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Lords and Ladies. Catch up quick! Story Synopsis here.
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Posted: Wed Nov 01, 2006 5:22 am    Post subject: Lords and Ladies. Catch up quick! Story Synopsis here.  

Lords & Ladies Story Synopsis.

I would recommend reading the story as this one will become quite complicated. However, for those lazy, or pressed for time, here is a brief chapter by chapter overview.

You will probably benefit from looking at the Map thread as well, to familarize yourself with the layout of the Fractured Lands.


Warning! Don't read this is you are going to read the story, as it contains 'spoilers'

Chapter 1.Heir
Prince Byrold is training at the Academy for Mages when he hears of the death of his Father and elder brother, putting him next in line for the throne. He travels back to the capital with an small entourage, but there are possible hostiles in woodland ahead. Should he detour around he could be late for the Coronation ceromony, which means his right to the throne could be challenged by his step-mother, on behalf of her son.
Should he risk the woods, or risk being late by taking a detour? Perhaps there is another option?

Chapter 2.Homecoming.
Deciding he dare not risk it, Byrold takes the direct route through the forest. Sure enough, the party is ambushed, but he gets through by trickery with a small group. However, upon reaching Uskk he is prevented from entering his own city by an over zealous guard...

Chapter 3.Betrayal
Byrold strikes a deal with the guard, and enters the city safely. Finally back in his palace, he changes and then dines with Sterling, the royal advisor and old friend.
Retiring to his chambers for the night, he is pounced upon and taken to a secret chamber, where he is imprisoned. Hark is also there, and with his help they manage to escape.
If this is a plot by Eldra though, he needs support. Where should they go?

Chapter 4.Hand of God
Byrold and Hark make it to the Marshal and secure his aid and backing. With troops support they send for aid from the mages, and arrange a ceromony with the Patriarch, which should heighten Byrold's standing in the city.

However, once there the Patriarch points to a severed hand and refuses to go on with the ritual, saying it is a sign from god that Byrold is not the favored one.

Chapter 5.Threats.
Byrold manages, using reason and logic, to convince the Patriarch he is wrong, and the ritual goes ahead. He sets his new wizardly advisor to work on the hand, to determin who set the scheme up.

The answer is a shock. Sterling! His trusted companion! Now Byrold faces a decision. How should he punish the old man?

Chapter 6.Challenges.

Byrold wavers, he cannot rely on his once trusted friend. However, he has information that could be useful. Byrold summons Mazel and commands he change the form of Sterling, whilst retaining his ability to think. Such is achieved, and Sterling is now residing in a cage as a rat.

Byrold also meets an agent, named the Shadow. The Shadow reveals certain activities of other nations and something closer to home. Eldra is planning something with Duke Brone.

The next day dawns, the day of the coronation at last. However just before he is crowned, the Duke stands up and challenges Byrold to a duel, using an ancient and forgotten law. What shall Byrold's response be?

Chapter 7.King Without a Throne.

It shall be a fight to the death! Byrold has the royal sword, which is embued with magical powers. Still, it is a close thing, and the prince only wins when he resorts to trickery, using an illusion spell to distract the Duke.

With the challenge won, Byrold is finally crowned king. However, the day holds anther suprise. A magical attack by a group of mages.

Mazel fights with the attackers on the magical level, but despite this, Byrold is transported. He is now is a strange land, all alone with few belongings. What to do?

Chapter 8.The Farmer King.

In an attempt to sneak into a local farmers home, Byrold meets the enigmatic Mr.Duck, a local farmer of simple tastes, who takes him into his home and feeds him.

The morning brings an unpleasant suprise, in the form of the local militia, but by changing into peasants' garb, Byrold evades detection. Obvioiusly not welcome any more in the farmers' house, he leaves, heading south to The Wall.

Near a fort village he stops to rest. Hungry and tired, Byrold must consider his next move.

Chapter 9.Caravan

Luck is with Byrold, and he manages to join up with a caravan heading south, into the Necromancer lands. The Caravan, he soon discovers, is escorting a Centic ambassador, intent on making alliances with the countries to the west of the Fractured Land.

Later on, Byrold is on guard duty when a young woman tries to flee the camp. Apparently she has important information about the Centic. Should he trust her, or hand her over?

Chapter 10.Necromancer Lands

She is some sort of spy for a secret organization, and it seems they know of a powerful magical artifact that could halt the Centic threat, as well as shift the balance of power in the land.

Meeting a Necromancer Spy, Byrold discovers this organization is widespread, with many friends. Though one has gone missing, one who may know the location of this lost artifact.

Knowing this, Alice, for that is the girls' name, wants him to go with her on another dangerous meeting to find out more.

Can he trust her? Does he go?

Chapter 11.Departures.

He goes with her, and finds out about a potentially devistating powerful artifact. However, the spy has to leave,and the two return to camp. Alice and Byrold become close on the remainder of the journey, and when they part she gives him a necklace.

Meeting the head mage of the Mordon outpost, he is offered a chance to be teleported back to his country. Should he take it though?

Chapter 12.Treason!

He goes of course! However, Eldra is ready for him, with a rebelion! Mazel teleports him away, but now Byrold, with his few loyal companions, must devise a plan to fight this traitor.

Chapter 13.Civil War.

Current Chapter.
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