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Martha School: Chapter 2: inside or outside

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Author Chapter
scribe siren

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 11, 2019 11:56 pm    Post subject: Martha School: Chapter 2: inside or outside Reply with quote

Chapter: Intro to the death

Death is but a part of life and the future for any living being.
A picture in the newspaper stood on headlines:

Washed up, ashore and covered in seaweed.... a girl's hands were tied with an old fisher's net and had been lifeless for two hours.

Her name and details pointed to a personal vendetta at a school called Martha School for girls.

It was a miracle that the jagged rocks amongst the sea did not damage anything on her body. Did that mean she drowned closer to her death point.

Examination of her body showed she had drowned, along with an old book in her possession.

The book was in good condition, due to it being wrapped in a plastic shopping bag. A local shop a few miles away....

This book in question had to be vital to any clues to her passing on.
Clara Malka was her name...


Claire stared out the third floor airport window. Cupping her hands into a cross around her shoulders. The the wind managed to get through a gap. She and I had been dropped off at the airport earlier that day.
In the very exuberant red themed restaurant, sheer joy was over most of the arrivals. As unhappy as my sister no one else was giving a hollow look, like she was giving her plate of food, that has been standing in front of her for more than an hour.

I could see her gaze went to an assortment of airplanes all standing in one row, a few distance away. The ticket in my grasp was for 3pm. Been sitting at the airport sine 8am.

Even though the planes were parked outside. Around the aircraft was a large construction adjacent to each plane. From the looks of it, it was passageways. We have been going back and forth from school to school. So, we knew these ramps were made rubber and a metal alloy.

Looking at my sister’s hand, which stirred the spoon in the empty coffee cup. Clanging on the sides. A sudden soft touch to bring her back into reality on her hand and her bubble burst. I asked, "Claire, are you ok?"

"I am not ok...." dropping the smile, I noticed that the thought of flying and thinking of how she will be leaving everything behind might be bothering both of us.

"How are we supposed to live in a city we don't know!" Claire tore pieces of bread on her plate... "They are not even here to see us off... the stepfather is the worst."

"You know he is a police officer. So, don't be negative! " I pointed at Claire with a travelling book adorned with the words “Landmarks of South Africa, words and all you need to know”.

"That is no excuse!" she tossed the bread on the plate and started prodding it with disgust.

"They say this place has a southern tip... I can not wait to explore on vacation days." I broke the silence

My sister replied with a grunt, "You know that won't happen, Annah! We're stuck in a hostel and a school with no friends." relaxing her shoulders, "Why would our parents send us half way around a world at the age of 16 years old?

"I'm 15... but I understand... " I took the book filled with markers in my hand, "at the least we get to see a piece of the world, before he gets rid of us."

"Great..."Claire sighs and pushes her back to the cushion behind her.
I propped my bag up and blurted out loudly, “It is time to go Clair, or you going to let us miss the plane like you did the last 3 times.
“I was in a super miserable cycle of my life Annah!”
“Now lets go, sad panda.”

Chapter 1: Entering a new state

From the corner of my eye the taxi man had been chewing on a piece of jerky for the past several hours, driving on the left side of the road.

The other side of the world, in South Africa didn’t make much noise, except when honking at the bad driving and passing by angrily waving their hands asif it made sense in some way.
Claire had been asleep most of the day, however she was waking up from the taxi driver finally spit the wad out. Flinching I stayed my sisters voice by touching her hand again, having no information on the guy who was driving us.
All we knew was the school we were going to….

Turning a corner through an arch with the word: Martha School. The place looked presentable from what I could see in the darkness. An incline led to the parking area, a large area split into four sections and three buildings.

The taxi driver replied into the intercom: “No 9. Mam!”.

As a light in the distance flickered on, I could see shadows flapping around the windows. As they started opening the windows I noticed more lights going on.

Until a lady carrying a flashlight and an oil lamp in the other, came waddling out of a very small bungalow. All the windows lights went out.

Clair dragged her bag out of the car. I however had been holding my head from the light that was shining from the flash light. A sharp tinge ran through my head. A pain from the distance we have traveled.

The lady introduced herself, Wide grin which that had a loose tooth as she spoke, “I am Niora Nuwenhuizen, we have your rooms ready.”

“Rooms?” Clair wondered. “But….”

“Since you two are different in age, we do not often put ages, friends or sisters in the same hostel.” She, Niora took hold of my hand, since I kept glancing away from the light and was staring at the buildings windows at close by.

“Those are the last year class hostel.” She breathed a choking cough, “errrhem!.... Follow me you two. By the way. What are your full names?”

“Claire Fallstaff ,” Claire Blurted out, “What hostels will we be?”

“I’m Annah Fallstaff and this is my older sister Claire”

“Ah to be young….” Letting another wrenching cough loose. She led us to another lady standing with a blanket wrapped around her.

“Ah Niora, that must be Clarina, I’m Agatha.” She took hold of my sister’s hand and led her inside. When I tried moving after Claire, Niora grabbed my hand and said, “You live in the second hostel. Follow me.”

Ok catch the next chapter soon! I've written this story on 2013 99A4 pages before. And now I'm rewriting it. Keep eyes peeled
I've taken different schools I've been at and made a mix of the bunch for this story.
This is an open option dp. Choices what happens next is a contributing factor to what happens next.

I haven't been on an airplane before in my life. So can't explain how it is. But I have been told what it feels like
The artist is Jeffrey Ricker. Not me. Years and years ago

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Author Chapter
scribe siren

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877 Fables

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 7:04 am    Post subject: Chapter 2--- Inside or out Reply with quote


So being dragged by hand in hand, I thought this lady was an odd creature of a being. Noira started laughing, “Oh you will love them!”

“Love who?” I breathed as I was being tugged on.

Noira turned to me and held her freehand on the knob of a large construction built out of sea side rocks, forms as an octagon wall, bricks keeping the building strong.

From the corner of my eye, I saw a small graveyard close by. “Why is there a Graveyard?”

Noira pulled the door open and girls were standing as straight as a pin to the walls, another lady was checking their pockets.

Noira pushed me to the side of the wall next to a girl that had matted hair, dripping down at the back of her blue shirt. Tied around each student’s neck was a pink sash.

“It’s the beginning of the year, each gets checked for sharp objects?” Noira whispered, letting a muffled cough loose behind her open hand.

I was frozen in fear, I was wearing an ugly shirt and my pants was a short khaki. I was afraid I had something in my pockets, turning my gaze down I pulled at my pockets.

When the lady saw me looking, Noira stepped back to give the lady space, “You got something to show us?”

My voice felt like it was stolen, I shook my head just to show I still have some respect to use body language. She took a stick put it to my chin and said, “You are new? You need to go to wetherspoon the seamtress after checking into your shared room. Tell her Ora sent you.”

“Ye---Yes Mam!” I swallowed my excitement being in a new city and state, I figured it would have been so much easier. I bowed my head and looked down as a nod to Ora.

I rubbed my eyes and was given the oil lamp, which Noira gave willingly. “you would need this.” She motioned me to follow her, “This way” As Noira ambled away from the large line of girls, I noticed her playing with her tongue with that loose tooth of hers.

It took us five minutes to reach my room: Number 9. I took a gasp and Noira said, “Ah you heard the ex-cop”

“Who?” I quizzically asked her, “What ex-cop.”

“The taxi driver, We call him Beast, He looks older than he seems to be in reality than spirit.”

“How old is he?”

“He might have grown a beard, but he is about thirty-nine.”

“If he is an ex-cop, how did he lose his job?”

“What makes you think he lost his job?” Noira turned lighting a cigarette. “He lost more than that!” blowing smoke my way.

I wafted the smoke away and carried on walking into the room. There were four beds, however it seemed one of the top bunks was occupied by a fast asleep lump under the bedding.

As I walked in, they tossed my extra luggage I left behind through the door. It awoke the girl on the bed and she screamed like a frightened turkey, “Hey! I’ve cleaned that floor! I’m not going to miss the mall---” She turned to look and said, “Great another one , wet behind the ears.”


What should I do? Be kind to her, beat her ass, ignore her or become friends by sharing something.
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Author Chapter
scribe siren

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877 Fables

PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2019 11:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


“Wet behind the ears?” I gawked at this girl. Her face turned from serious to closed eyes in meditation. She turned on her bed and immediately jumped from the top bunk a few inches from stairs, “I’m Aesley.”

Holding onto the lamp, I held out my other hand she just looked at it, I noticed Aesley had a wrapped up wrist, “Oh, sorry” I pulled my hand back and her seriousness seemed to go away.

“I’m Annah.” I replied back, with a constant eye contact I noticed that Aesley had a few packed bags on the lower bunk, right underneath the bunk she was sleeping on.

Noira cleared her throat, “Have fun.” Spinning around, she waddled off down the hallway.

I felt like a lice poison dog collar, being in the wrong place. “Would you be able to show me around?”

Aesley wiggled her shoulders to the left and then to the right trying to get some knots out.
“Sure, don’t expect me to pick your crap up from the floor. Or even doing anything as a favor.” She walked over to me and tapped over her wrist, “I am not able to do work, much….”

“How did you get that bruise?” pointing to the wrap around Aesley’s hand.

“Helping.” She bluntly snapped at me. “Look I don’t care where you are from, I don’t care what your problem is….”

“What problem?” I was taken aback, noticing that I was getting on this girl’s nerves.

“Why you were sent away!” She started storming down the hall.

“I was sent away…. “ I breathed, running after her. I didn’t know why I was sent away along with my sister.

So I replied, “It looks like you got family problems too!”

Suddenly Aesley turned on the balls of her feet and looked with melancholy, “You don’t know half of us here, you’ll find out soon, each student is here for a reason.”

“So, this is a problem school?”

“Pretty much.”

I carried on following Aesley, it looked like she was starting to calm down by walking slower. Maybe she was not a horrible bully.

I glanced at her wrist, wondering what hurt her, inanimate object or animate human being. “Are you able to point me to Wetherspoon’s …urm… class?”

“Certainly.” She stood still and pointed me to the stairs going down into the darkness, “The lights are broken, that’s why Noira gave you the lamp.”

I noticed I’ve been running down the hall with the lamp, some of the oil messed on the floor and the light had apparently been extinguished as I was running, “Oh my!” I gasped, I was going to be killed for sure.

Aesley spoke in a quick manner, “I will clean that, but you owe me your mall freedom time.”

“What does that mean?”

Aesley crossed her hands over each other, winching she let the arms loose and said, “Each Saturday you get a free time to buy stuff after you have done your chores.” She took a breath, “And after doing your part of the school, like bus, kitchen or rooms, you get to go. Since your new, I guess I can help you out, if I get your ticket for free—for myself.”

She held out her un hurt hand and said, “What do you say?”


What should she do? Agree to the deal, or clean it yourself?
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Author Chapter
scribe siren

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877 Fables

PostPosted: Sat Nov 23, 2019 10:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 2 C: Hello

I took her hand and said "deal." And I took a breath, "If I can..." And my words-train trailed off into the nothingness.

Aesley took a look at the lamp and turned, "good"

I walked down the stairs into the darkness . Easily walking inch by inch hoping I'll be fine. Getting closer I saw a shadow leaning against the wall.

It was a guy, smoking and as he let the smoke expell from his lungs. He looked at me and said, "need help?"

"Miss. Wetherspoon?" I gurgled into my own throat, clearing it to make sure he was able to hear what I was saying.

Taking the lamp from my sweaty hands. He took out an old rag and cleaned it off.

Taking his cigar he started nudging the nib of the oil lamp and the flame started growing. I stepped back expecting it to blow up from the mess I've made.

I was given the rag as he was busy closing the oil lamp-piece. Bending down I took a wiff of the rag. Cleaning fluid.

The light from the lamp showed me the face of the stranger. A black bushy beard. Blue piercing eyes that seemed to have gotten it's age-old laugh lines. It was the one called Beast.

He was wearing a old rugged blue shirt. Which had a faded spot, where a badge should have been.

I felt bad and said "how are you?"

He looked at me and smiled , "I'm ok." And he pointed to a barred gate. "Miss Wetherspoon."

I nodded and started hammering at the doorbell. Just then a screechy voice came out of a small intercom. Screaming for me to enter.

As I opened the gate I saw white lines all around the floor of the room. The lady replied, "it's for kinetics. Come closer. "

Wetherspoon was behind an old huge sowing machine. Old wheels turning as she was edging away at her current project.

"Ora sent me." I quickly said.

Goggled eyes looked up from her working spot. It seemed to be for swimming. "I wear these because I am afraid the needles will poke me. I run through them like cake."

She clicked her two fingers for me to come closer and turned her finger to the white line infront of her. "so. Your number 9." She unfurled a string and started measuring my height.

Muffled talking is all I could hear from Wetherspoon. Since her scissors was wedged into her mouth.

I spent the next few minutes quiet and calm. And Wetherspoon finally took the scissors from her mouth.

Looking at me, she turned and tossed clothes to me.

"These are blue and pink." She turned and gave another set of clothes. "These are cleaning clothes." And she passed another pile "This is your shower items" and she looked with finger on her mouth, "Now..... Go! Go go."

I was ushered out out of the room and started uncomfortably inching up the dark staircase. A small shadow rushed past my feet and my footing went awry.

Next thing I knew I was in the hands of the taxi driver. "Err... Thanks"

" No problem. I have gotten use to catching the dames falling here."

His eyes was beautiful. I shook my head in thought and said, " Thank you Beast."

"Harry..." He laughed at me. "by the looks of your clothes. You must be a first year student"

"yes. I am" getting myself out of his arms out of embarrassment. Picking up what I've lost from falling.

Harry picked up some of my mess and said, "I'll help you. Which room are you?"

"number 9." I replied, "like you said..."

"Ah. The girls I gave a lift for. Your father knows me."

"How?" I stepped back in fear of what he was going to say. By the looks of things he noticed my negativity on this subject.

"You know my step dad?" I breathed, holding hands clenched over my clothes.

He looked and said, "Yes. I'll talk about this. If you want me to."

Should she try and learn information from this stranger. Should she believe what is said....what now?
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 25, 2019 10:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

If you're going to talk about it, you should do it with your sister there at the same time. So refuse for now.
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Author Message
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 10:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Having read the story I have a small bit of criticism. Slow down. I'm having a hard time keeping all these characters straight. I had to re-read the line where the sisters are separated three of four times because I didn't realize at first that there was a second woman there and that the woman with a loose tooth had handed the elder sister off.

Give your characters a bit more time to breath when you introduce them because right now I'm as confused as the poor main character is. Take a few more moments to transition your locations and add a few more details to give your audience the resources to get an image in their heads. You can picture these locations perfectly in your mind, give us a window to peek through so we can see them too!

That said, don't let him say anything without your sister present. This feels like a situation where you don't want to be alone and a second set of thoughts might draw different conclusions.

"It's not just about living forever...the trick is living with yourself forever..."

"Music makes you braver."
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Author Chapter
scribe siren

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 4:41 am    Post subject: Chapter 2D: BR and MS Reply with quote

I stared at the clothes in his rather thin hands, long nails that seemed to have been under some stress, greyish color under his nails, which didn't compliment his white skin tone at all.

He seemed to be a very hard worker, but his eyes as blue as they were, were very mysterious and somehow mesmerizing.

"Ill rather have you tell me and my sister."

"Oh right, you got an older sister, what's her name?"

"I gotta go sleep, Harry..."

He kindly gave the fallen clothes over to me and spent the last few minutes as I was walking away, staring at me. I could see it from the reflection of a portrait that stood on the wall.

I didn't notice the painting before, but hurried glance at Harry's reflection, I started running up feeling burning embarrassment.

I got to my room, and Aesley was there, along with two other girls. The one with the matted hair turned to look at me and said, "Ah new girl."

I grinned a fake smile and waddled over to my bed. Tossing the clothes on the lower bunk, I started folding all I could. Atleast The seamstress didn't give me underwear to carry back.

a tap on my shoulder, I turned and greeted, "Hi, I am annah and you are?"

The girl with wet hair replied, "I am Amanda..."

Scootching over to the corner of the bed I looked at Aesley's other friend, she was smiling and pointed to herself.

The girl that was quietly pointing at herself , wiped two fingers across her mouth and twiddled her fingers around.

Amanda replied, "That is Belle, She is deaf, but she can read lips... she is asking your name..." a knock on the door and Noira the house mother was standing with a frown on her face.

"Go to bed girls!"


Through the night I stayed up with my laptop open, in an outlet that only had 2 plugs, I had pulled out the plug that was in there, since I needed to charge my laptop.

I spun around tabs and windows on my laptop trying to get some information on Martha's school. Only interesting thing was that there was a closer school for boys called Blackrock.

No comments on either of the schools. Hearing the sound of highheels crossing the doorway. I immediately shut the laptop--for Aesley had been watching me tapping away, her face was a gruesome scowl at me.

"Sorry can't sleep, Ill try..." I breathed turned around in the bed - tossed around and finally got my body to stop with the feeling of a buzzing in my legs, most call it "restless leg syndrome."

Aesley 's topbunk spot was soo close to the roof of the flat, she might be wishing she didn't pick the bunk.

The Friday morning, My day was awakened by Aesley screaming at me 5 am the morning. "Wake up you idiot!"

The sun illuminated the room as I opened my eyes to see. And got greeted by Aesley's grimace and her phone apparently had a dead battery. Jumping up I breathed from shock.

In my haste to close my laptop, I had hit Aesley's phone from its lead.
"I'm sorry..."
"I was expecting a call!" She blurted at me, and then started shaking Belle awake below her bunker, "Belle! " She clicked her fingers infront of Belle's face, "Its 5 am!"

Belle jolted out of her bed, grabbed in haste what didn't seem like school clothes, it was swimsuit and a netted duffle bag.

Aesley turned back to me, "don't let it happen again!"

"Where is Belle off to?" I asked in concern.

"She has a scholarship for sports, she got deaf about 3 years ago, a swimming pool accident. And She still goes at it. I will never understand why she would risk it."

"Has she ever thought of an implant to hear again."

Aesley breathed and shook her head, "We are problem students, we don't get what we always want,"

I felt the heaviness my sister Claire felt all of a sudden. And only noticed now that the 4th bunk above me was empty. Amanda were not even there.

Aesley replied, "Amanda is also a swimmer, she and Belle are besties, but since Amanda got a boyfriend, she been skimping on everything, friends don't seem a good time for her."

"And this boyfriend, is he from Blackrock?" I asked, pulling myself from the bed and in surprise saw my clothes neatly folded.

"Yeah atleast Belle likes cleaning, And so that's what you were doing, looking at the school history, hey." She lifted her hurt hand and continued, "the rules are, you cannot make this school public, don't know why, but if you do put any news up without the housemother's permission you are in detention with the dragon. Miss Matron...." She changed the subject, "Yes, Amanda's boyfriend is from that part, a long ways from here, past the cemetery."

Taking my clothes and a towel I turned to ask, "How do you say thank you in deaf terms?"

Aesley gestured one finger and I noticed that I had over stepped something, cause I knew that sign she pointed were not a thank you.

I humbly walked out of the bedroom, seeing students all standing against the walls. "What's this?"
Aesley pushed me against the wall and breathed hot breath into my ear, "Stay there till the housemother checked us off. "

Aesley turned in haste to her side of the wall, next to me.
Noira was walking around with a large stick and a clipboard. The lights in the hallway went on , whilst some cringed, I did not move. Not knowing what Aesley would do to me if I even say anything.

Noira started ticking off, one by one, saying, "1, 2, 3-4-5..." She got to the two of us. "Ah 14 and 9. The only kids who have an excuse and a reason to be here..."

I quizzically wondered what Noira meant.


Talk and piss Aesley off to know why Noira said that, or Stay silent and ask Aesley her story even if you dont know your own....??
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 08, 2021 10:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Best to stay silent and get our bearings first. Ask Aesley what Noira meant after Noira leaves.
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Author Chapter
scribe siren

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2021 11:37 am    Post subject: Vote the outcome Reply with quote

Poll is up for next chapter, on opuspath Chinaren and poison has voted.
Vote and lets see how far my book gets, I will be self publishing the book around July.
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Author Chapter
scribe siren

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 4:00 am    Post subject: Chapter 3: End to a bad year Reply with quote

Chapter 2 E Black Spots

I kept to myself, I was going to sort everything on my own!

Everyone were in their pajamas and me, I was in my old clothes from yesterday. The feeling of being dirty rapidly brought me fear.

Noira explained as she pulled tiny papers from her clipboard, “The new committee will be elected by ballot,” she deeply breathed, “Here you go.”

I stayed still holding onto the tiny paper, turned it in my fingers and positioned it to my eyes. On it stood: Mertha, Aesley, “Paddy” and “Snow”.

Each name had a square below to be marked off.

“You all have the whole day to pic the two to run the library, the cafeteria and the money collections. And a lot more!”

Shockingly, how would Noira know who I would pick for this? I had to decide. I had to get this paper sorted somehow.

Aesley had been peering over my shoulder and gritted her teeth. Aesley had a faint smell of an apple on her, a sharp smell that a fruit wouldn’t often have. Yellowed areas on Aesley’s bottom row teeth, it was shown a lot clearer with the suntan skin she had. I glanced at her eyes for the first time and I knew she wanted me to pick her. an eye-of-prowess that looked dangerous, brown eyes staring into my soul...

Stuffing the paper into a pocket of my pants. Clearing her throat, Noira spoke tapping me on the shoulder, “Open showers are that way,” She pointed west.

Aesley been bumping everyone with a reason to get first in line, most did not do anything toward her rude behavior. I also didn’t know anything about anyone, other than my sister Claire.

Following the line of students toward the showers. I pressed my towel to my chest and saw what Noira meant by “Open Showers”.

I stood between the wash basin and hand dryer. Waiting for a time where there were no one in the showers. The only shower that had a curtain was occupied, not being able to see inside the corner shower. And some other girls did not mind showering naked in front of their friends.

Ten open showers split into 3 areas, which was so close to each other. Making it look like you are sitting on each one’s lap to get washed. A buttocks distance from each student.

A small cough startled me; a small girl who seemed to be smaller than the rest of the girls, stood behind me. I had apparently got in her way, whilst she was at the wash basin. You would not see her since she was not in the line of sight for a normal length human. Her brown hair and green eyes which seemed to smile at me, even if her mouth was not showing signs of kindness.

Snow’s clothes were small polka dotted pajamas, which seemed to fit a ten-year-old. I nodded at her in silence. Hoping I did not make another enemy.

A high voice chipmunk-like came from this girl’s lips, which apparently had surgery for a cleft pallet, “Ah, your new here, I’m Sarah, most call me, Snow.” She held out her frail hand to greet.

Grinning I held her hand and shook it, “Annah Fallstaff.”

There were a short silence and Snow spoke,

“I can see why you are waiting for them to go away.” Snow returned the smile.

I released the stress I was having, an empty stomach, a bad night and a problem to solve – why I am here – why we are here…

“You do?” and I got an idea. If I was to Persist, it was the key to knowing all I needed to know.

“Yes,” She whispered, “Ahhh… I can see your not fully developed, like me!”

I snorted, “… Sorry, what does that mean?”

“Oh, I thought you had no breasts, like me, since you’re clenching that towel like your about to have a heart attack.” Snow’s hand that was still up, as if its stuck or she forgot it was still up close to my chest. She finally let her hand down, and all of a sudden Snow’s hand rested it onto mine.

I pulled back in fear of what others might think seeing two girls next to each other like this, “Sorry, but can I ask?”

“Yes, you can”

“What exactly – Why are you here and so—”

“Small?” She didn’t seem to be offended by my question, “I have a gene that causes it. Find me at break time after showers.” She walked off to a right-side corner of the bathroom.

Aesley whom was first in the shower, towels around her body and her hair. Bumped past me to show her being the alpha. The wrist bandage was removed during the shower. The skin seemed to be purple and yellow, meaning it happened about a week ago.

Behind me Aesley dug into a drawer and pulled out toothpaste. The smell of apple was gone from Aesley’s body, which was a relief. She started extremely scrubbing her teeth, she mumbled whilst going in circles. She spat a bloody mess into the basin.

I pulled back from Aesley’s position, “That’s not normal!”

As unbefitting for a lady, she screamed, “I have sensitive gums! You are not my mom.” She blurted each word after the other. “You. Give. Me. My. Mall. Card!”

All of a sudden I remembered it was Friday and tomorrow was an outing to the Mall apparently. “Oh right!” I continued in fear, “I don’t have a card!”

“And you let me clean your shit! You are gonna have trouble coming your way.” And she stomped out of the bathroom, turning around and pointing at her eyes and back at me.

The shower I have taken was cold as ice. I really had to wait for them to disperse by 6am, which was not smart.

Rummaging around my clothe pile, I put on the blue shirt, the pink sash and the dark blue short dress. “Next time I will be first…”

I only had about one hour left to get my schedule and get to the cafeteria and get Snow outside later in the day.

I took the time to go back to Miss Wetherspoon’s class. The darkened stairwell didn’t seem so dark anymore. However, a cat was sitting on the ball-end of the stairwell.

Since it was the only class I knew of. She would be able to help me with my schedule. I pressed hard onto the button, but no sound came out.

hearing the running of the cat, I saw a long shadow behind me. I spun around on the balls of my feet as slow as I could. Afraid and hoping it was not Aesley.

It was Claire, I breathed a sigh of relief. And she happily said, “Oh, so glad to see you!” She grabbed me around my neck and rocked me from side to side. A hug I did not expect. “I feel like a used piece of toilet paper.” She laughed, pulling on her clothes.

Claire’s school clothes were an off brown with a white sash. Felt jealous for the color she was wearing, whilst I looked like a pink mint-ish marshmallow.

I uttered, “U- Uh. I need to know—” I wanted to ask her if she wanted to help me get to the bottom of all this drama of the school, instead I said, “You look happy!”

I looked at my sister’s blue eyes which seemed it had a shine to it, that I haven’t seen before. The faint smell of Sharp Apple came from her. I stepped back and in a moment of thought, both of us were greeted by Miss Wetherspoon opening the gate.

Miss, W. who seemed to have marks around her eyes from the goggles she was wearing. It was probably being moved around. It looked like a row of ugly creases. “Oh! Good! You are here Annah! And Claire”

I tilted my head to see through the door of her classroom.

There were white lines on the floor, but there were tables now too. My gaze went from my sister to the teacher, “Yes? Can I--” I asked Miss W. In hopes that she would be able to help.

My sister Claire chipped in, speaking to Miss W, “Greetings!”

“Your class starts here, hun! Ill be running you two through the school rules, everything you need and so forth. For now, go to the Cafeteria! You must be famished.”

“Okay, so the walkthrough is here. However, the school classes are??”

“The school classes are in the third plot a little away from this hostel.”

I looked at Claire and asked, “And how did you know to come here to this class and whole different other hostel area?”

“Agatha told me to come here, my house mother.” She grabbed my hand and said, “To the Cafeteria.”

I pulled my hand from my sister’s and looked into her eyes, something was strange, and I had to find out without insulting people.

“I got to do something quick, I forgot my money for the cafeteria…”

Claire nodded and went up the stairs, tapping onto the portrait I had seen yesterday.

Both of us loomed in closer at the mounted piece. It seemed to be a row of boys. Below it was written in calligraphy: BlackRock 80’s, Grey scale photo. Fifteen Boys were posed into perfect positions, perfect leg position and all had the same haircut. Short almost bald. However, there were no teacher present.

As Claire disappeared around the corner, she shouted from top, "See you there."

Miss W. shook her head at me, she was looking over my shoulder, moved to the side and said, "Lying little one, are you not? Food is free." And Miss W. pointed to the names on the portrait, turned and left me to my thinking.

The picture didn't say anything else; all names below were marked out with a black marker. Maybe I could see something?

Chapter 3: The end to a bad year.

Rubbing on the black marker on the names, I picked at the ink. I tried seeing why these boy’s names were crossed out. Why would these boy’s pictures be up in a girl’s school? This made me feel fired up for the day, to find out exactly what everyone knows.

Bright lights started switching on. Only noticing that I have spend the last fifteen minutes of breakfast staring at this portrait.

A sound of consistent foot-banging were heard coming from the stairs. In fear I duck behind the stair’s open area. Hiding inside the webs of this staircase. My fear was that this could be Aesley. I had to be brave, but I just could not.

Rows of girls started standing in one exceptionally long line. No Aesley was spotted. Claire was last in the line, instead of her going in, she went straight to me, “Come! I know you are afraid.”

“I’m not afraid…. I just got--- stuck.”

Claire shook her head, “You will have to tell me after class how your first day was.”


The classroom seemed it needed a good tidying up from pieces of fabric lying around. All eyes looked at me or it felt like it, all over in the room girls were stretched over what seemed like uncomfortable tables.

Miss W. Closed the gate behind me and ushered me to the open seat.

One, Two, three—Sixteen I counted, “That makes me seventeen…”

Each table had an enclosure made of wood. So, there were strict rules at seeing friends in class—probably.

Also, the cubicle had one tiny mirror on the wood frame, it had glue oozing from the edges of the mounted item. Most girls here had not white skin. Some had tanned African skin.

Claire and I were white as sheets with even more white hair. It did not compliment how ghostly we look. Our noses were that of an Eskimo and our eyes that of water. And I was sure that from what I read in the book back on the plane, there were different type of races here. And still have not heard any real South African accents yet.

Most girls had their head up like an Ostridge over the square at their front. I joined them in this ridiculous position.

Miss W. pulled on a wire, unrolling a white plastic canvas. Slapped a stick to the rules on the plastic.

“Rule 1: The red flags at your table are for questions, the ones with south African flag are for things that are tragic reports—like death, requests to go to teachers for a reason, marking being done."

“Rule 2: No Toilets during class!”

“Rule 3: You are not allowed out of the hostel unless it is essential buying time. We will not stand for those who steal money.”

I raised my hand and Miss W. Pointed at me: “Red flag!”

I propped up the red flag and asked, “What exactly is these mall days for then?” This school was ridiculous. I felt like pressured into a corner with all these strange people.

Miss W. Smiled and turned the plastic over – which was hanging on a rather flimsy wire.

Rule 4: If you cleaned your area we have given for the week, you are allowed for some freedom. – Like you! You can clean the bus!”

Giggling went around the class, something felt wrong to have been picked for the bus.


Greetings all. Yes a school actually has things to do with flags and really strict rules.
Hope you all enjoy
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Chapter 3: A

Miss W told me, if I was to clean the bus, I will be able to go to the mall. However, I knew that Aesley would probably want the tickets for herself. Aesley was a selfish person and I could not stand being anywhere near close to her. she was dangerous, during class and I spent most of the day silent.

A few books were given out by miss W. The challenge for today was to read the 1st two books. This was the first day of the school for me but not for the others. I will show that I'll be fine on my own, however I'm sure that my sister would want to know what went on last night.

As a very loud Bell sound of clanging on metal, it was break time. I was sure to stay behind until everyone was out so I could talk to miss W. the teacher has been looking at me for quite a while right now wondering why I wasn't out.

I lifted the red flag just to be sure that I wouldn't annoy her if I want to ask a question . she started walking over to me. the sun had a reflection on her goggles and I was sure she knew I had huge question.

She spoke , “so, you have questions, do you not ? “ Her arm was leaning on the cubicle. I did not know where to start so I had to start from the beginning. Without being sound rude I tried asking first about Aesley, but my head went straight to the main problem.

“Can you tell me about the history of the school. I'm sure if you try teach the first year students, then you're able to actually know how the school started ?”

Miss W. , “I've only been here for five years not many years but enough.”

“Are you sure you don't know anything about the school ? I've been wondering about the portrait you pointed out. “ I took a huge breath , “why would a boy school picture be here at a girl school. “

“Honestly, I'm not very sure, but I think they used to be a boy and girl school.”

I scuffed my feet around the floor, the feeling of an empty quest-- that only felt that it was for me. I didn't want to bring my sister Claire into the problem. she seemed too happy right now. I turned on the chair, nodded to the teacher in a kindly manner.

And went straight upstairs following the sound of students to find the outside. The sun was peeking up in the horizon. As I got out to the earth, the sand curving around my shoes. A large fountain that I have not seen before when we came in last night. the fountain was decorated with Angels an intricate designs around the edges.

Most who were in groups , looking at how I was standing all alone-- solely alone. It seemed like Claire already made some friends, the strange thing was Aesley was around her. If I was to tell Claire about how Aelsey treated me. I was sure she would drop her immediately. a friend like Aesley probably does have a good side, but not really for me-- not at all.

I scuffled along toward a wall about 3 meters high close to the parking lot. I sat down looking down to the sportsgrounds at what seemed to be girls playing hockey. Leaning my head against an off gray-ish pipe. I clung to it and minded my own business. Or I thought so …

Snow had come from behind my back. She really did have knack to scare people. As quiet as she was she came sit next to me. she spoke , “I thought you were going to meet me ?”

I breathed and said , “sorry ‘bout that, it's just been a bad day”

“The first days are always bad. I've been here for a whole year now.”

I dug around my pocket and pulled out the little paper looked at it, then I looked at snow and said , “hope you're not being kind to me because you want me to mark your name?”

Snow laughed, “Don’t worry about that. I never win.”

I crumpled up the little paper and tossed it into a dustbin, feet dangling from the wall I was sitting on. I turned to look at snow and asked her, “Another is going to be personal but The thing is I need to know about the school and everyone around here. can you help ?”

It probably wasn't the smartest idea to ask someone I didn't know but it was probably better to make a friend or at least an acquaintance. Snow looked at me and said , “well First off you're in their room , the same room as Aesley.” she continued , “I'm sure you know how difficult she could be. she does not have a mom or dad. she came here at older age. she can't respect people because people don't respect her.”

I replied, “Are you sure -- thing is because if she don't respect people she won't ever be respected.” I left my mouth agape and said, “Is it because she has been abused and if she doesn't have a moment dad. who does she have ?”

“She has her entourage, a group of girls. whilst where I am more of a loner.” Snow took out the ballot paper, crumpled it up and tossed it like I have. “so ,tell me about yourself Annah.”

“Well , I'm 15 years old, my sister Claire is 16. My dad put us in school for some reason. The school is rather difficult one and I can't withstand all these rules. Now I know why my sister Claire didn't like flying to other schools. The reason to skipping airplanes wasn't the fear of flying, it was probably the fear of what the school will turn out like.”
“As you can see… I have the genes of an Asian woman and the genes of an African man. However, my stepfather is fully white. He has been a police officer for quite some time.”
“Sometimes I wonder why my mom picked him over all other guys. it was rather strange that some religions didn't allow re-marrying.”

Snow started telling her story, “Well, I was a dustbin baby, the nickname snow-- I have is because I've been found Wrapped in a very thick cloth in a patch of grass and snow. I came here under the wing of miss Wetherspoon.” She continued, “My father abandoned us, me and my mom. and so, my mom couldn't take care of me and she dropped me here.”

“Sorry to hear that . I know my problems are not any bigger than any of the rest of yours.” Swallowing a lump of guilt, I looked to the distance in silence. Roads and trees. The trees in the distance looks very green and packed onto one another. the roads lead to different directions, where I wondered if I'd be able to search the whole of this school.

snow's eyes look like it was weighing down, somehow she did look like a loner. The bell rang. I jumped up in haste and snow seemed to keep sitting at the same spot. She didn't listen to the bell.

Tapping snow's shoulder I asked , “Where am I able to get the schedule for the quarter.”

bending down on her knees, snow pushed herself up from the pipes. “Ill show you.” And the two of us started up the incline to the secretary’s office.

On the plaque of the secretary stood Emily. She had fully packed bookshelf with many books and a large slab on the wall with different keys, Each with their own name and code.

After receiving a few papers and hardback books along with a plastic bag and a key to my locker. I checked my schedule and It seemed that my class is only Monday and so that meant Claire’s were too. I thanked snow for her help, and she went her own direction.

I came out of the secretary's office And Noira came rushing towards me. she was a little out of breath, but I could see she had something to tell me. as excited as I was, I thought she had some good news. Instead, she came rushing towards me to just ask me to clean the bus.


I could see why some people laughed finding out that I have to clean the bus.
Two rows of leather seats, some single others were double seaters. It was covered in old deli meat papers and it seemed like someone had caused this purposely. I was sure I would probably sit here for weeks trying to clean this bus. Noira left me all alone to clean this with in the whole day.

a girl carrying a bucket of water, a towel and a mop. Shoving it into my hands and wishing me luck. she didn't even give any gloves or a mask to cover the stench. The girl that shoved the items into my hand came back passing along a set of keys. This bundle of keys look like it was for each cabinet that was personally locked.

I shook my head and said, “let's get on with it.” dumping the rag into the water stirring it around, I started cleaning the dust filled windows. Other girls I saw through the clean piece of window seem to have fun outside, but after checking again a few teachers were ushering them back into class. I was wondering if I was being tested to be competent.

so, I carried on cleaning each window. some sliders were stuck so I had just two windows that could open. At least I could get a little air in the stench. I twiddled the keys in my hand and start looking which keys fits to what cabinet.

Unlocking by luck the first cabinet, unluckily some person’s school attire was sitting in the spot. In interest I started digging in the pockets of the pants. Digging out a key with a tag attached: “14 a”.

My stomach went hollow as I put the key away. Its been almost twenty four hours since last time I had anything in my belly.

It didn’t take long till my sister Claire came in with a package wrapped in what was the same papers I was cleaning up. “Ah. I thought you might be here. Noira told me. I also got you this… You have to tell me what is going on?”

I took the food from her hands put my hand on my face sat down onto the cleanest chair I could find. “Aesley Has been harassing me. Also her deals are very shifty.”

“I know. I’m trying to befriend her, so she would leave you alone.” Said like a big sister.

“I want to go home.” I tearfully said, “I know why you’ve been so angry.” I slammed my fist against the cushioned handle.

Claire sat behind the driver’s seat. And looked me from a distance. “There must be a reason to why ? Why this place?”

I breathed heavily and kept my head up to stop me from crying, not hoping the girls see me like this, “Is this why he sent me with you on your 4th commute to a new school?” “So you wont run!” I blurted out.

Claire looked up and said, “I know who to talk to… “ She started digging through her pocket for what seemed like a tiny box. Tapping on the phone, she held it against her ear.

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