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Posted: Mon May 16, 2011 8:51 am    Post subject: RP Info  

Welcome to the Roll Playing forum! I hope we can all get along and have some fun!

First off, what is Roll Playing you say? Well, it's very simple. It's like playing a video game where you have complete control over your custom made character. It works through direct interaction with other “Players” through posting. The best way to explain is to give an example.

One-On-One RPing

You have just entered an RP where you and another person have decided to be a couple of dwarven adventurers on your way to find the ultimate treasure. You have the first post.

You would pick a point in the journey, or have decided before hand where you want to start the story with your RP partner, and write about that moment. The feel of the mountain air whistling through your beard. The churning in your stomach over how hungry you are. How you plan on spending your half of the treasure.

This can be done through the 1st or 3rd person perspective. It can also be in either past or present tense. You may wish to confer with your partner over such matter before playing, or you can just ignore their tense and go with whichever one makes you feel more comfortable.

After you post, it is your companion's turn. They will do much the same as you did above, from their character's perspective.

You go back and forth like this, for the whole game. If and when you reach your goal, the game is either over, or you can decide together to continue on with the same characters.

Now, here is the fun part. You may have noticed I had you checking with your partner over a few things up there, but for the bulk of the game, you shouldn't really talk outside the RP about the RP. Each person's action and reactions should be gauged on the other person's actions and reactions. If your RP partner does something totally outlandish, like running off into the swamp after a fluff ball, you have to come up with what your character would do in said situation.

You are not limited to being glued to each other through out the whole game. You are separate beings after all. If at any time you feel a lack of interaction between characters, a good way to end your post is with your character asking the other a question. This can lead into a string of short posts, so be creative in your verbal interactions, and add a little surroundings and internal contemplation to your posts!

That's the basics of One-On-One RPing

Group RPing

Group RPing is a bit different. It's still creating a character, interacting with other characters, but this time, you have what is called a Host. This is the person who came up with the settings and sub rules for the RP. A little more formal that a 1-1 RP, the Host will usually have a basic plot in mind for the players to run through. Think Dungeons and Dragons. Here's an example

The Host wants to set up a school for monsters. So, she posts a thread outlining what the school is, most likely with a show of bravado and flare, mixed in with some air of creepy mystery to draw players. She would provide an outline for what she needs to know about your players, something like this:

Breed of Monster:
Age(Must be between 15-18):
Physical Description:

She would then request that applications be either posted to the thread, or as many prefer, have them mailed to her. The host can either accept, or reject the application, or ask that it be altered is a mistake was made. It's personal preference here, but she can either start right away with one character, or have a pre-set number she needs to join before starting.

When the game begins, the Host is now in charge of all Non Player Characters (NPCs for short) and has to conduct the RP is such a way that her end can be reached. Unless the players really throw a wrench in the gears, it's usually a fun and exciting process. Hosting is a difficult job, so I wouldn't suggest it for beginners.

The players can now interact with one another, however they feel that arrived at the school. One player can not write another player's reactions, but they can do stuff like ~The fox demon grabs the sayter and flings him over the low wall with a grunt~. The fox demon being one player's character, and the sayter another person's character.

The Host usually has, but doesn't have to, an primary character of their own to “play” the game with the players. In this case it would most likely be the school nurse, or the homeroom teacher. Games like this can go on for quite a while as people enjoy the company of each others' characters, and the setting itself, so it's the Host's job to bump things forward when she/he feels things getting a little stagnant., in any way they see fit!

Once the goal has been reached, the Host can decide to either wrap it up, or continue hosting as long as she likes. The Host can also scrap the RP at any time, but it's poorly looked upon, and causes much sadness it it's players.

That's about all about Group RPing!

Fan Based RPing

Fan based RPing is different in the sense that the settings, and many times, the characters are pre-made. These are usually done by fans of a particular show/movie/book/video game, who wish things had turned out differently. There are also other fan who wish they could run around and make their own stories inside their favorite realm. Example time.

Let's say you're a Harry Potter fan, an you didn't like the fact that Snape died. (Like Me *Sniff*) So you create an RP, either 1-1 or Group, and would create some way for him to have survived. Magic faeries, or it was an illusion and now Snape has to find a way to live in a town far from the magic community so he doesn't get arrested. This would be run the same as a regular RP, but just set in the Harry Potter world. The players can decide together whether or not they want to be bound by the laws of this world or not.

Another example is, let's say, your favorite character hooks up with what you see as the wrong person. You find someone who agrees, and you start an RP so that this person can hook up with the “right” person. The players would be either; characters from the show, original characters, or a mix of the two.

The most favored fan based Rps are when two players agree that 'x' should hook up with 'y', and so they create an RP where they play those two characters and goes through the motions to get them together. These particular have high potential of becoming highly inappropriate. These should be clearly marked for maturity level.

The final kind is the Dungeons and Dragons type of Fan Based RPing. Let's say you want to be a Pokemon Trainer. You would either find someone else with the same goal and do a 1-1, or start a group RP so you can play around in the Pokemon world, catching, naming, training, and battling your Pokemon.

These are just a few of the many Fan Based RP ideas that have flowed from the fan crazed minds of many a human being. Having started as fan fiction, a now well established fan collective of alternat theary work, Fan Based RPing is a while new faniverse for fans to enjoy!

That's all about Fan Based RPing for now!


Rules are simple, seeing as free thought is the basis for RPing, but there are some foundations stones that need to be observed.

#1 Stay within the maturity rating of the RP you are playing

#2 No god moding (Taking control of another person's character) without permission

#3 When Group RPing, stay within the rules set by the Host

#4 No RPs over PG-13 for now

#5 If RPing more than one character, keep their individual knowledge seperate. Just because one character knows somthing, doesn't mean all your character's will as well.

#6 No double posting. If you have somthing to add you forgot or missed, edit original post.

That's all for now. If issues spring up, I will adjust these!
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