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Cremuex Levier

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Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:56 am    Post subject: MLP: FiM RP  

Welcome to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Role Play!

This game is set in the fourth generation of MLP universe as made by Lauren Faust.

1. Follow the site's rules and this section's rules.
2. This RP is PG13, don't do anything that the show wouldn't allow.
3. There are only TWO alicorns, those are Princess Luna and Princess Celestia, An alicorn is a character with wings and a magical horn.
4. You can have as many characters as you can feel you can handle while maintaining quality posts.
5. Only play a canon character if you will act in character.
6. You may interact with NPC's and Canon characters but don't make them do anything out of character.
7. No Mary Sue's or Gary Stu's. By that I mean don't be a perfect character that EVERYBODY loves, that is good at EVERYTHING, that can't be beaten that get's everything his or her way no matter what. Every character has a flaw, even the main six and Princess Celestia have flaws, it makes the characters more personable and human (err... pony?).

Username: So we know who'll be playing which character.
Character name:
Character gender: Mare or Colt?
Character race: Earth Pony/Unicorn/Pegasus. NO ALICORNS unless you play Princess Celestia or Luna.
Character appearance: (General Zoi's pony creator)
Character age: Baby (Pound Cake)/Child (Apple Bloom)/Teen (Twilight)/Adult(Mr Cakes)/Elderly (Granny Smith)
Pony's Cutie Mark: (If they have one)
Character's special ability:
Character's job:
Character's personality:
Short character bio:
Character pet/s:

Please send your character sheet to me in a PM and if you're accepted you will be added up in this first post.


Sentient Skies- Cremuex Levier.
Username: Cremuex Levier.
Character name: Sentient Skies.
Character gender: Mare (Female).
Character race: Pegasus.
Character appearance: Art Made Using General Zoi's Pony Creator.
Character age: Teen.
Pony's Cutie Mark: A Brain.
Character's special ability: Sentient Skies found that she has a special talent with psychology and is good at listening to others problems.
Character's job: Sentient Skies is a behavioral psychologist and a Councillor.
Character's personality: Sentient Skies is an introvert and doesn't like things that make her the center of attention, she'd much prefer to help others by being there for them. She's interested in founding more out about people in general to help her understand them better. She has a very nurturing personality, which she's found helps her in her work with sympothising with others and
Short character bio: After three years of studying psychology and behavioral sciences at Canterbury she went out into the world to find a job. Sooner or later she found herself in a small town called Ponyville when her application of a councillor was accepted at the Ponyville Hospital.
Character pet/s: Charles, a white wooled sheep and Marlow, a gray Netherland lop rabbit.
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