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IQ Issue 11. 7.June.7
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Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 2:02 am    Post subject: IQ Issue 11. 7.June.7  

Issue.11 3June2007 Price: 0Fables.

IQ Expands Staff!

[/url]The IQ has recently been flooded with an application to join the staff of this leading rag. As a result, the IQ permanent staff has expanded by more than* 200% doubling the workforce at a stroke.

Chinaren, Editor in Chief, expressed his profound happiness in an exclusive interview with Bob McBobski, who has just returned from a Skiing expedition in the Valley of Death.

“…work the sucker to the bone and take the credit for it. What do you mean you’re recording? Well start again you idiot!”

“Ow! Okay! Ahem. This is Bob McBobski here, down at IQ central, with his Awesomeness The Editor himself. Hello Chinaren.”

“Hello Bob, it’s wonderful to speak to me again.”

“Er, yes. I just want to ask you about the IQuirer’s latest expansion.”

“Indeed Bob. We have a new member on the team, Kang.”

“What effect will this have on the IQ?”

“It should expand our word count, as well as bring exciting new articles to the premier IF news medium.”

“What do you say to the rumors that the city merely bought out the potential rival, The IF Digest to avoid a print war?”

“Once again Bob, you have been listening to scandal and rumor that the gutter press circulate. Next you will be believing the news that the ASS purposely burnt down the IF Digest, instead of the real reason, which was a fluke meteor strike hitting their Idearium power packs.”

“Thank-you your eminence. It’s been a pleasure.”

“It surely has.”

Kang was also voluble on the subject, as his comments at a recent press conference revealed:

“It is an honor to work on a project with his Mayorness. This will definitely get the company some public exposure and may help boost our business.”

When asked if the IQ would effect Kanguards other duties he replied:

“Absolutely not out duty is to serve and protect IF at all costs. It has been an honor to work With the ASS in keeping IF safe and secure.”

Other volunteers have also put their names forward to assist in the IQ, so we look forward to a more dynamic newspaper in the future.

*My lack of arithmetic skill is legendary.

Head Eaters summon new Figurehead.

A new beast has been summoned to act as a figurehead for the Head Eaters/Review board.

The Head Eater will be roaming the streets, heading towards any stories that wish to be promoted. Already this strange creature has been responsible for moving Fatty Masterdon’s new tale [url=] Agaia's Tale to Fantasy.

Auctioneer wanted!

Kingky has, in what the IQ can only assume is a moment of narcotic induced madness, called for a reliable figure to head the monthly auction of IF Gear (see the fashion edition). As it’s unlikely that we can find a reliable citizen in IF, the first half decent candidate will be considered. Please submit your submissions, please and bribes to the Palace directly.

Mayor Rewrites Laws at Random!

In a moment of pressure, Chinaren actually made a decision recently. New laws governing the ever changing SGotM regulations were passed in a drunken haze. Chinaren, staggering out of the nearby pub for five minutes, released the official announcement on the back of a beer mat:

If there is a tie on a SGotM which has 6 or more stories are nominated, both can go through, as long as the category (Skiffy in this case) doesn't have more than one SGotM winner in already.

The mayor then threw up in someone’s hat, and went back inside to carry on drinking.

Treasury gets scrutinized
By Kang

Citizens have lately criticized the treasury for apparently not doing much of anything. It has not seen any apparent growth. Lordy, the founder of the treasury disagrees.

“The treasury works but there is not enough commerce to really show any growth. It does collect rent from the necessary places but nothing more the market district has shown promise but nothing to really boost the economy.”

This reported agrees:

“The Treasury is a good tool but most of the gains are coming from the Fatback index (FBIA) most of the gains that the Ifians are getting is from investing in the index. At last look Chinaren Inc has a 20% share in the index. That alone creates the opportunity for dividends and obviously more fables to go around.

When asked for comment, Chinaren Inc. Investments said:

“Chinaren has taken on the onerous task of keeping a portion of the City’s Fables safe and secure. Now bugger off, or I’ll call security.”


It’s Two for the Top!

In the most hotly contested contest since records began, May’s SGotM went to the wire, with Chinaren having to be interrupted in his Mayoral duties to make a decision. (See elsewhere in this publication).

In any case, two very worthy SGames will both be promoted. Zephyr’s SuperHuman shares the award with Crunchy Frog’s Magician’s Touch. Check them both out it Skiffy soon!

June nominations have been opened too. The IQ recommends you get down to the CA and check it out now!

Top Favorites.

Chianren’s Tired of Death remains at number one with 20 Faves, and Lords & Ladies has surged back to retake second place with 9. Close behind in Zephy's SuperHuman with 7F. Dropping one place to four is Bloodline by Lilith with 6, which shares the position with Avarice in the top 5 for the first time.

Metro news:
By Kang

Jester Park: Tired of Death retains the top spot in IF and in Jester Park with 20 votes. Other notables are The Endless Wall with 4 votes, Truth for hire, Cultural Lovers and I’m not special all are ties with 1 vote each Drama High sadly has fallen off the radar.

Skiffiville: Superhuman has launched to the top capturing 5 votes the Magicians touch has lost some steam but holds 4 votes Fallout has receded half of it’s votes and falls to third with 4 votes. Ranchers has hit the charts gaining 4 votes and Rise of Shadows hangs on with 2 votes

Fantasy forest: Lords and Ladies keeps the top spot with 9 votes but recently promoted Bloodline is looking to spill blood on lords and ladies as Bloodline sits in second with 6 votes. Avarice, which is our feature SG, also has 6 votes while I don’t believe in fate holds 4th with 2 votes. We the cursed joins the ranks with one vote and sends the yellow Alucid Root packing.

Info Street new SG’s: Info Street has seen 6 new SG’s hit the streets making the total now 53 SG’s hoping to get recognition. Favorites A knight’s Lament has not seen any action for some time but still leads with 3 votes, With 2 votes The Tintangreal Star makes it’s debut ties Last of His Kind and forgotten warriors and Redeem me is last with 1 vote with 2 votes. Kryptikangel’s Heart of one is off the chart but may gain some ground soon. Can you trust a God? Also has fallen from glory as the info street war continues.

Linear lane:
The linears have not gotten any attention as of late and the IQ would like to hear more on these if possible

The IQ highly recommends you check these threads out now!

By Kang

New members and slow activity has caused a sell off of the fatback the FBIA dropped –76.92( -2.9%) to close at 2531.00. New members can help the fatback gain ground by contributing opinions in already started Storygames in The Big three ( Fantasy, Skiffy and Jester )

Do you wish to advertise your SGame in IQ? Please submit your inquiries to the editor

IQ needs you!
So you think you can write? If so, please contact the editor for submission rules.

Articles and in-depth reviews of any Sgames welcomed!

Feature Author: Have an author you want to know more about nominate them to be feature author of them month. The paper will interview them about who they are, their works and what future stories they may have on the writing blocks
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