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Symphony's Overview
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Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 5:34 pm    Post subject: Symphony's Overview  

Leif Tollart is a man firmly on the path of self-destruction. Shortly after losing his best friend and unrequited love, Kelly, he gets a second world shattering phone call that his second best friend and the second musketeer was killed in a hit and run. With his world shattered and his resolve broken he turns to bottle after bottle of alcohol for months on end, Leif retreats from the world and tries to kill himself a little bit day after day. All the while his last friend who is even remotely close to him, keeps trying to reach out to Leif despite the fact that he never answers or returns Wendy’s calls.

One night, with the supreme logic of being drunk he wanders the city until he wakes up in the same cemetery where Kelly and Steven are buried. Next to him is and awkward, shining light in mismatched clothes and endearing angles, a woman who would change his life, a woman named Symphony.

Not quite ready for anything positive in his life, Leif does his best to burn any preliminary bridges that may have been built between him and Symphony. While at home he receives and insidious visitor from a man calling himself Detective Tetra. Though Leif doesn’t understand why, something about this man with his perfect white smile and piercing grey eyes has him unsettled. After denying any recollection of meeting Symphony, Tetra leaves with unspoken threats in his eyes.

Passing out after their meeting, Leif is visited by disturbing and vivid dreams of shadows with nightmare voices. And just when those inhuman eyes come to rest upon him he feels tiny and delicate arms wrap around his waist pulling him to the safety of the waking world. Upon waking he saw that the wood that barred his window were broken. That was not the end of strange things as he notices he had been shaved, in clean clothes that did not belong to him, freshly made breakfast in the fridge and a note from Symphony.

In the course of her job as an E.M.T., Wendy responds to a call about multiple fatalities on a local freeway. A group of men all dressed in the same black business suits and white shirts littered the lanes. The strangest part of it all is that each man had his throat ripped out, but instead of a gory mess, their throats were charred. She noticed that there was a small, thin trail of red sand that led from body to body and for some reason there was the same sand in one of her boots.

Leif now lost in his own dark memories of his best friend Stephen, who was more like a brother to him and the woman who he loved but never told, Kelly. Leif does what he knows best and that is to burn away the pain with the fiery touch alcohol. Unconsciously he finds that he has walked all the way to the ocean and was slowly wading into its cold embrace to finally end the pain. At the very same moment he sees a silhouette of a woman dancing in the sunset at the end of a rock jetty. For a brief moment the thinks is Kelly but then realizes that it’s Symphony.

Wendy contacts Kumanda, the African, immigrant blacksmith, to see if he can somehow help her get access to the records of the autopsy in order to help solve the mystery of the red sand. Kumanda, no longer has the contact she needs but instead introduces her to Ignacio, the artists with mismatched eyes.

During a fireside chat, Symphony does her best to convince Leif that no matter the circumstances that life is worth living. Sadly, most of what she has to say simply just does not get through the armor he has so carefully put around him. She answers what questions then decides to leave, trying to convince Leif to leave as soon as possible as well. Not heeding her warning, he finds himself face to face with the “detective” again who forces him into a car at gunpoint.

Wendy gets an email from Ignacio, but not with any clear answers. All the bodies remain unidentified; the charred neck wounds are noted as possibly made by a large carnivore. What was even stranger was that in the post autopsy photos the neck wounds had turned into scar tissue, with no note, not that there could be any explanation. Wendy also noticed that the case id had a various combination of letters and number that could exactly spell out Leif’s name.

Leif trapped in Tetra’s car is subjected to question after question from the “detective”, while the car fills up with the smoke from a strange smelling cigarette. Leif’s mind is altered somehow by the smoke hand he answers each question whether he wants to or not. Tetra impresses on Leif again just how dangerous it is to be associated with Symphony and that he should just turn her into Tetra the next time Leif and her meet. Tetra dumps him out of the car in front of his apartment and luckily enough Wendy arrives shortly after to rescue him from the street.

Symphony is chased down by Tetra and his aid; she flees to the top of an multilevel apartment or hotel undergoing renovations. Tetra catches up to her and corners to the edge of the roof, promising to Symphony a leisurely torture once she is in his possession. She turns and jumps off the roof hurtling toward the concrete below. Tetra’s frustration mounting, he stabs his aide in the stomach and throws him off the roof to meet Symphony on the ground in death.

Ignacio, being pulled further and further into his obsession with working on the same set of pieces of art. Over and over he layers shadow and menace in each picture losing track of time and existence. Kumanda rescues him and tells his friend that he doesn’t take a break from the obsession he will never get the pieces back. Ignacio retreats to the 9 floor of his secret get away, an apartment complex being renovated. While taking in the cityscape he sees a woman’s form plunge past his window, he calls 911 and then is convinced by the operator to check on the woman to see if she survived.
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