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Writing Contest: Round 3 Fight C
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Posted: Tue May 23, 2006 7:47 am    Post subject: Writing Contest: Round 3 Fight C  

Vandaria versus Milton the Mad Minister

This is an open invitation for any registered user at IF to write an arena contest for the Battle to the End. Entries will be accepted through 9 June.

The roster for Round Three is posted. Contestants are matched and scheduled to appear in the arena. Failure to appear for a fight constitutes immediate elimination. Four elimination rounds are scheduled, with a Final Round pitting the top three mages in a Qualifying Battle to gain entry into the Lyceum.

Authors may play out the battle in any manner they wish, and decide a winner based on whatever criteria the author chooses. At the end of the submission, authors must name one clear winner. Please post your entry in reply to this thread. If no entries are received for this fight, then a winner will be determined by random selection, and move on to Round Four. If one entry is received, then the submitting author will determine a winner. If more than one entry is received, a public poll for the best-written fight scene will be held, with the winning author determining who advances to Round Four.

The author with the winning entry will receive a prize of 200 fables, and the distinction of having guest-authored a fight for the Battle to the End.

Round Three, Fight C features Vandaria in the arena with Milton the Mad Minister. Battle continues until one contestant renders another incapable of combat by either unconsciousness or death.

Be creative, have fun, and enjoy writing this particular battle to the end.
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Joined: 24 May 2006
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Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2006 4:11 pm    Post subject:  

ladies and gentlemen, i have the pleasure of announcing the brave participants of our next fight.

on one side is Milton the Mad Minister. What more can we say?

milton walks in and does a handstand.

there are scattered laughs throughout the crowd.

and on the other side we have the mysterious Vandaria.

silence as the ghostly girl drifts in with her translucent bodyguard


(this may have grammatical errors, but i did this in a kind of a rush to get the story out onto the screen)

milton immediately sits down, pulls off his hat, and begins eating a chicken salad sandwhich.

vandaria slowly approaches him while her bodyguard runs ahead.
milton puts the now halfeaten sandwich under his hat and approaches the bodyguard. he suddenly stops and takes out a pulsating knife. it pulses between black and silver.n the bodyguard slows down and approaches more cautiously. Milton suddenly flings his right arm out, throwing the knife as we would a frisbee. the knife hits the bodyguard square in the chest. the bodyguard immediately throws its head back, as if crying in pain. the bodyguard slumps to the ground. swirls of black can be seen spreading from the knife as if infecting his body. the look on vandaria's face is one of pure terror. she raises her hand and chants. figures form around her, linking hands to form a shield. milton starts yelling words. he yells," aardavark, aback, abacus, abaft, abalone, abandon, abandoned, abase!". at the last word he flings his arms outwards until his posture resembles a scarecrow. his form begins to blur as 20 more milton's appear. the miltons dance in a circle around vandaria, causing her to spin in confusion. the figures around her start to fade. suddenly all the miltons throw a knife at the same time. vandaria ducks instinctively.


a half-eaten chicken salad sandwich splats into her face pushing her onto her bottom. in a rage now, she sends a trancelucent wall of ghostly bodies carrening towards the milton who threw the sandwich. the bodies bush him back, causing the other miltons around him to blur and fade. the wall pushes him back, accelerating towards the arena wall. at the last second, he takes a bite out of a chicken salad sandwich stowed under his hat. as the milton illusion smashes into the arena wall, vandaria realizes what happened. she immediately sends for the spirit wall to protect her again. suddenly a gash appears on her arm. milton appears and throws another pulsating knife at her. she ducks and it spins harmlessly over her head. her shield is back and the milton vanishes, she looks around. Without warning, milton comes from behind her and grabbing a hammer from midair, yells"super mario time!" and starts bashing away at the shield. vandaria starts gesturing in midair, all her attention on milton. she then notices that the hammer isn't doing any damage. there is a footstep behind her. turning around, she is hoisted high into the air by the neck. a pulsing black creature stands before her. she realizes what it was. its her own bodyguard, now corrupted by milton's knife. she gives the signal for defeat.

And the winner is MILTON THE MAD MINISTER!!!!!
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Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2006 6:04 pm    Post subject:  

Right think I'll have a go. I didn't read in the rules that you can't write for a character you created (yeah you know who's probably going to win but it is sort of about the writing too. Sorry its slightly late by the way I've only been back properly as of today so I've just caught the thread.


The voices of the crowd surrounding the arena fell to a low murmer as the bout was announced

"For your enjoyment tonight we have a disturbing twosome fighting for their lives. Perhaps their very souls in magical combat. First to the floor we have a preacher man who makes sanity look like an afterthought. With a strong wit and a particularly sharp sense of humour we have Milton The Mad Minister!"

The crowd cheered as a tall thin suited figure in a top hat strutted into the center or the arena and gave a low bow. As he momentarily removed the apparel from his head a half eaten sandwich could be seen hovering magically above it. This image made, "Keeping something under you hat," seem ludicrous. The permanently fixed grin on his face also showed this perfectly. With a flourish he gazed about wide eyed waiting for his oppnents arrival.

"Secondly all the way from the Sorrow Sea Marshes we have a young girl by the name of Vandaria. Is this little petal carrying a lethal suprise? We shall soon see!"

A diminutive figure dressed head to foot in black seemed to glide out of a near by shadow. The onlookers of the battle it seemed would have all had the feeling that something very unnatural had just crossed their graves. Giving an innocent smile and a small wave to the crowd she turned to face the lunatic standing before her.

"Without further ado let the battle commence!"

Vandaria sat cross legged in the middle of the arena eyeing the minister with what could have only been described as a child like curiosty. Obviously playing utpo this her opponent did a few backflips landing in a kneeling position in an awkward flourishing bow. In an open hand before him could now be seen a fanned out set of wicked looking pointed blades. These he raised into throwing position. Letting go of the knives the blades began to hover in mid air. The cruel points of each aimed neatly at Vandaria's throat. Raising a hand he prepared to give the magical instruction to unleash the volley.

The small girl giggled and clapped. Looking at the clever magician with the awe of a small child. For a black leather clad lady in her late teens she was either child minded or she was upto something.

Milton looked perplexed and instead of dropping his hand scratched his head. As he did so the knives fell harmlessly to the floor. Confused he pulled another blade from the inside of his jacket. This he set once again floating in the air before him. Placing his palms together a began moving his hands out in a wide arc. As he did the blade broke into a glimmering wall of knives, all set to cut the girl to ribbons. He clapped his hands together and the blades began their savage journey towards their target.

The girl didn't move she merely placed a hand to her lips and gave a slight yawn. As she did a ghostly white mist coallesced infront of her forming an etherial fog. As the knives hit this they froze into long shards of ice. These hit the floor harmlessly shattering into dozens of pieces. The girl grinned and clapped again still not moving.

Looking aghast Milton bounced towards her brandishing another knife in the air. He was muttering gibberish as this little throwing knife enlarge to the size of a battle axe. Waving it above her head he stuck his face in hers. His voice was manic and high pitched as he shouted for her to respond.

"Are you going to move now child?! Do I look like I'm doing this for your personal enjoyment? Now just hurry up and die!"

He prepared to bring the blade down onto the top of her head as she gave a charming little grin and kissed him on the nose. She leant close whispering gently in his ear.

"If I could just hurry up and die I wouldn't be hear predicting whats about to happen to you next."

Milton still looking gobsmacked shrugged, preparing to crack into Vandaria's skull like an egg. Then he stopped and looked up to see a pair of floatling ghostly hands holding the weapon and his arms in place in the air. The crowd gasped as several ghostly white forms appeared around the girl. Vandaria placed a palm against Milton's chest. As she did this one of the figures touched her shoulder and the arm began to dematerialise into some spectral matter.

Milton realised that not only was he stuck in a very awkward position but that he was suddenly feeling very cold indeed. He looked down to see Vandaria's hand poking about inside his chest. As she withdrew it she grinned showing Milton his own still beating heart.

"See I can do parlor tricks too but you're clever. I like you! You make me laugh so I promise I won't hurt you anymore."

She leant forward giving the Mad Minister a long deep kiss. Then his body slumped to the floor, his last spell comically burying itself in his ribs.

Vandaria exhaled deeply. Again a fog escaped her lips but this one took form as another more familiar face joined the congregation of apparitions which followed the girl. This series of specters slowly surrounded the figure of Vandaria who gave the audience a little bow. They formed a mist which slowly but surely became thicker before vanishing as quickly as it had appeared into nothing. The form of the girl had dissappeared also.

The crowd burst into an uproar of applaus as the announcer spoke out one last time.

"And on a count of death ... we think ... the winner is ... Vandaria!"


Hope that was alright, at least know you have two different versions of events lol.

I second Dead on the typos etc etc ... you know I always miss em and I know my grammar stinks but I can't be gorgeous and usefull at the same time you know. ;) [/i]
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Joined: 16 Feb 2005
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Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2006 6:20 am    Post subject:  

Thanks for the submissions! Great battles.

Polling is up for which battle reflects the best accounting of events. Everyone get your votes in.
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Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2006 5:33 pm    Post subject:  


I missed the dead line.

Well maybe some other time.

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Joined: 16 Feb 2005
Posts: 2567
Location: USA

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2006 6:01 am    Post subject:  

Crymzon's entry takes the prize with a whopping 83% of the votes, and Vandaria will progress to the next round. :)
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Posted: Sat Jun 24, 2006 8:40 am    Post subject:  

Marvellous thanks for the votes lets see how I do in the next round shall we. 200 fables for 30 minutes work ... not bad really, thanks again all. :D
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