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Virtual Chapter 11
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Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 10:49 pm    Post subject: Virtual Chapter 11  

This chapter has had some... Technical Difficulties Per Se and I have now corrected it.

Virtual Chapter 11: Emergency

Quentin held his ear, screaming in pain as his ear bled from his wound. He had shut his eyes in an attempt to block out the pain but it was like someone was melting his ear with a welding torch. Corporal Meddens was tipping everything over in the next room while he searched for a First Aid kit for the wounded Private First Class but he was frantic and was looking the same places repeatedly.
'Jim. What happened to Elliot?' Tim asked as he pulled the sergeant aside.
'He ís dead. We found his body being eaten by the Boragnians,' the sergeant answered as he holstered his side arm and started taking deep breaths. Tim bowed his head, mourning the loss of his best friend on board the U.S.S. Freedom but he was in the middle of something and someone needed to take command of this situation before they made a decision that could kill them all. Such as running like hell to get to the next sector and getting eaten alive one by one by the Boragnians
'Alright. Who is your medic? Jim thought for a moment but then realised their medical officer was the last one to die when they ran down the corridor in single file. Lance Corporal Brian Demers. The sergeant began to think that if he had put the medic in the middle of the single file like he should have done then Quentin wouldn't be screaming like hell. Brian was but he got pulled into the vents by one of those bastards just before you opened the door,î Jim whispered, looking back at the steel door
'Do any of your men know First Aid?'
'I think Frank does. However I don't think he'd be able to stop arterial bleeding or any of that kinda stuff,'
Just then Meddens rushed in with the First Aid Kit and threw the briefcase over to Private Pierce. Who immediately unlocked the case and pulled out a small gun that had a syringe on the top of it. He took the syringe off of it and added a bottle of a purple liquid that splashed around inside it like waves.
'Sinper! Sinper listen to what Iím saying! I am going to cause you some pain but this will stop the bleeding. I am going to use this on your ear, you will feel a powerful sting for a few seconds and then youíll get a numbness on the right side of your head okay?'
Frank waved the injector in front of Quentin and the Private First Class nodded in acknowledgment with the private. Quentin then braced up as Frank pulled the trigger and a spray came out of the opening in the end of the gun and the mist pierced the wound. The drug named Dihydroxen started forming an artificial skin over the wound and stopped the side of his head from bleeding. The downside of all this would be that Private First Class Sinper wouldn't be able to get his ear reattached if somehow they found it that had been bitten off by one of aliens. Quentin relaxed as the drug numbed the left side of his head and this effect would last for a few minutes so before the numbness could wear off the Private gave Sinper a anaesthetic to keep him asleep for the next few hours.
'Brian gave me a few lessons on First Aid.' Frank explained.

Jack wouldn't hold out for much longer, his AH6 had taken heavy fire from ground fire and the tail rotor needed oil but the missile that had clipped the tail boom cut off the oil line so it was bound to explode.
'Iron-Man your tail rotor is venting black smoke!' 2nd lieutenant Johnson reported as she hovered around the squadron leader
'Roger that swift angel but this bird seems to be okay from where I am. Give it a few more minutes out.' Jack replied as he struggled for control over the damaged little bird. He had very little ammunition left and was losing control but he was thankful for two things. 1: He had dropped off the marines first. 2: This was Virtual Reality.
As he finished that thought a rocket soared past the right side of his cockpit and he leaned out just a little bit to get a look which was a stupid idea for just then another rocket flew past his own head. He could feel the heat which made him duck back into the cockpit and push forward on the flightstick. His bird lowered its altitude but he gained speed as he went and then finally he yanked back on the flightstick which sent him flying into the air for a few moments. All he could see was the blinding afternoon sun blinding him but that didnít stop him from keeping his concentration and so he turned the aircraft into the proper position before he would crash. What he found now was speeding Chinese attack helicopter that was flaring but Jack could see the widened eyes of the virtual pilot inside. Jack was still speeding but he quickly reacted to the situation, pulled the trigger and sent the last burst of ammunition impacting into the main engine of the enemy chopper. Now it was a simple matter of avoiding and with only a few more seconds in this time period he yanked back on the flightstick but more over to the right so he narrowly avoided a mid air collision. Jack laughed in triumph as he watched the helicopter burst into flame after the engine ignited its fuel line and engulfed the aircraft in fire.
'Great kill Iron-Man! Warrant Officer Vowels!' complimented. Jack was opening his mouth to speak when he felt the entire aircraft shake and Jack started losing control. He battled with the flightstick but he had already lost all navigational control in the AH6
'Oh you gotta be kidding me! I'm going down, Charlie-One, Iron-Man going down!' he shouted over the radio as his AH6 started to spin but to help gain some control Jack turned the PCLís offline to stop a counter-clockwise rotation while the rotors still spun clockwise. Jack struggled with the flightstick but he was beginning to black out and his reactions were becoming slower by the second but finally his little bird crashed onto the rooftop. He was killed on impact and once more Jack was immersed in a green colour until he was brought back to reality.

'Found anything yet Tim?' Omar asked as he aimed his pistol at the door which continued to create banging and dents were appearing as the monsters on the other side smashed at the door. The security guards were getting nervous for they knew that the door wouldnít hold for much longer and the entry to this room was right next to the computer terminals. They needed Tim to hack into the cruiserís mainframe and shut down the sectors doors. Hopefully this will get the attention of the technical wizards up on the bridge.
'Shut the fuck up and let me work!' was the answer from the junior maintenance officer. He was working as hard as his could that he was typing so fast that it looked as though his hands were gliding across the keyboard and not even touching the keys but they were still appearing on the screen. There were several passwords that he needed to get through in order to shut down the sector but under stress he was frantic and a bit slower when he had to think. Suddenly a hole was punched through the door and Omar raised his rifle at the door.
'Hold your fire! Wait till they come through!' Jim said calmly giving them an excuse to give Tim more time who was now sitting in a pool of his own sweat. Almost got it!î Timothy said with some enthusiasm as he continued to type on the computer. Sergeant Parkes gave a look of confusion as he saw Frank Pierce drag a table to the door and then tip it up. He was barricading the door and the security guards knew what he was doing but these monsters would knock the table over as soon as the door had a big enough hole in it. Omar rushed into the next room and came back with a roll of duct tape, which he used to support the table via taping it to the wall. It was a weak attempt but it would give them just the few extra seconds they would need to get into the next room and lock it. Finally Tim turned around with a face of triumph. He had locked down the sector and even managed to get the fire emergency system online in their sector which means that a team would come down to their sector and find out what the real situation was. Technical Officer Walliston gave a look of confusion at the computer as a report came up on his scream informing him that the mainframe had been hacked, a sector had been closed down and the fire emergency system had gone off. However he could only come to two conclusions on this...

To Be Continued...
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