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PostPosted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 1:44 pm    Post subject: Seven Reply with quote

So I've got a dice and I want to start an RPG that is of my own design.

Strength: the players over all carry weight potential, 10 points for everyone point of strength. One point of unarmed damage for every one point of strength. A minimum of six points required for two handed weapons.

Endurance: The player receives ten points of health for every one point of endurance. The player regenerates five percent energy for every one point of endurance.

Agility: The player has ten percent maximum energy for every one point of agility. A minimum of six agility required for feats and skills such as lunge and wallrun.

Perception: A radius of one hexagon per perception point for ranged attacks including casting spells. A minimum is required to spot traps and enemy information with the detect skill.

Intelligence: One skill point per level up for every point of intelligence. Intelligence also helps you gain experience faster.

Wisdom: Wisdom regenerates your magic at one point per turn per wisdom point so if you have ten wisdom you regenerate ten points of magic per turn. One point of wisdom will give ten points of maximum magic pool.

Passion: Passion is only used to dictate how much damage a spell does. Different spells have different effects for instance fireball does one point of damage per point of passion where as lightning bolt does three and arcs to all adjacent players or enemies but cost more magic to cast.

You can have forty points to spen between these seven statistics, go on and make a character and we'll get the ball rolling.
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