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New players - Start here! (Older players, catch up here).
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Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 12:17 am    Post subject: New players - Start here! (Older players, catch up here).  

Tips for New Players:

New players can find answers to many of their general storygaming questions by reading the FAQs.

Readers must register and login to vote in the polls or post comments. The players direct the action of a storygame, determining what the author writes and the path the storyline takes.

I recommend that every player begin with a short film that introduces the EvE Universe, followed by jumping straight to Chapter 1. Much information and the overall structure of the game comes from reading each chapter in its entirety.

The discussions of each chapter are held within each individual chapter. Please leave your thoughts and ideas along side the appropriate chapter. If you have general comments to make, then please feel free to post them in the ongoing discussion on the most recent chapter.

I hope you enjoy playing along on this storygame, and the many other wonderful games here in the City of IF. :D


For those of you wanting a faster catch up - there is a brief outline of each chapter below...

** WARNING - Big Fat Spoilers below **

TRADE WINDOWS: Chapter Summary

Chapter 1: Meet Targh... a trader on the brink of the deal that'll make his fortune. Some complications are being dealt with, and Targh is confident all will be right by the next day. Meanwhile two strangers hold a hushed conversation, keen to ensure no one is growing suspicious.


Chapter 2: Having chosen his ship, Targh heads to the docking bay, along with his partner, Mart. Mart is piloting the large cargoship that'll carry the shipment to their buyer. As the boxes of mining lasers are being loaded, Targh suddenly gets uneasy feelings he can't shake off.


Chapter 3: Whilst Mart is ordered to open up the cargo and check it out, Targh speaks to the 'Boss', the supplier, again. He tricks him with detailed talk about the shipment, and the 'Boss' reveals a suspicious lack of knowledge. Meanwhile Mart discovers the cargo is filled with illegal boosters and narcotics.


Chapter 4: Targh gets Mart to feign a problem on his ship, and as he sets about 'repairs' Targh takes advantage of the time to go aboard the station and see about upgrades for his ship and look for alternatives to making a run with the illegal cargo. He is just updating Mart via a comm piece, suggesting he's going to look up an old friend who owes a favour or two, when strange sounds on the other end alert Mart that something has happened to Targh!

Chapter 5: Mart tries to find Targh on board the station, leaving his crew behind to keep up the masquerade of ship repairs. Failing to find any sign of Targh, he searches out a contact Targh had mentioned just before disappearing: J'iony. He turns out to be a young cocky pod pilot who seems willing to help.

Meanwhile Targh wakes up in a strange room, on a strange planet, as 'guest' to an important Ammarian Overseer. He is questioned about his contract and manages to buy himself some time to think things over.

Chapter 6:

Targh is only given a few minutes to think, before the Overseer appears again. They have a lengthy chat, revealing that the Overseer seems to know a lot about Targh and his current contract than he should. The Overseer offers to buy out his current contract at the current price.

Meanwhile Mart plans how to move the cargo with J'iony. They make a plan for J'iony and his friends to act as bait, drawing off CONCORD whilst Mart makes his way though. Risky, but it might work.

-~-To be continued...
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