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As part of the City of IF's commitment to advance the art of storygaming, we have an opening for a contract writer to help create a high-quality storygame to be showcased on the site. See the details below. If you have any questions, contact Mark Keavney at

Fantasy Writer

The City of IF is looking for a creative, talented writer for a weekly fantasy series. This is contract work, paying $40 per 1000-2000 word chapter.


  • Must be able to write creative, engaging prose in a fantasy setting
  • Must be able to write quickly and to spec (i.e. take direction from others on writing content)
  • Experience with fantasy writing a plus
  • Experience with fantasy roleplaying games a plus
  • Experience working in Macromedia Flash a plus

If you're interested in this position, please fill out the fields below with your name, email, and text resume, and include the writing sample as described below. The writing sample is optional, but applications that include one will be considered first.

Writing sample: In the "writing sample" space below, write a scene for a fantasy story given the following scenario: a captain and soldiers in a military force occupying a city have entered the vestibule of a temple. The temple is of a religion that is in disfavor with the occupying army but has not been banned. The captain wants to search the temple because the captain believes that a fugitive is hiding inside. The priest does not want the captain to search the temple because such an act would be blasphemous, and also because a fugitive is hiding inside. The captain and priest talk, and at the end of their conversation, the captain leaves without searching the temple, and the reader understands why. Write their scene of their conversation, from the point of view of the fugitive, who is hiding close enough to see and hear the discussion.

The characters may be male or female, human or non-; the conversation may include threats, bluffing, bribery, pleas for mercy, or whatever else you think is appropriate. You may include description as needed, but the sample will be judged primarily on how realistic and engaging the conversational dynamic between the captain and the priest is. Please keep the text to between 200 and 500 words. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.

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