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Info Street - FAQs and Guides to the City  
IF Technical Institute and FAQ
A goldmine of technical info, frequently asked questions and miscellaneous hints and tips to make the most of your stay at IF
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Catch the latest headlines, gossip and goings on in the IFs premier rag!
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Writer's Academy
Wherein the Headmaster may lead discussions, recruit Professors, lay out some class schedules etc...
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City Central  
City Auditorium
Forum for Site Honors, Spotlight Storygame competitions and general site announcements.
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The City!
Check out IF, buy a plot of land to call your own even!
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The Market Bizarre
For discussions about Fables, the City of IF currency, and any enterprises. Recently reopened for business!
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Hall of Debate
For those engaging discussions inviting banter and disagreement. Keep it civil folks!
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Advertisement Board
Where guests will be welcomed to post up advertisements for their own site.
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Auditorium Archives
Echoes of announcements and awards shouted through the ages...
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Open Forum Archives
A place for old discussions of any nature
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The Fantasy Forest - Fantasy Storygames  
Storygames: Fantasy
High Fantasy, Epic heroic tales, entire alternative worlds. From dragons to elfpunk, if there's magic in it, you'll find it here.
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The Children of Leyond
For the Five Nations...times are bleak. The time of legends dawns again, when the dead rise from their graves and allies and enemies, strange and terrible reappear after ages forgotten. As the Great Gates open and powers best left dormant smash the land, hope lies in the nation of Leyond and the terrible secret she keeps. A secret known only to her rulers. But with her current king nearing his end and his sons dead...the succession rests on the heads of four strange candidates...each with their own secrets to hide.
29 205
Is this Me?
Follow the life of a young boy with no idea of who or what he is. His unusual features make him an outcast in most societies. Teaming up with other outcasts, others who 'glow', he travels the world in search of his true self.
Voted Spotlight Winner April 2011
12 163
The Funny Bone: Jokes and Humorous Pics
For those random threads that make us smile and laugh!
7 83
Tempora Crepusculi
Memory is a fickle thing. There is an entire, alternate world of which we can never remember. Now that Isaac is a part of this nightly second life, he will have to try his best to stay afloat in a strange reality of fey, demons, and other magic creatures. How long can Isaac last when everything he thought he knew is wrong?
Voted Spotlight Winner April 2010
11 122
After the deaths of their parents, Milo and Winnie Munby are sent to live with their cold and distant uncle, Jem, at the mysterious Amethyst Estate. Once there, they're immediately thrown headlong into an adventure, full of magic, mystery and sparking footprints, where they're given the chance to right the wrongs of their family's past, and ultimately save the world.
Voted Spotlight Storygame November 2010
15 304
Fantasy Tales of IF
The City of IF is a wild place, populated by weird and wonderful peoples, though mostly weird. Here you can come and read some of the stranger stories of our fair city. Don't be shy now!
5 113
Skiffiville - Science Fiction and Experimental SGs  
Storygames: Scifi and Experimental
Science Fiction and Modern Set tales
27 862
Heavy Metal
An elderly man on a quest to achieve his lifelong dream of flying into outer space finds a lot more than he bargains for along the way. Where spirituality and technology collide, you find: Heavy Metal.
33 469
Symphony's Requiem
Leif was doing just fine dealing with the loss of his closest friends. The solution was easy - a dark apartment and prolonged exposure to alcohol. That was until the day he woke up in a cemetery, met a woman named Symphony and found himself being harassed by a man named Tetra.
Spotlight winner, January 2010
16 138
Sector 17
In his search for wealth, William Kent is the latest to unearth hidden treasure from the dark lifeless seabed of Sector 17. The discovery promises riches, but also brings unwelcome scrutiny and raises many questions. Will he like the answers that he finds, or was Sector 17 best left undisturbed? Voted Storygame of the Month April 2009
11 140
Heavy Metal v2
Restructured, reworked, linear format. Ruthless Critiquing requested!!!
4 5
Manor of the Macabre - Horror, Mystery, and Suspense  
Storygames: Horror, Mystery and Suspense
Tales of Horror, Mystery and Suspense
12 426
Mature Horror Storygames
For Adult Content Horror
5 15
The Hidden Crime
Is it a crime if you can't remember it? What if you wake up drowning in damning evidences of a terrible crime, which you may or may not have committed? You want to believe you're innocent, but you can't be sure. What will you do in such a situation, especially when it's something as heinous as murder? Sebastian is just an ordinary guy who is good at his job and has experienced a tragedy or two in his life. Then, one morning, he wakes up covered in blood. Blood that isn't his own. Join him as he embarks on a on a mental journey to discover the truth of The Hidden Crime.
8 27
Reality Road - General Fiction SGs  
Storygames - General Fiction
Storygames with a realistic setting, characters, and plot.
12 578
Mature General Fiction
General Fiction SGs with a darker twist...not to be viewed by minor eyes.
2 20
Linear Lane - Linear stories, Critiques and writing competitions.  
Linear District
For stories that don't have reader participation.
28 152
Linear Library
A trove of past stories, interesting tales and noted novels for you to peruse and enjoy. Also a repository for unfinished Linear works. Viewable to registered members only.
81 1184
Writers' Arena
For writing competitions.
18 199
Short Story Avenue
The place to go if you have any short stories that you want to give people a chance to read and enjoy!
1 2
Multiverse - CYOA-style Interactive Stories  
How to create your CYOA Interactive Story
For discussing hints and tips on how to use City of IF's Multiverse CYOA feature.
4 17
Multiverse Stories
CYOA-style Interactive Stories in the City of IF Multiverse. Forum for links, announcements and story discussions
8 55
Role Player's Den  
Role Playing Announcements and General Information
How to use this District.
2 2
Role Play Rules and Requests

9 68
One-On-One Role Plays

5 343
Group Role Plays

20 773
Fan Fiction Role Plays

4 14
Out of Character Discussion Threads

7 140
Word Game Way  
Fun with words!
Wherein is located all manner of play on the English language.
18 557
Artistic Avenue - Poetry and Member Art  
Poetry Palace
For the Poetry of IF
29 504
Art Gallery
For IFians to share their graphic art talents and works
33 531
Stasis Hall - Completed or archived Storygames  
The Wheel - The White Queen
An epic tale of adventure, love, and war, set in a world of classical mythology...
5 100
Election Oct 10
Forum for discussing and voting on the City of IF Mayoral Election October 2010.
5 46
The Archer's Quest
A young archer seeks her destiny in the Wild Lands. A sequel to the very first storygame, The Archer's Flight. Newbies welcome!
18 211
The Wheel - The Fish That Walked
A prince dreams his life away, until his island home is invaded...
9 180
When he was ten, Randy Harman had a bad experience in the principal's office. Now, as he nears his thirty first birthday, strange things are happening to him. Voices out of thin air, hot babes asking him to parties and unfortunate accidents in the toilet. He's about to find out the why, and it's going to be bigger than he expected. Randy Harman: Saviour of worlds or destroyer of them? Spotlight Winner July 2011
6 171
The Wheel - The Ram
A slave overthrows his masters and teaches his people to fight...
27 823
The Wheel - The Machine's Daughter
The offspring of a machine is drawn to the Animal World.
20 918
The Wheel - The Twin Prince
A young boy will inherit an Empire, if he survives...
12 286
A symbol, a design, something meaningful to help you remember, or to inspire you to greater heights. What does Ink mean to you? A needle pressed into flesh, bleeding colour... is it art? Is it fashion? Is it something more? Only one thing is for certain- it leaves a mark that is Indelible
20 212
Trade Windows
If it's too good to be true, it probably is. The cold space of the New Eden Galaxy has taught this time and time again. But for Targh, the lesson has a life of its own, one intent on snaring him in its web. With limited resources, and too few choices, can Targh escape unharmed? Voted Storygame of the Month, Feb 2009.
12 161
The 2009 IFYs
The nominations , voting and results of 2009's prestigious event.
26 156
The Weatherwarden
Dendrin, a young Weatherwarden, learns of the Genesis Gem—a jewel so powerful it can create any element from nothing with incredible magic. SGotM for August 2008!!
0 0
Grim Reaping
My name is Grim Reaper. You may know me as Death. As you can imagine I have travelled the length of time since the Business of Life was established by Johnny B God in what some call "The Year of Dot." I still don't know who Dot is. After so many millennia spent collecting souls, I feel it is time to tell some of my many stories. Welcome to The Reaper Diaries. Voted SGOTM February 2008.
17 231
Eterna Familia
And you thought YOUR family was nuts? Join Europa, her immortal siblings, and a cast of assorted crazies in a quest to solve the mysteries of an inheritance that no one wants. Intrigue, mystery, plotting, immortality, attempted murder via staircases, psychics, creepy morticians and librarians all await you... Eterna Familia! Voted StoryGame of the Month, July 2008!!
16 115
Mayoral Election April 2011
Forum for the election of the City of IF Mayor, April 2011.
3 66
The Hunt
Benjamin Metzger had a hit. Except bad stuff happened and… yeah. So then he’s drinking his sorrows, makes a foolish wish, and it comes true. So now he’s stuck in a perverse reflection of his movie, trying to get back into the frying pan, or at least survive the fire. Voted Storygame of the Month Dec 2008
11 83
Galleons of the Stars
Six orphans on their own for the first time are finding that it's anything but smooth sailing. Kidnappings. Bar-fights. Wild chases on star galleons. A pitched sea battle in the middle of empty space. Sailing through an ion storm with a mad drunk at the helm. When that mad drunk is actually a legendary pirate lord maybe that evens the odds. Then again, when they are turning into people they barely recognize... When their histories suddenly start to haunt them... When a treasure they know nothing about may end the only lives they've got... Maybe they should've stayed in bed... SGOTM Winner October 2007
40 414
Rhapsody in Blue
A boy finds he can see and hear things no one else can sense. A shady organization beckons him into its ranks as he discovers he can change people’s core personalities. Worst of all, dreams of a colorless world haunt him. Come join IF’s most colorful storygame in a world where nothing is black and white.
8 86
Doors to the Truth
Rel is an ordinary teenaged boy, who lives in... a not-so-ordinary world. His homeland is a hotspot for a strange phenomenon, named Doors. After traveling through one of these, he discoveres truths, that will change his world, and others, forever... Voted Storygame of the Month, Feb 2009
6 68
The Multitude is rising. There's only one hope for humanity, and she's behind the bike sheds on her knees. Face it, we're screwed. Voted SGame of the month August 07.
17 353
Barry the Normal
Join Bartrix Devinous Hero Extrodinaire on his quest to satisfy age old riddles such as 'who put the empty carton back in the fridge' and 'why are there never enough hot dog buns'. A comic adventure with laugh out loud moments that are sure to leave you saying 'the juice just came out of my nose!'. Voted SGame of the Month, August 2007
9 141
Conversations With a Dead Friend
Life was great for Dave, right up until he died. Everything after that has been a big disappointment. Voted SGotM September 2008!
2 81
Bittersweet Reverie
Robbie is a boy with an active imagination; his parents and teachers want to reign in his wild thoughts, but Robbie will soon discover a new world in a different dimension which will appreciate his creativity. In fact, his imagination is a powerful tool in this world, and yet one which may bring desctruction. The inhabitants of this world will force Robbie into difficult choices, and he must make decisions about his talents...but so do you. Read the story, Live the adventure!
11 127
Election October 09
For the eighth City Mayoral Elections, October 09.
2 14
InterFable Stories - A Vampire's Quest - COMPLETE
A young vampire, hunted by wizards, must find out who he really is and how to stop his hunters...
21 323
InterFable Stories - Bushido - COMPLETE
The story of a young man trying to save his village from being destroyed by bandits. Co-winner of All-around Best Ify 2005.
21 507
InterFable Stories - When Stories Travel Together
4 passengers traveling together contrive short stories to entertain the others...and YOU. On Hiatus
7 148
Mayoral Election May 2012
Forum for the election of City of IF's mayor.
9 91
Election Oct 2011
Forum for Mayoral Election 2011.
2 79
For the playtesting and discussion of Arena, the game of ever-changing strategy.
12 225
The Time Before
Follow two mages working on opposite sides in the battle for domination of a continent. Towns will be razed, magic will fly, and people will die. Come in and help create the history that shaped the "Battle to the End" world. Voted New Storygame of the Month, Nov 05.
7 686
Battle to the End - Start Here!
They come from all over the world to take part in the ultimate test of magical prowess. There is great glory, for those who survive. Now open to sign up!
11 127
Battle to the End - The Master of Illusion and Light
Follow Gorin, the Master of Illusion and Light, as he battles his way through the annual Mages Tournament in Vlusos. Will his powers be enough for victory, or will events beyond his control prove too much for him? Only time will tell.
16 337
Election March 09
For electing the seventh Mayor of the City of IF
8 72
Battle to the End - Spellsinger
Listen to Jakeen as he discovers the magic of music.
17 304
Battle to the End - Yahoo: Mind over Magic
A man that depends solely on strategy and a little Magic to win a competition in Vlusos, enter the Lyceum, and find his true love...and maybe a man he needs to take revenge on.
17 192
Election March 2013
Forum for City of IF Mayoral Election March 2013
3 20
A Fronte Praecipitium a Tergo Lupi
This is a tale of a woman, and her discovery of her own true nature. Born to a warrior race of half-lion, half-elves, she ventured north at an early age. Content with her lot in life, she took what she wanted, when she wanted, until uncovering a plot of assassination. The target – her. Trying solely to survive, she stumbles upon a world unfamiliar to her – a world of politics and guile. Join Ulliana and her companions as she discovers her destiny. SGoTM winner August 2006
23 380
Truthseeker - COMPLETE
His village destroyed for unknown reasons, a boy searches for the answers that connects his half-brother, the goddess, and himself into a dangerous journey for truth. Voted New Storygame of the Month, Nov 04
7 102
Pirates, Vampires, and Ninjas, Oh My!
Journey with Talon the One-eye and his crew as they explore dangerous new lands, assemble their fleet, and avoid getting pantsed on their way to attaining the status of Most Feared Pirate! Voted New Storygame of the Month, Feb 05; Winner of Best Style/Most Original Ify 2005.
8 143
Virtual - COMPLETE
In deep space wages a war between the Boragnians and humans. Follow the cruiser Freedom and its pilots through a perilous journey through this horrendous war. Voted New Storygame of the Month, May 05.
23 451
Finite Cosmos - COMPLETE
A journey fraught with danger reveals the tremulous existence of the world, as one young woman struggles to discover her life path on a personal voyage of self-discovery. Voted New Storygame of the Month, March 05; Winner of Best Description/Detail Ify 2005.
25 433
Sheerluck Holmes - COMPLETE
The best parody of Sherlock Holmes since 1895. Don't miss this hilarious comedy full of today's worries and fashions. Voted New Storygame of the Month, June 05
9 204
Sojourner's Journey - COMPLETE
A girl finds her fate, a people find their heritage, and a ruler finds his purpose. Voted New Storygame of the Month, Sep 05.
26 320
Frank Brill just wants to save his rubber cement factory. But when aliens start placing orders, his situation gets sticky in a hurry. Voted New Storygame of the Month, July 05.
8 173
Beyond the Horn - COMPLETE
When Winger entered the Down Below, she experienced a nightmare. But the nightmare keeps calling her back... Voted New Storygame of the Month, August 2005
13 142
Shadows of the Mind
A girl's nightmares really do come true - unless she can find the power to stop them. Voted New Storygame of the Month, Oct 05.
27 544
IFY Awards 2007

26 242
Good vs Evil vs money!
The ultimate StoryGame, where citizens of IF participate in the fight between unswerving Good and terrifying Evil. Sway who will achieve final victory by bribing the author! Will the Dark Queen conquer the Silver Lands and the world? Read here to find out! Voted New Storygame of the Month, Dec 05.
36 1343
Heroes Never Panic
A story of great nations at war refusing to put aside their differences and abandon their greed, even as the rage of the undead threatens to end all life. Former Captain John Taggert, a man of uncertainty, must find a true understanding of courage to stand against the darkness, and become a beacon of heroism for others to follow. Voted New Storygame of the Month, Jan 06.
5 336
No Good Deed...
In a world of PlayStations, mobile phones and designer shoe-laces, fairy-godmothering is just not what it used to be. Elladora Chubb - a fairy-godmother from a quieter, more gentle age - fights the system from within. Voted New Storygame of the Month, Feb 06.
11 386
Tired of Death - COMPLETE
How many times have you hacked down a zombie without thinking about it? Ever wondered who the shadowy force behind that dungeon is? Spared a thought for the poor denizens who are sat around in those chilly Crypts waiting for the next victim? Perhaps it's time to see the story from the other side... Voted Storygame of the Month for June 06
2 4
The Greatest Fantasy Story Ever
What do a callow youth, a caustic witch, a chagrined elf, a capricious princess, and a calculating magician have in common? A whole lot of alliteration, for one thing! Follow the magic, mirth, and all-around mayhem of The Greatest Fantasy Story Ever. Voted New Storygame of the Month, March 06.
10 476
Sergeant Mack, an American Soldier who lost his legs in the second Gulf War has been recruited by the super secret Limb Replacement Program. Transformed into an augmented Superhuman, he must now keep the ancient technologies of the Gods from falling into the wrong hands, while protecting the people he loves. Voted Storygame of the Month, May 2006 : On Hiatus
23 385
Dear Dotty.
Dotty is the country’s most popular advice columnist. She has helped hundreds of people like you. Have a problem? Write to Dotty! Voted Storygame of the Month July 2006
5 119
First against the Wall
Officer NE1 Gallows is a dedicated enforcer in the Correction and Education department, faithfully serving The Leader. Yet a chance encounter sets a chain of events in motion that will change his life, and perhaps the world, for ever. Remember: The Leader Loves you! SGoTM winner August 2006
1 164
Scrapyard - On hold
Help Martin Coin as he tries to impress Melinda Sage with his inventions in IFs first graphical storygame: Scrapyard, a comical steampunk romance. Voted SGotM Sep 06.
6 241
Lords and Ladies
Prince Byrold has been thrown into a world he didn't want. Suddenly in line for the throne, he is surrounded on all sides by people with their own agenda. He is beginning to doubt his ability in this harsh new world. Lords and Ladies. A Storygame of intrigue and double dealing. Voted SGotM October 2006.
16 302
Fabled Island - COMPLETE
The Fabled Treasures of Gadiri Island, the remains of a remote island with a terrible past. Through haunted jungle that obscures the sun and ruins that whisper secrets, a crew of treasure hunters embark on a perilous expedition for wealth and glory. Will they succeed? Or will their bones stare with skeleton eyes at the prize just out of reach? Voted SGotM Oct 06.
18 348
Confession Box - COMPLETE
Devine is an aging priest who must face the sinful confessions of his townspeople. But everything changes with the murder. Will Devine be forced to approach everything more personally to be able to find the murderer? Warning: Possibly religiously offending. Co-winner Storygame of the Month Dec 2006.
12 241
Underdark - COMPLETE
Darith and Asalia du'Maldon are far from home. Here in UnderDark they're just part of the food chain, not royal siblings. Layla Vallinthis is a half Gallaen priestess who's been praying for a savior only to find what she's gotten is the most vile thing known to her people. Fallon is the young man at the eye of the storm. Together with Ceddon, his other half, he's enforcing his own agenda. But just who is he? And why does everybody want him? Voted SGotM Jan 2007.
22 230
A Glass Friendship - COMPLETE
There comes a certain time, my friend, when the things that are strenious at best finally break, and shatter, and all the resulting peices fly off and injure innumerable others. This tale, like many others of its type, did not happen in a night, a week, or even a year. This tale of mysery and woe happened throughout a lifetime. It started on a bleak autumn day. Voted SGotM Feb 2007
11 259
Election Oct 08
For electing the sixth Mayor of the City of IF.
8 145
When an elf leaves his homeland for adventure, little does he realise how much his journey is set to shape the future and change himself. Voted SGotM November 2006.
25 334
Avarice - COMPLETE
In a world rent asunder, haunted by the vengful ghosts of the apocolypse and threatened by something even worse, a deformed and morally bankrupt cripple is mankinds only hope. The trouble is, he doesn't give a damn. Voted SGotM April 2007
23 370
Vengeance - COMPLETE
Two high standing IFian citizens have disappeared, and the Mayor's efforts at organising a search party are hampered by a mysterious illness sweeping the city. As more IFians fall victim of the disease, can our hapless heroes hope to find a cure? And who is the person in the hooded cloak pulling all the strings?
12 158
The future. Violence, rapine, corruption and distain for life is commonplace, and that's just the cops. Now there's a new face in town, and things are going to get a whole lot Darker real fast...
15 272
The Endless Wall
I live in a world surrounded by a wall. It is a perfect circle, smooth, black, impenetrable. It encloses everything; the town, the lake, the forest, the fields. Mother says there is nothing we need outside the wall, but I have seen the birds fly over it. I will find a way to beat the wall, I will leave this place forever. Voted SGotM Mar 07
4 127
To Pass a Torch
A boy inherits a keyring and a job that will last him a thousand years, one to keep the worlds safe from Heaven, Hell, and each other. The only problem is that he doesn't have the slightest clue as to what the job's mechanics are... Voted SGotM winner July 2007
13 122
Rise of Shadows
On a small farming planet, a young girl stumbles across a hidden relict of ancient times, loosing an ancient secret that could threaten the entire human race. Some secrets are best left alone... Voted Storygame of the Month, November 2007.
10 136
The Archives
More completed storygames and storygame threads.
76 7977
The IFY 2006 Archive
Home to the trials and tribulations of this years great event.
27 284
Election Apr 08
A forum for electing the City's fifth Mayor.
17 250
Election Oct 07
Discussion and voting for the Mayoral Election October 2007.
7 159
Election Apr 07
Discussions and more for the Mayoral election April 2007
6 108
Election Oct 06
Forum for debating issues regarding the City of IF Fall 2006 Mayoral Election.
8 162
Election Apr 06
The first election of Mayor of If. Oh the prestige.
3 35
The Vault
A safe repository for StoryGames that are on hold for a while.
403 14737

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