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Indelible: Chapter Two
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Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:17 pm    Post subject: Indelible: Chapter Two  


The sun beat against the old stained glass, trying with all it's watery winter strength to break into the upstairs apartment. One tiny lone sunbeam slipped past the old tin blinds, and struggled weakly through the drawn curtains. It crawled it's way, militia style, across the carpet. As it sneaked up the battered leg of the futon, the sunbeam conserved it's energies for the big moment. It cleverly dodged a fold in the duvet, and leapt towards it's ultimate goal, all the brightness it could muster bursting forth as it pounced with ninja like precision- an eye!!


"Awwwww, fuuuuuck! Grrrraarrgggghhhh."
The mumbles of a subterranean beast shattered the calm morning, warming the space between pillow and bed sheets as Leah thrashed awake. It had been a long night, and her body told the story even as her muscles protested. She had switched from beer to water with lemon as the night progressed, trying to minimize her morning suffering, but hadn't planned against the attacking power of the mid-morning sun.

New ink tugged at her skin as Leah hauled herself into a sitting position, moaning like the oldest of old men. Her arms ached from holding them in awkward positions all evening, and her neck was cricked from looking downwards and sideways. Fumbling herself free of her tangled blankets, she stumbled to her feet and groaned, spreading her arms wide.

The window creaked, assaulted in it's casement, and all the ornaments on her night table promptly crashed to the floor.

"..the FUCK?!!

Two huge wings pressed uncomfortably against the walls, muscles previously non-existent in her chest and back protestingly caught only half-stretched. Her shoulders bucked on instinct, flinching away from the new appendages, and the wings neatly collapsed against her skin, wrapping themselves neatly around her shoulders and torso with no conscious decision to do so. Fit like a glove.

Frantic, insane, and only semi-conscious, adrenaline sent Leah rocketing to the livingroom, to carefully check herself in the hanging mirror. Her tattoo gun and assorted inks lay scattered across the dining table, as she'd left them the night before. A few random beer cans, and a half-full glass of water lingered on top of the microwave. She blinked. A deja-vu like moment later, after staring at her newly inked torso and back provided no further information, Leah downed three Tylenol and cowered back into her bed.

"Ohh.. noooo. It's too early. It's just too early. I lost too much blood and have clearly contracted gangrene from my new gun." Leah mumbled herself back to sleep and pulled the spare pillow over her face, thereby ending the attack plans of a flock of nearby kamikaze sunbeams.

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Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:29 pm    Post subject:  

Nice twist. Haha gotta love that feeling in the morning after a rough night. Great stuff!
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