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Chapter 2: A Friend In Need is a Friend Indeed
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Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 2:20 am    Post subject: Chapter 2  

Author's note: Here it is, Chapter 2 of the storygame - now re - named as 'Elvendor' .

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Elvendor stood, facing the humans, observing the fear in their eyes. ‘I must be careful not to make any sudden movements,’ he thought. Slowly he raised his right hand and pointed to himself.

“Elvendor” he stated, the group stared back blankly. Patiently he repeated the action twice more. At the third time of trying, the message seemed to get through to the human leader. Sudden understanding broke through the fog covering the man’s eyes, lighting up the hazel within, as he in turn pointed to himself,

“Jack” he barked out. Much of his initial fear had left, now that he saw that the stranger meant no harm. Waving his right hand in a downwards gesture, he stood his own pitchfork upright in his left hand, with the rest of the men following his lead, relaxing their aggressive stances.

‘Some of them look slightly disappointed about there being no serious confrontation,’ Elvendor noted, ‘including that fair haired youth, who has the scythe – I don’t think staying here overnight is a particularaly good plan.’ With a slightly nervous smile, he responded to the questioning gaze that was being levelled upon him by Jack, miming the motions of eating and drinking. Jack picked up on this much more quickly and nodded. Beckoning Elvendor to follow him, he turned and strode towards ‘The Wheat and Barley’, the other six humans parting to let them both through. Elvendor trailed behind Jack, whose rough brown, loose fitting cloak hung down below his waist, obscuring most of his faded green, earth stained shorts. ‘It seems that these are the sort of clothes they all tend to wear round here,’ Elvendor remarked to himself, after stealing a quick glance back at the other six men, who were watching him with a mixture of distrust and curiosity.

Elvendor stepped into the fairly dim interior of the village hall. The floor was made from rough, splinter strewn, light brown wooden boards – with heavy nails smashed through them, to ensure that they would never move again. The walls were panelled with plain dark wood. The roof had light wooden boards, which formed the floor above, fixed across it and supported by the occasional giant black oak beam. To the right, on entering the inn, was an incredibly plain rectangular bar made out of coarse dark wood. Behind the bar stood three barrels, two marked ‘BEER’ and one marked ‘WATER’. On the left side, a solid wooden staircase rose up to the second story. At the very back of the large room were a couple of colunts (rusty red cow like creatures) and several pigenta (very fat, brown, six legged pigs), resting in a straw strewn pen. All of them, but particularly the pigenta, were doing more than their fair share of helping to contribute to the strong, stinging odour, that hung about the place. Finally, spread across the near side of the room, were an array of rough three legged stools and a couple of thickset tables.

Jack started to talk about a whole range of completely mundane things, such as the weather, as he moved over to the shutters, unlatching and flinging them open - completely forgetting that Elvendor couldn’t understand a word. Light streamed through the open windows, allowing a billion dust particles to perform their swirling dance routine for the elf, in the spotlight of the sun. Moving behind the bar, Jack pointed to both the ‘BEER’ and ‘WATER’ barrels, then looked at Elvendor questioningly. Elvendor responded back with an equally quizzical look. Realising the problem, Jack dipped a wooden beaker into the ‘BEER’ barrel, allowing him a sip of the pale yellow concoction.

Elvendor almost spluttered as the foul yellow liquid fizzed in his mouth, before burning down his throat. Gasping he was offered a sip of the ‘WATER’. Despite looking like mud, and tasting rather like it too, Elvendor could just make out the slightest trace of fresh water within it. He pointed to that barrel. Obligingly Jack scooped him out a reddish cup, placing it on the counter. Then, from under the counter, he brought out some fairly dry bread and soft cheese, which he dumped upon a reddish clay plate, looking at the elf to see if it was fine with him. Elvendor smiled and nodded as Jack held up five fingers. For a second this confused him, then he realised that Jack wanted five Goldents (Goldent is the official unit of currency of both the elves and humans, whose rulers decided many years ago to integrate currencies to make trade easier; they are small discs of pure gold). Reaching into his rucksack he scrabbled about, feeling for his bag of money that contained about a hundred Goldents. As he did so he came across a thin piece of slate rock, used for carving messages amongst his people. Frowning, he resolved to take a look at in a minute, then found the bag of money and withdrew from it five Goldents.

‘Hold on,’, he thought, ‘I’m sure I learned that humans like to barter for price, always starting off high’. Acting on the whim, he held up three fingers and was pleasantly surprised when Jack held up four. Planting the four Goldents on the counter, he gave Jack a smile of thanks then moved across the room to one of the big tables. Placing his food and drink upon it, he drew up a stool facing away from the counter.

Tucking into the bread and cheese, he suddenly remembered the note. Reaching down, he opened up the bag and found the thin slice of rock. Sure enough he felt the elegantly etched words on the grey slate as he lifted it out and turned it over. He wasn’t too surprised to see his father’s handwriting chiseled upon it, but what it said puzzled him immensely.

Dear Son,

By now you should be well on your way, you will probably have discovered the strange device that I slipped into your pocket before you left. I have two pieces of advice for you, that I wished you should now know.

Firstly, the device you have been given carries a gift more precious than gold, the gift of language. I recommend that you place it within your ear and activate it, if you have not already done so.

Secondly, when you find The Jade, as you surely will, then do not let what hides within it out, at all costs. You must not tell anyone else about The Jade and make no mention that any such thing exists – in fact once you have read this note I strongly suggest you destroy it.

The second point may not make much sense to you now, but it will later on – remember the advice I have given you when that time comes.

Your loving father,


Dazed he continued to stare at the note for some minutes, before slipping it back within the bag. Slowly he reached his hand inside his right pocket, drawing out the delicate object. Reaching up, he gently inserted it within his right earlobe. It snugly fitted in, the rounded drop nestling into the bottom of his ear, with the smooth tail curving up the inside of his lobe. Cautiously he reached up and pressed the black button. For a second there was silence, then a whirring noise of a thousand tiny mechanisms whirring into action, followed by the faintest of hissing noises, as a hole opened up on the reverse side of the silver drop.

‘Well that was rather dull,’ he thought, ‘Arrghhh…’ A cold tickling sensation rushed deep into his head, as something metallic unfolded from within the machine, wriggling down his ear passage and connecting with his mind. Almost instinctively he clamped his right hand over his ear – changing nothing, except for the fact that it made him feel better. Making use of all the unused brain space within his head, the machine quickly implanted a vast array of words. His mind was flooded with more words, in more languages, than he ever knew could exist. Words washed over him and through him, hand in hand with their meanings – suddenly he knew what words like ‘WATER’ and ‘BEER’ meant. Shaking his head and feeling dazed, he found he could hear and understand the comments being muttered behind him.

“Has he gone mad?” Said one, in a clear, crisp voice,

“I don’t like it,” rasped another, “having an elf here is just strange, he’ll probably rob and murder us all.”

“I don’t cough, cough think so,” spat out the familiar, cough ridden voice of Jack, “besides, cough, a couple of elves passed through here a good twenty something, cough, years ago, an’ they never did no harm.”

“This one looks a little crazy though, clutching the side of his head an’ all that,” came the cracked voice of another older man, “the other ones never did nought like that.”

“I’m fine thanks,” said Elvendor, in perfectly fluent English, turning to face the men behind. He quickly identified the other three men from their recent movement outside – including the young scythe-wielding lad, whose scythe had now, thankfully, been returned to its proper place of pride and joy. It now sat upon a rusty iron nail, hammered into the wooden wall by the bar. Evidently these three had allowed their curiosity to overcome any fear, or doubts, that they might have had about the elf and crept in to observe him.

Now all four stood open mouthed, with shock etched into every line of their faces. Elvendor realised his mistake at once, almost biting his tongue for being so stupid as to try and show off his new linguistic skills here. The shock was already fading from the humans’ eyes, being replaced, once again, with fear and suspicion. The latter emanated from Jack in particular; who clearly felt that Elvendor had been deceiving him from the moment they’d first met. The tension rapidly began to rise, making the warm, stuffy room, all the more unbearable to be in. Slowly the youngest of the men began to edge across to the scythe in the corner, as the others collected their thoughts. What would have happened to Elvendor, had not another man entered the hall at that very minute, is anyone’s guess; it would certainly not have been the easiest situation for him to talk his way out of.

Elvendor studied the new arrival, who walked coolly into the bar, with some considerable interest. The young man looked like he was in his early twenties, with light brown hair and a pleasant, although not stunningly attractive face. He was wearing a light grey flannel top and the standard faded, light green shorts. Calmly his light blue eyes assessed the scene. Then with the merest hint of a twinkle in his eye, he turned to Jack and placed a couple of Goldents on the counter,

“I’ll have my usual thanks Jack,” he said in an authoritative voice – not too loud or bossy, just commanding. Then, scooping his bread, cheese and beer from the counter, he purposively strode over to where Elvendor was sitting. Drawing up a stool opposite from the surprised elf, he sat down.

“Hi, I’m Alex,” he said in a lowered tone, his gaze thoughtfully taking in Elvendor's features, “I'm sorry that the reception you've received probably hasn't been great by the looks of it. Jack's usually alright, just a touch paranoid. Wilson, Trevor and Tommy - who's the younger one, are a fairly miserable, cranky bunch at the best of times...wait…do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Yes, thanks,” Elvendor replied, who instinctively felt that he could trust him, “my name is Elvendor, pleased to meet you.”

“Ok, I didn’t realise you elves are taught fluent English,” said Alex with mild surprise, “and I’m pleased to meet you too Elvendor.” He paused before continuing, “I think perhaps it would be best if, when we finish up eating here, we return to where I’m staying at the minute. I don’t think most of the people round here are overly friendly – partly because they’re slightly paranoid about an elfin invasion, being the nearest settlement to your people.” Elvendor risked a second glance at the men behind him, all four were looking sullen, talking amongst themselves, unwilling to do anything whilst Alex was sitting with the elf – a temporary truce in the tension.

"So where are you from," Alex asked.

"The forest glade of Evertian, about a weeks journey from the cliff top," Elvendor replied.

"What does it look like?" he enquired curiously, "I've only ever seen human settlements before. We only hear rumours about how elves live - in damp tree-houses, eating only fruit and veg. Not that I in any way believe that that's accurate." he finished with a smile. Elvendor also had to smile at how naive some of the humans were to have started such ideas.

As they both continued biting through the chunky bread, he outlined the vast cave dwellings under the shimmering waterfalls and the houses that were built within vast hollow trees, stretching over a hundred metres high. Setting right some of the more absurb ideas that Alex had heard about elfin life.

Both of them finished off the last of their lunch , then Alex got up from his seat followed by Elvendor. As they left Alex said,

“Good day Tommy, Trevor, Wilson, Jack,” in a voice that managed to convey both complete pleasantness and thinly disguised menace at the same time, like a fully armed assassin delivering a pay cheque. As he said each name, he gave a slight nod in their direction, before striding back out onto the cobbles and across the square to one of the bungalows.

Inside, two small beams of light from the front windows, and one large one from an open back door, pierced the dim interior. The floor was littered with countless clothes, beds, straw, the odd chicken and any number of clay pots and storage barrels. Sitting down upon a pile of decaying rugs, Alex gestured for Elvendor to sit down opposite him. Pausing for a fraction of a second as he worked out what to say next, Alex spoke,

“So…it seems only fair that I give you some background information about myself, before expecting you to tell me about why you’re here and where you’re going.” Once again he paused to gather his thoughts before moving on, “I’ve been brought up within this village all my life, although when I was young I lost both my parents to an illness.” Alex hurried on, just a fraction too quickly – clearly the loss still hurt. “Jones, who owns this house, was kind enough to take me in and put me to work in the fields, eventually with his two sons when they were old enough. Recently though, with his two boys reaching adulthood, the amount of work needed is too little for three of us really. I’ve been thinking for a while about travelling to Kostenton City again – or somewhere else away from here. That’s why I’d be interested in hearing where you’re planning to go.”

“Well, I’m not really sure,” said Elvendor cautiously in response, “I’m really just exploring this world, seeking adventure, I have no set course as such.”

“Adventure,” repeated Alex, his composure still calm – but his eyes were sparkling slightly as he spoke. “That sounds like something that I’d be interested in, much more than working in the city. I don’t think I could attempt it on my own though – I’d need a companion. Otherwise most of the joy of adventuring would be lost.” Again he paused, scrutinising Elvendor, trying to think of any reasons that would stop him from leaving.

As he did so he made more inquiries into Elvendor's life and where he had come from. Elvendor in turn asked about the village, learning that it had been established for well over a thousand years - although the pub was added a mere three hundred years ago. There were about thirty people who still lived in Timburton - farming the land as their ancestors had done before them.

“Elvendor,” Alex said at last, after much conversation and thought, “I’m willing to come along with you, providing my adopted father feels that I have paid off my debt to him… That is if you want someone to travel with you. I really feel now is my time to actually make something of myself, to see the world out there… and you seem as good a person to travel with as anyone else. Certainly better than anyone else in this crabby old village,” he finished with a wry grin.

‘Ok…that’s not what I expected, Elvendor thought. ‘Should I let him come along with me…he seems trustworthy and likeable enough. But what if he treats me like every other ‘friend’ has done – a doormat. Why should I let anyone else travel with me anyway – I’m fine on my own, I don’t need help…don’t be silly those are exactly the sort of thoughts that have pulled me back from having good friends…

“I’ll need to think about it,” he finally replied.

“Fine,” said Alex, “I’ll just go outside and check that it’s ok with Jones.” Whilst he popped out, Elvendor sat and thought about whether he should let him come along. Finally he decided, then let his mind wander back to the conversation in the pub. Something was niggling at the back of his mind, something he had missed. As hard as he tried though, it just kept slipping from his mind, like trying to catch a stream of falling sand with a ripped and broken fishing net. Irritated by the fetid smell that slowly drifted amongst the bug-strewn blankets, his thoughts – like the flitting bugs, just wouldn’t settle. Twenty minutes passed before Alex returned through the back door, his face a touch more radiant than when he had left.

“It’s fine with Jones,” he said, then gave Elvendor another both appraising and searching glance, “but what about you?” Elvendor took a deep breath before he spoke…

“Then it’s fine with me too,” he said, a touch hesitantly, “I could do with someone who’s familiar with the human culture on my travels.”

“Alright,” whooped Alex, “it will probably take me a short while to pack, then we can start out…if that’s what you want to do. I’m assuming you weren’t intending to spend a night in this dump. By the way can I call you Elven?” Elvendor nodded in consent to both queries. With the decision made, he settled down to watch Alex pack, exchanging small talk as he did so.

Half an hour later they left the village. Word of Alex’s departure had spread like a swarm of locusts about the town. A good twenty people had turned out to watch them go, most hanging well back from the elf and the freshly dubbed ‘strange human’ with him. Alex shook hands with his adopted father but no one else. Several of the youths started to jeer as he left, but stopped when he turned to stare at them.

“My step brothers were among them,” muttered Alex, the slightest trace of annoyance and bitterness flickering, shadow like across his face, as they left the village behind. “They always resented me, both were a couple of years younger than me when born, their mum died giving birth to them. As they grew up and discovered that I was adopted, they started to pin the blame for their mothers’ death on me. Partly, I guess, because they were jealous that I received a share of their father’s attention. It’s a shame we didn’t get on, but being the eldest I didn’t suffer too badly – they learnt not to cross me. Still, it was lonely growing up without brothers and sisters.” Elvendor listened quietly to his companion’s tale, empathising with what he said. As they walked both talked about their child-hoods - finding out that they had a lot in common; the fact that neither really knew their mothers’, a lack of good friends and no true siblings. It didn’t take long for both to gain a vastly increased respect for the other, as they continued to travel onwards. They continued strolling along the fairly wide earthy track, with deep rutted cart wheel furrows dug into it, diligently created by the weekly trade cart that rolled into Timburton from Kostenton City.

Many hours later, as the sun began to set behind the now slightly distant red cliffs to the east, the two travellers slowly strolled up to the first junction on the track. An old white signpost stood, slightly crooked, at the far right corner of the crossroad. Approaching it, Elvendor read what was written upon the four signs:

Pointing East: Timburton 8 miles

Pointing South: Kennelton 3 miles; Haifa 9 miles; Rusheldon Hills 12 miles

Pointing West: Taloth 5 miles; Kostenton City 11 miles

Pointing North: Port Kranthos 15 miles

“Well…?” asked Elvendor, seeking some advice.

“Well…” Alex replied, “we clearly have five options before us, although I suggest that we sleep before choosing one of the five routes. Of the routes; firstly we could go back to Timburton, and no, I’m not really suggesting that we actually choose that option,” he added with a grin as he saw the look he was getting from Elvendor.

“Secondly we could go south, there are a couple of villages that way, similar to Timburton, and beyond that lies the hill country. I’ve never actually been there, however on the few occasions that I’ve been in Kostenton, I’ve heard tales of strange goings on there. Most locals are afraid to approach the area, the few that do have all returned – either reporting that there is nothing there or spooked out by sights that nearly drove them mad. Thirdly we could go on to Kostenton City, the human capital, where most of the political meetings occur between elves, centaurs, dwarves and humans. It's a busy, smelly place – but with some fantastic architecture. Beyond Kostenton City lie the dwarf mining towns that sit near the foot of the mountains. Fourthly we could go to the port. I’ve never been there personally. All I know is that it’s the main trading point between the humans and the other known races. It's also apparently where you'd go to find out the latest gossip about the wider world. "

"Ok," said Elvendor, slightly overcome, yet excited by all the new information he was getting.

"Right", said Alex, whilst grinning, "finally the only other option that I can think of is to trek cross country, avoiding all human settlements – perhaps heading for the mountains beyond, or somewhere else…although I’m not sure that that option sounds particularly practical. From what I've heard the mountains are over-run with brutally aggressive and ugly beings, known as orcs and goblins.” Elvendor tried to process all these choices and come up with a decision, but it was too late in the evening for him to make a logical choice. The sudden discovery that so many different races and terrain existed so close was also starting to cause his head to spin.

“I think we should sleep on it,” he said and Alex nodded in agreement. A group of trees, at the corner of a nearby cornfield, seemed as good as place as any. So both set off around the edge of the field as the light was slowly drained from the sky.

A little later on Elvendor slowly tossed various thoughts through his mind as he tried to go to sleep, various snippets of conversation gliding across his mind. That’s when it hit him, one of the men in the pub had mentioned that two elves had passed through the town a long time before him.

“Alex?” he queried, checking if he was awake.

“Yeah,” came the sleepy reply.

“Did you ever hear about two elves that passed through Timburton, around the time you were born?” Pause,

“Actually, now that you mention it, Jones did occasionally speak of that happening. Said it was an elfin couple. That they passed through pretty quick after having a bite to eat at the inn. He didn’t say anymore about them though, only that.” Elvendor's curiosity screamed for more information, however it seemed that it wasn't to be satisfied for now, so he pushed the issue to the back of his mind.

“Oh, right, ok,” Elvendor yawned, “goodnight.”

“Night,” called back Alex. Both slowly drifted off to sleep under the pinpointed stars above.

* * *

The following morning both woke early, thanks to the uncomfortable ground that they had slept on. They quickly checked that they were still all right and ready to go. Thankfully the night had been dry, but cold, and the new day promised to be a mirror of the last. The sun was slowly rising up between two mountain peaks to the west, banishing the darkness away to its caverns and holes, until night should come again.

As Elvendor yawned and stretched, beneath the swaying branches of a young oak, he remembered that they had an important choice to make. As both climbed to their feet Alex asked,

“So where shall we go?”

You can jump straight to Chapter 3: Kostenton City here.
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Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 2:52 am    Post subject:  

Aha! Another chapter by jimminy!

Nice stuff JS.

I think the two aren't ready for spooky goings on just yet, and though heading out to open country may be interesting, I think a visit to Kostenton City may perhaps be the order of the day.

I liked the language thingy btw, good stuff!

A few little grammar niggles, but small ones, and I can't be bothered to go back and find them.

Onwards then! To adventure!

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Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 3:42 am    Post subject:  

Thanks China :) , I've added in one extra sentence whilst meddling about with my chapter since you last read it, when Alex is giving Elvendor advice:

Quote: From what I've heard the mountains are over-run with brutally aggressive and ugly beings, known as orcs and goblins.

Which is reasonably important info story wise - althougth I don't think it will really affect anyones choice.

Jez :cool:
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Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 5:31 am    Post subject:  

nice chapter jez.

I think the bit about the Jade was interesting, want to hear more about that :) . Think it probably has something to do with when his father traveled (?). Maybe his mother (?) sounds dangerous anyway. The two elves in the bar were probably his parents, i'm guessing.

I think Alex is a good character but maybe a bit too like Elvendor in human form (?). If he is going to get another companion (i suggest thats a good idea) then they should be rather different to add some, errr, difference to the story! :D

As for DP, i think they should head to Kostenton city and see what they can find out there. Maybe he can find out something about the wait, he isn't supposed to tell anyone... I suppose he could just keep his ears open though, in a big city he might well gain some info.

looking forward to next chapter, and poll, and other suggestions etc. :)
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Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 5:50 am    Post subject:  

Another good chapter Jez, I'm really enjoying this story. I say go on to Timburton, he's looking for adventure and Timburton obviously has it.

A few things, I noticed though:

Quote: The roof had light wooden boards, which made up the floor above, fixed across it and supported by the occasional giant black oak beam. To the right, when you entered in, was an incredibly plain rectangular bar, made out of coarse dark wood

Right the 'you' in their doesn't sound right. It might have been."To the right of the entrance."

Also I found the conversation between alex and Elven was too hurried in my opinion. One second Alex enters the bar and the next he's Elven's travelling companion. Take your time, slow it down.

All in all it's been good so far. Good length, grammar's been fairly good and you've corrected whatever mistakes there were in the first chapter, decision points have been good as well. So I'm promoting you.
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Shady Stoat

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Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 6:04 am    Post subject:  

I quite like the idea of the port. Why not travel a little further afield - or at least take a good look at what's coming in from that direction. All sorts of adventures to be found by the sea.

Good chapter, Jez, but I agree about the conversation being too rushed. You could do with an edit on that one :D
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Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 6:38 am    Post subject:  

Quote: One second Alex enters the bar and the next he's Elven's travelling companion.
yep, i agree with that, think you need to put some more conversation in, but...
Quote: I say go on to Timburton, he's looking for adventure and Timburton obviously has it.
Mauddib, they have just come from Timburton! :?
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Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 7:02 am    Post subject:  

Right you bad.

I meant that they should go to the spooky villages similar to Timburton.
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Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 7:12 am    Post subject:  

Ok :) , thanks for all the really good feedback.

I've added some more chunks of conversation/overview of conversation between the two to try and draw it out a bit more. I may well review it again later - any more comments as to where it still needs some more work, and how that could be acheived are welcome - both specifically to the conversation and more generally. :)
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Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 7:22 am    Post subject:  

*hands twitch*

Quote: Mauddib, they have just come from Timburton!

It's Muaddib.
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Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 7:32 am    Post subject:  

Sorry, Muddy :D
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Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 11:37 am    Post subject:  

Ok, the poll is now up and running :) . I've put it up fairly soon after the completion of this Chapter for two reasons:

1) The options for the poll are fairly fixed - they are not likely to try and fly upwards or dig a tunnel into the ground; so N,S, W and SW ( initially to bypass Kostenton - probably becoming more W / NW once they have passed Kostentos City and are searching for dwarven towns.). I suppose I could have added East as an option...but I can't really think of a sensible reason for them returning there so I ignored it.

2)I'm going away to a Christian camp in Yorkshire for a week so I wanted to have the poll sorted out when I got back, so that I could then begin work writing Chapter 3.

That's all I can think of for now so...happy voting :D
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Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 11:57 am    Post subject:  

solus.serpen wrote: Sorry, Muddy :D

Don't worry too much Solus - it's one of many initiations into IF - spelling Muaddib's name wrong. We have all done it, and been appropriately told off ;)

Although thinking about it, I lay blame on the the Qwerty keyboard. It is just faster and more natural to press that 'a' with the left hand rather than 'm' and 'u' with the right.

Sorry for the off-topic Jez - I'll be back with a comment on the chapter soon.

Enjoy your camp. :)
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Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 12:20 am    Post subject:  

Quote: Don't worry too much Solus
i wasn't :) .

ok, back on topic...
i still think he should go to kostenton city and find out whats happening, maybe researching the 'jade' while he is there. If he is worried about how the humans may react, then he could allways just send Alex in to gain information, then sidetrack round the sity and meet him at the other end. But i think since Kostenton city is very large and quite well known (thats the impression i got), there are probably more than one race communing in there, the dwarves may even be trading in there. I think he would be able to pass untoticed. Or, if not, he could get a disguise! :)
oh well, i'm going to vote now.
looking forward to next chapter :D
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Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 12:25 am    Post subject:  

I voted Kostenton too.
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The White Blacksmith

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Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 1:57 am    Post subject:  

Voted. And, ooh look, a tie!
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Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2006 7:51 am    Post subject:  

Hey, great story, I'd really like to see where it goes. I haven't read chapter 2 as of yet, but I will soon!!!!!

On a random side note: McDibsky, is your name muaddib based off of Paul Atreides second name "Muad'dib" in Dune?
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Posted: Sun Aug 06, 2006 11:40 pm    Post subject:  

Thanks to all who voted in this second poll, it was incredibly close between Kostenton and Port Kranthos - in the end I had to step in to break the tie. I'll try to have Chapter 3 up sometime this week with the two explorers heading to Kostenton City :) .
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Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2006 12:00 am    Post subject:  

Yey, a new chapter coming soon :D !
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