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High Fantasy, Epic heroic tales, entire alternative worlds. From dragons to elfpunk, if there's magic in it, you'll find it here.
30 1588
The Children of Leyond
For the Five Nations...times are bleak. The time of legends dawns again, when the dead rise from their graves and allies and enemies, strange and terrible reappear after ages forgotten. As the Great Gates open and powers best left dormant smash the land, hope lies in the nation of Leyond and the terrible secret she keeps. A secret known only to her rulers. But with her current king nearing his end and his sons dead...the succession rests on the heads of four strange candidates...each with their own secrets to hide.
29 205
Is this Me?
Follow the life of a young boy with no idea of who or what he is. His unusual features make him an outcast in most societies. Teaming up with other outcasts, others who 'glow', he travels the world in search of his true self.
Voted Spotlight Winner April 2011
12 163
The Funny Bone: Jokes and Humorous Pics
For those random threads that make us smile and laugh!
7 83
Tempora Crepusculi
Memory is a fickle thing. There is an entire, alternate world of which we can never remember. Now that Isaac is a part of this nightly second life, he will have to try his best to stay afloat in a strange reality of fey, demons, and other magic creatures. How long can Isaac last when everything he thought he knew is wrong?
Voted Spotlight Winner April 2010
11 122
After the deaths of their parents, Milo and Winnie Munby are sent to live with their cold and distant uncle, Jem, at the mysterious Amethyst Estate. Once there, they're immediately thrown headlong into an adventure, full of magic, mystery and sparking footprints, where they're given the chance to right the wrongs of their family's past, and ultimately save the world.
Voted Spotlight Storygame November 2010
15 304
Fantasy Tales of IF
The City of IF is a wild place, populated by weird and wonderful peoples, though mostly weird. Here you can come and read some of the stranger stories of our fair city. Don't be shy now!
5 113
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