machine, the Totem, he inserts it into the slot.

GM@WR!!!: The card fits perfectly.

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Red = Death

Death: As his mind begins to fade he tries to relax as his mind splits. The double vision last for a few moments as he starts “Waking up” but soon the two visuals separate.

Derse Death: With a little shake James looks around. “Oh yeah.” He murmurs from his seated position next to a dark red bed. Standing slowly he stretches, looking down at the still sleeping figure. “I wonder if he woke up while I was away and just left me alone.” James looks the man over several times, trying to etch his features into his memory for future reference. “He's most likely another player. Maybe I can ask around. . .” Looking over the posters as well he chuckles. “I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be Artie. All this horror movie stuffs.” Careful not to touch anything he examines the figurines. When his curiosity is finally sated he makes his way to the window. Saluting the room's occupant he steps out into the vast world of purple.

Descending slowly onto an empty street he begins walking along slowly. Something about the area makes him uneasy. “I get the feeling that I'm not exactly welcome here. . . And someone's got an eye on me.” He whips around, trying to pinpoint the feeling of someone watching him. Up on a higher road he spots movement. He takes a few steps before remembering, “Duh, I can fly.” He mutters, launching himself at the highroad. The beings only glance at him as he comes over the railing before turning back to one another. Landing softly he looks hard at the creatures. They seem, familiar to him. About the size of Imps, and the same black color but more human like features, the group of three seem more articulate that the monsters invading his world. He can't make out what they're saying, but it's defiantly words rather than chittering growls they're uttering. Each one seems to be wearing a collar, and hanging from them is an odd variety of fabrics. Most look very dress like, despite the fact the the voices are distinctly male.

One glances over at James and with a grunt motions for the other two to walk with him down the street. “So weird. I think that guy was wearing lace. . . . .” He shrugs it off and takes to the sky again. He drifts here and there, trying to find out more about this purple dream world. After a time the planet the moon seems tethered to catches his attention. “I guess, if this is a moon, then the planet would be a better place to get information.” he murmurs. He begins to drift upwards, intent on making it to the planet when suddenly he curses. “Damn, I'm waking up.” With a low growl he shoots back to his Spire, landing on his bed just in time to feel himself slip away.

Prospit Death: James sits up with a yawn, letting the warm light from outside the window sink in before dragging himself out of bed. “This is such a nice place.” He eyes his wall of HISS. “Mostly.” He chuckles slightly and heads out the window. In a slow weaving motion he makes his way to the other Spires, checking to see if anyone's awake. Finding no one up and about he sighs and instead drifts down to the land of yellow below. The streets are busy with little people in a wide array of fancy looking cloth and furs hanging from what looks like dog collars around their necks. Their skin, or whatever it is, is pure white, and the arms, while bending in the same place it would on humans, looks a lot like bug legs at the joints. “It's like bug people, but more people than bug.” he marvels. Their mouth's seem small, but from what he can see they have teeth like people.

A few of them spot him, giving him a wave. Instinctual he waves back and gives them a smile. Drifting about here and there a sense of familiarity comes over him, and he settles on a clock tower to think. Swinging his feet gently he muses. “Well, maybe I've been awake here before? I just don't remember. I mean, according to what I know, I was always meant to play this game, so I've always been here, no? I mean, they seem to know me. Or maybe they just know OF me.” Looking down at his clothing James smirks. “Well, I am very recognizable. I mean, everyone down there seems to be either cross dressing, or just have very feminine tastes, heheh. Or. . .”He looks down in mock horror. “Or they're all woman, and I'm one of the only males. . .” He keeps his face in the mask of horror until he can't take it anymore and burst out laughing. He falls off the tower, still laughing.

He lets himself fall until he's almost at the foot of the tower. Slowing down he flips so that he's feet down for the landing, hiccuping a bit as the giggles subside. A few of the locals come towards him. He waits patiently as the small little beings seem to skitter over to him. “Excuse me, don't mean to be a bother.” One of them says, it's voice very masculine.

'Well, that knocks my only guy on the planet theory out of the water.' He smirks at his own thoughts. “Not a bother at all, what's up?” He inquires.

“Um, well, you see,” he starts. “A little while ago, the Rogue took off towards Skaia, but didn't quite make it. I know the two of you are friends, so I thought that maybe you could take him back to his room? I mean, there is no real issue with him floating up there, but he has passed through a few clouds, and I have no idea the effect that would have on one of your kind.” He trails off, shrugging slightly. The others around him nod and murmur in agreement.

James look up, trying to spot this rogue Rogue. “Yeah, I can go get him. Just point me in the right direction?” As one the little one point into the sky past the top of his Spire. With a nod he gives them a little salute and take off. It isn't long before he spots a yellow dot floating in the air near what he assumes are the clouds the people were referring to. The boy looks a little older than himself and James chuckles to himself. “It's like dragging a friend home after they've been out drinking.” Reaching out he takes hold of the other male's wrist and starts pulling him towards the Spires. A faint feeling comes over him and he slows, turning to look at the yellow clad figure. “I, I think I know you. I don't know how, but. . . .” His thoughts drift back to how he must have been awake here before now and it occurs to him that maybe, just maybe, he and this guy've hung out before. Here on this golden moon.

With a sigh he turns, pulling him to the empty Spire he recalls from his earlier survey of the state of the other Spire occupants. After making sure he's actually settled onto the mattress and tucking him in James sways on the spot. “Damn, waking up. . . .” With that he settles down next to the others' bed and lets himself drift awake.

Death: There is a moment of transition where he's seeing double again, but after a few seconds his mind comes together.


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GM@C2: You're mind fades and slowly you feel your self almost drifting. After a few moments, you awaken in the strange room from before.
[2013-09-08 21:29:05] kkdestiny: C2: Sam sits up slowly, and looks around the room. She takes a deep breath, trying to calm her slight annoyance at once again being stuck in the room. It's not that it isn't a cool room, it is an amazing room...she just doesn't like the idea of being stuck, or of being unable to figure out a really complicated puzzle that, if not answered, leaves her stuck in this room everytime she goes to sleep. She strums her fingers on her leg while looking around again. "God, sam, is there anything here to help you (tb
[2013-09-08 21:31:11] kkdestiny: get down?" unable to answer the question fromwhere she is currently sitting, she gets up and makes her way to the window and looks down gauging its height again.
[2013-09-08 21:35:52] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: Death: With a grunt James opens one eye. A heavy weight across his legs seem to be what woke him up with a slight smile he chuckles silently at the sight of his Sprite asleep across his legs. Shifting only slightly to get a bit more comfortable James swiftly falls back into his dram world.
[2013-09-08 21:37:08] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: Derse Death: Rolling out of his comfy bed James heads back outside, straitening his ruffles pajamas.
[2013-09-08 21:37:49] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: Out of the corner of you eye, you spot movement on your right outside the window.
[2013-09-08 21:37:55] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: GM@C2:
[2013-09-08 21:41:01] kkdestiny: C2: About to shuffle back inside after seeing how high up she was, she stopped. Curious, she leaned out a bit more again to get a better look.
[2013-09-08 21:44:46] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: GM@C2: It seems to be someone, like you, but in a slightly different outfit. Like this: This person has black hair, and is flying. There is nothing visible that you can see that makes his flying make sense.
[2013-09-08 21:47:37] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: Death: Stretching slightly James begins wander around a bit, observing the moon below. "So. . . .Purple. . . . ."
[2013-09-08 21:48:48] kkdestiny: C2: Sam, with mouth ajar in awe, takes the time to study the person flying around. Then, against all logical caution, she finds herself calling out "HEEEEEEEEY!"
[2013-09-08 21:50:58] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: Death: James's head whips around at the sound of a girl yelling. He grins as he spots a girl in one of the spires, her moth open very wide, yelling at him. He waves a bit before darting forward towards her.
[2013-09-08 21:51:59] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: GM@C2: The figure turns around and after a moment, waves at you. A few seconds pass before he comes flying towards you, rather quickly.
[2013-09-08 21:55:55] kkdestiny: C2: Sam steps inside quickly, partially to give room for the strange flying person..but mostly in reaction to the speed they are flying towards her. She decides to go ahead and sit on her bed. A million questions start flooding her mind, she hopes they are able to answer some of them...because, honestly, Kenshin wasn't being as forward with his information as she would have liked.
[2013-09-08 21:59:08] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: Death: With what seems to be practices ease, James flies through the window, shifts his legs forward, and takes a seat on the sill. he turns to look at the girl with a slight smile. "Finally, someone to talk to in person! Other than those little black guys down there."
[2013-09-08 22:02:00] kkdestiny: C2: Sam nods with a smile, "Agreed. My name's Sam...who are you?" She was being sociable, glad for the company..but she doesn't know this person so her personal instincts tell her to watch them, their reactions, and try to learn to read them.
[2013-09-08 22:05:41] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: Death: James grins, swinging his feet slightly. 'This girl's cute. Love the hair . . . .' Reaching back he scratches the back of his head Anime style. "My name's James, known as Death here in game." He lets his eyes wander about the room, taking in every detail.
[2013-09-08 22:12:18] kkdestiny: C2: "Death?'re the guy who likes psychological do you like my...I suppose it could be called a 'happy place'" She looked around her own room, the weapons were so magnificent to see on her walls, and the stacks of books have her itching to read, and to kick someone's head in. Unfortunately, she now has a fear of getting in close to the her mind she hears an anime like sigh, such is life.
[2013-09-08 22:16:41] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: Death: James looks back to the girl. "'Psychological games'?" he inquires before responding. "No idea what you mean, but as for the room, I like it! This is a fine collection of things that can kill people, heheh." He waves his arm around to indicate the large sword collection. Hopping off the sill he wanders over to one of the stacks of books littering the floor. "Mastery from the Masters: A compilation of techniques as taught by the greatest martial artists world wide." he reads aloud, his eyes (TBC)
[2013-09-08 22:17:37] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: Death: wandering over the cover of the top book. "Sweet." He murmurs. "Can I borrow this? I could use something to work on this stick body of mine, heheh." He looks back at Sam.
[2013-09-08 22:24:20] kkdestiny: C2: Sam looks at him, becoming a bit apprehensive about lending out a book to someone she's just met. After a moment of thought and personal debate she looked at him and nodded. "take good care of it..or send me the code when you Crazycrazy.." she takes a moment to scan over some of the other titles, and picks up a generic book about common martial art terms and hands it out to him. "This is a good one, too. Helpful."
[2013-09-08 22:26:44] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: Death: He giggles slightly, grabbing both books and chapaloging them right away. He floats into the air and does a quick happy lap arounf the room. "Thanks, this is too awesome!" He bounces around in mid air happily.
[2013-09-08 22:32:24] kkdestiny: C2: Sam watches him with amusement, but still glad for the fact that someone else finds martial arts as cool as she does..perhaps.. She laughs a little as he starts bouncing around. "yes..we'll have to spar sometime!" she says cheerfully as she walks over and starts checking out the swords on her walls, intending to capturlog one of them as a secondary weapon.
[2013-09-08 22:43:37] kkdestiny: C2: After going through a few of them, she picked two of them out: a reverse blade sword like kenshin's, and a short sword. She drew them them both, one at a time, and strifed them.
[2013-09-08 22:48:49] kkdestiny: *and then slid them back in, feeling cool, and then strifed them
[2013-09-08 22:48:57] kkdestiny: (whatever x.x)
[2013-09-08 22:57:41] PopeAlessandrosXVIII: GM@C2: The weapons vanish and the boy gives you a thumbs up.

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