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What I've Always Wanted - Anime Girl & PopeAlessandrosXV
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Posted: Sat Jun 11, 2011 5:01 am    Post subject: What I've Always Wanted - Anime Girl & PopeAlessandrosXV  

This is a One-On-ONe RP between Anime Girl and PopeAlessandrosXVIII, set in the Fruits Basket world. We will be playing Yuki(Anime Girl) and Hatsuharu(Pope). This is a Yaoi based plot, so if you don't like, or don't know what it is, I suggest running away screaming now would be appropriate. :lol:


Haru looks around his small room, bored out of his mind. 'I hate weekends...' Flopping down on his bed, he grabs a few random Manga off a nearby shelf, trying to find somthing to amuse himself with. After several minute of failing misserably, he tosses the stack on the floor beside his bed. "Bored bored bored..." he mumbles to himself. He rolls on to his back, the textured ceiling above his head provideing him with a "fun" game of connect the bumps. "ARGH!" he exclaimes finally. With a huff, he stands, throws on his jacket, and heads out the door.

Storming to the garage, he jumps on his bike. A few seconds later, he comes flying out, just missing Hatori. The doctor gives him a hard stare, then shrugs. 'I wonder what Yuki's doing right now...' Hatsuharu lets him mind drift, a small smile playing on his lips as he heads to Shigure's house.
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Anime Girl

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Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 8:09 pm    Post subject:  

Yuki sat up in his room, finishing up his homework. He knew that Tohru and Kyo wouldn't get it done until Sunday. Unlike himself, who preferred it to be done right away so that he would have the entire weekend to relax. When he was done, he stretched and looked at the clock. That didn't take to long at all. It gave him plenty of time before dinner to check his garden.

He passed by Tohru in the kitchen, cutting up some vegetables for dinner. He told her he was going out for a while but would be back in time for dinner. Then he slipped on his shoes and headed out the door.
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