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Avarice - Cast.
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Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2007 12:47 am    Post subject: Avarice - Cast.  

Here's something I'm thinking of doing for my SGames. A cast list, maybe with more details for the main characters. I usually keep notes of characters in my master documents for my own referral.

This list should not contain spoilers, though I can't guarantee it.


Protagonist: Smur.

Description: Medium build and height, with dark scraggly hair. Smur's body has been twisted and corrupted by some cataclysmic event. He skin is blemished by sores, scabs and unhealthy lesions.

Motivation: There are only two things that keep Smur going:

a> His intense hatred for his former tribe. He has sworn he will not rest until they are all killed. If they can be tortured and tormented first, so much the better.

b> His love of his daughter, Alice. it only adds to his Inner Demons that she considers him some sort of monster.

Alice: Smur's estranged daughter.



Rendolf: The chief of Smur's old tribe. Has a mutual hatred of Smur, for reasons not yet disclosed. Clever, cunning and a dangerous warrior.

Bis'p: Smur's old tribe's Holy man. A heavily overweight man with a penchant for young slave boys. Cunning, but not as physically dangerous as Renfolf.

More to come shortly...
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