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Wrath chapter 6 - Library of Lust.
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Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 6:10 am    Post subject: Wrath chapter 6 - Library of Lust.  

Warning! Read at your own risk!

This SGame contains unsuitable material! Twisted adult scenes! Perversion! Violence! Torture! More perversion! Other disgusting stuff!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you are young, don’t like ‘naughty scenes’, lack a humorous disposition, or are otherwise unsuitable, then don’t read this SGame!

Any complaint about the contents of this SGame, as per the above warning, shall be treated with the distain it deserves, and the poster publicly mocked.

Now, just read the story already! Or don’t of course.

Chapter 6 – Library of Lust .

She grabbed the thief and hissed into his masked face. “You’re coming with us!” Dragging him over to Zephyr she threw the man at him. “Take him back to my hotel,” she ordered, “don’t let him go!”

Without waiting to see if the large cross-dresser obeyed her commands, she ran back over to the other exit and slid under the lowering barrier, Indiana Jones style. Standing up, she looked left and right. She was in a service corridor, the plain white wall stained with red from the flashing alarm lights. The white haired thief was no where to be seen. Left or right? Lily listened.

From the left she could just make out that voice again.

“What iz zis? La* beeootiful woman wiz no man? Al la la!”

Lily ran after it, muttering under her breath. Skidding around a corner, she was just in time to see a black clad foot disappearing out of an open window. The witch said a Word and pointed a finger. A blue streak of lighting leapt from the digit, just missing the foot. Lilith said another word, a much ruder one this time, and skipped down towards the window. Swinging it open and leaping through she landed on a fire escape, only to be met with a vicious kick to the head. She rolled with it and narrowly missed being decapitated by the very sword she was meant to steal.

“Motherfucker!” said a female voice.

“Anozer beootiful lady!” said the other one. “Come to me my lovar! Let zis handsome weapon see zis figure of womanhood.”

“Shut the fuck up!” said the hooded thief, shaking the sword that the badly accented French was evidently emanating from.

Lilith, still lying on her back, took the chance to sweep a foot around, trying to knock her quarry off her feet. It didn’t work. The mysterious white haired woman jumped nimbly over the attack.

“Have to do better than that bitch,” she said.

“Oh, I’ve got more,” snarled Lilith.

“Aye aye aye! Ze cat fight! Tres bien!”

Lilith pointed her finger again, firing another bolt of lighting. The thief dodged it, barely, and replied by throwing several shuriken** at the witch, one of which lodged itself in her thigh.

“Fuck!” said Lily.

The thief laughed and saluted, keen bright eyes sparkling from above the mask that covered the lower half of her face. “Next time,” she said, and leapt over the railings into the night.

Lily crawled over and peered down. The thief was nowhere to be seen.

“Shit,” she said, with feeling.

*Could be le, my French was never too hot and it’s been a long time.
**A throwing star, for the less weapon aware.


Never took a drag of her cigarette and watched the black clad figure disappear into the night, carrying the sword with her.

“Well, that’s fucked it,” she said.

“Told you not to hire that idiot,” she said again, though in a slightly different voice this time.

“Old Night’s not going to be pleased about this,” Never said.

“You can phone him,” Solus replied, using the same mouth. “And what did I tell you about smoking? You know I hate it.”

Never nodded absently and flicked the smoke out of the window. “Pigs are coming,” she said, noting the sound of the approaching sirens. “Time to go.”

She started the car and, with a last glance at the museum, drove off into the evening.


Dark Mansions was one of the premium residences in Big City. The tower block screamed into the sky, climbing over a hundred stories into the overcast firmament. Its black fa├žade with gold trim was kept clean by an army of underpaid workers, who climbed all over it secured by second hand ropes. The frequent deaths were seen by management as an efficient way of keeping costs down.

Striding through the evening gloom towards this monolith came Lord of the Night. He was speaking into his phone, in low, angry tones.

“I thought you said he was up to the job?”

A high pitched retort from the earphone made him wince and hold the phone slightly away from his ear for a moment.

“I don’t bloody care!” he said, when the voice finally paused. “I don’t pay you for excuses, I pay you for results!” He took several deep breaths, trying to control himself. “All right. You’d better meet me at the library in an hour or so. We need to figure out what we’re going to do now.”

He listened for a few more seconds, and then closed the phone and threw it against the wall in anger, causing it to shatter into small plastic pieces. “Bumbling fool!” he snarled, making the doorman step back fearfully, thinking Lord was referring to him.

Lord of the Night ignored the man though, much to his relief, and stormed into the lobby and one of the waiting lifts. Inserting his key, he pressed the penthouse button and was whisked non stop up the shaft.

The elevator slowed and stopped gently, the doors sliding open smoothly to allow him access to his entrance hall, which was tastefully decorated in black marble.

Waiting for him was a twisted and deformed figure out of someone’s worst nightmare. A tall frame was hunched over, a hump protruding frighteningly over his left shoulder. Long arms ended in claw like hands, terminating in sharp nails painted black. The right leg was evidently longer than the other, the foot on the shorted one sported an oversize shoe with an extra thick sole to compensate. Straggly hair hung unevenly over a distorted face. One eye was larger than the other, and noticeably higher too. The nose was bent and misshapen and protruded over a mouth full of dentures that were apparently fighting to get out. An ear poked through the hair. Of the other there was no sign.

The being lurched forward, hands outstretched as Lord of the Night exited the lift.

“Good evening sir,” it said, taking Mr. Night’s coat and hat and folding them over his arm. His own attire was a tasteful black suit, complete with bow tie.

“Not so far Alfred,” said Lord of the Night. “Not at all.”

“I’m sorry to hear that sir. Shall I run a nice bath?”

“No, I have to go out again in a minute. I’ll need another suit though, this one has bullet holes in it.”

“I’ll see to it at once sir.” The grotesque servant clumped off to do his master’s bidding.

Lord of the Night went into the living room and poured himself a large brandy. Moving over to the window, he stood brooding, swirling his glass and looking out of the lights of the city, though these were mostly obscured by low cloud.

“Your suit is ready sir, and I took the liberty of packing a new cell phone. I noticed you seem to be getting through a lot of them recently.”

“Thank-you Alfred,” Lord replied, still starting out of the window.

“Will there be anything else sir?”

“Not tonight, thank-you.”

“Very good sir. I hope you have a good evening. Oh, and if you wouldn’t mind sir, the name’s Smudger, not Alfred, if you would remember. I’m not a member of the Wayne family sir, with their vast family fortune.”

“Very good Alf… Smudger, you may go.”

Lord of the Night listened to the clumping of his manservant as he left the room. Then he downed his drink in one and turned to change his clothes. The night was young, and there was evil to do.


A bike roared through the ever darkening evening, narrowly missing several people, who were forced to leap out of the way. The rider took no notice as she veered between vehicles at speeds approaching stupid.

Screeching onto Main Street, she burned up the side of the road, and then onto the sidewalk, scattering pedestrians as she went. Ignoring their howls, she gunned the engine and powered the bike up the steps of the library, sliding to a halt outside the main revolving doors in a cloud of burnt rubber.

Kicking down the stand, Harley climbed off the Harley, the engine steaming in the drizzle. She smiled at the doorman, who was picking himself up off the floor. “Keep an eye on this for me will you?” she said.

Not waiting for a response, she strode into the gigantic lobby, her boots making black smudge marks on the expensive flooring. She unzipped the front of her leather jacket and pulled out a hip flask from the inside pocket as she walked along.

The library was just closing, and several humans were leaving. She took a deep swig from her flask and winked at a little girl with a balloon. The girls’ eyes widened, and she ran off calling for Mummy.

Chuckling to herself she walked up to the doorman, whose name, according to his badge, was Harold. He looked at her as she approached, apparently not at all phased by her appearance.

“May I help you miss?” he asked.

Harley rested on the counter and sniffed. Taking a quick look around, she leaned forward. “I’m here to meet someone.”

“We’re just closing I’m afraid,” he replied evenly. “You’ll have to wait outside.” He gestured at the main doors.

“You don’t understand,” said Harley, hitching up her chest for effect. “I’m here to meet a certain…Mr. Night. In the other library.” She winked, a gesture that was missed by Harold, as he was ogling her tits.

“Oh!” said the guard. “I see. And you would be?”

“Tinkerbell. What’s it to you?” Harley scowled.

Harold looked at her for a second more, then nodded. He reached down and pressed a hidden button. “That way miss.” He indicated the hidden door that was sliding open.

Harley gave him a smile and walked off into the passage, which was carved from a neutral gray rock. The short corridor soon ended in a vast hall, lined with bookshelves that almost disappeared into a ceiling all but invisible overhead.

The room seemed to stretch on into the distance, though that was surely not right, as the building wasn’t that big. The whole place was lit by flickering torches on iron stands situated at regular intervals, which were probably a fire hazard, though they certainly added to the ambience of the place.

Nearby a section had been set aside as a reading area, with tables and chairs neatly arranged. In a slight alcove further away, a longer table was surrounded by larger chairs, most of which were currently occupied. The people seemed to be mostly older women, nattering away as only they could, sounding like a bunch of oversized chickens.

As Harley watched, a large round shape detached itself from one of the chairs. Standing, with some effort, it waddled out towards a snack vending machine, which was near Harley.

“Oh!” said the corpulent lady, as she saw the fairy. “Well, aren’t you just the cutest little thing. Hello my dear, I’m called Dinranwen, what’s you name?” She smiled widely, revealing teeth coated in chocolate, and sidled closer.

“I’m Harley,” said Harley, trying to edge away.

“Oh you’re a sweetie! I simply want to eat you all up!” said Dinranwen, putting a pudgy arm around her and squeezing.

For a moment Harley thought she meant it literally, but the oversized female had other ideas.

Rubbing herself against the biker fairy, Dinranwen tittered and leaned forward. “How about it luvvie? Fancy a good time do you?” She winked surprisingly lewdly for someone with cake over the lower half of their face. “I’m a modern woman, forward thinking. And I have a great big ti…”

“I’m sorry,” said Harley, managing to escape from the stranglehold. “I have business to attend to.”

Dinranwen pouted. “Fairy ‘nuff then,” she said. “Maybe later? Mmm?” She winked again, and then trundled over to the vending machine to raid its contents, glancing back to Harley and smiling all the while.

Harley took a deep breath and shuddered slightly. Blinking, she looked around. The person she was looking for didn’t seem to be present. She spotted a desk with an ‘information’ sign hanging over it, and wandered up to it.

Behind it a female figure dressed in loose green robes was bent over, reading some large old book.

“Excuse me?” the biker chick said.

The librarian looked up and smiled. Her complexion was also green, matching her clothes, and she had large yellow eyes. Her name tag read C. Frog.

“May I help you?” she asked.

“Oh,” Harley paused for a moment, the assistant was really quite attractive, and Lily hadn’t been as much fun as usual the night before. Certain desires started to kick in. She smiled back suggestively. “I’m here to meet someone,” she said. “Purely business mind you, he’s not my boyfriend of anything. I don’t really... swing that way truth be told.”

“Who are you meeting?”

“His name’s Mr. Night.”

“Oh, he’s been here a lot the last few days,” said Ms. Frog. “I’m not sure when he’ll be in next, but you’re welcome to wait for him.”

“Thank you,” said Harley, sticking her chest out slightly, and wiggling it. “Do you have any interesting to do whilst I’m waiting?”

The librarian lifted one eyebrow. “I think I can think of one or two things that will pass the time nicely,” she replied standing up. “Follow me.”

Harley followed the woman, noting the curves underneath her robes as she moved. She began to get tingly.

They walked past the vending machines, where Dinranwen was consuming chocolate bars. The large female waved at Harley, who pretended not to notice. The fairy followed the librarian into the ‘Adult’ section, and down an aisle. Stopping halfway along, Ms. Frog pulled at a large green book, and part of the bookcase slid away, to reveal stairs going down.

“What’s this?” asked Harley.

“You wanted a good time didn’t you?” asked the librarian, rubbing her hands suggestively over her large breasts.

“Oh god,” gasped Harley. “Lead on, quickly.”

Frog leered, and stepped into the passage and down the stairs. Harley quickly followed.

Unnoticed by both of them, a large figure peered into the aisle after them. Dinranwen stuffed a muffin into her mouth and frowned. Was her new sweetie going somewhere? She shuffled up to the door and looked at the stairs. A mischievous grin slowly spread across her face, and she squeezed herself into the secret passage and started down, unbuttoning her robes as she went…


Lilith opened the door to her room and fell inside. She was dirty, tired and angry. The witch had barely managed to get away from the cops, who had been unusually diligent surrounding the museum. She just hoped that Zephyr had made it out with the thief.

Staggering over to her bag she brought out a small jar. Twisting open a top she was just applying the healing salve when Zephyr burst in, holding the thief firmly by one arm. He closed the door and threw the whimpering burglar on the floor before redirecting his attention to one hand.

“I think I broke a nail,” he rumbled.

Lily rolled her eyes. “That’s the least of our troubles right now,” she said. “We lost the sword!”

“We still have him,” said Zephyr, pointing at the man cowering on the carpet.

“Great.” Lily strode over and pulled the mask off, to reveal the nondescript face of a man, maybe in his mid thirties, with blue eyes and sandy hair. “Who hired you?” she demanded. “Tell the truth, or it will go badly. I’m not in a good mood.”

“N…never,” said the man.

“I told you! Speak!” Lilith flexed a finger, and a spark crackled around the end of it.

“Never!” cried the thief. “She’s a woman I know! Never sent me to get the sword. I swear!”

Lilith scowled. “Do you know this Never?” she asked Zephyr, who was adding rouge to his face, coating his beard in red in the process.

The man looked in a small mirror and examined the results before answering. “I know of her,” he said. “She usually works for evil. Various difficult to do jobs. A mercenary basically. Pretty hard core.”

“So she’s probably working for another party,” said Lilith to herself. She sat on the bed and considered her next move.

“Very well. Here’s what we do…”


Okay, not so laugh/filth filled this time, sorry, been a bit busy and tired.

What’s Lily’s next move then? Check into Never? Try and find out more about the white haired woman? Go for another artifact? Let’s hear the suggestions!

Bids now due:

Minor Random Bid: Rune, 25 Fables - to have Lordy call Smudger 'Alfred' at least once and for Smudger to accidentally mention the 'Wayne' family fortune.

Random bid: Smudger, 50Fables to be Lordy's butler. Smudger joins in.

Random bid: Harley, 140 Fables - for Harley to be secretly working for Lordy.

Random Bid: Fats, 100F - Have Dinny fall head over heels for Harley.

Corruption bid Liliith, 120F - for it to be Harley who falls head over heels for the Librarian.

Double corruption bid Fats, 300 Fables - to have both events happen.

Random bid NeNe, 100F - For the librarian to have a secret 'pleasure' dungeon.

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Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 7:40 am    Post subject:  

hmm, the imagination, (and other things as well), tingles at the thought of lily finding never. That could be a very interesting situation. but, that said, lily should probably go after never. it seems the obvious choice. Maybe just stalk her and perhaps never will lead lily to mr. night. then again, what does the windup toy suggest? he would probably be of the opinion that they would be wasting time, as there are other artifacts to find, and energy may be better spent in that endeavor? i think that would be wiser. Forget never, find a different item.

Well written china. think that i only seen one or two tiny things wrong, but the story progression is great!
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Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 9:43 am    Post subject:  

Hey, nice new chappy! And i really hope King Key won't corrupt me again next time i vote! I do intend to get just 'a Normal Necro' with capital N's. Almost normal at least. I do not want a clown nose XD

So i will have to furiously get fables and contract Thwackaphobius.

No DP suggestions here though :sad:
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The Meaning Of Fear

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Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 1:42 am    Post subject:  


Damn, that was funny. Disturbing, especially the bit about Crunchy and Harley, but damn! Funny. ;)
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Joined: 12 Dec 2006
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Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 1:42 am    Post subject:  

Very enjoyable! A good few giggles there! The description of Smudge was very good! :D

DP - Find another artifact, I think.

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The White Blacksmith

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Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 11:16 am    Post subject:  

I say they send the thief back with a small tracking spell on him and follow him. That will, hopefully, lead them directly to the scene of the next crime.
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Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 3:17 pm    Post subject:  

Mephistopheles wrote: then again, what does the windup toy suggest?

If memory serves me correctly, the windup toy is supposed to be with me. But if that's true, how did I get rid of Fats? Hmmm.

Sorry I'm out of suggestions right now.
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Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 5:35 pm    Post subject:  

Harley wrote: Mephistopheles wrote: then again, what does the windup toy suggest?

If memory serves me correctly, the windup toy is supposed to be with me. But if that's true, how did I get rid of Fats? Hmmm.

Sorry I'm out of suggestions right now.


Ah yes. I admit I forgot about Fats when I was writing this bit! ~Ahem~ Er, Harly has folded him up and has him in her bag.

Sorry Fats! I need to be more organized with the cast!
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Kalanna Rai

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Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 9:49 pm    Post subject:  

Ah, excellent.

I suggest going after another artifact and hoping the sword will show up in the future. It is kind of distinctive after all.
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Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 4:01 am    Post subject:  

Its Never with a capital N - as in I am maybe percieved as promiscous but would Never swing Liliths way!

And if solus objects to Nevers behaviour with MEN hows she going to feel about women?

the DP? Lilith needs to a)find out about the Twins and 2) move on to the next bit/artefact

hmm i wish the zeph character had a bit more too... let me think on what i can do to him... i mean suggest
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Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 10:07 pm    Post subject:  

Okay, I'm catching up slowly, as well as doing a bizzillion other things. So, any more suggestions before I throw up a poll?
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Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 6:04 am    Post subject:  

K, so poll's up already.

Spank the monkey of voting.
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Joined: 04 Mar 2007
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Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 9:17 am    Post subject:  

A three-way tie already!

Finally. Oh, and:

*Spanks the monkey... Hard*
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Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 3:52 am    Post subject:  

oops I caused a tie
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Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 5:30 am    Post subject:  

Bloomin' 'eck! Twelve votes already! :shock:

Where did they come from? :P

Well, I'll wait another day or so and start thinking about the next chapter then. So get your votes in while they're still hot. Or something.
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The Meaning Of Fear

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Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2007 12:25 am    Post subject:  

That's, uh, 15 votes now, counting my one. :shock:

Option one for the win! WOO HOO!
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The White Blacksmith

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Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2007 12:41 pm    Post subject:  

And I make that 16. You get a lot of interest in your stories, eh Nerc?
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Joined: 05 Sep 2005
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Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2007 3:35 am    Post subject:  

Very well, after a hectic three days voting, I'm closing the poll and starting the next chapter.

Thanks for playing, and watch this space!
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