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Heavy Metal
An elderly man on a quest to achieve his lifelong dream of flying into outer space finds a lot more than he bargains for along the way. Where spirituality and technology collide, you find: Heavy Metal.
33 469
Symphony's Requiem
Leif was doing just fine dealing with the loss of his closest friends. The solution was easy - a dark apartment and prolonged exposure to alcohol. That was until the day he woke up in a cemetery, met a woman named Symphony and found himself being harassed by a man named Tetra.
Spotlight winner, January 2010
16 138
Sector 17
In his search for wealth, William Kent is the latest to unearth hidden treasure from the dark lifeless seabed of Sector 17. The discovery promises riches, but also brings unwelcome scrutiny and raises many questions. Will he like the answers that he finds, or was Sector 17 best left undisturbed? Voted Storygame of the Month April 2009
11 140
Heavy Metal v2
Restructured, reworked, linear format. Ruthless Critiquing requested!!!
4 5
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