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Chapter 18: A Spy Discovered
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Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 8:03 am    Post subject: Chapter 18: A Spy Discovered  

Chapter 18: A Spy Discovered

Elvendor had awoken long before the other two, stretching and yawning, then silently springing to his feet with fluid agility. Spinning he observed through the window that a pale grey blanket lay outside, broken by shards of blue torn amongst the dullness, scars of hope for the day. Unsure quite what to do he decided to explore the town alone. Going via the toilet, he slipped from the room and down the swirling ramps to the lower floor. He slipped out through the quiet foyer, only observed by a timid female centaur, whose curled black hair seemed to cover most of her face behind a twisting bobbing curtain.

Once outside, Elvendor made his way swiftly towards the gate they had entered in by, his keen eyes observing the centaur tradesmen setting up their stalls within the large crossroad like intersections. The centaur town followed a rigid pattern, for at the end of each street was a large crossroad in the shape of a triangle, or square, or kite…or some other geometrically perfect shape. Within the centre of each shape sat an ornament, often a fountain, but sometimes an unusually beautiful tree or plant, or statue. Yet each lacked a certain character, as though the artist has been following a set design too perfectly, not imposing any artistic creativity upon it. Littered about these large open spaces were the market stalls selling their wares, an assortment of spices, foods, pots and clothing making up the majority of the stalls.

Reaching a circular intersection, a street away from the gate they had entered, Elvendor paused and started to ask the various traders if they remembered who had entered the City recently besides themselves. It took several attempts to find one who spoke elfin (he still didn’t want to risk letting on that he could speak centaur) and that trader didn’t know anything useful. Soon afterwards though he came across a grey bodied centaur selling pots, who listened closely and replied,

“Yes, that would be the boy with the raven wouldn’t it? Strange character if you ask me, didn’t speak to no-one, just walked straight on, head fixed ahead to the horizon, muttering to his bird.”

“What did he look like?” Elvendor pressed, but the centaur now shook his head,

“Well now, my memory is appallingly poor, at least for someone who is merely chatting and not buying my goods, besides why are you so interested?” Elvendor shrugged and replied,

“Well only that he seems to be interested in us, but unfortunately my friends have my money so I guess I’ll have to leave my enquiries, thank you for your help.”

“Not at all,” the centaur said, “if you’re interested though the offer still stands…” Elvendor nodded, before turning and heading back to the hotel. The blue sky above was slowly winning its battle against the grey shroud that reluctantly released its hold to allow the sun break through. Glancing skywards Elvendor smiled, I anticipate a busy day today, and a busy day is a good one. He swiftly made his way back up to their room to find Alex and Simeon still asleep. He was tempted to wake them, but decided against it. Instead he sat down upon his mattress, legs crossed, silently meditating on the beauty of nature that swirled about his mind. Then of his father, of his mother…suddenly a picture began to form in his mind, a beautiful golden haired elf bending over him, feeding him milk, making strange chirping noises, white marble walls behind her. Then as quickly as it had formed it faded, leaving Elvendor’s eyes hot and pricking with tears, his mind clawing for the faded memory. But the mind is a mysterious thing, the harder one tries to remember something the quicker it melts away. Disappointed he opened his eyes as he heard Alex stir and sit up to his right.

“Are you okay Elvendor,” Alex asked sleepily, “I thought I heard you gasp?” Elvendor blinked back the tears, facing the wall ahead as he replied a little too calmly,

“Yes everything is fine…now we just need Simeon to wake from his slumber.” Almost on a cue Simeon’s eyes opened and he eased himself up with a slight groan,

“Did someone mention my name?”

“Yes, we were wondering whether we should pour a jug of water over you or flip your mattress over,” Alex answered with a grin. Simeon didn’t counter save to mutter, ‘what cheek’ under his breath as he stood up. Each took a turn in the bathtub, then all headed out and into the streets refreshed. Elvendor filled the other two in on what he had been told that morning about the spy who was following them, throwing in the question,

“Who do you think he’s working for?” Alex and Simeon puzzled it over before Alex finally said,

“He’s probably a spy sent from the Haven to ensure…no wait he’s a human so that can’t be the case. He must have followed us from Kostenton…” In unison he and Elvendor realized the truth, gasping,


“That deceitful traitor,” muttered Alex, ignoring the fact that it had been their decision not to return to Kostenton, “well in that case Constantine may already know about our detour.”

“Worse than that he may know of the Haven,” Simeon said, ashen faced. Elvendor continued to stride ahead of the others, heading towards the tradesman he had talked to earlier, thoughtful.

“Well I guess the only way to know is to catch the guy whose been following us. By the way Simeon, we may need some more morras.” Simeon smiled and slipped away, returning back with a handful,

“Is this enough?” he asked, Elvendor nodded and they set off for information. The centaur he had met earlier was only too pleased to describe the boy following them after they had brought a few of his ceramic pots. He told them they were looking for someone of medium height, wearing fairly ripped but smart black clothes and with fair hair. The raven was a large one, and shouldn’t be too difficult to spot.

Various other traders pointed them towards the city centre, so that by midday the trail had led them to an octagon crossroad, just outside the city centre. It seemed though that beyond describing his basic appearance no-one knew much else about their leech like follower.

Alex glanced up at the sun, which sat high above them, showering them with its dazzling light that reflected off the marble to dizzying effect.

“I think we should eat,” Alex said whimsically, “it’s nearly mid-day and I’m hungry.” Elvendor rolled his eyes, but they were nearby a busy food stall, from where smells of freshly cooked meat stung their nostrils and seduced their stomachs. Simeon noted where the other two were looking and nodded, slipping closer to the stall. Within a minute he had returned to them holding three spiced circular disks of cooked meat, piled upon each other. He handed one to Elvendor and one to Alex, who used their grubby sleeves to hold the steaming meal.

“Are you sure no-one saw you?” Elvendor asked between blowing on his lunch to cool it down. Alex had tried to bite into his straightaway and was clearly suffering as his mind fought between spitting out the precious food and suffering a burnt tongue, the latter winning. Simeon smiled smugly, replying,

“Of course, no-one could detect what I was doing, unless they were staring at the object or recognized what I was doing. The speed is too fast. Besides if it’s not possible for it to happen, beings are far more likely to conclude it did not…” He tailed off as he noticed Elvendor’s eyes were fixed somewhere behind him, a worried frown crossing his face.

“Well, it looks like we’re about to find out,” Elvendor stated grimly, as a grey haired and black bodied centaur approached them. Simeon looked around and made way for the centaur to enter the group. The centaur stood looking into their faces, his face a mask, before he spoke in English and then elfin,

“Well, looks like you’re all enjoying your hard earned lunches.” Simeon choked on his first bite. As Elvendor stared evenly at the centaur, coughing noises could be heard from Simeon as he dropped to his knees and tried to cough up the food lodged in his throat. The centaur gave a friendly half-smile and clapped him on the back, causing Simeon to eject the meat from his mouth. “I’ve never come across another emoton master before, most unusual and impressive,” the centaur said, still speaking dangerously softly. “My name by the way is Zeriaph, I suggest that you return to my place, where we can speak more freely. Unless of course you’d rather face the consequences of your actions?” Elvendor sighed inside, looks like we don’t have much choice, but I don’t trust him. He chose to reply in English as the ceaseless repetition of phrases in both languages was really beginning to annoy him,

“Fine, we accept your generous offer Zeriaph.” Zeriaph raised his eyebrow slightly,

“Oh, an educated elf…well, well…I don’t suppose you’re an emoton master as well?”

“Not that I know of…” Elvendor replied. Zeriaph peered at him closely, then turned and started to walk towards the West side of the city,

“Well most beings who are naturally talented users don’t realize they have it, yet alone those who must work hard to achieve it…”

“What is he babbling on about?” Alex queried, Elvendor shrugged and whispered,

“Haven’t a clue, it seems like he’s calling Simeon’s power ‘emoton’ or something…” In his minds eye he suddenly felt the water rushing about him, blue particles flowing around him, moving for him…

It took a while of walking to get to Zeriaph’s house, they had finished their meal by the time they got there, it sat near the pointed part of the Western wall, a cubed house with a ramped stairway running up the outside to the roof.

“Since it is such a pleasant day, why don’t we go up upon the roof and talk there,” Zeriaph said smoothly, his dark grey hair bouncing and swaying gently upon his neck. They followed silently, Simeon still eyeing the centaur suspiciously. The roof was gently slanted towards them, to allow the rain water to run off, and various twisted trees grew and slunk from large white marble pots. Zeriaph turned a few feet ahead, feet clicking upon the marble, and lay down upon his haunches. Elvendor, Alex and Simeon all sat down as well, a long pause followed. Why doesn’t he say something, the way he’s looking at us…almost through us…its creepy. Finally Zeriaph spoke, addressing Simeon,

“Well I always wondered if there was anyone alive who was a true master of emotons…to finally find someone who is, is a great joy to one who has spent his life studying the ancient texts about them.” He paused and looked puzzled, “but why the blank faces, oh! of course, my mistake, you may well not have heard them called by their true name, they are the particles that you…”


“Simeon, were manipulating to steal the meat from the stall. I have long been a scholar of them, of their different forms, of how they work, I have even become competent in controlling them at a low level which is more than most centaurs would achieve in their lifetime. I’m guessing you know of their properties already though.” Again he was met by blank looks from all three. “What! You really know so little! How disappointing…very well, then I propose a trade of information – you Simeon tell me of how you were trained and what you can do, and in return I will tell you the principles behind them.”

“Why would you want to know about that?” Simeon asked, frowning.

“Because hearing and seeing how it is used in practice by someone who is master of the emoton, any emoton for that matter, can only increase what I know of them.”

“So there’s more than one type of emoton?” Simeon asked, his eyes widening in some surprise.

“Yes, of sorts. You’d best settle yourself, for the information I shall be giving you will come as a shock and be extensive.” He paused, carefully eyeing up the traveler’s before him, then he calmly continued, the tone of his voice sounding like he was delivering a precious gift to them,

“It all started when I began to research some of the older documents. As you may well know for us centaurs, the ascertaining of knowledge is what drives us. There are so many texts stored within the library here, not to mention the other cities, that not even a centaur would be able to read them all in a lifetime. There I came across some writings that date from over a thousand years ago, that seemed fairly innocuous and mythical at first glance. However for some reason the I felt that these texts were claiming to be more than just myth, this nagged away at me so I read and re-read them, then tried attempting what they suggested. The centaur that wrote them, Luther, talked in these writings of emotons, setting out certain properties of them as follows:

There are four commonly known emotons, and a possible fifth. The emotons known of exist in the following; air, plants, fire and water. The texts do not say however what exactly they are, only that they are dense particles of energy that react not only to a certain wavelength of the mind but also to the mood of that wave.” Simeon stared at the centaur as though he was mad. Unperturbed the centaur continued,

“Yes, it appears that somehow they are more than mere energy, that in some way they can sense the mood of the person sending the signal and it causes them to react in a different way…but I digress. It appears that there are only three ways one’s mind can reach the stage where it can send out such waves, firstly if you are exceptionally lucky and already have the connection or secondly by making such a connection in a perceived life and death experience, or by a sudden surge or large build up of emotion. What’s more your heart will shape which one of those four that you can best control, and in time either through repeated use of one, or because of a particular emotional upheaval, your heart and mind will become focused upon one of the four – you become a master of that particular emoton.”

“But what happens when they are used?” Elvendor asked, “because Simeon says they vanish when he tries to use them.” Zeriaph raised an eyebrow,

“Then he truly is a master of the air emotons, for only a master can change the very nature of an air emoton to a real object and back again. The texts I read weren’t very clear on this point, but they assumed that where an emoton is used to perform a complicated technique it is somehow ‘worn out’ and disappears from the view of the beholders mind…so it is more a case that the emotons are ‘used up’ and must recover before re-use.”

“But…that’s impossible…its so powerful,” Alex butted in, sounding slightly annoyed. Zeriaph smiled sadly, “Yes, but at a cost. The user becomes tired mentally, if he overstrains his mind he could die, and even continual use of this power takes from the users lifespan. Also it seems that most beings regard such users with distrust and suspicion, Luther it would seem had few friends.” Elvendor glanced at Simeon whose face changed to a slightly paler shade, unperturbed though Simeon asked the question that had been puzzling him,

“How does mood make a difference?” Zeriaph’s smile took on a subtly dangerous glint as he turned his head slightly to face Simeon,

“Well every one of those four will be used by the beholder for a reason, to save a friend, or to kill one, to help a stranger or to further ones ambitions, and strange as it may seem the emotons character is affected by such reasons. If a power is used for the wrong reasons it changes its very nature. Luther hints that the darker powers may be slightly stronger, but that the use of such power can have more damaging affects upon the users mind and health.

Of the four known emotons, a user of them will generally find himself able to control one type better than another, the state of the heart associated with each one is rarely mentioned save in a poem that Luther wrote in texts.” Zeriaph’s pronunciation of the word poem suggested that he still found such an idea mildly contemptuous. “The poem ran as follows:

For the heart that bleeds blood red tears;
Is wracked with pain and grief.
Then to be over flowing streams and seas,
That heart of sorrow seeks.

For the heart that springs and bounds,
Amongst natures twisting sprawl.
Then over plants and trees,
That living heart enthralls.

For the heart that loves to create,
Painting objects in the mind.
It’s to the spacious air,
That such a heart will fly.

For the heart that when provoked,
Shall spark and rage in flame.
Then in the vicious burning fire,
That heart shall remain.

Of course a heart can have elements of all of these, but it seems that eventually one who persists in using emotons will eventually find themselves gradually drawn to one of these categories until it dominates their heart, either because they find it easier to practice with that emoton or an event happens that so strongly affects them, that their heart is fixed forever more on that emoton. I beleive the same is true as to whether such a power is used for selfish and unselfish reasons, eventually a persons heart will fix one way or another.”

“Can one lose the ability to use emotons?” Elvendor asked, succeeding in hiding the fact that the question was more than merely one of general interest.

“Oh yes, if one is not a natural born user then one must continue to practice, until ones heart becomes fixed – then one can never forget how to use them. Anyhow I have talked enough, may I hear you’re account Simeon?” Simeon’s eyes flicked between Elvendor and Alex and Zeriaph, the latter quickly catching on,

“Ah, so you don’t wish to share your secrets with anyone other than the one who needs to hear of it – although I doubt it shall make much difference to them. Very well,” Zeriaph waved for Elvendor and Alex to leave them saying, “Thank you for your time, but me and Simeon have matters to discuss.” Elvendor and Alex rose, Alex half-glaring at Simeon, Elvendor saying with the merest hint of coldness,

“Meet you back here in a short while, don’t take too long.”

They left, and spent a while wandering about the city centre, past large orante columned mansions, temple style buildings and the enormous circular centaur library, whose outside was peppered by rings of curving rectangular windows. Obviously the centre was more crowded, as they left the crowds and headed back to Zeriaph’s house Elvendor started to feel uneasy. He ignored the feeling initially but as it continued he began checking behind him. Is that someone following us, a flash of black, he’s definitely quick. I mustn’t let him think he’s been seen, just carry on as normal. A plan was forming in his mind and had crystallized by the time they reached Zeriaph’s house. There they knocked upon the marble door, for there was no sign of Simeon on the roof. It slid open and Simeon appeared, looking slightly uneasy. He managed a smile though as he said,

“Ah, there you are.”

“Yes, are you ready to go? I think we’re being followed and I’ve come up with a plan,” Elvendor whispered urgently. Simeon’s eyebrows shot up, the uncomfortable atmosphere buried by the uniting against a common foe.

“Yes of course,” Simeon replied stepping out, “thank you for your hospitality Zeriaph,”

“And you for your information,” Zeriaph replied as he slipped out from the gloomy hallway with a smile, “good luck with your travels.” Simeon and Elvendor mumbled a thanks as Simeon stepped outside, Zeriaph sliding the streaked door shut with a solid click behind them, disappearing from view.

* * *

What a break, Regan thought as he carefully slipped amongst the centaurs. He’d spotted the human and elf as they wandered about the inner city where he was staying, within moments he had slipped in behind them, a plain black shadow amongst the crowds. Gail had left a day ago reporting that there was no sign of the group, now suddenly they had appeared before his very eyes. At one stage he wondered if the elf had spotted him, but his behavior seemed quite ordinary, certainly he had made no real efforts to check regularly that he was being pursued. Now they were heading again towards the busy centre, accompanied by the old man from the hills. What happened to them? Their clothes are a mess…clearly they’ve had a harder journey than I. Ahead the elf and the old man were talking to each other, his eyes narrowed, were they talking about him? Seconds later they both broke out laughing and he relaxed. Ahead the group turned around a sharp corner into a crowded circular square. Hurrying slightly it took him a few moments to catch sight of them moving around the edge of circle. Here the stalls had faded out, proper upper class shops built within the enclosing encompassing marble walls. Where are they heading? Surely they haven’t been staying within the city centre, no they must have just…Huuuh? A cold point dug into his back and Elvendor’s crisp cold voice penetrated his mind,

“So you’re the one whose been following us, I suggest that you remain calm, you wouldn’t want to cause a scene here would you?” Regan seriously considered doing just that, After all I can have him arrested, he’s assaulted one of Constantine’s workers…but if Constantine hears of this, and besides how do I know that the centaurs would not take the side of the travelers – what with their pages of laws and nobility – power and influence may play little part and besides they tend to favor elves above humans – some nonsense about having much in common. Damn it, how did he manage to catch me…

Alex, Simeon and Elvendor approached him from the front causing Regan to gape,

“But…” he muttered weakly, then he realized the terrible truth as the Elvendor before him vanished in the blink of an eye. He looked around at the centaurs passing by but none had noticed, one or two were looking their way with a mildly puzzled expression on their faces but shrugged off what they thought they had seen as merely a trick of the eye.

“Funny, I would have thought you would have been wise to such deception after following us through the Rusheldon Hills,” muttered Elvendor into his ear, “Now let us head to where you are staying, if you don’t you’ll be dead before you can blink.” Numbly Regan began to move towards his dwelling, cursing himself for his stupidity at being caught out so easily. The world about him had dulled, the thrill of the pursuit had turned to a pallid torture. Alex and Simeon walked either side of him, hemming him in, both studying their pursuer with unabashed curiosity.

Regan’s face remained a mask of stone as he led them through the crowds and out into the northern suburbs. Here they encountered many streets filled with tall thin terrace style marble housing was laid out. Each ‘house’ was in fact two, the bottom floor completely separate from the top which could be reached via a ramp and balcony. Regan led them about two thirds of the way down one of these streets, stopping outside one of the many identical marble doors. The only way to tell each house from the next was a number, and sometimes a crest that had been carved in the marble above each door. The number twenty two, and the carving of an eagle…as above the Mayor’s mansion, Elvendor noted smugly. Indicating that they should enter by prodding Regan encouragingly in the back with the pointed metal dagger that he had had Simeon create as they wlaked, Elvendor tried to work out what to do about the spy. Having him along with us might be a burden, and I don’t trust him, but we can’t let him go free. I suppose we could tie him up? Regan's main living area was completely bland, there was unusually for a centaur room a wooden bed, covered with white sheets and linen and a plain red rug lay in the centre of the floor. Elvendor thrust Regan forward onto his bed in the far left corner of the room, in a flash Regan’s hand went to his side to draw a dagger, but Elvendor was faster, already a bow was aimed at his head.

“Drop the dagger on the floor,” Elvendor ordered him, Regan nonchalantly did so, easing himself down upon the bed. A quick search of the cupboards by Simeon and Alex revealed some bird food and about thirty Goldents. The only light was squeezing in from a couple of small rectangular windows near the ceiling that faced out upon the street, leaving the room reasonably dull and cool. Regan’s face remained frozen throughout, but his eyes flickered, cold and calculating. Finally after the bathroom in the room behind had been searched by Alex and Simeon with no more luck, Elvendor asked a question to which he could already guess the reponse to,

“Well, explain yourself spy.” Silence. Just as I thought, he won’t reveal anything. Elvendor tried again, his voice taking on a dangerous tone of steel,

“Do so, or else I will kill you here and now you treacherous foe!” He tightened the bowstring as Alex cried out in shock “Elvendor!” Regan just smiled slightly, contemptuously at the elf, then spoke evenly,

“Do you really believe that elf, you who have probably never killed in cold blood. Have you tasted the bitterness of life to the extent where such things no longer seem to matter anymore? Besides if you were to kill me here, not only would you all be outlaws – pursued by the humans, but you would most likely not even escape the centaur lands without capture and death.” Blast, he really knows what is involved in the killing of another…it’s going to be tough to get any information from him. Well I may as well try once more...

“Perhaps not but I don’t have to kill you, only wound you where you’ll be hurt forevermore.” The bow slipped from Regan's head and down, pointing between his legs, “there is much worse pain than the pain of death human,” Elvendor continued, his voice remaining calm and cold. To his delight he noticed that for a second Regan’s face actually twitched. Then it hardened and again he replied coldly,

“Well go ahead, if it makes you feel any better. For you shall not get a single piece of information from my lips, I’ve suffered pain far worse than any that you are proposing. Physical pain is nothing to the scars that mark my life.” As he spoke Elvendor saw a flash, a glimpse of the emptiness that he hid within – far greater than the loneliness he had ever felt. A despair that had overwhelmed the love of life, a grey empty nothing, yet not, for it was woven together by strands of bitter hatred of everyone about him. As Elvendor’s mind reeled, he tried to keep the bow steady, desperately trying to work out what to do about the man before him. Presumably his bird will be returning here so we may as well hang about here until it returns, but then what. Do I kill him? Just injure him badly so he can’t follow us, kill the bird so it can’t carry messages, haul them along with us - but he'd have to be constantly watched...
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Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 8:59 am    Post subject:  

Quote: Then as wuickly as it had formed it faded,
Quote: Luther it would seem had view friends.

The DP, hmmm...
Throw him in the garbage pit! :shock:
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Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 9:08 am    Post subject:  

Ah finally I came upon a story of yours. :)

I say tei him up. Or wrattle his brain a bit and then find something like a- A rope. yea, a rope.

Or fire extinguis-- no--not that. Throw him somewhere where he can't easily excape, then see what happens and when bird comes...
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Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 10:31 am    Post subject:  

Hmmm, very interesting.
So...the boy is used to pain?
But that lonliness he feels...makes me wonder...
...How come he always travels with his bird...speaks to him even.
It must be the only companion he has.
If he won't flinch when threatened with physical harm to himself... wonders whether we should wait until the bird comes back...then threaten Regan with killing the raven?
Mmmm. Well, that's my suggestion anyway.

Good chapter, I liked finding out more about the emotons.

And the poem was good too - did you make it?


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Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 4:13 pm    Post subject:  

Oooh! A new chapter, excellent. I don't have time to read it through now Jez, but I will be back never fear!
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Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 4:05 am    Post subject:  

Ok Poll going up tomorrow, so last chance for suggestions.
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Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 6:10 am    Post subject:  

Sorry, took a while to catch up.

I think that Solus's may be onto something. You can't touch him maybe, but how about his bird?

Otherwise maybe go to Zeriaphe and see if him and Simeon can use their 'magic' to get something out of him.

Nice chapter Jez, some good explanations in there! Enjoyed it.
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Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2007 1:31 pm    Post subject:  

Ok poll is up :) , but for some reason its malfunctioning slightly :( . Just vote for the first of the two where they double up and I'll hopefully be able to work things out from that.
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Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2007 10:01 am    Post subject:  

good poll!

i think they should tie him up and threaten to kill the bird to get him to talk
then kill the bird
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Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 3:39 am    Post subject:  

Ok Poll should be closed in about 24 hours time
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Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 6:14 am    Post subject:  

Ok poll is closed, there isn't too much discrepency between the tied options so I'll mix them slightly.
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Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 5:34 am    Post subject:  

Ok this chapter is locking down, a new one coming up shortly.
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