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How to get your own forum in the Arts District
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Posted: Sun May 15, 2011 10:31 pm    Post subject: How to get your own forum in the Arts District  

Good news! :D

I've been authorized by the mayor to provide poets in the Arts District with their own exclusive forum. There's even a decent chance that your forum might appear on the front page.

So, what are the requirements to get your own Poetry Forum?

Poem collections that pass a minimum standard of quality will gain 'Stickied' status within their current Forum, causing them to always show near the top of the list.

The Minimum Standards are:

Poems submitted on a regular basis (typically 2 a month)

High standard of spelling, grammar and punctuation

Must have at least 3 poems

Any poem collection with Stickied status will be elligible for a periodical contest for their own Spotlight forum. This includes your own personal forum and a chance for your poem collection to represent the City of IF on the front page.

Any collection without a poem within the last 3 months will lose their Stickied status and will not be able to enter the Spotlight competition.

If you feel your poem collection meets the above criteria, and should be stickied, feel free to contact a moderator (i.e. currently D-Lotus) to look into your request.

The rules of the contest have not yet been established, so keep looking here for updates.

Any questions, please ask. :)
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