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Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2006 2:17 am    Post subject: Chinaren Story Screening service!  

With the measures announced here one may be worried that your story may not be up to speed, and will be harshly rejected by those cruel despots over at the Review Board.

Fear not! Your kind and giving Chinaren Inc. is here to assist!

For a pittance of a fee* skilled proof readers will skim your story and return comments on areas for improvement, as well as whether the story is likely to pass the RB.

Please note! This is not a re-writing service! The aim of this is to help you evaluate your work and get your story promoted!

PM Chinaren, or reply below for aid!

*Fee will depend upon chapter length and number of errors, as well as length of report desired. A simple: Yes Chinaren inc. believes this will pass or No, Chinaren inc. doesn't think this will pass will be a mere 50Fables.
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       Storygames Home -> The Market Bizarre
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