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Chapter 30 - No Witch Left Behind.
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Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 2:38 am    Post subject: Chapter 30 - No Witch Left Behind.  

Chapter 30 - No Witch Left Behind.

The despicable Queen Phang and her dark Horde have invaded the Silver Lands and taken the Gnomish Capital city Chundyer, forcing the King to flee north to unknown terrain, and into a walled off land occupied by strange and powerful creatures. Phang then turned her armies west, towards the human realm. She offered the Mad Baron Crymzon a chance to join her, but he rejected her in favor of the Elves of the Great Forest. There are other human lands though, and an alliance of these have pledged to join her crusade.
Only an artifact known as the Black Heart has the power to defeat Phang and her magics, and she has dispatched a monstrous Demon to recover this for her.
Sorrow was the first to reach it, and made off with it. However, he then met one of the strange Light Ones who seemed unaffected by his magic and took the Heart from him.
Now King Chundyer and his allies stand outside the Light Ones’ castle. They must decide on their next course of action…

Cast (in no particular order):
Araex as Homer’s steed.
Dragon Fire as The Dragon Guardian.

Kalanna Rai as the Bad Ass.
DukeReg as Oaf Duke Reginald Percival Thunderking Harwobble the Fifth.
D-Lotus as the Elven special forces commander
Solomon Birch as a misguided AlbinoDrow.
Random as The Thing.
Shanty as Captain Shanty.
Mother goose as a hydroose
Alegria as the Resistance leader.

Key as the Magical Dignified Chamber Pot NEW HERO!
Lord of the Night as an Evil Demon Warrior.
Idea Master as the resurrected minion.

Sorrow as a mysterious robed figure.
Sunbellina as Duke Reg’s little sister.
Ninja Balloon as Nalloon
Thracia Alba, as The Alba.
OmegaTerra as Om Terra

Ingrothechundyer as Ingro Chundyer the Gnome King.
Reiso as Gnome Prince Reiso
Cantolope as King of the Fairies
Duffman666 as Duff (man).

Phang as The Dark Mistress
Muaddib as a wheely thing.
Powers That Be as General Powers ‘the perverted.’
Luvd and Mr Moochie as ‘The Ravens’
Dean as the Dean the Head.
Smee as the Smee Slug.
The White Blacksmith as Whitey.
Jack D.Mented as Darkness Mented resurrected.

Ravagerrr as Lord Rav.
Stubby as the Loyal Manservant

Cryzmon as Baron Crymzon.
Zeitgeist as the Wizard
Ravenwing as the Elven envoy.

The Fallen – Lest we forget..
Jnmrcs as the High Commander
Hyperion as the Mage.
CowofDoom666 as the Cow of Doom
Idea Master as the Wretched minion.
Shady Stoat as the Twisted Witch (stuffed)
Ethereal Fauna as Ethereal Slug.
Evil Homer as ‘The Paladin Hero’
Chainfire as Homer’s sword.
Author as Gnomish Wizard.
Jack D.Mented as Darkness Mented.
Muaddib as a wheely thing. (Ascended)


King Chundyer looked around the room. “We must make a decision. Shall we help these folk?”

“Should we free them they may be able to help us against Phang’s forces.”D-Lotus said.

King Cantolope, who had been listening silently fluttered onto the table. “Additionally, it seems to me that should these Light ones take an interest in the Silver Lands we will face two perils.”

“Little Sister!” said Duke Reg simply.

“The child hurt Om,” pointed out Alegria. “Such a thing has never been recorded before. If we can find out how she did it, it would aid our cause no end.”

“Then a-rescue is the first order of the day,” King Chundyer said. “Where will they take her? The Castle?”

Alegria nodded. “Yes, that is the most likely place. We should move fast though, no telling how long they will wait.”

“We can’t just walk up and knock on the door,” said Shanty. “What we need, is a distraction.”

“In that case, you happen to have arrived at the right time.” Alegria leaned forward and explained his plan.


Sorrow followed the creature called Nalloon despondently. He had tried spells direct and indirect. Obvious and subtle, yet the creature seemed impervious to all, and now he was exhausted. To have the Heart in his hand, to finally triumph, and then have it all taken away in such a manner was infuriating.

There was a noise off to one side, something glinted in the undergrowth and an object ran out infront of the two of them, stopping infront of Nalloon, who looked at it in bewilderment.

“What is this we have?” he said.

Sorrow recognized it. “It’s a Chamber Pot. A magical one. I have encountered it before, I wonder how it got here?” He looked around.

Nalloon looked at the pot closely. “And yet it is more than that too. It has another shape, don’t you pot?”

Key remained still as Nalloon Looked Hard at it. Sorrow felt a strange prickle in the air, as if magical forces were being used. He frowned.

Key was still standing in front of the tall man. However, he was now surrounded in a purple haze which emanated from the figure of Nalloon. After a while Nalloon stopped whatever it was he was doing and looked at the pot with a strange expression. Eventually he shrugged and carried on walking.

Sorrow looked at him and the Pot, grunted and followed the Light One.

Key remained where it was. Slowly its spindly legs collapsed under it and it fell to the floor where its outline started to stretch and blur…

King Chundyer.

Cantolope landed infront of King Chundyer as the rest of the group prepared to carry out the rescue.

“King” greeted King Chundyer.

“King” replied Cantolope.

“What is on your mind?”

“I am afraid I must leave you. Our alliance was to defend the Gnomish lands. Now they have fallen to Phang I must return to my people.”

King Chundyer sighed. “I understand. Your help would have been valued, but you have your other commitments. Good luck to you, and thank-you.”

“I hope we meet again in happier times” said Cantolope. He bowed lightly, which King Chundyer returned, then there was a pop, and the Fairy King disappeared.

King Chundyer looked up as Reiso approached. “We are ready” said the Prince.

“Be careful my son. You may be my only remaining family. Goodness knows what has happened to the rest of your brothers.”

“Oh, they will be okay, they are survivors, and they were spread about the Kingdom. They can’t all have been found.”

“That is true. Still, I wish you fortune. Do not underestimate the danger.” King Chundyer gripped his son hard for a moment, and then watched as he walked off to join the rescue party.


“Are you sure about this?” Shanty said. She didn’t feel comfortable in the robe they had given her to wear.

“As sure as we can be” replied Alegria, not very reassuringly. “As far as we can tell, the only time they are even a little vulnerable is when they are feeding, or preparing to feed.”

“And you sure they don’t eat non humans?” said Rai again. The Bad Ass was carrying Shanty on her back.

“No, I have never seen them feed on a donkey,” sighed Alegria

“’Cos I am no donkey either you know. What if they can tell I am a Powerful Guardian?”

“When it comes to feeding time, they are intent on only one thing - their food.”

“Great, that really makes me feel comfortable” Shanty said.

“Don’t worry. This is the Ritual of Giving. A special feast where the Senior Light Ones gather and feed together on one victim. It seems to be special for them, but we haven’t figured out why. Anyway, once they close in I will throw the contents of this at you,” Alegria waved a box in the air. “It confuses them in their feeding state, and you should be able to escape.”

“Again, not comforting. I especially don’t like the ‘should’ part. And why can’t I hold the… whatever? ” Shanty asked.

“I told you, they will detect it on you. They will ignore me. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time for me to use it.”

“Here we are then” said D-Lotus, coming to a sudden stop in front of the castle doors. Solomon, who had been walking close behind, bumped into him.

“How will…” Rai started, but the doors swung open.

“Are you sure they won’t question you lot?” whispered Shanty as Rai started forward, with the others walking around her.

“They expect an escort, and we usually take away the…remains,” Alegria replied.

They walked up a long, wide corridor. The walls were white, and appeared to be glowing. Shanty glanced back and thought she saw some movement near the still open doors.

“Well, here goes then.” She muttered to herself and sat straight. If she was going to be a sacrifice, even if it wasn’t a real one, then she would go with dignity.

Ahead of her another set of doors opened to receive them…


Reiso watched as Shanty and company entered the castle. Behind him Random stood patiently. The Duke stood less calmly, hopping from one foot to the other and mumbling under his breath.

After a minute or two he was just about to move forward when Random put a seven fingered hand on his shoulder. “Hold. Someone is coming.”

They ducked back down as another of the Light Ones strode forth. Behind him came a robed figure, stumbling along.

“Sorrow!” growled the Duke, and it was all Random and Reiso could do to hold the big man back. “Sorrow took little sister!”

“Well, he doesn’t have her now does he? Calm down, we must be careful” soothed Reiso. Slowly the Duke subsided.

Reiso peered through the bushes again. “Right. Come on then.”

The three crept forward, heading for the still open gates. “Still doesn’t feel right sneaking in through the front door” said Reiso quietly as they approached the structure.

“Alegria said they knew of no other way in, and the Light Ones would never expect us to attack them anyway” Random replied.

“I know but…” Reiso stopped short as a figure stepped out of the shadows in front of them.

“Who are you?” he said.

The man stepped forth. He was dressed in glittering gold plate mail armor, lavished with engravings and whorls. From under a narrow yet jewel encrusted crown, a long thin nose protruded over a sneering mouth. One hand rested upon a scabbard, richly adorned with precious stones. Hung on the other side of the belt was a coiled whip, which he toyed with as he looked down upon the gnome.

“I,” he said in a haughty tone, “am none other than King Key the First. Lord Protector of the Iron Lands. Ruler of the Dominion of Fiif. Master of all I survey.”

“The Iron Lands?” gasped Reiso.

“That is so. You, sirrah, may address me correctly and with due deference.”

“May I now?” said Reiso, eyebrows lowering.

“You may. Now, tell me small man. What week is this? I have been placed under enchantment by a treacherous witch named Phang, and I am unsure of my location, or how long I have been under her evil spell.”

“I don’t think you should be asking about the week, your highness,” Reiso said, voice dripping with sarcasm as he uttered the title.

“How so Gnome? Speak up now, or I will be forced to use my little friend here to encourage manners and efficient speaking habits.” He fondled the whip at his side.

“The Iron lands were conquered by Phang and her Dark Armies nearly five hundred years ago. You are king of nothing but a name from history.” Reiso felt a slight smugness as he imparted the news. “I, on the other hand, am Prince Reiso. Heir to the throne of Chundyer, though,” and here his shoulders drooped a little, “those lands are also now under Phang’s domain.”

“I see.” King Key took the news well, considering. “In that case it must be my sworn duty to avenge my Lands, defeat this Evil Hag and bring Justice and Light once more into the ascension.” He paused and looked them over. “You have the look of people on a mission, what is afoot?”

“We are to rescue a young witch, your assistance would be appreciated, though we must hurry, we have dallied long enough” Reiso answered, moving forward again even as he spoke.

“A witch you say?” Key fell in beside them. “I am not sure, Witches are abominations in the eyes of the White God.”

“This one may well hold the key, no pun intended your ex-majesty, to defeating an evil race of beings.” Reiso brought Key swiftly up to speed as they entered the castle…


“This way, he is close now.” IM said as they entered the large castle.

“Strange how these door as open wide, with no guards” said Lord of the Night, looking around.

“Pah. Who cares? Let’s just get to Sorrow.”

“And the Heart,” Lord said as they strode up a long white hallway.”

“Yes, of course.”

The two walked up to the open doors ahead confidently…

The Sacrifice

The circular room was huge, stretching up in a large dome above them, which was made from clear glass, creating the illusion it was open to the sky. The walls were white and gleaming, and Solomon had to squint to see clearly.

In the center of the room was a round dais to where Rai headed uncertainly, her hoof steps echoing off the walls. Alegria made a gesture, and they all halted.

“Look,” hissed D-Lotus and motioned with his head off to one side.

Solomon looked over and there, hanging in a cage in a recess next to a doorway, was Sunbellina. She sat up when the party entered. Observing events, but not saying anything.

They all stood there, waiting. Rai finally stopped in the center of the dais.

“How long is this going to take?” hissed Solomon.

Alegria shrugged. “I have waited an hour before they showed before. Not usually that long though.”

Solomon grunted and they waited. After about five minutes he thought he heard a noise, and looked over to where the little witch was hanging. Nothing.

“Look!” D-Lotus pointed.

Around the altar 4 lights had appeared. As they watched the lights, which varied in color, grew larger and brighter.

“It’s them. This is the form they take for feeding” hissed Alegria.

As they watched them in their energy state, the doors behind them swung open to reveal another Light One. This one appeared as the others had, like a tall exceptionally beautiful Elf. Behind him though, strode a less beautiful figure dressed in long robes.

The newcomer ignored the onlookers and rushed up onto the dais. “Nearly too late” he smiled a radiant smile, full of innocence and beauty. Dropping something on the floor, it lifted its hands high and started to shimmer, emitting a blue light.

“Sorrow!” Said Shanty.

“The Heart!” said D-Lotus, suddenly realizing what the Light One had so carelessly dropped.

Sorrow looked up, freezing at the sight of them. He looked at D-Lotus, and then, inevitably his unseen gaze swung towards the Black Heart, lying there like a common rock.

There was a moment of silence and then a roar from the door near Sunbellina’s cage. It smashed open and the enraged figure of Duke Reg burst forth, Reiso and Random grimly trying to restrain him.

“Now you die!” The Duke shouted, raising an overly large club and making steady progress towards Sorrow, despite the efforts of the other two. From the doorway behind them stepped a figure resplendent in Golden Armor.

Sorrow raised an arm, ready to cast a spell, but at that moment two more figures entered the hall.

“Sorrow! I have come for you!” Idea Master shouted, his borrowed skin sagging badly around his skeletal form.

“The Heart! Mine!” The Black Demon next to IM launched himself forward.

Sorrow, upon seeing the Demon and IM, abandoned his spell and also leapt towards the Heart.

“Hey Guyyysss!!!” Captain Shanty screamed as the lights which had been hovering in a circle around her suddenly pulsed and closed in.

“They are going to feed! Get off the donkey!” screamed Alegria.

“I am not a donkey!” Rai retorted, but was swinging left and right, trying to find a way through the approaching lights.

“Reginald! Let me out NOW!” shouted the little witch. Duke Reg stopped suddenly, throwing Reiso and turning around.

D-Lotus leapt towards the nearest light, and swung his sword. It passed through it with no visible effect.

“That won’t work! Stand aside!” Alegria shouted and ran towards the dais, box ready in hand.

“It’s MINE mortal!” said a black figure, swooping down over his head and batting him to one side. Alegria went flying across the room, the box he was holding tumbled through the air and crashed down on the smooth floor some distance away, spilling a sparkling blue powder over the tiles.

“Nooo!!” screamed Shanty, as Rai bolted for the exit.

Two of the lights darted towards her, enveloping her in their aura and pulling Shanty off the horse to hold her suspended in mid-air.

Rai passed through unscathed and collided with Lord of the Night, who was reaching for the Heart.

Meanwhile Duke Reg had turned about and had smashed open the cage holding his sister. He pulled her out and hugged her tightly.

She wiggled and thumped at him. “Let me down! I have to help!!”

Sorrow, leapt over the forms of Rai and Lord of the Night, who lay in a tangle on the floor, and grabbed the Heart. Holding it up he cackled. “I have it! I have… ooof”

He was knocked sidewise by Idea Master, who landed on him and wrenched the Heart from his grasp. “NO! I have it!”

D-Lotus and Solomon had retreated, as the light D-Lotus had swung at with his sword had turned and started to approach them, slowly changing form back into the figure of the nearly late Light One.

“This isn’t good” said Solomon, drawing his sword.

Reiso joined them, Sunbellina and the Duke behind him. “We have to get Shanty!”

“It’s too late!” panted Alegria, staggering up. “They have her.”

Indeed, the figure of Shanty was barely visible now, engulfed within the lights. There seemed to be… less of her though.

IM shouted a cry of triumph and smashed the Heart into Sorrows head, bashing at his hidden face within the hood. The Heart gleamed a white light, brighter than the hall which half blinded those present, and Sorrow’s body went rigid.

“Now I shall have your power!” howled IM, and indeed, a flow of energy leapt from Sorrow into IM, causing both figures to go rigid.

D-Lotus swung at Nalloon again, who was now nearly fully solid. Nalloon simply caught the blade in his hand and looked at it with a strange expression on his face before sending it and D-Lotus flying through the air, to land near the entrance in a crumpled heap.

“D-Lotus!” screamed Solomon, and ran after him.

Reiso ran around Nalloon, trying to reach Shanty, but Nalloon simply smiled and the Gnome was pulled back. “Where are you going little thing?” Smiled the Light One. He picked up the Gnome by the foot, ignoring the blade Reiso was swinging.

“Leave the Gnome be!” A figure in Golden Armor stepped infront of him. “If you want someone to fight creature, fight me.” Key drew a gleaming blade.

“You are the pot!” said Nalloon, and smiled childishly. “I told you there were two of you!” He looked back at Reiso, still struggling upside down, and then, keeping his eyes fixed on Key, casually ripped the Gnomes head off.

Key shouted and swung his sword, but Nalloon simply caught it as he had with D-Lotus, casually discarding the bloody body of Reiso as he did so. However, where D-Lotus had been sent flying, Key simply grunted and staggered back a step, as if slapped by a giant invisible hand. “Have to do better than that” he said, and thrust again.

IM stood over the shattered and wrecked body of Sorrow. It had been so easy! And now he had the Power and the Heart. He laughed and turned around. The Lord of the Night, standing directly in his path, crushed his head between his giant hands.

The Heart Glowed again, this time with a black light, as an ethereal figure left IM’s shattered body, passing through the Heart and floating for a moment above the artifact. Then it vanished, leaving the Demon holding a ruined corpse.

The Heart rolled onto the floor and Lord of the Night stepped forward to retrieve it, only to have it leap into the air.

Random, who had been standing to one side was pointing a finger at the artifact, pulling it towards him. Lord leapt after it, screaming with rage and throwing an orange ball of fire at the malformed mage.

Random thrust his hand out to divert the spell, and the Heart suddenly leapt away again, to land in the hands of Sunbellina. “Get back everyone!” she screamed and, raising it above her head, closed her eyes and concentrated.

There was a suddenly blast of energy from the Orb, and the figures of the Light Ones were swept back, pushed against the wall, where they slowly disappeared from sight. Nalloon screamed and was thrown across the hall, to come to rest near a pillar.

Sunbellina collapsed on the floor, and the Heart once again rolled free. Lord of the Night swooped in, knocking Duke Reg aside, and grabbed the Orb. “Now I have it!” he cried, and leapt straight up, flying though the dome, which shattered as he flew through it, scattering shards of glass down onto the remaining figures.

Solomon reached D-Lotus, who was stirring. “Did we win?” he asked.

Duke Reg picked up the limp figure of Sunbellina. “Little sis! You okay?”

Alegra limped over and looked at the body. “It’s okay, she is just unconscious” he said.

Rai trotted back to the center of the Dais. A husk lay there, all the life sucked from her body. “Sorry Captain” said the Guardian. “I didn’t do such a great job of guarding you did I?”

The figure of Nalloon stirred.

“Let’s move out before they recover” said Key, sheathing his sword. Picking up the body of Prince Reiso, he slung the dead Gnome over his shoulder and headed for the exit. The survivors followed him….

The Alba.

It is not important what the Little Thing did. It didn’t kill us and we will be ready if it happens again. What is important is the new feeding ground. The Alba pulsed with golden light.

Who would have thought there was so much food so close? How could we have been so blind? Om Terra floated close by.

The wall. Someone created it to blind us to it and everything beyond. Who could have done such a thing? Alba drifted down.

The Little Thing. It is dangerous.

Alba pulsed for a second, the equivalent of a sigh in energy form. Nalloon, forget the Little Thing. Now is the time to reach out, expand our stock.

The new herd won’t be so compliant. They will resist, and they are more powerful than the food here. Om Terra was concerned. We are greater still,, but few in number.

It is no matter. Alba glowed. We have resources too. I suggest we learn from them. Here is what I command…

King Chundyer.

The King looked up from the grave of his son as the shining figure of King Key and D-Lotus approached.

“I am truly sorry for your loss” said Key. “Those responsible shall be punished, I swear.”

“Thank you” said Chundyer. “What news of the Light ones? It has been two weeks now, and nothing has been heard from them. Could the witch have killed them?”

D-Lotus shook his head. “No such luck. It is what we came to show you infact. Come, look.”

They walked up a hill. It looked out over the village and the castle, and Chundyer realized it was the same hill that he had stood on when they first came over the wall.

Now he looked out and saw the gates to the castle, after being closed tight shortly after the sacrifice incident, were once again flung wide open. From the large portals figures marched. Dressed in gleaming white armor, the army, consisting of warriors all identical and beautiful, marched forth in their thousands.

“It seems Phang is no longer the only enemy” Said Key.

The three stood and looked over at the massed forces of the Light Ones. Ready to invade the Silver Lands….


Okay then. This is the last episode of Book 1 for this thread. Phang and Co. will be in the next and final chapter of Book One. Even though I plan a hiatus for this for a while, comments and suggestions are welcome!


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The White Blacksmith

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Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 4:28 am    Post subject:  

Woo! First post! And nice, mass-murdering chapter C'ren.
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Joined: 18 Apr 2006
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Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 4:48 am    Post subject:  

What - that was cool. Everyone died. And I got the Heart.

I was wondering - do you feel up to drawing up a short list of everything that happened there - just in case I misread it? It sounds like there were four deaths, and I'd like to be sure that's the case.

Oh, and Key - you're still mine.
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Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 5:05 am    Post subject:  

Shanty - Eaten by the Light Ones.

Reiso - beheaded by Nalloon.

Sorrow - Head bashed in by IM, using the Black Heart.

Idea Master - Skull crushed by Lordy. (and ascended as per bid, pay up IM)

Just FYI, there are also three characters that aren't in the story anymore but didn't die. Dragon Fire, (left in the woods), Cantolope (whom I actually forgot about for about 3 chapters), and Araex (Homer's horse) which was left behind somewhere.
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Idea master

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Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 8:30 am    Post subject:  

Ah, yes, 750, was it?
And I thwapped a Bob as well...NO!
I'm getting closer to dangerous status...
Ah well. Here's your money then.
*Hands over a check for 750 fatbacks*
Now don't do anything rash, such as burn it.
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Thracia Alba

Joined: 27 Jan 2006
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Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 11:03 am    Post subject:  

Ooh, cool. I'm all... glowy and stuff. And evil. But not. Or something. Anyway, I look forward to when this story picks up again. Enjoy your hiatus! :D
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Joined: 11 Aug 2005
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Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 12:19 pm    Post subject:  

Sorry IM - it seems that once again I've failed to keep my end of a bargin.
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ninja baloon

Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 1:14 pm    Post subject:  

Cool, I can rip peoples heads off. I wonder what it would be like if I got the heart? That would just ruin the story... too powerful. Whats the DP? I can't think of one from reading.
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Joined: 05 Sep 2005
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Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 3:53 pm    Post subject:  

Well, an suggestions as to what they do next will be welcome!

They could stay where they are and try and sabotage stuff, or rush down to the Silver lands to warn them, or anything else you can think of.
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Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 7:02 pm    Post subject:  

I must say, you captured the chaotic essence of the battle quite well... loved lordy and nalloon the most... cool... very destructive! What they do next would seem to depend on the invasion... looking forward to next chapt.
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Joined: 21 Oct 2004
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Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 8:45 pm    Post subject:  

Good job, China. I hope that when the story resumes, it'll have many more chapters of prosperity. I'll be sorry to see it go, especially since I'm in it!
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Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 9:32 pm    Post subject:  

Good chapter China. Liked the promised mass killings, and am glad that I wasnt one of em. As for the d-point follow the Dukes sister in her quest to become more powerful as to destroy the light ones.
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The White Blacksmith

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Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2006 1:47 am    Post subject:  

I'll just be nice and safe being the slug zit-popper, for now.
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ninja baloon

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2006 10:46 am    Post subject:  

I suggest the light ones go and attack heavily populated cities first. Avoid the conflict. All the armies are out fighting other wars. The most that could be stopping them is some lightly armed militia. Looks like a massacre is coming up in my opinion.
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The White Blacksmith

Joined: 02 Apr 2006
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Posted: Sun Jun 04, 2006 7:53 am    Post subject:  

Or you could go and support Baron Crymmy's lands. Big Battle.
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Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2006 2:57 pm    Post subject:  

-chuckles- This is too cute.

Reminds me of the myth quest novels. :rock:

I look forward to reading more. :tu:
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