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The City of IF not only offers a great alternative to other free online RPGs, but also offers information about role playing, Greek mythology, Roman gods and goddesses, and much more. While we offer free multiplayer online RPGs and storygames based on genres like science fiction and fantasy, Greek mythology and Roman mythology are very popular topics for role playing games.

We have many links available to educate you on the excitement of Roman and Greek mythology. Monsters, heroes, ancient Roman and Greek gods and goddesses, and exciting stories of heroism and tragedy all make up the swath of legendary stories in Roman and Greek mythology.

Here you'll find information on ancient Greek gods, Roman gods, and much more. When you're done educating yourself on the exciting world of Roman and Greek mythology, you can come back and feel better prepared to take part in our free online RPGs and storygames. Here you'll find sites with information on ancient Greek mythology/gods and goddesses, including the stories, symbols, and monsters of Greek myth.

Best Overall

Greek Mythology Link - Detailed retellings of Greek myth, including quotes from the original works, pictures, maps, and genealogical tables and charts.

Greek Mythology: From the Iliad to the Fall of the last Tyrant - Essays about Greek mythology and descriptions of the major gods, godesses, and heroes, including references to their appearance in the Iliad and Odyssey.

Myth Man's Homework Help Center - Detailed Greek myths with a lighthearted tone. Includes a gallery of symbols and pictures and a section on "modern allusions."

Mythography - Myths and detailed information on Greek, Roman, and Celtic mythology. Searchable, with lists of additional resources and discussion forums.

Mythweb - Illustrated cartoon versions of the major gods, heroes, and myths.

General Information

Greek Mythology - Basic information on major figures, cross-referenced.

Mythology Guide - Eighty of the most common stories in Greek myth, indexed alphabetically.

Olga's Gallery - Brief sucmmaries of the major gods, godesses, heroes, and monsters in Greek and Roman myths, indexed alphabetically.

Special Focus

Greek Mythology Stamps - Figures of Greek mythology on postage stamps from Greece, Britain, and Germany.

The Trojan War Myth in Ancient Art - Pictures of ancient art depicting scenes from the Trojan War.

The Trojan War - Detailed retelling of the Trojan War myth.

Women of the Trojan War - Stories of the women affected by the Trojan War, on both the Greek and Trojan sides.

Women in Greek Myths - Detailed information about the women in Greek myths, with separate sections for major goddesses, minor goddesses, nymphs, amazons, female monsters and humans. Searchable, with a glossary and lots of pictures.

The World History of Male Love: Greek Mythology - Stories of male love (gay) in Greek mythology.

Mythology Resource Sites

Ancient Greek Myth - Home page for a UC Berkeley Classics course. Has links to many sites not only with mythology information but also with related content such as art, history, ancient sites, museums, festivals, author resources, and archaeology.

Myth Database - Links to 500 sites using the word "myth," including urban legends, biblical myths, modern fantasy, and modern political and social "myths." A grab bag of resources.

Resource Central: Mythology - Lists of mythology and folklore sites, including Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Indian, and Norse mythology.

Thanks to jnmrcs and duffman666, the City of IF Site Mythologists, for their research for this page.

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