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Ne's Q and A thread.
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Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 8:48 pm    Post subject: Ne's Q and A thread.  

skitty wrote: Okay... here's a question, although not a new one:

What would each of you, Prospective Mayors/Mayoresses/beings/things/etc, bring to the table in terms of new developments in IF- be it housing developments, a grand redecorating of the Inn, or new areas for different storygaming? (that sort of thing, anyway. Just suggestions and ideas to freshen things us and keep the Fables rolling)

As a potential Mayoress I bring to IF a real Love of the City and an eagerness to see her flourish. I will endeavour to do the best i can by If and her citizens taking into account every factor before making a decision.

I don't promise any big flashy things as I believe that first we should seek to complete those tasks that we were all so interested in when suggested by previous Mayors.

IE. using Audio with SGs - be it as background music or an actual reading - is something well within our reach and something i believe will open up a new dimension to If.

I would also discuss with ex-mayor Chinaren what his original intent was for The City project and the buying and selling off If land as I believe this has an unexplored potential.

These are few among many other concepts that we should follow through to fruition before attempting to start any Major new work. this is not to say that I wouldn't consider seriously any concept put forward by the people of IF as being a possible upgrade to If.

Whether you love or hate Me I doubt anyone can fail to see that anything I have done I have done with only the best intentions for IF in mind.

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