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IF Story guidlines/suggestions.
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Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2007 5:18 pm    Post subject: IF Story guidlines/suggestions.  

Fellow IF storywriters.

I thought I would just put down a few pointers for writing IF stories.

Firstly, when writing about other IF citizens, I would ask that you don't do anything drastic with their characters. By this I mean kill them or change them, or have them perform some major task, unless there is a 'back-out' option.

For example, think of your favorite soaps on TV. Let's take Star Trek as an example, as I am a geek. You know that no matter what happens to the major characters, even should they change shape or age 200 years, by the end of the story they will be back in their original form and back at their post. Use the 'Red Shirt' security men as fodder!

If you read my original 'Tale of IF', you will see that even though (sadly) several IFians were horribly* killed, they were fully 'backed up' by Chinaren Labs inc. and their clones were back up and about in short order, though with no memory of what happened in the mines. Not that anything did you understand.

Everyone in IF has their own distinct character that emerges over time. Please try and keep IFians in form.

Be nice**!

Bear in mind what is going on in the city. Read posts, read other IF stories, and try and keep the continuity going.

There is no need to fully answer all questions within your story. Leaving a bit of mystery for the future can add to the fun.

Some IFians have faded away. However, remember they may one day return!

Enjoy! :D

*tee hee.
**Though you can be nice in a horrible way of course.
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