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The World and Its Magic
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Posted: Tue Mar 08, 2005 12:01 pm    Post subject: The World and Its Magic  

Overview: The World of Terralee

The game takes place at the Lyceum, a university of mages and mage training. The Lyceum is a huge sprawling complex of buildings and apartments as well as the arena. The Arena is a magically protected area where the mage tournament is held every year. People from all over the world flock to the Lyceum during this tournament. King's, Queens, dignitaries, and a slew of celebreties including the previous champions of the Lyceum.

The Lyceum is located in Vlusos, the capital city of the Baklaran Region. Vlusos sits in a huge empty field surround on all four sides by the this and ancient trees of the Great Forest. Vlusos is the only city that has a succesful purification system for their water, that is part magic and part craftsmanship. Like any other huge city, Vlusos has it's share of crime.

Vlusos and the Baklaran Region is ruled by the Lyceum council. The Head Chair of the Council is considered one of the most powerful positions in the world. Invitation to the council is a rare and prestigious thing, many mages aspire to this position and many are as ruthless as they are greedy. Assassination attempts are not uncommon in the capital city. Even those who may seem completely harmless to anothers ambitions could be killed simply for being friends with another. The tangles web of politics run deep, and the tournament has seen its share of death's in the arena.

Beyond the realm of Baklaran, the largest civilized region in the known world, lies the rest of the world. One solid land mass connects each region together except for the Islands that dot the North and South poles. The Dead ring runs the center of the world, and is completely uninhabited except by travelers. A barren stretch of land, as cold as the heart of the most ruthless killer makes life in the Dead Ring nearly impossible.

Come join the brave contestants as they battle each other in a land almost as dangerous as the political machine that eternally spins under the heartbeat of Vlusos.


1)You gain your magic energy (mana) from a special organ in your body. Depending on how much discipline, training and control you have will determine how long you last.

2)If you run out of mana during battle, you lose because you can no longer continue battling. Recharging=sleep; little sleep-little mana, a lot of sleep=a lot of mana. So think of it this way, the amount of energy you have equals the amount of mana you have.

3)Runes: assume this-if you have an image in your mind, your mouth or hands will already be forming the specific runes the necessary runes (that is if you know those runes) Training will determine how quickly and correctly you can cast a spell. NOTE-If youíre playing an instrument, the notes will be the necessary runes; the same goes for singing. But you canít just start singing, and hope that notes will come out of your mouth because this is a specific class of spellcasters.

4)If any spells happen to collide with your opponentís, willpower is your friend.

5)Enchanted items are allowed in this tournament.

6)If your character is able to use a combination of runes successfully, that is a show of mastery. That could also include the combination of hand motions, notes, or speech. Inventing a new rune shape by combining two runes is also a show of mastery. NOTE: If youíre a beginner, you can probably only do runes only one way, but if youíre an expert you can use a combination of ways to cast runes.

7)Mages that specialize in one area are allowed, so if you want to be an elemental mage remember to only use spells that correspond to your element. Now if youíre a master at your element, youíre probably able to combine your element with some other element a little bit.

8)Only masters may summon beasts. Please no summoning of great gods.


Purpose: Find most talented and gifted young mages, and bring them to the Lyceum (center of magical training)

1)Eligibility- All races, classes and levels in Baklaran realm are welcome to enter. Contestants must be at the age of eighteen at least. No entrance fee this year.

2)Judging- Wizards from the Lyceum will determine the competitors for the qualifying round. Each battler will be judged based upon creativity, accuracy of spell, style, and difficulty of spell. Memorizing spells is approved, but it is not how many spells you cast, but how well you combine the skills you already know.

3)Penalties- Use of magic in any immoral way or stealing of mana from another source other than your own body equals automatic disqualification. Any other demeanor that may lead to disqualification depends on severity of the error.

4)Prize-Known throughout realm, free entrance into Lyceum, and 30,000 gold pieces


-Preliminaries are decided by process of elimination. Only twelve will go on to the qualifying round. If you do happen to lose, youíre still eligible to enter the Lyceum, but that is if you survive.

∑-If youíre going to specialize, I suggest wearing colored clothing that pertains to your specialization.

-Youíre welcome to make up your non-human race. But there are rules for doing this. (1) Make sure that they use magic that you think they could use. (2) For any animal-like creature, make sure you use the qualities of the animal it copies; know their strengths and weakness to your advantage, especially when writing out your battle scenes.

-There is no common language due to the fact that there are non-human races. Just a hint, you may want to know other languages or hire a translator if there NPCs (Non-playing characters) or characters that speak a different language

-Monetary Rate
o7 copper=3 silver
o9 silver=5 gold

-Vlusos is the capital of the realm and the city in which the tournament takes place

-Contestants provide their own accommodations either in an inn or some other place. You either walk or get to the arena some other way.

-A thought for any member that is having problems drawing up a character: Students already at the Lyceum probably would enter this tournament to either test the newcomers or try and eliminate any possible young mages that may be stronger than themselves.


1)Each combat fought in specially designed magic barriers to protect spectators from stray spells. These are all neutral fields, so no contestant will have an advantage over the other.

2)Effect is determined by judges. Depending on how well you describe the casting of the spell determines effects on opponent. i.e If you hesitate in the middle of a spell (due to forgetting a rune, or perhaps exhaustion) can affect the spellís power or accuracy or any other aspects.

3)For preliminaries, winners are determined when either fighter dies or loses consciousness due to loss of mana

Political Tension

1)There are different factions in the Lyceum. Each wants their most powerful mage to take the place of the High Mage Alar. He has already escaped two assassination attempts. Or perhaps they want recognition, prestige or advance their causes. (I want to try and lay the foundation for betrayal, and conflict in this storygame to perhaps make it more interesting)

2)Unrest is already rising among the rivals. To hopefully prevent any insurgency that may arise after his death, Alar hopes to bring peace between everyone.

3)He hopes to bring in new, young blood to replace the aging wizards.
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Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2006 10:28 am    Post subject:  

The Races:

Random wrote:
Human- For lack of a better word, these are your typical man or woman. Two legs, two arms, one head, and of varying heights and color make them the most predominant race on the planet. Our difference is that human mages have an average life span of about two hundred years. However, at the century mark they begin to deteriorate physically. Magic is able to give a mage an unusually longer life. For a non-mage human the average life span is about 80 years. Humans can be found pretty much anywhere. Humans are excellent Water mages.

Dark Elves- Skin tone is usually a brown to black; eyes are usually the same color as their skin tone. Dark Elves are an unpredictable race of people seeming more mischievous than harmful. They are excellent spell casters, and have an uncanny sense of direction when underground. But they seem aloof and are usually not taken seriously until it is too late. Dark Elf warriors are exceedingly rare, as they tend to rely on cunning more than power. Dark elves have no capital or hometown, but those with knowledge will accept a dark elf in trade of the added protection. Dark elves are normally tall but wiry, with easy postures and a jokerís outlook. Average life span is same as with a human. Dark Elves excel in Air magic

Forest Elves- Forest elves live anywhere there are trees and forests. They are the main protectors of the Great Forest that surrounds Vlusos, and have been for centuries. They are naturally gifted with Earth magic, but do not use fire magic at all. Forest elves also train as rangers, guides and make up a large percentage of the Baklaran Scouts. They tend to be short, fast, and extremely agile. Hair color is usually an earthy tone such as brown or dark green. Eyes can vary into an extremely broad range of colors. Average lifespan is same as with a human.

Sand Cats- These people live in the Aklaharr desert and Oasis Dunes. They have extremely feline features, including fur covering their body and face, small sharp teeth, nails more resembling a catís claws, disjointed knees, cat like almond shaped eyes, feline noses and whiskers. Except for their looks, Sand Cats are exactly like humans in term of life span and magic power. This has led to most humans hating Sand Cats. Sand Cats are extremely common through out the deserts, and Vlusos has opened her gates to the race. For this Sand Cats are extremely fierce protectors of the Vlusos and their desert homes. Sand Cats vary in color, height, size, and intelligence. Life span is same as human.Sand Cats excel in Fire Magic.
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