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The End Started at Sorrowfall

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 1:59 am    Post subject: The End Started at Sorrowfall Reply with quote

Biz Bit: Hello, boils and ghouls to another one of my creations. This one is about a young woman cast out of one society that has deemed itself as perfect and finding hope and new life in another society made perfect through imperfection. I hope you enjoy. This first bit is of course the prologue so no dp.

No one remembers when The Great Peace started. No one even knows precisely what kicked it off. As far as anybody knows, the world was a messed up, terrifying place full of hunger, war, disease, and mayhem. Then it all just stopped. All nations cooperated and lived in peace. A mutual respect was had for any and all persons. At least that was how things started.

The greatest minds around turned their attention toward building and not destroying. Cities grew into vast utopias. New forms of energy were found. New ways to preserve life were discovered. It was the second age of enlightenment. Supersonic trains allowed for travel between states and countries in a matter of just a couple hours. New languages were developed to communicate between nations. The world gathered around one form of currency. One government. Some said it wouldn’t be able to work.

And after decades upon decades, it looked like they might be right. The remaining differences started to act as friction once again. The peace which had taken millennia to accomplish looked like it could combust and fall apart at any moment. That was when Reverend Malcolm James stepped up with a solution. His solution was to form a council born of all the leaders of the major utopias. A group of people who would settle every matter democratically. They would convene and discuss what was best for the world populace as a whole. Perhaps they would succeed where the United Nations of old failed. It was with that suggestion that The Board of Societal Expansion was born.
The changes that they enacted were minor at first. Cigarettes and alcohol became heavily regulated. More money was poured into education than anything. There was nothing too serious. But time started to takes its toll. More Utopias appeared. More members were added to the board. New voices with new agendas. Years passed and members had to be replaced. The rules passed by The Board became more and more strict and governing. They claimed that it was necessary for the betterment of society. Others saw it as the means of control that it was.

Books considered obscene were burned. At least until The Board considered it a form of pollution. Then they were simply dumped into the wilderness that laid beyond the beauty of the Utopias. Anything from the old world that was obsolete was rounded up and cast into Scrap Zones. Anything that could cause friction was outlawed and objects pertaining thusly was deemed scrap.

It was only a matter of time before revolution happened. There was a great revolution. The Moore Crusade. Feeling the threat of rebellion, The Board created The Order Corps, a worldwide police force equipped to suppress these events before they could cause too much troubles. With more power and numbers, The Order Corps crushed The Moore Crusade. With its destruction, any other hope of rebellion was demolished. The Board buckled down and started weeding out anything else they thought could be a problem. It wasn’t long before they started to regulate the mind.

Citing history as a reason, the Board voted and set one worldwide religion. So many wars had been fought over the existence of a god and which one’s was the true one that they figured it was best to state it flat out. Decades later, and another vote came down. All religion was banned. Any books and materials was scrap. Anyone caught in possession of any artifacts was arrested. Until another vote was made. All Utopias erected massive walls, covered themselves in domes and those that were found holding contraband were thrown into the wilderness to fend for themselves. They liked their stuff so much, they could join it.

Once the minds and ideas of the people had been regulated to perfection, the Board moved to start regulating what counted as perfection in appearance. Anything that was considered unbeautiful by the proper standards were offered the surgery to right it. They could have the surgery or exile. If no surgery could help them, all they got was the exile. The elderly were escorted out to die out of sight. Those whose looks were just slightly off. The scarred, the feeble, the grotesque. They were thrown out without so much a second glance. Soon, they passed to eject the ill. While they looked perfect, their illness had a chance of tainting their perfect world.

Soon the regulations slowed, the world had been whittled down to as perfect as it could get in their eyes. Everything was pretty and perfect and pristine. That’s how it has been for the last century. And no one knows how long it took to get to that point. No one even questions it anymore. They just accept that it is the way it is. Any slight resistance is squashed by The Order Corps.

At least, that’s how every had been. Things have started to change soon. The so-called perfection was challenged. The brilliant façade was lifted. And it all started with one man and one place. No one had seen it coming. A small rebellion managed to launch an all-out war. A war to free the minds and the souls of all those who had been corrupted and subdued by The Board and The Order.

The end started in Sorrowfall. That was the first domino toppled with a flick of the wrist and a bright flourish. The first domino to topple. A society built on the pain and the tears of the downtrodden was marked for termination. It was there, in The Wilderness, that the first seeds of revolution were planted. A group of scarred, old, sick, maimed, and other various Imperfects were huddled against each other. They sat in huts and shacks. They dined upon various plants and berries.

Lean-tos and makeshift tents sat amongst the trees. Several campfires sat burning, protected from the light rain that had pestered them for the last several days. Quietly, a legless woman watched as a larger-than-normal child played with some rocks. A slight smile sat on her face as she watched him play with mud and twigs. Not knowing anything else but not caring all the same. Her gaze lifted from the slightly misshapen lad as a tall figure approached.

He was dressed completely in black. Everything from his hooded sweatshirt, to the cloak that hung over his shoulders was the color of nothing. The only reason she was able to see him at all was because of the light from the fire. He kneeled down to her level and stared right into her eyes. A pair of piercing blue orbs peered out from a black make that appeared to be little more than black cloth with two eyeholes cut into it. One of his arms was pulled close to his chest, his cloak concealing whatever he may be carrying.

“I’ve heard rumors. I’ve heard that there is a place in The Wilderness where exiles have gathered,” he said. His voice was a flat baritone. “I have heard they work together in order to carve out something resembling an existence. Are the rumors correct and is that place here?”

“Yes. And what brings you to the wild?” she said with a nod.

He adjusted his body slightly and revealed the object that he held close to his chest, protected from the rain by his cloak. The small bundle made a small noise and a movement. It was an infant. Her skin was of an almost ivory hue and a mess of red hair sat upon the top of her delicate cranium. The woman looked from the innocent and pure features of the sleeping babe to the striking eyes of the man who carried her.

“She looks pristine. Ailment?”

“Heterochromia. Eyes don’t match. One blue and one green.”

The woman grimaced and closed her eyes. Her eyes closed and rubbed against one of the stumps that constituted her legs. The exiles were getting worse. The causes were getting even more trivial. It was all the fault of The Board for Societal Expansion. Them and all their laws that allowed people to be thrown away like yesterday’s trash.

“You are not her birth father; I take it? Another exile?”

“I am not her father but I will raise her as my own regardless.

A smile formed on the woman’s face. “Then you are welcome to stay with us if you wish. I’m sure my Tank would like a little playmate. What is your name, stranger?”

“My name is no longer of any consequence,” the figure said as he looked over to the child playing with rocks. He was quite big for his age. Appeared to be quite strong too. He was hunched over slightly. His spine was curved in an abnormal manner. He tilted his head, studying the boy for a moment before returning his gaze to the woman. The child in his arms moved again and started to cry as she woke.

“You mind taking her for a moment?” he asked.

The woman nodded and extended her arms. As the man handed the infant over, the woman cradled her softly. She rocked her gently and cooed at her with a smile. Quickly, the crying died down and the woman was able to peer into the emerald and sapphire colored eyes of the child. She looked up with a wider smile and watched as the figure spun on his toes and moved in a crouched manner to the woman’s son.

“Hey there, little fella,” he said, sitting cross-legged in front of the lad. “Your name is Tank?”

The child looked at him cautiously before nodding.

“You look like a mighty strong lad. Tell me. Are you a strong boy?”

The boy nodded again. The man in black did so as well, matching the child’s motion s exactly.

“Good. I may need your help. I’m going to build a village here. A place for everybody like me, you and your mom. I’m going to need someone strong to help me. Do you want to help?”

The boy nodded. “I b-b-build g-good.”

“I know you will. I see it in you. You are meant for great things, Tank. I will also need you to watch out for my daughter. She may need someone to protect her when I’m not around. She’ll need a friend as well. Can you handle that?”

The boy nodded again and looked to his mother. Slowly, he wandered over to her. The man in black, rose back to a crouched walk and followed along behind him, matching him step for step. The lad stopped and stared down into the curious blinking eyes of the baby.

“P-p-pretty eye,” the boy said.

The figure nodded and placed a hand upon the child’s shoulder.

“You’re going to build a village here?” the woman said, looking up to him. “How? Why?”

“I will chop down trees and gather from Scrap Zones whatever materials I need. And I will do it because the exiled must band together. We need to build a community for them. A safe haven for any and all. Somewhere I can start planning.”

“Planning? Planning what?”

“A way to tear those walls down. A revolution powerful enough to make the highest echelons of society realize their mistake. My daughter will once again live in that city.”

The woman looked from him to the doll-like child in her arms. The figure was planning a rebellion just so that this child might one day be accepted by the world that had just cast her out. Going up against New Sparta took a great deal of intestinal fortitude and it was clear that he had it. He had claimed a lost child without a second thought. Risking everything for his daughter was a noble ambition and for that reason she found herself worried for him.

Because the bravest and noblest of men usually ended up dead.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 6:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm so excited about this!! <3 I'm noticing now that I forgot to go all the way back and edit the prologue...oops. XD I'll get on that. *bad editor*

Otherwise, though, you know how I feel about the story. I'm obsessed, and YOU NEED TO WRITE ME MOOOORE!!!
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am finally getting to this! This post be reserved until tomorrow when I will give it my full and undivided attention >: O

Edited: sorry! but good, very good :3
I now have three SGames! "Mist in a Cave" Chapter 5 is in the works

"The Freedom of Magic" Just got its THIRD chapter up!

Hope you all find the time to read them Very Happy *goes off to look for an SG to read*

Note to self: The Elven Moon; Coin; SVI; Black Animals; Two Wolves; Angel Cat
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

*unearthly screeching* I LOVE IT!

The setting is wonderful, as are the characters we have been introduced to so far.

(And might I say that at the talk of him building a village out of the scraps I immediately thought of homes having wallpaper made entirely of books and you could literally read a whole story on your walls and even if there don't end up being any houses like that I'm still sort of excited just by the prospect haha XD)

I am super excited for more! Keep up the great work, Biz! :3
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 3:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Fantastic chapter. to be honest I feel like this could honestly happen and thats a little scary.Highly looking forward to the next chapter.
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